1. U

    Thread [Recovery][STABLE] TWRP for Realme 3 Pro (RMX1851) [UNOFFICIAL]

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or TWRP 3.x for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just...
  2. Arealhooman

    Thread Payment for building TWRP (or other recoveries)?

    anyone know if there is someone i can pay to build twrp for my device (SM-T870)?
  3. S

    Thread Can we install 4/64 TWRP backup on 6/128?

    Hello everyone, I had to buy a new motherboard (6/128) due to a motherboard failure, before the motherboard failed, I made a TWRP backup (4/64), so as I mentioned in the title, can I install the 4/64 TWRP backup on the 6/128? Will there be a problem? Note: I use translation, sorry if I...
  4. EdgyKing

    Thread Anyone had sucess rooting a Galaxy A03s (A037m)?

    Anyone had any sucess on rooting an A037m (A03s)? All of the useful info was about the A037F and it obviously didn't work with my device. I was thinking about installing a GSI but I could'nt access the fastboot to do it, so for now I'm trying to just install TWRP and magisk on it. Any advice is...
  5. R

    Thread A51 stuck in TWRP bootloop

    Today, I flashed the latest firmware onto my phone, it had a few boot issues but I managed to finish. Then I noticed that (I KNOW I AM DUMB) forgot to backup the data in my internal storage as well... Now I tried flashing TWRP because I noticed the internal storage shows up as ~4GB, which is...
  6. D

    Thread [QUIDE] Fast way to unlock bootloader and install TWRP + ROM

    Install adb-setup-1.4.3 and install with admin rights - Install xiaomitool v2 or mi unlock (from my site i use Mi Unlock because i have problem with "Xiaomi procedure...
  7. N

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4] Optimized CrDroid for Samsung Galaxy Y

    Hello! I was bored, so I optimized this rom. Installation instructions: Reboot to CWM/TWRP recovery Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik Flash the ROM, and if you are using the CM12 themed ROM's repartitioned build then feel free to install GApps. After the installations done, reboot to system...
  8. ocaacaso

    Thread i tried modding a phone and now i thik i may bricked it

    Hi, a while ago i tried to install a twrp on mi samsung SM-A750FN and it went wrong, noow my phone everytime i turn it on goes on a corrupted splash screen and it dies right after. I cannot do anything at all cause all of the time it appear the samsung logo then the TWRP and then it dies, i...
  9. T

    Thread TWRP for Oneplus Nord with Android 12

    Hi! I recently made an update to Android 12 (OxygenOS 12.1) on my AC2003. So I tried to install TWRP on it with this Version: and with this one
  10. T

    Thread Question Unable to install TWRP after rooting Redmi Note 11 Pro 5Gv(veux)

    Hello all I have used the information on here to successfully root my phone (Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G - veux) via magisk but I would like to put TWRP on it however whenever I try to boot the recovery image it does not work. Below I will include the mod el and info of my phone and also the output...
  11. Takoda121

    Thread Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G389F

    Hello everyone, so I just today flashed the device with TWRP and now it only says recovery is not seandroid enforcing anyone knows how to fix this issue?
  12. H

    Thread Question SM-X200 - Bootloader Unlocked Warning and Tablet Running Unofficial Software

    I have a Samsung SM-X200 device on Android 12, which I have successfully installed linage OS, TWRP and Magisk. But now when I restart the device I get a warning "The tablet's bootloader in unlocked" and "The tablet is not running Samsung official software". Is there any way I can remove these...
  13. vietan

    Thread Need help with twrp on Tab A 10.1 2016

    Hi I'm using the P858Y version of this device And i simply can't get twrp working on it What i've done: - Enable OEM - USB debug - Get to download mode - Untick auto reboot on Odin - Flash TWRP with Odin: So far, every version from 3.0 - 3.7 of the device on twrp website Everytime i tries...
  14. Minionguyjpro

