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  1. R

    Thread [Game][6.0+] Running Rich Racing - Kart Racing

    We just released our tournament based kart racing game, Running Rich Racing. Check out our promo site and download the game at www.RunningRichRacing.com The game has free-play tournaments and Esports style real money tournaments using the Skillz platform. We would also appreciate any feedback...
  2. armdev19

    Thread [Android Game, I want some advice} Bubble Boom Game

    Hello colleagues! I have a Bubble Boom game, it's a classic Bubble Shooter game. But the problem is that my game is exactly the same as thousands of other games on Google Play. I would like to get your advice on what new features you recommend for me to add to the game. At the moment, I've...
  3. Krykiet

    Thread Access to serial port on Android device

    Hi Guys, Currently I am working on an application build in Unity that controls Numato Lab USBGPIO8 module (it will simply turn on and off channels on gpio when conditions in a separate script in app would be met). Whole project is based on ARFoundation. Opening and controlling serial port...
  4. Mayism

    Thread Coding-free Integration of AppGallery Connect Crash into a Unity App?

    Reference: https://docs.unity.cn/cn/Packages-cn/[email protected]/manual/crash.html 1. Download Unity Hub. 2. Configure the Android environment in Unity Editor. Choose Edit > Preferences > External Tools > Andriod and configure the JDK and SDK paths. You can keep the default paths. Choose Edit...
  5. Mayism

    Thread Releasing Your Game on HUAWEI AppGallery via UDP

    Releasing Your Game on HUAWEI AppGallery via UDP Background These posts outline the first steps required for developing a Unity game: Unity Editor Installation and APK Packaging How Can I Use the HUAWEI Game Service Demo Provided by Unity? Initializing a Huawei Game and Implementing HUAWEI ID...
  6. Mayism

    Thread How to Integrate Unity IAP for a Game to Be Released on HUAWEI AppGallery

    These posts have shown the first few steps of developing a Unity game: Unity Editor Installation and APK Packaging How Can I Use the HUAWEI Game Service Demo Provided by Unity Initializing a Huawei Game and Implementing HUAWEI ID Sign-in Using Unity I tried to upload the packaged APK file to...
  7. Mayism

    Thread How Can I Quickly Integrate AppGallery Connect APM into a Unity App?

    When an app is used, such problems may occur: slow app launch, Application Not Responding (ANR), app crash, and network loading failure. These are the major issues that affect user experience. To meet increasing demands of diagnosing performance problems, more and more app performance...
  8. Mayism

    Thread How Can I Quickly Integrate App Linking of AppGallery Connect into an Unity-based App?

    How Can I Quickly Integrate App Linking of AppGallery Connect into an Unity-based App? Recently, my app needs to use cross-platform sharing links. App Linking of AppGallery Connect just meets my requirements. Perform the following steps for service integration: Step 1: Create an app, enable...
  9. Mayism

    Thread Initializing a Huawei Game and Implementing HUAWEI ID Sign-in Using Unity

    These posts have shown the first few steps of developing a Unity-based game: Unity Editor Installation and APK Packaging: https://forums.developer.huawei.com/forumPortal/en/topic/0204435788744370088?fid=0101187876626530001 How Can I Use the HUAWEI Game Service Demo Provided by Unity: So far...
  10. Mayism

    Thread How Can I Use the HUAWEI Game Service Demo Provided by Unity? - Part2

    The Content of part1 is here. Generating and Configuring a Signing Certificate Fingerprint Use the preceding signature file to generate a signing certificate fingerprint by referring to Huawei documentation, and configure the fingerprint in HUAWEI AppGallery Connect...
  11. Mayism

    Thread How Can I Use the HUAWEI Game Service Demo Provided by Unity? - Part1

    HUAWEI Game Service provides various capabilities, including automatic game update check, player information obtaining, floating window, game addiction prevention, game achievements, and leaderboards. Unity provides the HMS Core App Services SDK and demo for global developers to quickly...
  12. Developer_basha

    Thread Integrate multiple unity builds into one android application.

