1. Retrial

    Thread 🗃️POCO F1 Ultimate Collection & Guides📚

    Welcome to POCO F1 Ultimate Collection! 🗃️ (beryllium) OFFICIAL STOCK MIUI ROM ©️ You can check my Guides for installation. Recovery ROM V12.0.3.0.QEJMIXM Fastboot ROM V12.0.3.0.QEJMIXM POCO F1 Global Stable ROM Library / POCO F1 MIUI Official ROMs Archive FIRMWARE & VENDOR©️ POCO F1...
  2. B

    Thread 2015 Genesis Ultimate Android Auto/Apple Carplay mod?

    This is an ongoing project over at Genesis Forums and we seem to have come to a halt. Posting here to see if anyone can give us a hand. Some background. Those who have purchased the Ultimate package for the Hyundai Genesis/Genesis G80 did not get the AA/CP update. 2018+ models did get the...
  3. irfanjunaid

    Thread How to get Amlogic source code?

    Hey Guys, Could you please tell me where / how to get source code for Amlogic devices? I am specifically interested in S912 for my Beelink GT1 Ultimate. The recent firmware updates have made the device performance so bad. Being an octa core device with 3G DDR4 ram, this not what the device...
  4. C

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][KERNEL][6.x/7.x][ULTIMATE™][3.10.104] for Lenovo K3 note

    Warnings:- /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, dead cats, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and no point * in pointing the finger at me...
  5. P

    Thread [Free Game][2.3+] 10/10 Ultimate Blocks Puzzle!

    New vision of 1010 puzzle game! An exciting game that will not leave anyone indifferent! This puzzle is a great way to train your attention in any free short period. Just drop blocks in order to fill whole lines on the 1010 desc both vertically and horizontally. No color match! +Additional game...
  6. A

    Thread [[APP]] Ultimate Pro for Star Pro!

    Yo Guys! Today I come up with a app specially designed for Star Pro! [Made in association with mobincube app generator :D ] FEATURES -Ultimate Doc For Star Pro[Updated regularly] -Rooting Guides[Updated] -Index of Up to date Custom ROMs -Index of Up to date Kernels -Index of Up to date...
  7. Tech N You

    Thread [TOOL/UTILITY][WINDOWS] The Ultimate MediaTek Tool (UMT) now more better with v 2.5!

    INTRODUCTION Hello all XDA members, guest viewing this thread. What started as my deodexing tool has now taken a form of project all thanks to Shikhar Arvind for his glorious ideas. Today I present you The ULTIMATE MEDIATEK TOOL or simple UMT :laugh::D:good: A tool all about MediaTek! This...
  8. Tech N You

    Thread [TOOL/UTILITY][WIN]Ultimate MediaTek Deodexer v1.5 [MASSIVE UPDATE as of 07-01-2015]

    Deleted This tool is old and obsolete. head here for the new version [TOOL/UTILITY][WINDOWS] The Ultimate MediaTek Tool (UMT)
  9. raafaell

    Thread [FACER][MOTO 360] *Moto Glow Ultimate Edition Watchface (Looks Great in the Dark:)~~

    PLEASE USE, SHARE, ENJOY! don't forget to hit thanks =) Colors Available: Blue Other colors coming soon. [DOWNLOAD]
  10. izi501

    Thread [GUIDE] Marvellous Guide ! Full tutorial for every step of unlocking, flashing, etc.

    Hello Wildfire S users ! Here is the guide of the Marvellous Team, the ultimate guide that describes everything you need o play with your phone. There are many tutorials on the web about how to unlock, how to install a recovery or a rom, but none of them explains all these operations. So here...
  11. L

    Thread [Q] XPERIA Ultimate HD & Sony PC Companion...