    Thread Samsung Game Services (Game Booster + Launcher + Optimizing Service) flashable ZIP for any Samsung device

    Samsung Game Services (Game Booster + Launcher + Optimizing Service) flashable ZIP for any Samsung device (requires Custom Recovery) (OneUI (Core) required) A flashable ZIP for custom recovery to install game services from Samsung on any Samsung device with OneUI (Core). Requirements Custom...
  15. nhansp

    Thread Rooting OPPO A15s

    Hi everyone, today I want to share my experience of rooting OPPO A15s (CPH2179) (Specs: Mediatek Helio P35, 4GB RAM LPDDR4x, 64GB storage, 2 nano SIMs 4G, SD card supported) It seems like fastboot doesn't really work on newer OPPO phones, as neither did my phone get that to work. Trying "adb...
  16. JovOp

    Thread Can somone give me twrp for vivo y21a?

    I've been looking for it everywhere, but I haven't found twrp for Vivo Y21a. does anyone have twrp for vivo y21a?
  17. Trytoroot00

    Thread I can't install Twrp on S10+ phone.

    Hi everyone! I need help. I tried to install twrp but it won't work in any way. Odin fails every single time. Get pit for mapping... Every time. I tried changing the cable, using a different usb and pc too. Usb drivers are updated. But every time I get this error message. I tried to reinstall...
  18. Tom33231

    Thread Lg v410 rogers rom stock now flushable via Twrp

    I have managed to use WindowsLGFirmwareExtract which is a tool on xda for extracting .kdz lg firmware files and used ASSAYYED KITCHEN in order to create a flash able zip that twrp can use from extracting the files from the .kdz So far I have managed to create a flash able twrp android 4.4.2...
  19. R-dVL

    Thread Question Lost rooting Realme GT

    Hi!, I am trying to root my phone, I already unlocked fastboot and loaded TWRP. The main problem is that I try to extract with Python the boot.img from the firmware .ozip but I can't find the OZIP file, I just downloaded from realme page and some sites a firmware version with the .zip...
  20. D

    Thread My poco f1 in bootloop twrp errors

    please help my poco f1 in bootloop and i get errors in twrp how to fix it?
  21. F

    Thread twrp for Huawei y5, Huawei p10 and Xiaomi Redmi 9c

    Hi! I need the twrp updates for the following devices: Huawei Y5 DRA-L21 CPU MT6739 System Android 8.1.0 Huawei P10 CPU Kirin 960 System Android 9 Xiaomi Redmi 9C CPU Octa-core System Android 10QP1A I've searched the devices listed in but didn't find any of the 3...
  22. N

    Thread [RECOVERY][STABLE][jfltexx] OrangeFox Recovery Project

    OrangeFox Recovery Project /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this recovery * before...
  23. kaefers

    Thread How To Guide Samsung S22 Ultra (Exynos) | Step-By-Step Guide | OEM BL unlock | TWRP system r/w

    Hi. Had the pleasure of voiding the warranty of my new Samsung S22 Ultra SM-908B/DS 512GB EUX today. Device is on the currently latest firmware, Android 13, SM-S908B_EUX_S908BXXU2BVJA_fac. Coming from a Samsung Note 9 with Noble ROM, I had to (re-)learn a few things. Below, I just document my...
  24. invictine

    Thread Softbricked my Redmi Note 9 pro max, help

    First off, I'm extremely new to rooting/custom ROMS so please back your answers up with tutorials and explanations. I was trying to install TWRP. The TWRP splash screen keept looping so I ran the command fastboot erase recovery and now it shows the system is destroyed. What do I do?
  25. Mecidzade

    Thread Samsung tab a 10.1 SM-T515 can't find custom rom gta3xlwifi ...