    Hi, We have a scenario where we need to integrate multiple unity builds into single Android project. Currently we are facing issue while integrating multiple unity projects into native android app. So my first question is like whether is this functionality possible ? If yes, please let us...
  13. Mayism

    Thread Unity Editor Installation and APK Packaging

    Recently, the project leader suddenly proposed that the team use Unity to develop a game and release it on HUAWEI AppGallery. Unity beginners who have only developed Android clients before need to start learning knowledge about Unity. This article mainly talks about the following information for...
  14. Mayism

    Thread Implementing HUAWEI Out-of-App Purchases Using Deep Links

    Background A developer team wants to integrate HUAWEI Out-of-App Purchases, allowing users to purchase a product on the app details page of a game on HUAWEI AppGallery. To use this mode, they need to deep link a user to the app details page, and pass the ID of the product for purchase...
  15. M

    Thread [FREE][GAME][4.4+] TetrisRetro

    Tetris with some variations of it, includes modes with extra figures GooglePlayLink
  16. Zackptg5

    Thread Magisk Module Template Extended (MMT-Ex) [TEMPLATE]

    In the past couple years, magisk has come a long ways to the point that it's the de-facto root solution. I have been developing and maintaining the Unity template for the past couple years but it's now reached a point where there's no longer a need for it - it's simply not worth the effort...
  17. C

    Thread [Game] Color Up! Minimalist Jumper

    Finally! The first version of our new game Color Up is already live. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumper.platformer.matedevs.colorup It is a minimalist jumper with very simple mechanics. We invite whoever wants/can download and help us with a review and/or feedback so...
  18. Ace42

    Thread [Module][UNITY] FooView x Magisk - Internal/System Audio Recording Oreo/Pie

    [SIZE="6"]FooxMagisk Alpha[ v0.2.2/SIZE] ×WHO: FxM is aimed at Android users in search of an easy way to capture system or internal sounds (systemless-ly), and on Android versions past Lollipop. By installing my module users will no longer need to worry about background noise from their...
  19. S

    Thread Hi, I created a game for Android, I need your opinion

    Updated Conqueror of the world: Added 2 new campaigns. Cotw - is a simple strategy where you need to conquer all the lands on the map, the game has construction, economy and diplomacy. Link: play.google com/store/apps/details?id=com.SKGames.ConquerorOfTheWorld Some screenshots...
  20. D

    Thread [GAME][FREE][4.1+] HEXALIGHT - Logic puzzle game.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VixromMedia.Hexalight Imagine that you have one face of the Rubik's cube (Magic Cube), but not of squares, but of hexagons. You can shift hexagons in three directions, in an infinite loop. Your goal - to connect the bulbs of the same color in a...
  21. D

    Thread [Android] [Free] Quiz: All about everything!

    Quiz: All about everything! - this is a free exciting intellectual game that allows you to learn a lot about the world and improve your IQ. No in-app purchases! You can Download free from GooglePlay: Download! To your taste the game has a wide variety of topics: - Geography - here you can test...
  22. S

    Thread [FREE GAME]Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation is a sequel to the legendary game of survival, where to make incredible tricks, driving different transport and getting into different crash! The game is made in the best traditions of simulator...
  23. sandm4n

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Kyoobix - A challenging 3D Game!

    Hi everyone! Intro: Presenting Kyoobix! A mind twisting 3D arcade game to challenge your brain, reflexes and strategy. Use 3 dimensional spatial reasoning, reflexes and luck to solve levels and beat your own highscore. Sounds easy? - but levels get more difficult as the cluster gets larger and...
  24. K

    Thread [FREE][Android][AR - Augmented Reality] AR Toybox

    Hi, this a demo of AR (Augmented reality) in Android phones. It is made with Unity and Open source ARToolkit. It's free and does not contain ads. Please feel free to try it out and leave some comments. Play store link Attached some screenshots. This is just a small demo game.
  25. slole

    Thread [Game][4.0+]Pixel Defeat

    I am developing a 2D arcade shooter game for Android. I have been on closed alpha with 20 or so testers for quite some time and I decided to widen my tester base. Therefore I present to you: Pixel Defeat on Google Play. Game modes: -arcade -powerups -higher speeds of enemies over time...
  26. vivekkalady

    Thread [Game][1.2+][Full release] Paper Planez - Make the little Paper Plane fly!

