1. andyboi123

    Thread [GUIDE] Unbrick Realme 7 5g / Any mediatek Realme.

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share some steps in case you brick your Realme. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES Some prerequisites you will need: mtkclient + python spft (sp flash tool) ofp extractor Your stock rom in OFP format. Step 1. Download all of the things mentioned...
  2. Trevorek

    Thread REDMI 6A - UNBRCIK

    BRICKED PHONE - FIX (NO FASTBOOT, NO RECOVERY, ETC.) DOWNLOAD: Mediafire BYPASS Open REV4 Bypass tool, off your phone. Click BYPASS Connect phone to PC and Turn ON your phone. FIRMWARE Download FIRMWARE (Fastboot) - DIRECT - SITE SPFLASHTOOL Open SPFLASHTOOL choose in Download-Agent...
  3. Chaos93

    Thread Tx3 mini-A H313 Allwinner unbrick / short pin?

    Hi, I've got a tanix tx3 mini-A and it came with a allwinner H313 chip. However I bricked somehow while trying to root it. Now it doesn't react to the power plug at all and I wanted to reset it via short pin. Anyone has an idea which pins I need to hold to bring it back? Best regards and...
  4. Temmchan

    Thread Stuck in too-low-power-to-boot state (bricked?)

    Hello! After recently getting my hands on an old Samsung A50, I thought I might as well reflash and do some stuff with it. After installing Orangefox and Lineage, everything worked fine until the phone eventually ran out of power. I plugged it in and let it charge for a bit, but it was just...
  5. L

    Thread [Moto G8 XT2045-1] How to enter EDL when phone died?

    Hello, there! I recently bought a XT2045-1 and wanted to install a custom ROM. Bellow are the results of the fastboot get_var all when the phone had it bootloader still locked: Searching XDA, I've found that all SOFIAR ROMs require that the phone has Android 10 installed. As my phone already...
  6. L

    Thread [Moto G8 XT2045-1] How to force EDL mode

    This thread is supposed to be a guide for anyone with a hard bricked XT2045-1 to be able to unbrick the device by forcing it into EDL mode to flash a new firmware. It is a work in progress and I will update it with the proper guide as soon as all steps are proven to work fine. Long story short...
  7. A

    Thread LG G2 UNBRICK . for those who is suffering from previous posts in xda

    you can try this with any lg g2 phone models . just replace d802 in below text with your phone model. but do it at your own risk . its always said in these kind of threads :ROFLMAO: sorry in advance for my bad English .;) anyway this solution is for : your phone must be in bulk mod .( if not...
  8. S

    Thread Stuck on Samsung logo after trying to flash twrp. Can it be unbricked?

    I tried to flash twrp recovery on my Samsung a3 2017 using Odin. But now the phone wont go further than the Samsung Galaxy A3 logo. Can't enter recovery. Download mode is the only thing that can be entered. When i try to flash a stock rom with Odin it says: Re-partion operation failed. On phone...
  9. lottafetti

    Thread How To Guide Another method I use to unbrick my Realme 8

    1. Backups your IMEI numbers and stuff. 2. Erase all of your partitions. 3. Flash all files in A.12 firmware, I got it from a YT channel called "Mothersdreamtech" (you don't need to flash super.img from this firmware). 4. Flash any firmware versions you want (flash all files except opporeserve2...
  10. David112+

    Thread Need help with a hard bricked Redmi Note 7.

    Basically what the title says, Back in September 12, 2021, at 4 AM I had woken up out of nowhere and I thought I'd wanted to give that engineering firmware of my lavender a try, but then I did something bad, after digging in what the issue was and why my phone wasn't booting and was stuck in the...
  11. B

    Thread How to flash Lenovo Yoga Book that doesn't boot into the OS?

    I've acquired a Lenovo Yoga Book (YB1-X90F) that doesn't boot into the OS. I can access the bootloader and recovery environment. (I've posted over at the appropriate page, but with no response.) I've followed the guide over at XDA that uses Intel Platform Flash Tool, but I get errors...
  12. Travisholt92

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] How to unbrick your Nord N200 5G (ALL VARIANTS) or switch bootable slot (REQUIRES UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER)

    I've seen alooot of issues lately of people "bricking" their Nord N200's without a method of unbricking (at the time of writing, only T-Mobile variant has MSMTool) I've noticed a reoccurring theme. i myself am guilty of doing it and not realizing what went wrong. It's one of two things: 1. If...
  13. SrCDA

