1. I

    Thread Question Increase Xiaomi 12 Battery Life

    Hello, do anyone know ways to increase the battery life of Xiaomi 12 ? (without turning on battery saving mode, lowering screen brightness and refresh rate and other trivial things. I am talking about things like: underclocking/undervolting, disabling some hidden background processes, magisk...
  2. N

    Thread Question No Super Fast Charging option

    The S23 Ultra is sometimes charging Super Fast 2.0 and sonetimes normal charging with official Samsung 45W charger. Also there is no option to enable Super Fast charging in battery settings. What is your experience?
  3. Comasleep

    Thread Question S22 Ultra remains in 4G approx. 50% of the time - 'Network Mode' option no longer available

    Hey all, I searched for this but only found one thread that died relatively quickly and never lead to any meaningful results. Essentially my 2-week-old S22 Ultra spends most of the day, regardless of where I am, in 4G vs 5G, which is crazy slow compared even to the old 2-year-old phone I just...
  4. decryptic

    Thread Question Stuck in Downloading Mode

    Hello Samsung family, My friend works at a thrift store and she claims a department store donated an S22 ultra. My friend would like me to fix it, and I need your help. When you turn it on, it boots straight into Downloading... mode. I tried to boot it into the bios by soft resetting it...
  5. I

    Thread Bootloop after replacing the battery

    Hi everyone, I need help with an HTC U Ultra. It's been about 6 months since I didnt turned on because the battery was dead, it wouldn't turn on or charge. Today I just changed the battery but the phone doesnt boot at all. It reboots endlessly on the screen with the HTC logo. I wanted to flash...
  6. D

    Thread Archos Core 101 3G Ultra bricked after flash

    Hi everyone ! I'm trying to fix AC101CR3GUL tablet which was bricked after flashing. There is no response after powering up, only black screen. After connecting to PC SP Flash Tool detects it but flashing it with Archos_Core_101_3G_MT8321_20180607_8.1.0 rom seems like it's not working. Does...
  7. M

    Thread Question My battery drain is insane!

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble. 22 Ultra is simply eating battery at indescribable levels. Yesterday we went on a trip from work, I left my home with 100%. During the day I did not touch the phone, a bit of a camera but beyond that really nothing. My battery was about 40% after about 3 hours...
  8. Meskaly

    Thread Winca Head unit. Have you heard about it?

    Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post it. I am really new at this subject and dunno if I gonna ask its something doable. I got a Winca Ultra Gold series head unit with android 12. This Head unit came with SIM card adapter so my car can be independent. But the Launcher...
  9. AVTOfficial

    Thread Question Help me! Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Call Recording not available

    Hello guys! Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. BUT there is no way that I can record calls. I'm from Bulgaria and it is some kind of regulation crap. I mean when I go to the options in the dialer app the option for call recordings is not present at all. Most of my calls are for work...
  10. S

    Thread Re-enabling compass on Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS Ultra

    For some reason Mobvoi decided to disable the compass sensor in their January update. Some rumors say Google asked them to, others say it was interfering with some other sensor (hr or oxymeter...) Regardless I'm very upset as the compass is crucial for me. I really don't care about any fitness...
  11. Deiota77

    Thread Question Help with the charger - Problem

    Hello! It's been a while since I don't have an Android device (Iphone user lately) and I'm buying this beauty these days. I have two questions: First, right now the 45w charger is out of stock so should I buy the 25W instead just until I find the best one (expend money). Two: How shall we charge...
  12. Hamid Chikh

    Thread Samsung Galaxy One UI - Optimization Guide

    THIS IS A SUGGESTED CONFIGURATION FOR SAMSUNG DEVICES I - RECOMMENDED SETTINGS To Start With - Factory Reset before starting optimisations - Factory Reset after every Major update (One UI/Android) - Remove SIM before first boot - Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore anything during setup) - NEVER...
  13. S

    Thread Question Moza Mini P or Crane M-2...anyone has tried them to see if they allow 4k 60p?

