1. zeon~

    Thread How To Guide [FOOLPROOF][DETAILED GUIDE] - Unbrick yor Redmi Note 10 5G/Poco M3 Pro & repair your IMEI

    **** DISCLAIMER **** Im not responsible for any damage caused to your device neither for any bad usage of this guide. You are warned. I apologize for my bad english, but i think its understandable enough : D Preparation Device ROMS (ENG & Stock) Mediatek Drivers (See the attachments) SP Flash...
  2. I

    Thread Downgrading and unbricking Huawei P Smart using dload method

    If you can't downgrade your phone using HiSuite because you installed a custom ROM that HiSuite is incompatible with or you bricked your phone so hard that it only boots into erecovery, then this guide might be useful for you. This method may work on other Huawei phones as shown in this video...
  3. Simone_Sola97

    Thread How To Guide The Ultimate Guide to unbrick your RMX3363/RMX3360/RMX3361

    Hi all, recently I bricked my realme GT Master Edition. Following existing guides here didn't really helped, so I ended up having a device that was dead: no fastboot option, no recovery option and no signs of life once plugged to its original power brick. I will detail exactly what I've done...
  4. ZG089

    Thread [GUIDE] Unbrick + ways to prevent/fix bootloop for oppo a5s (CPH1909)

    As a beginning to this thread : Getting root access for this phone is a great power, but sometimes we can't control this great power, which leads to a bootloop, or maybe bricking the device. This thread will contain all possible reasons of bootlooping / bricking of this device & how to solve...
  5. R

    Thread Send me MTK drivers pls

    Can somebody send the mediatek infinix drivers to unbrick my device? Windows 10 64 bits.
  6. V

    Thread error while trying to flash mi9t in edl

    i tried to flash a mi9t using unlock tool, and got this error: Configuring device... Auth! Authenticating with server... FAIL Now the mi9t dont turn on, cant enter in any mode except the qdloader using testpoints. help, i cant find anything in the internet about the mi9t. i think i used the...
  7. R

    Thread [CLOSED] Hard bricked fix in android

    Hello, my phone recently got hard bricked and i dont non way to fix that without pc, its an Infinix hot 11 (x689f) mt6765. I've been Trying the termux but it doesnt recognize the phone instantly, so i need to send many commands like termux-usb -l and termux-usb -r but the port changes every...
  8. M

    Thread [Bootloop] Can't access recovery, Fastboot, or boot into phone

  9. xvladimir


    I have a locked motorola G200 and it had not been unlocked by the OEM before trying to format. the client formatted it without knowledge. Is there any way to unbrick the phone? I need to flash it. its chip is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Motorola G200 I already tried with the official motorola...
  10. Owlllllllllllllll

    Thread Question Failed to unbrick Galaxy A12 (A125F)

    Hi, I want to unbrick the A125F but there are some things that hindered me from unbricking: 1. No fastboot (for sure since it's a Smasnug) and I can only access my phone through BROM. 2. SP Flash Tool with status_sec_imghdr_type_mismatch (or verified boot issue). 3. MTKClient doesn't actually...
  11. A

    Thread [CLOSED] Root OPPO Reno z

    Bonjour xda pour mon premier post je vous partage une solution très détaillée pour root vautre oppo reno z, cela fonctionne possiblement avec d'autre appareil MTK. Je fais se tuto car j'ai galéré pendant 3 jours à faire cela, en testant tellement de choisi que j'ai briqué mon téléphone donc je...
  12. TwelwePL

    Thread General Bricked your A32 5G? Well, this might help you.

    I had mine A32 5G laying in my drawer bricked, backlight flashing for a sec or just stuck in BROM. It wouldn't flash anything from ODIN mode, it would just bootloop. But I finally got it fixed for free and you might fix your too. This method worked on model A326B (MediaTek). Make sure that you...
  13. ninjadev64

    Thread [Tutorial] How I fixed my bootloop on the LG G2 (flashing back to stock firmware)

    When I was 9 years old, I tried to install a custom ROM on my mum's old LG G2. I had no clue what I was doing, for obvious reasons. Now, many years later, I decided to fix it. I spent a day trying about a year ago, to no avail. But after installing a custom ROM on my own current phone, I learnt...
  14. V

    Thread Galaxy note 7 bricked after flashing wrong Firmware.

