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  1. UltraRoboto

    Thread Synatx Error in Updater-Script Aroma 3.00b

    So I am trying some new code, but status 6 is really becoming a pain in the neck...can someone tell me where the problem is? my code is-->ui_print("-----------------------------"); ui_print("- UltraRom 6b -"); ui_print("- L9 Version! -"); ui_print("- By...
  2. UltraRoboto

    Thread [ROM][P769/760/765/768] UltraROM [6B][Locked/Unlocked BL]

    UltraROM By: UltraRoboto Made by a young Android Developer of 17 years. Built from stock for a close experience to the Pure Android experience. One of the sole surviving Custom ROM's for the Lg Optimus L9. What's In this? Additions: XDA app...
  3. UltraRoboto

    Thread [ROM][P769] UltraRom [KumaBase] [7-19-14][2.0][LockedBL]

    UltraROM. Customized. Fast. Clean. 3 things that categorize this ROM to its fullest potential. Download Now! Beta 2.0 is on 16th page...