    Hello! I wanted to get a gimbal for the S21 Ultra to get the most out of the cameras. I would love to get one that allows 4k 60p but I can still use mcpro24 as the recording app if needed. I just tested the DJI OM4 and was not impressed plus it lacks many features with our phones. Thus I figured...
  14. _JuSteR_

    Thread Question To those of you who rooted, how's it going?

    Hey there! After 2 years I'm finally switching from a great OnePlus 7 Pro to a brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra (US, Snapdragon, unlocked). I rooted my OP7 the first day I got it, it was pretty straightforward - OnePlus made things easier too - and keeping it updated wasn't a big deal. Maintenance...
  15. C

    Thread S20 Ultra exynos stock OS stuck in boot loop. Data recovery?

    Hi Guys, As the title says my S20 Ultra has managed to get itself stuck in a boot loop as of last night. I can boot into recovery mode, download mode and safe mode. When booted into safe mode it will stay on the home screen fine. However if i try to unlock the phone to use it, it crashes and...
  16. AverageRazvan798

    Thread Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Camera giving an error when opening any app that uses it.

    Hi! This is my first ever post on XDA but i have been a user for several years now and i am quite acquainted with flashing ROMs and modding my phones. I am currently using a GS7 Edge and I am about to buy a new phone in a few days, I found a S20 Ultra 5G for a very good price in perfect...
  17. Action123

    Thread Question US S21U Dual Sim

    After getting two different answers from Samsung support in phone calls, they verified via Twitter message to me that the US (snapdragon) models DO NOT support dual SIM. Apparently our eSIM is activated on the Ultra (maybe other S21-series devices as well?) but the US software won’t allow for...
  18. Action123

    Thread Question S21 Ultra US delivery dates

    Just had my preorder updated on Samsung.com for my Phantom Brown 512gb Unlocked. This option indicated (still does) that it will take some extra time because of the Samsung Exclusive color. It’s showing March 2 for an estimated delivery date. Is that about on par with other people’s exclusive...
  19. S

    Thread New Partition on 512Gb Redmi K30 Ultra

    Hi Everyone I have just purchased the Redmi K30 Ultra and decided to go with the 512GB version as it has no internal expandable memory. I was wanting to create a seperate partition of 256GB for photos so if the phone is factory reset for any reason, the photos won't be deleted. I have never...
  20. C

    Thread Charging port issues?

    Hi folks, I've noticed a couple of odd issues with my ultra that I haven't noticed with any previous phone. 1. The charging cable gets noticebly hot when charging, specifically the connector and top third of the cable 2. When connecting my phone to my car for Android auto the phone is...
  21. P

    Thread What is the best way to move everything from my Galaxy S8+ to my Ultra?

    I was going to use smart switch before logging into google because if I log into Google it will start downloading from them and interfere with smart switch. But any ideas for the best way would be greatly appreciated. I would move my Micro SD card over first as there are lots of pictures on there.
  22. SyCoREAPER

    Thread S20 Ultra Case Arrived - Pictures, Size Comparison and Volume/Power Button Placement

    Just got my S20 Ultra case and boy am I getting excited. This phone is going to be a beast. First picture, just the case for visuals. Second picture, comparing to the already large S10 5G (sorry for the potato quality, taken from my Tab S4)
  23. D

    Thread How to bypass the pattern lock - nothing dodgy!

    Hi, I've got an old Z Ultra that I'd like to use as a tablet. It's the perfect size and spec for me. I can use it for browsing at home and then slip it in my pocket if I wanna take it with me. There's a problem though - there's a screen lock on it and I can't for the life of me remember the...
  24. S

    Thread Bonus items from HTC - Taiwan only

    Hi guys, I purchased my U ultra in Taiwan about 3 weeks ago. My cousin (who lives there) sent on a gift pack that I received as a result of the purchase of the phone. It was presented nicely in a big box, (no pics cuz I asked him to dump it for shipping's sake). Here are the items...
  25. horsetastic

    Thread Difference between Performance, Smart & Ultra?