    Hi! I'm using XPERIA Ultimate HD for many months... It's good, but I spotted one issue: When Sony PC Companion is launched it shows: LT18 is connected. Why? How to fix it?
  12. M

    Thread Waterproof tough case from Ultimate Addons

    Has anyone tried the following case for the S3: http://www.ultimate-mobiles.co.uk/mobile-phones/samsung/samsung-galaxy-s3/cases/ua-tough-waterproof-case-galaxys3___2458.htm I can't find any reviews on XDA but there are a few on Amazon.co.uk which say it's bulky but good. Does anyone here have...
  13. evanlocked


    hellow sorry if im late here ok here what all off you waiting for i presented a new ginggerbread themed rom codename JellyNoid Rom ok too make it simple what it have? Another mirror link Thanks to caliban666 www.mediafire.com/download/3ye67944uvx1qrf/ussrv9_evan_jellynoid.zip and this for...
  14. dns.vlad

    Thread [Q] HELP with Xperia Ultimate HD installation

    Hi everyone ! I'm trying hardly from few days to install the popular ROM Xperia Ultimate HD, I followed all the steps. I had some difficulties to root 4.1.B.0.587, but I did eventually. Then the greatest trouble was with CWM, I installed X-Parts, in Tools I installed CWM, then I gave Restart in...
  15. jader13254

    Thread [ROM]{ICS} Xperia Ultimate HD 5.0.1 | Extreme Innovation | Epic

    Working Download Links: I uploaded the file to xda: https://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=26800 OR https://yadi.sk/d/A-x5xEwq3GsjWj - PM me if its offline. Beginners: Detailed Installation Guide - Please read the FAQ before asking anything - All important questions are...
  16. despotovski01

    Thread [4.5.2013][UTIL][Win]Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro - The Ultimate Android Utility

    I present you Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro, the ultimate Android utility! As the name says, it's a toolbox-like program that offers many features that make the usually not-so-easy tasks easier. Caution! This program is not foolproof! Do not try to outsmart it by playing tricks, because you may...
  17. hateem

    Thread Fifa 12 Ultimate Team Trading Calculator [APP]

    This app doesn't do much. It just allows you to calculate your profits/losses on UT easily. Enjoy.
  18. skanndelus

    Thread [FREE] GO SMS Pro - Diablo 3 (D3) Ultimate Theme (Updated 9.19.12)

    Hey guys. I posted this theme a little while back and unfortunately it isn't selling very well. So I thought I'd post it here for free for my XDA buddies as a "thank you" for providing such a great community for us phone geeks. I will try and update this thread when I update the theme. Of...
  19. F

    Thread i-mate Ultimate 8150 downloads

    This is for those people who have an i-mate Ultimate 8150 but can't find the downloads for some things. I have uploaded the contents of the CD that comes in the i-mate box. Quick Start Guide: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?c863tnbpei83v8r User Manual...
  20. F

    Thread [Q] Optimal overclock for Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    I'm currently running stock kernel and stock rom on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (GT-i9000). The Android version is 2.3.3. and i wish to overclock it as much as possible, to define this I would like to say "as much as possible where i gain a measurable result without any waste". So i...
  21. iceandfire

    Thread [ROM] Ultimate ICS v4.0

    Here is the latest presentation from me. The Ultimate ICS. Based on Android 4.0.3 ICS and CyanogenMod 9. Built from sources and has some added features and tweaks. I've applied some of my own tweaks to the original rom. Features: Widgets in notification bar. Reboot options in power menu. New...
  22. lainemac

    Thread [Q] Ultimate Kernel

    This is a little random but I was just thinking... Faux123(faux) and show-p1984(bricked) make some of the best senation kernels our there. But what if they joined together and made one ultimate kernel. Don't know if anyone will agree but I thought I'd ask anyways and figured maybe if they saw...
  23. A

    Thread Ultimate Juice & Juice Defender WORKING!!!

