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  1. Hamza_0

    Thread [ROM][S7262] ULTIMATE ROM v1

    ULTIMATE ROM v1 FOR STAR PRO S7262 :cowboy: FEATURES: 1. Full S5 themed. 2. Aroma Installer guides installation. 3. Deodexed. 4. Stable and Smooth. 5. Removed unnecessary apps like help,etc. 6. Dolby Digital Surround support embedded. 7. Many tweaks like 4-way reboot, long press menu to kill...
  2. Ashwin Prabhunerurkar

    Thread [ROM]{JB}[4.1.2][ULTIMATE ROM V10]Fastest,Most USED JB ROM WITH 4.2.2 LOOK

    ULTIMATE ROM V10 This Rom Is Named ULTIMATE ROM As It Uses the best Performance,Multitasking,Gaming Resouces To Provide A Buttery Smooth Jelly Bean And Xperia Z Experience GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2332898 Official FB Hangout Page...
  3. hotshotv

    Thread [Q] ink effect at 240dpi? HELP!

    SVA v4.5 xxlsc! after changing to 240dpi ink effect is gone! HELPPP>>
  4. MattBooth

    Thread [ROM][28th Jul] UltimaROM v17.2 Diablos[4.4.2][NE2][HD-VOICE][SAM/AOSP]

    The AROMA installer is being used to give you the choice of what is installed. You can choose which, if any, system apps to install No need to wipe data in CWM/TWRP beforehand. Can be done from the installer. You may wipe System, Data and SDCard, or a combination of those. Installer will...
  5. h0ruza

    Thread The Ultimate Custom X10 Rom

    Ok so the Xperia X10 community has had it hard and there’s a lot of anger and resentment in the forums and all over the net. I know I’ve voiced my views with many degrees of hurt till I’m blue in the face but it doesn’t change much and generally puts everyone in a bad and defeated mood. So I...