    Might seem fairly obvious but what I actually want to know is what are the settings of each of these? Do they use different governors? What speeds are they set to? etc etc? If anyone knows the info would be great to know.
  26. C

    Thread Requesting Paranoid 6.0 android for xperia z ultra

    Can someone build paranoid android 6.0 for xperia z ultra Thank you.
  27. C

    Thread Hi i need information if possible

    Hi , i'm typing from brazil , i not found one wiki or 1 post more central , for i learn for my phone , if possible give link to contents for this phone ? i have Sony C5 ultra dual (e5563) (android 5.1) I need learn more for this phone , i have problens and i try fix and not got it . * Root...
  28. I

    Thread [APP][4.1+] UltraHD Random-Wallpaper

    Hi folks! Congrats please, my first experience in software development, especially Mobile. I deployed it a month ago, but the UI looked like a bull**** and I didn't post anything about it. But now it's ready to be installed on your phone. Cheers! Exclusive and high quality UltraHD Wallpapers...
  29. Xtreme.Ornob

    Thread [DEV] [BOOTLOADER] [PATCH] [UNLOCK] New Method for Motorola's Bootloader Unlocking

    I am willing to Develop & Create a Method for the Locked Bootloaders of our Devices to be able to use ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries & also SuperCID ( Needed For Network Unlocking ) My one is not applicable for unlocking the bootloader, therefore i need a few files from another unlocked device to...
  30. jsonexe

    Thread Z5 Ultra.. IFA 2015

    Hey guys.. I read this article and it makes me excited about The successor or our beloved Togari. Chrck this out..Sony Xperia Z5 release date, price and specs: Coming in September, also in Compact and Ultra models...
  31. A

    Thread camera lens mod, and need help

    HI, my plan is to remove the lens elements on the back camera to expose the sensor and make a adapter for DSLR lenses. Ive allready done some tests on a VGA webcam and the results was very very good. I was able to get an insane amount of zoom out of a 55-250mm lens with "good" picture quality. I...
  32. Diaz1999

    Thread Motorola DROID Ultra Flat Device Mockup/Template PSD

    Just want to announce, I have made Device Mockup/Template for Motorola DROID Ultra with Flat Design touch... And it's available for download from my Behance Thanks.
  33. A

    Thread [Q] "ok google" voice activation doesn't work (nor does OpenMic+!)

    Hi xda! (been awhile since I last was here...) I seem to have a problem with my Ultra (C6833), Android version 4.4.4 (official), not rooted, just plain stock Nordic rom via OTA. But using Google Now Launcher. I can't seem to make "ok google" work with voice only. The settings -> input -> voice...
  34. M

    Thread Rear Camera not working

    Hello everyone, I was one of the brave (and stupid) guys who tried to convert the ultra into a maxx by myself. After I assembled everything back (new battery and case), I noticed the camera was not working anymore, nor the flashlight or the flashlight app. I disassembled it many times since...
  35. D

    Thread [HOWTO] SDCARD SanDisk 64GB Ultra Partitions

    Hi, I have recently gone through 4 Sandisk Ultra SD Cards, which luckily have a lifetime warranty. I kept on getting a failed sd card, every time I went to partition it and reformat it. I wanted to re-partition it so as to have a big main data partition (formatted as EXT4) as well as a Linux...
  36. slikerhael

    Thread Roms not flashing

    I have recently unlocked my bootloader using sunshing, and installed twrp as my custom recovery. I do not have any problems flashing stock based roms but when I try to flash cm11(or other) based roms I'm always met with: This package is for "xt1052, ghost, xt1053, ghost_retail, xt1055...
  37. A

    Thread Sony Xperia Z Ultra NOT booting if any non-Sony ROM is flashed....

    Hola folks! Thanks for taking time out to go through my post. I have a Xperia Z Ultra with official Sony Kitkat FW 4.4.2. & it works absolutely fine. So I decide to go the CFW way in the following order: - Use EasyRootTool v12.1 to root the phone. - Install Recovery via...
  38. R

    Thread [Q] Droid Ultra GSM / CDMA differences?