    Hi all! This is my first post on this Forum so bear with me Over here i own this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (MODEL SM-N930F) prior to the failed flashing it had the following information (AP:N930FXXU3BPL2 CP: N930FXXU3BPL1 :CSC N930FOXM3BPL3 since this device was having a 30% charging limit i...
  15. M

    Thread [GUIDE][UNBRICK] Safe method for Redmi 9a dandelion without errors and without affecting nvdata and nvram, imei numbers etc.

    Requirements: - drivers -> https://androidmtk.com/download-mtk-usb-all-drivers - latest sp flash tool v5 -> https://androidmtk.com/smart-phone-flash-tool - stock firmware V12.0.22.0.QCDMIXM (important! this version contains MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin and auth_sv5.auth that we will use in sp flash tool...
  16. daithinhvuongvn

    Thread Question Unbrick my phone oppo A54 cph2239 128gb rom and 4gb ram

    My phone is in Brom mode when I flashing my phone with MTK client with custom rom using "./mtk wf" now it is bricked I'm a noob Do you have any step by step tutorial to unbrick my phone? I just have a computer and a phone with a usb.
  17. I

    Thread How To Guide Redmi Note 11S/POCO M4 4G (fleur) NVRAM is Corrupted Unbrick (SIM Not Working)

    first restart your computer and disable driver signature check install MTK USB Drivers Install miflash Pro Run Miflash pro and run SPflash v6 and load the modified firmware file Run MTKAuthbypass press Disable auth and power off your device press the volume down button and plug USB Cable...
  18. pirka12

    Thread Motorola Edge 30 unbrick

    Hello guys,i am glad that forums like this exist,and ive been using it whenever i had some problem with my phone,so iz bought this moto edge 30,and its from black market so it has an Admin lock,whenever i turn on Wifi or i put sim card it says that it will automaticly reset for 2h,i tried to...
  19. V

    Thread How to find EDL Test Points? (BYD Song Plus EV multimedia system)

    Hello! BYD Song Plus EV is Chinese car. This car has Android Head Unit. Android 10 (DiLink 3) Display resolution - 1920x1280 CPU - Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (QCM6125) Now device is bricked after uploading not supported TWRP recovery. How to unbrick this module? Can anyone help me to find EDL test...
  20. Amadeus_0

    Thread TECNO Pouvoir 4 [LC7]

    DEVICE INFORMATION ================================== Device Name : TECNO Pouvoir 4 Model : TECNO LC7 Chipset : Mediatek MT6761 Processor : 4x 2.0 GHz ARM Cores : Quad core RAM : 3 GB ROM ...
  21. SissioMisio

    Thread General EDL TESTPOINTS

    Found EDL Points for RMX 3363/3360 :) (see attachment) For any questions, feel free to contact me. Happy unbricking :D
  22. F

    Thread MECOOL KM9 Unbrick S905X2 2/16 GB

    I bought a MECOOL KM9 android box from the flea market. The Android on it was something custom from some IPTV service provider. On the bottom it says KM9 so I downloaded firmware from here. Using Aml_Burn_Tool the flashing got stuck at 30%, left it for about two hours didn't budge. After this...
  23. guilhermedeluccas

    Thread Question Xiaomi POCO X4 Pro 5G [Bricked with Locked Bootloader]

    Hello everyone, I have a POCO X4 Pro with the bootloader locked, which is in bootloop. When the battery is charged I can't turn it off, it stays in bootloop, it only turns off when the battery runs out. When I press VolUp, nothing happens. When I press VolDown, it goes into FASTBOOT mode, I...
  24. kuroneko7u7

    Thread ROM PIXEL EXPERIENCE ANDROID 10 STABLE (fix touch and audio bugs from rom 9pie) - FOR RED HYDROGEN ONE (root optional)

    ATTENTION: THIS PROCESS WILL WIPE ALL OF YOUR USER DATA. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for your phone. steps: 1- Download rom and entract archives (this brings included plataform-tools) and open cmd in the same folder 2- Just enable OEM unlocking in developer options, reboot...
  25. Gudaji

    Thread How to Unbrick Xiaomi Preloader and Unlock bootloader for Xiaomi Redmi 12c earth/aether and for any MTK Redmi or Device (MTK)

    Recently i hard bricked my newly released and bought Xiaomi Redmi 12c (earth) and it was a hard brick i mistakenly flashed preloader ( with sp flash-tool) while trying to unbrick it when it was still in a soft brick, so i didn't know what to do i went all over the internet i read forums threads...
  26. N