    Thread How To Guide [Soft Unbrick] How to Flash the Stock Firmware in Realme GT Neo 2 [bitra][Fastboot Mode]

    Update> Currently I recommend this method only for unbrick, if you are going to change regions or install stock use this new method: Here >> Need bootloader unlocked << If you want to unbrick or flash stock, you must download the package corresponding to your device and RUI version 1...
  14. Tony Stark

    Thread General [GUIDE][UNBRICK] Realme 8 Unbrick/Upgrade/Downgrade [RMX3085]

    Hello everyone! So after the new MediaTek DAA and SLA protection bypasses you can find GitHub repo of here , using the bypass we are able to use SPFlash Tool, here is a guide how you can do it! This guide is for RMX3085 (Realme 8) ONLY. DON'T DO ANY OF THESE IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING ELSE! ALWAYS...
  15. wyandell

    Thread How to unbrick your MOTO G FAST.

    Here is how to unbrick your moto g fast. Requirements: The firmware files, here is how to get this 1. Download Rescue and Smart Assistant from here, while you are at it try recovering through there 2. When it downloads the firmware for your device, go to C:\ProgramData\RSA\Download\RomFiles. 3...
  16. P

    Thread Android 11 Stock Images for unbricking X3 Superzoom with Fastboot Commands

    I have bricked my X3 SZ and worked 1 week to get it unbricked (bricked after update of Android 11) myself, even the service centre not able to restore it and told me that may be Motherboard Problem. Finally by flashing Android 11 Stock images (created using OFP to CMD file converter), I restore...
  17. A

    Thread Question Need Help Unbricking 9 Pro LE2125: MsmDownloadTool "Waiting for Device"

    After failing to install LineageOS, I tried to escape a boot loop using @reaper000 's stock rom flash method. Flashing progress froze and I got stuck in fastboot. I powered it off and that was all she wrote. It's completely unresponsive. I've tried: Hold power for 1 min Hold power + vol up for...
  18. MaickOliver

    Thread Samsung A022M Full Backup Rom need for Readback (unbrick)

    Hi, I need a full backup (Full Dump) of a Galaxy A022M firmware, when clearing the RPMB to remove the KG lock the device got stuck in the recovery screen asking to pass the original ROM. After going through odin, the device was locked in a black screen and does not turn on or show anything on...
  19. novicelearns

    Thread Question Need help to unbrick my device

    hello, can anyone help me to unbrick my realme gt 5g i bricked it when trying to migrate from indian to eu rom.
  20. W

    Thread How To Guide Global/US unbricking guide.

  21. B

    Thread Question Bricked Poco F3 Global.

    I was on 12.5.4 Global and wanted to switch to 12.5.6 EEA, and i've red here and there that was a "safe" operation. I've tried to unlock the bootloader and flash the rom, all the roms gave compatibility issues, so i flashed the 12.0.3 EEA, but it was stucked on the boot logo. I've read that boot...
  22. KlutchApex


    RED HYDROGEN ONE 🔴 Android 9 ROM package ATTENTION: THIS PROCESS WILL WIPE ALL OF YOUR USER DATA. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for your phone. christian.farmerf provided an updated link to the ROM package. Thank you! The file below has the ADBWinAPI.dll file...
  23. M4RK5

    Thread Bricked Yoga2 1050L

    And so the story goes ... I have Yoga2 1050L tablet that stuck on KitKat, after some fiddling with it to force update I went with steps mentioned here https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-unbrick-lenovo-yoga-2-1050f-bios-bootloop.4104347/ long story short didn't pay attention what I was...
  24. <Macka>

    Thread Galaxy Tab 2 hard bricked, cannot download debrick.img

    I bought Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5110 16gb for like a 20$, but with failed firmware upgrade. I tried to repair it with 1 file, then 4 file firmware, but when flashing bootloader(yes, download mode wasn't coming out) i was stuck on param.lfs, so i was stupid, I unplugged the cable and try again...
  25. P

    Thread BlackShark 3 doesn't turn on anymore

    I unbrick my Black Shark 3, I did everything right, the process was done successfully, but when I went to turn it on, it didn't turn on! What do I do? It's not calling at all.
  26. sakarya1980