    First of all, I apologize for my mistakes in writing. Because I use google translate to get my point across. I have a Samsung tab a10.1. SM-T515 with code gta3xlwifi. I had a lot of trouble rooting this device and also installing twrp. I was able to install custom recovery at the end. but none...
  26. N1500_HONOR8C user

    Thread TWRP sucks

    Hey guys, so i dusted off my kona3g running RR and decided to update it to twrp 3.6.2 and i pressed *reboot recovery* and i get greeted with download mode. Can only boot into the warning screen, Can not start TWRP to reinstall OS HEEELP!!!
  27. Captain_Throwback

    Thread Development [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for ASUS ROG Phone 6/6 Pro (Qualcomm ONLY)

    Official TWRP is now available: IMPORTANT NOTES: This device has a recovery partition (2, in fact), and fastboot boot is disabled in the bootloader. Flashing TWRP to the recovery partition is the only way to use it. If you attempt to fastboot boot the TWRP...
  28. Captain_Throwback

    Thread Development [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for ASUS ZenFone 9

    Official TWRP is now available: IMPORTANT NOTES: Custom kernels are not currently compatible with TWRP for this device. This device has a recovery partition (2, in fact), and fastboot boot is disabled in the bootloader. Flashing TWRP to the recovery partition...
  29. S

    Thread How to stop phone from periodically disconnecting (before I can boot to TWRP recovery)?

    I am having issues booting into my unofficial TWRP installation on my Moto g stylus 5g after attempting to install an unofficial modded LineageOS image. My problem: I try to boot into TWRP through the command line on my computer using fastboot boot twrp-boot.img, but my new phone disconnects...
  30. Unknown_PL

    Thread I cant open system beacuse of twrp!

    Hello Everyone! i need help i flashed twrp on boot and installled it and now i cant get in my system :( can some one give me an a boot file please?
  31. Unknown_PL

    Thread I Cant install twrp on my moto g6 plus!

    Hello every one! i cant install my twrp and i need help C:\Users\admin\OneDrive\Desktop\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery twrp.img (bootloader) slot-suffi: not found target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'recovery' (29252 KB)... FAILED (remote: unknown...

    Thread Development [Recovery][v3.2.0][AI2201][Unofficial] PBRP Recovery

    /* *Disclaimer * * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  33. Former04

    Thread Question Phone only boots in recovery mode after booting in TWRP.

    Hello, everyone who is reading this. My phone's model is SM-A125F. I'm attempting to unbrick my phone that only boots in recovery mode. It can't even boot in fastboot or download mode. I've also tried wiping my data, formatting it, installing a new ROM using TWRP itself, using SM Flash Tool...
  34. ArmagedFoxer

    Thread [CLOSED] Help! FolderMount made my sdcard corrupted - j500h

    Hello! I really need your help!!!! I have Samsung J5 2015 (j500h) I always refused to patch the sdcard and vold files at the beginning, but one day I accidentally agreed ... the phone rebooted .. I thought it was okay and decided to install one of the games and transfer it to the sd card, but I...
  35. S

    Thread [QUESTION] TWRP scripting on Google Pixel 3a

    Hi, I'm trying to install a custom ROM automatically on a google pixel 3a with TWRP. Once I did the sideload (which works fine), I try to reboot with `adb shell twrp reboot`. But weirdly, this just enables sideload mode again... Does anyone know this issue and/or what to do about it? I'm using...
  36. B

    Thread [SM-N9005] No commands, Goes back to stock recovery instead. After installing TWRP.

    Tried to flash TWRP in SM-N9005, But odin says PASS. Tried go to the recovery to see results, Goes back to the stock recovery. Device is android 5.0 (Lolipop). Any help appreciated!!
  37. Markix_

    Thread Where do I get TWRP for my Galaxy A6?