    Thread NEED N976V U7 emergency_download / DEAD-BOOT / DEAD-FIX / DEBUG EMERGENCY / 9008 / UnBrick / firehose programmer / loader PLEASE

    Hi all, I need a N976V U7 (USB only) DEAD-BOOT file / DEAD-FIX file / DEBUG EMERGENCY / 9008 / UnBrick / firehose programmer The SM-N976V is a Verizon variant of the Note 10+ 5G positioned for the US market. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you.
  27. Shoomyrovich

    Thread Question SOLVED! Bricked Mi Pad 5 - tried almost everything I found

    Hello friends, I would kindly ask you to try to help me un-brick my Mi Pad 5 (nabu). Thanks in advance. First of all, let me give you some info what happened and what I have/haven't tried: HOW IT GOT BRICKED: 1. Installed Awaken OS, it went great and fast and was setting up the tablet 2...
  28. Terminator_SG

    Thread Oneplus 6 [MSM tool] 'Firehose communicaton handshake Failed"

    I have installed retrofit version of syberia os {unofficial} after using it for 2 months suddeny the device went into crashdump mode and then total BLACK SCREEN. I tried to unbrick through msm tool earlier more the 3 months ago and i was a sucess that time. But now when i try then this error...
  29. 3n20

    Thread Bricked G8 Power

    Hi, i accidently switched the fastboot boot-set and rebooted into the nothingness of set a. Now I am trying to unbrick it. I've found the various unbrick tools. After some tries i've found out that holding the volume buttons will fix the problem. However my fingers couldnt hold the buttons more...
  30. riva!

    Thread Question [SOLVED] OP9 MSM Tool not working. Phone possibly hard bricked.

    So i tried to flash some firmware for a custom rom with enhanced fastboot. afterwards the phone booted into EDL mode and only EDL mode. i cant get bootloader, fastboot, recovery, or even system boot. before when this has happened msm tool worked well, but now ive tried 4 diff msm tool repacks, 2...
  31. DerbyG

    Thread Need help for dead stm8s mcu AllWinner T3 !

    Lately i am receiving too many dead stm8s mcu. Most of the times i have the file to flash with stlinkv2 swim protocol and soldered the cables at the correct spots. I can read the chip and program it normally but even after the mcu keep staying dead and the unit not drawing any current. I think...
  32. R

    Thread Unbrick without PC

    Exists one way to unbrick a phone without Pc/Notebook? Like using a Other phone with otg or something else
  33. Minionguyjpro

    Thread [HELP] Kurio TAB 2 C15100M/C15150M bricked after flashing a TWRP for relevant device (different device, but got the same type of something in Tab)

    Hello, I have an old Kurio TAB 2 with model code C15100M/C15150M, I was thinking of rooting it, by installing TWRP. I found a TWRP that was somehow a bit related to the device, an Alcatel TWRP, I think. I successfully managed to unlock the device and flash it using fastboot, but now it doesn't...
  34. L

    Thread Mi Stick stuck on boot logo (bricked?)

    Hello everybody. A couple of years ago I bought a Mi Stick for my mother, to use connected to an old LED tv she had. She used just 3 o 4 times tops with a Netflix account my brother shared with her. The device was practically new. My brother stopped paying Netflix a couple of months ago so she...
  35. VistaSlayer

    Thread Nandroid backup of Stock ROM (bricked)

    Hi everyone, yesterday i unlocked bootloader + flashed twrp to my FIG-LX1 but now i can not flash system.img from update.app since its heavier than my /system partition. My Backup seems to be faulty because when i try to restore it, i get error "extracttarfork() process ended with error 255"...
  36. Dev Aman

    Thread How To Guide Unbrick / Flash Stock Rom (1.1.7 global) QDLoader 9008 fix | EDL Mode fix

    Hi everyone, If your phone (1) does not react on any of yours actions. You may have the same problem. This is an instruction how to fix it without Disassembly. ‼️ Do this at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage that may occur to your device due to this guide or anything related...
  37. Adlan20

    Thread Question unbrick oneplus nord 2 5g cph2409

    bonjour y a t il un programme comme msm pour reflasher au propre le oneplus nord 2 5g ? le bootloader est déverouiller. le téléphone est reconnu sous fastboot Mod Edit: English Translation Below hello is there a program like msm to cleanly reflash the oneplus nord 2 5g? the bootloader is...
  38. A