    Thread Development Oneplus Nord 2 Oxygen 11.3 DN2103 EEA ROM

    Flash at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage or data loss to the device during this process! Downloads: The Fastboot restoration file can be downloaded in here: DN2103_11_A.07 DN2103_11_A.10 *deleted DN2103_11_A.11 *deleted please use ota files to upgrade...
  27. I

    Thread Merlin , bricked , cant enter fastboot or recovery, cant turn device off , bootloop

    Hello, i have a redmi note 9, I was using lineage OS from here https://t.me/HelioG85_Updates/265 Custom firmware, custom opensource vendor I wasnt able to boot into the recovery today for some reason, i was using the recovery from here https://t.me/HelioG85_Updates/268 In a moment of genius, i...
  28. A

    Thread Tectlast M40 Need help unbrick

    Background: I tried flashing Teclast M40Pro's firmware to the tablet in hope of it working on Teclast M40, but unfortunately bricked the tablet. Status: It's not totally bricked. Actually I am sure that the system booted because I can browse external storage of the tablet when I plug an USB...
  29. O

    Thread Need help with unbricking of p20 pro

    Hi. Short time ago i've bought p20 pro (CLT-L29C432), downgraded EMUI to 8.1 from 10.0 and then flashed custom rom, based on EMUI 8.0 for another model (not 432). Ofc phone caught bootloop... Installed with fastboot "Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L29 Charlotte-L29C Firmware Android8.1.0...
  30. lzgmc

    Thread How To Guide [OPN2005G] [OOS TMO DE18CB] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    Disclaimer: I hope you don't break your phone, but if you do, it's not my fault. Since you are choosing to modify your phone, you accept full responsibility for whatever happens to it, including any damage that may have occurred as a result of incorrectly flashing your device. Hey guys, similar...
  31. GonicTEAM

    Thread [GUIDE][SM-A107][MTK6765] Unbrick your Samsung Galaxy A10s - Stuck on a black screen, recognized as Preloader USB VCOM and cycling rebooting

    Hi, yesterday I bricked my Galaxy A10s by flashing a custom recovery by Odin (The phone doesn't enter in Download or recovery modes, it just does nothing): Immediately I started looking for how to fix it, and after a lot of research, here is how to: REQUIREMENTS Windows 10 x64 bit PC with...
  32. 333robbie333

    Thread OnePlus 8T Chinese Variant - Return To Stock

    Hi all, I have searched on many threads on XDA and even other sources, but I can't find a solid answer, I don't like to create new threads, but in this case, I had to. I am going to buy the Chinese variant of the OnePlus 8T, which is advertised to be shipped with Hydrogen OS. I have seen many...
  33. P

    Thread How to unbrick Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1?

    Hello there, I managed to unlock the bootloader and the FRP for the Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1 (which was on emui 9) Then I flashed Twrp-3.5.2_9-0. It worked fine for a while. But when I tired "Wipe data", it got stuck with "Formating f2fs, Done" for 1hour. So I rebooted the device with volume...
  34. P

    Thread [CLOSED]How to unbrick Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1?

    Mod edit: @Pi0312 Thread closed as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-unbrick-huawei-p20-lite-ane-lx1.4318667/ Please review the XDA Forum Rules with special emphasis on rule no. 5 and post only ONCE! If you discover that you posted in the wrong forum, do NOT create a new...
  35. D

    Thread ONEPLUS 6 stuck on fastboot mode HELP!! ASAP!!

    hi guys i was running my oneplus 6 on android 11 open beta 1 oos i recently tried to flash a magiskpatched file and now my oneplus 6 got stuck on fastboot mode. i tried to flash a fastboot rom, with the flash-all.bat method, but then my device went into quallcomm crashdump mode. after that i...
  36. O

    Thread Unlocked/locked LineageOS Redmi Note 8 - "The system has been destroyed"

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking forward to reading your answers about my problem. In 2018, I successfully installed LineageOS 17.1 in an unlocked Redmi Note 8. But I have accidentally locked it again using the terminal line "fastboot oem lock". The fastboot mode is still...
  37. D

    Thread Poco X3 Bricked with Locked Bootloader

    Hi, I had bought my Poco X3 a few months after looking at the reviews and opinions from here and its been working for a while. To get to the point: I'm at fault but I had dropped my phone in the urinal at a party and instead of wiping it off, I washed the phone with more water (I kept thinking...
  38. M

    Thread Phone bricked when installing twrp

    Hello guys my phone is stuck in a bootloop because I tried to install twrp from fastboot. I unlocked bootloader and started Fastboot. Then I connected my phone to my mac via USB. Then I ran this commands: ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ./fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img (The...
  39. M