    Uninstall both JD Ultimate & JD, then restart phone. Install JD Ultimate FIRST and launch it. It will ask you to instal JD. either get it from the market, or install the private beta, if you have it. Once both are installed, launch JD. I'm running it in Advanced Profile. IF YOU'RE IN A 3g ONLY...
  24. D

    Thread [APP, 1.6+] Decor Ultimate - The ultimate way to personilize your android device.

    Decorate your android home screen with Decor Ultimate. Decor Ultimate is really the ultimate way to personalize your android device. Make a widget out of any picture in your gallery and you can even use renders. Create your own decorations for your home screen with the following supported sizes...
  25. I

    Thread [Q] Is Ultimate Droid Dead?

    Does anyone know what happened to ultimate droid? Both their forum and blog seem to be down. Their ROM was always faster and stabler than CM7 for me, and is my daily driver.
  26. T

    Thread [Q] Touch screen not working on HD2 using Ultimate Droid 3.2.5

    I have been using Ultimate Droid 3.2.5 for a couple of months now and a few days ago i pick up my phone to make a call and the screen doesn't respond when I touch the screen. Only the bottom buttons and volume buttons work. At first, if i I play with the buttons at the bottom i can usually get...
  27. stuntdouble

    Thread [INFO] The Ultimate Transformer Information Thread

    Our Transformer section is starting to get a bit messy and fragmented so I thought I'd post this and gather the useful info into one place, making finding what you want a bit easier/faster. As the Transformer is a relatively new device the threads are in their infancy, but will grow with the...
  28. andrey22vl

    Thread [App]Handcent SMS v3.8.6 (Complete Collection)

    Handcent SMS v3.8.6(Complete Collection) Requirements: All Android versions. Overview: Handcent fully unleases the messaging power for android phones, fully customizable and more features than the stock android messaging app. Complete Collection includes: > All (5) Official Skins (Metal, New...
  29. Dsmforlife92

    Thread Themes for Ultimate V8.2

    Are there any theme that will work on Ultimate V8.2
  30. B

    Thread [Q] Nenamark and Ultimate kernel

    Hello, I'm currently using Darky's 9.1. I did some nenamark benchs with the default voodoo kernel and I was scoring around 49 fps. I have now switched to GTO Ultimate kernel now, and moved from the ext4 lagfix, that I was using with Voodoo, to ext2 (with the GTO reccomended settings). Despite...
  31. T

    Thread [Q] CDMA Kernel for Ultimate Droid 3.0

    I've been looking for a while and have found nothing, so I figured maybe someone has found something that I haven't. I'm kinda new to the Desire and I don't really know what's compatible with what since all the GSM and CDMA posts are all mixed together, so I'm not exactly getting flash-happy...
  32. simone201

    Thread [ROM][26/3] Simply Galaxy V2.7 XE SweetHoney (Froyo ZSJPJ) - SpeedBooster Released!!

    Hi everyone!!! I was looking for a very simple, fast and basic ROM with some fixes and some scripts to improve velocity and stability! So i made my own custom ROM..... SIMPLY GALAXY SWEETHONEY Sweet like Honey, Fast like a Rocket!!;) POWERED BY Ultimate Kernel V1.2 (by DamianGTO) ROM...
  33. L

    Thread The ultimate htc hd2

    Ok so im going to get my brand new htc hd2 tomarrow and i was just wondering whats the most perfessional way to set up my phone to run as smooth as possible with no crashes ! Im just tired of my old htc hd2s problems so i want a fresh start! I need help with things like the radio and spl and rom...
  34. C

    Thread [6/7/10][UPDATE][ROM]CaNNoN202 Complete Eclair (v2.2.1)-(FAST & STABLE)

    COMPLETE ECLAIR With all the bugs reported in my 2.2 version I had to quickly release another version. I gotta maintain my reputation lol! I now PROUDLY present my new Complete Eclair 2.2.1!Download and Enjoy!:D All donations are highly appreciated Change Log V.2.2.1 - Multitasking Kernel...
  35. D

    Thread Request for program

    This program: Ultimate Start, i have the demo version, i like this program full, if possible... Demo download in attach Sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian :D
  36. M

    Thread WM 6.5 for Imate ultimate 9502???