    I've been trying to find a copy of TWRP for Galaxy A6 (A600FN I should specify) but everything I saw was unofficial and the latest copy I could find was from 2 years ago. This one And I'm not sure whether or not to trust it, or just... Can I somehow get my hands on an official (or even...
  38. 包脚砸

    Thread twrp adaptation

    有大佬能接twrp吗? Mod translation: Is there a big guy who can take twrp?
  39. JaeryckH

    Thread TWRP 3.7 Locked data partition (f2fs) and bricked Lineage OS 18.1

    IMPORTANT: /data CANNOT be wiped. Pictures are irreplaceable (I know should have backed up first, but you'll see why I couldn't) Here's what happened: Phone had Lineage OS recovery and OS 18.1 Forgot pattern unlock. Tried to dirty flash Lineage 19. Reboot Recovery error: /data is inaccessible...
  40. loipuru

    Thread Development [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][3.7.0][PDX215] TWRP for Sony Xperia 1 III

    /* *Disclaimer * * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  41. Nem1x

    Thread [GUIDE] Flash Retrofit Dynamic Partition ROMs on Redmi 7A/8/8A

    Hi. I wanted to share with you this guide so you can flash newer Retrofit Dynamic Partitions on Redmi 7A/8A/8 devices. These kind of ROM's can be found on SDM Mi439 Telegram group as well. Here are the instructions. You will also need to use newer recoveries. For flashing Android 12+ rom I...
  42. RanchTheHay005

    Thread REDMI 4X (remote : partition flashing is not allowed) error while trying to install TWRP

    So I had this old redmi 4X chilling in the shelf and I wanted to use it...But with a different ROM I have enabled both USB DEBUGGING and OEM UNLOCKING option in the developers option and cross checked if its enabled before entering fastboot I have tried a lot of stuff from other threads in...
  43. Zillion

    Thread [RECOVERY] TWRP for Blackview A80Pro [UNOFFICIAL] [Android 10]

    TWRP Recovery Project for the Blackview A80Pro Android 10 Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP for short. Its a fully touch driven user interface, completely theme-able & you can change just about every aspect of the look and feel. Now ported to the Blackview A80Pro. Download - You'll always...
  44. Minionguyjpro

    Thread Root Instructions For SM-T290 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019)

    Root Instructions For SM-T290 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019) Welcome! This is my first guide on XDA Developers. This will tell you how you root a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019, also a SM-T290. I hope you like it and it works! It has exactly 25 steps. UPDATE YOUR TABLET TO LATEST VERSION WITH...
  45. H

    Thread [Q] TWRP set default screen rotation.

    I have android on Raspberry Pi 4 model B. TWRP starts as landscape, how can I make it start portrait like a real phone?
  46. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Data Encryption for TWRP

    Hello i wanted to flash Magisk but the Storage is empty and the Data Partition is encrypted, my Password/Pins are not the right one Does someone know how do decrypt the data partition?
  47. c1nnam00n

    Thread Can somebody explain this to me?

    I was going to install TWRP on my Galaxy S III (i9300), then there were these 2 options available for me when I accessed the download page for it Can somebody tell me the difference between these two options? Are the America and Europe versions that different from each other, or are they just...
  48. X

    Thread Question Does official TWRP support the flip 3?

    Hi mates! I have seen this article for unofficial TWRP 3.6 for the Flip Z 3. Does this mean the official 3.6 or the new 3.7.0 is not compatible? Is that the reason that he made a unofficial version for the flip or is that for something else? Otherwise I'm going to install the newest twrp and...
  49. Former04

    Thread Question Can't unlock bootloader and flash TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A12.

    Hello, everyone. Today I'm trying to root my phone, but I am not succeeding to do it because I can't unlock the bootloader and flash TWRP. Currently, on the developer options, I've activated and grayed out OEM unlocking, and also I have unlocked the bootloader on the download mode. Is there...
  50. D

    Thread Question Flip 4 - AllInOne-Tutorial needed

    Dears, is there an tutorial step-by-step (incl. download-links for the needed/required tools) out there how ... 1) ... to get ROOT on the Flipl 4 2) ... to update Firmware 3) ... to update Baseband 4) ... to update network 5) ... to have/get TWRP working well (if needed) 6) ... to have/get...