    Thread Huawei P9 Lite Mini (SLA-L22) Unbrick

    Hello, I am a new user and I have a problem. I have tried unlocking the bootloader using this tool: https://github.com/SkyEmie/huawei-honor-unlock-bootloader, but after a few days of unsuccessful unlocking I gave up and rebooted the phone; it tried to reboot, but it had hanged on the Huawei...
  40. accordeuro06

    Thread Unbricking OP6

    Heyy guys can someone help me unbrick my op6, I've done it a couple of times before but this time is different, device is not showing in msmTool, qualcomm 9008 driver is installed. Device is stuck in fastboot mode no recovery or anything else is available preview link
  41. accordeuro06

    Thread Unbricking OP6

    Heyy guys can someone help me unbrick my op6, I've done it a couple of times before but this time is different, device is not showing in msmTool, qualcomm 9008 driver is installed. Device is stuck in fastboot mode no recovery or anything else is available
  42. M5tha

    Thread Question We need unbrick tool for Redmagic 6/6 pro

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if there is any developer who can help us please, we need unbrick tool for Redmagic 6 and 6 pro ASAP because the RM support team doesn't answer our complaints or emails. Please help us 💔
  43. Blue1710

    Thread Hard Bricked (?) Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 [SM-J500FN], is it fixable?

    Good evening Ladys and Gentelmen, i recently found my old J5, that i bricked ca. 1 Year ago. Here is everything that i have so far: The Phone can boot into Odin-Mode when using a debrick.img that i found here, after getting into said mode, i naruraly flashed the phones stock rom (downloaded...
  44. CyberWolf92

    Thread Question Unbrick tool for the 6/6 Pro yet?

    So here's the story, TL;DR at bottom. So I have been checking out gaming phones for a little bit and saw the RedMagic 6 Pro and was captivated by its glowing RGB, 16GB of RAM, high refresh screen, a delicate and strange but mighty internal fan and A BATTERY THAT WOULD LAST ME ALL DAY. So...
  45. HemanthJabalpuri

    Thread Unbrick your Realme C12

    What is a brick? If there is no usual way to recover your mobile, then it is called brick in my opinion. That means if you can't able to go to recovery and fastboot mode or the device is just blank with no sign of life. When brick happens? It will happen because of locking bootloader with...
  46. JonnyBoy1984

    Thread After flash the Phone doesn't Boot anymore

    Hi there, I've tried to flash my phone. At first I've flashed the China Version Miui Beta 12.5 and it runs. Then I've tried to flash MiuiPlus and when it starts to boot into the Rom, there comes the MiuiPlus and it didn't boot completely. Then I've tried to flash an other Europe Miui 12.5...
  47. Ludoclt

    Thread Bqeel Y8 Pro (TX3 clone) bricked

    Hello, last weekend I flashed an incompatible system on my Bqeel Y8 pro and since it doesn't turn on (8-digit display off) and I have no HDMI output, I'm desperately trying to short circuit the NAND so that my android box is recognized by my pc and thus flash the stock rom, but I can't find the...
  48. RawMain

    Thread [HOWTO] AQUARIS X2 / X2 PRO - Emergency Package - QFIL / EDL Unbrick

    Only for BQ Aquaris X2 (zangya) BQ Aquaris X2 PRO (zangyapro) Vsmart Active 1 (PQ6001 - rebranded X2 PRO) Hello, Since BQ shut down the JSON request service in October 2020, there have been no valid free alternatives in order to recover bricked devices with locked bootloader... and there...
  49. VD171

    Thread [FAQ][GUIDE][HELP] Assistance Solution Centre for MERLIN 🤓 (Redmi 10X 4G / Redmi Note 9)

    DISCLAIMERS: This help is specific for MERLIN devices only ! (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G) Keep atention. This is an UNOFFICIAL thread. This thread was based on the thread by Agent_fabulous. Thank you very much ! DON'T ask by PM. If you have any question, reply to this thread...
  50. VD171

    Thread [FAQ][GUIDE][HELP] Assistance Solution Centre for MERLIN 🤓 (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    DISCLAIMERS: This help is specific for MERLIN devices only ! (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G) Keep atention. This is an UNOFFICIAL thread. This thread was based on the thread by Agent_fabulous. Thank you very much ! DON'T ask by PM. If you have any question, reply to this thread...