    Hello! Are there any WM 6.5 ROM's for i-mate Ultimate 9502?
  37. dreamtheater39

    Thread [Samsung i780] (25th Oct) dt39-UltimateROM-v3 [MultiLang KB, 23081 build]

    dt39-UltimateROM-v3.0 [96 DPI, WM6.5 23081] (25th Oct) Multi Language Keyboard Support New OS build - 23081. IE has zoom bar. Menu lists scroll better. New Magnifier....this is really cool! Check below on how to enable it! Here's something you might need to do, you'll see "Beta, expires on...
  38. N

    Thread The Ultimate Noob Thread

    Alright well David1171 asked me to create a thread for all the noobs that are too LAZY, not stupid, to use the Search feature on this forum. The idea for this thread is created by jf4888. Note: This is a work in progress and will take some time to finish. Alright. This thread will include...
  39. whiteshadow1905

    Thread [WAD 1x]Vista Ultimate 2009+++ DesignedByYavuz

    These is for wisbar advance desktop 1x Firs instal WAD1x and select my theme.Enjoy:) it is my last work :) These theme is for all Qvga ppc PORTRAİT VERSİON ;) LANDSCAPE VERSİON ;) whiteshadow Desktop,Start Menü,2 sidebar,Media Center and more... DOWNLOAD LİNK...
  40. P

    Thread Imate 6150 and WM6.1

    Hi All, I recently upgraded my ultimate 6150 with WM6.1 ROM from Imate support site. The device still cant support my SDHC card of 4GB size. Imate support personnel says that WM6.1 ROM supports SDHC. I tried installing HTC SDHC.cab file and it freezes wifi. Its ok after uninstalling the...
  41. abusalza

    Thread [Aug 21st][PDACorner] Ultimate-X.V9 -21054|D3D|M2D|Premium|WM6.1

    FAQ By mskip Part1 & Part2 Please read post #2 for Known Bugs and Solution, #3 for Rom Personalized and Modification, #4 for Cabs Corner, and #5 for Changelogs & Donators list Thanks to: 4JJI my parents as always be lovely, and my wife as always supported me even i let her with a daughters...
  42. dsixda

    Thread [ROM][WWE][JANUARY 30 '11] Onyx WM 6.1 (21057) + WM 6.5.x (23152) + WM 6.5 (21889)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ONYX ~ Windows Mobile 6.1 & 6.5 ROMs (For Elf and Elfin - HTC Touch GSM only) WM 6.5.x version: CE OS 5.2.23152 (Build 23152.5.3.12) WM 6.5 version: CE OS 5.2.21889 (Build 21889.5.0.87) WM 6.1 version: CE OS 5.2.21057 (Build 21057.1.6.10)...
  43. Y

    Thread i-Mate ULTIMATE 9502 Shaky LCD frame problem solved!!!!!!!

    Those about who have shaky i-Mate ULTIMATE 9502 front frame (LCD frame) problem,just slide open the LCD,take torx screwdriver (size about 5 or 4) and fasten the three screws behind the LCD.. just be careful and gentle..it will keep turning (but each time you turn it clockwise,it will feel harder...
  44. Y

    Thread Found a way to force the graphic driver to show 262K color as 9502 have 262K VGA LCD

    I found a way just now to force the display to show 262K... Just open the registry: HKLM/System/GDI/Drivers and change the "Bpp" key from 16 to 18.. Save & restart the PDA.. Check in Settings > System > System Information under "Color",it wil show 262K color... (Sorry for my bad English) Also I...
  45. lasterato

    Thread iMate Ultimate 8502 WM6.1?

    Does anyone know if iMate are going to release windows mobile 6.1 for the 8502? i've tried emailing them and connecting to their stupid live help thing, but no one ever answers or replies to my messages.