    Thread Question Asus Rog Phone 5s Stuck in EDL even after successful QFIL firmware download

    Hi, I have Asus Rog Phone 5s. By mistake I have flashed Asus Rog 5 raw firmware file using CMD Phone got Bricked and went to EDL mode Then I tried flasing Asus Rog 5s firmware through QFIL and the download was successful (check log) But the phone still stuck in EDL mode Any help is...
  39. A

    Thread Redmi 9(lancelot) hard brick - HELP

    Hi, I recently updated to MIUI 13. At first time it started normally but, when I tried to enter recovery mode, it frozen on bootloop. I don't understand what happened. I sent my phone to service center(2-3 times because I wanted to stay at MIUI 13. But it is bootlooped). Now I have this problem...
  40. J

    Thread Question Fingerprint Sensor Not Working after unbricking phone

    Long story short, I bricked my device very hard, very many times while trying out different ROMS and getting accustomed to handling fastboot and adb. At some point along the journey I must've broken something to do with the fingerprint sensor (or the security authentication method)? The sensor...
  41. kadirilgin1453

    Thread How to unbrick redmi 9C?

    Hello, I accidentally bricked my redmi 9C phone and now it just has a black screen and when I plug the phone into the computer, I get the error "Unknown usb device (Device descriptor request failed)". My goal is to bypass the device and then flash it to fastboot. I think I installed all the...
  42. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Unbrick/Bootloop

    Hey Guys i have an Big Problem and i dont knwo what to please help So i wanted to flash lineageos and that worked good but its garbage the camera ist very basic and there are a lot of features which not work So i decide to get back to Oxygenos und root it Yeah and know my phone is stuck at...
  43. Mabusaki

    Thread [XperiaXZ]Cannot unlock bootloader, flash and etc

    Hi everyone. I am trying to unbrick my Xperia XZ. I tried a lot during these 3 days. Guess I need help. Here's what happened and actions I took. I can upload screenshots, but I am very exhausted now, and considering you have more knowledge about this topic than me, I don't upload screenshots...
  44. Almasd

    Thread [GUIDE] [RMX1901] Unbrick & Install Android 13 Custom ROM

    The guide is for a Chinese version of the phone. But might give you an idea for the global version. History: I was on the latest official ROM. But I was already unlocked the boot. Then I tried to install a custom ROM and failed. Because TWRP for RMX1901 seems doesn't work with UI1 Realme X OS...
  45. gor3hab

    Thread Oppo A91 CPH2021 Unbrick, cant read emmc, since failed unlock flash. need all partition, australian firmware dump from updated phone.

    I have an oppo a91 CPH2021, from my friend. He tried to Unlock bootloader without any success and leaving it in an unbootable state. I would like help to FULL flash the device, as if it was blank and or a dump of every on of the partitions both emmc and ufs. For some reason when i go to flash...
  46. duxler

    Thread Oneplus 8 pro stuck on fastboot mode

    Hi, folks! I tried install LineageOS but something go wrong and my phone bricked. I read about MSM tool but I'm arch linux user i can't find alternatives for linux. Maybe someone help me figure out. Please don't judge me it's my first expiration with android.
  47. T

    Thread "No operating system found" Issue after re-locked bootloader

    Yes, I screwed up. Here's what happened: >New Razr 5g aquired >Rooted it first thing with magisk (TWRP was just temporarily booted iirc, not installed) >No customROM, no other system modifications >Used it only for a few weeks to play around, no magisk modules or mods installed (root was used...
  48. Metromas

    Thread Question [CLOSED] OnePlus 10 Pro - Unbrick with MSM

    Hello xda members! Do you want to bring your dead 10 pros back to life with remote connection and MSM tool? I'm helping with this. Please make an appointment on my website. (contact) {Mod edit} Required actions: Have someone who knows how to open the back cover of the phone open it, or open it...
  49. R

    Thread Unbrick s905xq4 v4.0 tv box

    The amlogic burn tool won't recognize the tv box even when pressing the reset button. I've seen videos on youtube to achieve this by shortcutting the pins from the memory but those are made with s905xq4 in their first o third version, never the 4th.
  50. H

    Thread Help, how do I unbrick my headunit?

    hi I have Dasaita max6 rk3399 mtce android unit, I bricked the unit during an upgrade process. As a result, black screen and my PC no longer detect it when connect with USB. I looked at some threads and people suggest to short the pin when plug into pc and I have a hard time to locate the pin to...