    So I found a page that claims they can send you an unlock code for your phone just by you sending your IMEI and it is for the modest price of 12.00, so I figured what did I have to lose. I fill out the form and then once I am all set, I get an error saying sorry, you have a cdma Ultra which we...
  39. Jpe230

    Thread Help with the bluetooth thingy included with ZU

    Hi! A friend of mine has purchased a XZU here in Mexico with TELCEL. Mine was imported from the U.S; but I noticed that his ZU came with a thingy that looks like an iPod but it is a Bluetooth Audio Receiver with a 3.5mm output. You can easily fool a robber by saying it is an iPod and saving your...
  40. M

    Thread Ultra Gloss Shine Wallpapers

    Instead of just putting together 1,000's of average wallpapers we took only the best and put them together in this exciting wallpapers app. You will be amazed at the selection and value. Theme's ranging from space , to landscapes, cars, and video games. All HD high quality wallpapers for your...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] NFC SIM in a Non-NFC Phone

    I recently purchased a used Motorola Droid Ultra to replace my current Droid Bionic. I am on Verizon and went to the local corporate store to obtain a nano SIM for the Ultra. The SIM provided was not NFC and when I went on-line to activate with the Verizon website, I received an error that the...
  42. O

    Thread [Q] Bell Z ultra stock ftf

    Hey guys. Does anyone by chance have a BELL stock ftf that they could link me or re-direct me where i can find one? I cant use any other ones at the moment. Since i updated to the latest 4.3 and went to downgrade to re root my device i have been having issues with my device and can't get any...
  43. H

    Thread [Q] Is your Xperia Z Ultra magnetic?

    I put my Ultra down on my console where I happened to have two loose staples lying from a package I'd opened earlier. When I picked it up, the staples were magnetically attached to the bottom right corner of the phone - around where the speaker is. Has anyone else noticed the phone having...
  44. H

    Thread [Q] Screen Protectors for Xperia Z Ultra

    I am looking to find the most high quality option when it comes to screen protectors for the Ultra. I have tried the Muvit protector - but it isn't the best quality I've seen - and it got a little scratch in the application process. I was wondering if anyone has tried the Stealth Extreme R...
  45. DesertHawk


    [ROM][LOCKED&UNLOCKED BL] EXCELSUS ZU v1.0.0 XDA:DevDB Information Excelsus-ZU, a ROM for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Contributors StarFighter ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x ROM Firmware Required: Recovery + Root Based On: Stock Version Information Status: Testing...
  46. S

    Thread [Q] Phone GPS gmaps & online phone tracking = DONT MATCH!? Need ideas!

    So basically, if I use gmaps on my Sony Z Ultra, it's shows an accurate location of where I am. If I use phone tracking or locating software, it shows my phone in a location a several miles away. Totally not useful if I really lose my phone. I've tried different program, like Wheres My Droid...
  47. U

    Thread [Q] Adjust auto brightness

    To me the auto brightness setting seems a bit agressive (dims the screen too much) compared to my previous phone (Droid Razr Maxx). Is there some way to adjust the auto brightness to dim the screen a bit less than it does by default?
  48. emmiig

    Thread [Q] kommandant ultra thin case?!?

    so I've been looking for the kommandant ultra thin case everywhere because surely somewhere or someone is selling one?? Its the only case for the nexus 4 that I would like and it says on the website that they're not selling anymore because there is a similar one out there made in China? If so...
  49. E

    Thread [Q] Exchange Folders - Most not appearing, random ones are

    My boss just got the Droid Ultra and is having issues with Exchange sync'ing folders. When the new account is added and default options are selected, random folders, some at the top of the INBOX heirarchy, some deep down in the folder tree, just randomly show up. There's no rhyme or reason to...
  50. rr93

    Thread Droid Ultra Clock Widget and Launcher

    Just Sharing what I found in the RAZR forums.. Credits to whoever made this.. I am just sharing :) Works Perfectly fine on Mokee 4.2.2 and PA 4.3 and is as smooth as butter ;) :p Attached screenshots Download link : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-7Ky5dNR82oZkVhMVZCWWdVSEE/edit?usp=sharing...