    Make the little Paper Plane fly! Go through the Blue star first and then through the Red hexagon and then move forward through the center to get a point Collect the Power-ups for super powers... It has a simple logic, but it is not easy to play until you adjust. Download...
  27. Akinaro

    Thread [FREE GAME] [WIP] "Power/Lift VR"

    Hello! I would like to present you Game "Power/Lift VR" Its mobile virtual reality game for Android, where your only job is... Insert fuses in boxes, and find your wait out... and all that in yet, another dark, industrial environment that everyone like so much! https://youtu.be/6p3cmGZJyNA...
  28. B

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Jumpocat

    Hi All! I want to show you our latest game - Jumpocat. Your goal is to help a little cat to catch all the fishes and exit the level. There is 30 levels in total. We have a lot of ideas for a new levels with new traps, but all will depend on players rating. We will be a very grateful for a...
  29. M

    Thread [Free][Game] Durov Runner

    In this unique game you (a player) turn yourself into handsome and adroit Pavel Durov just for a while. Feel keenly his fancy and thrilling life like your own life. Fans are not always desirable for you. Sometimes they just are like a big trouble for you. It feels like you have a pimple on the...
  30. K

    Thread [NEW][GAME][1.1]Don't Tap The Vane

    Don't Tap The Vane Introduction I don't tend to post my personal but now is the right time for that. I'm generally developing apps and games in my spare time. Something like a month ago I published to Google Play App Store My first name of "Don't Tap The Vane". It's a game that some would say...
  31. A

    Thread Let's Twist [Relaxing puzzle-arcade][Free]

    Twist is fun, minimalistic, match-up arcade game where you can play for an evening relaxation or test your skills with both single and online challenges. Through breathtaking atmosphere you try and catch falling, colored elements with intuitive one touch controls where you drag and re-order your...
  32. S

    Thread [APP:4.4] Play all your mobile videos as Augmented Reality video

    Using "Play On AR" app we can view all our mobile videos in Augmented Reality. Make your friends amazed !! Steps: 1) Take Print out of the Image from the link. https://app.box.com/s/dp1rnkgvhix8bhaacpgu982dzn8umnlv 2) Select any video of your choice. 3) Face the Camera towards the image and...
  33. Dipesh_Devil

    Thread [GAME] [4.4+] Unsure - Shadow Adventures!

    Unsure Unsure is a unique 2D game full of mysteries and challenges. You play as a rolling circle, help him find the lost colors through the dark interesting, unclear and deceptive world. You play as a rolling circle with a long trail that has lost its colors, your goal is to collect...
  34. M

    Thread [GAME][In progress] RTS War Game

    Hey Guys! I'd like to share with you demo of my game created using Unity3D engine. It's more like prototype than full game - it has just one level for now. Your mission is to destroy enemy buildings. You are playing as red, enemy is blue. Controls: - tap on building to spawn a soldiers...
  35. Jpe230

    Thread [Free][Port][+2.3]Super Mario 64 HD Remake android Port :)

    Hi guys, as many of you may know, two weeks ago a remake was released. I found that only one port was made for the iP6. So I port it to android. The only "bug" that I found was that you need to enable autorotation and rotate the phone to landscape Also you need a controller:) On-screen...
  36. blastokid

    Thread [APP][GAME]Air Evade!

    Hello dudes and dudettes, Long time XDA lurker here. Just wanted to share our first Android game with y'all. We'll be on all weekend answering any questions y'all may have, so feel free to ask us anything! How big is our Dev team? Two dudes and a stuffed Android plushie (Current Employee of...
  37. AzureusPT

    Thread [Q] Regarding non-NEON CPUs

    I've started developing an Android app with Unity and checking the latest changes, it seems non-NEON CPUs are unsupported now. Searching for the devices affected by this change I can easily find all Tegra 2 powered devices, but is there any other device/CPU that doesn't support NEON and its not...
  38. vivekkalady

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] HexaMesh - First Ever MultiView Game [14/2/2014]

    Hexamesh is an addictive game with exciting game play.Multiple Views make the game Harder but interesting. Goal Move the Bottom View Hexagonal Mesh and pass the Obstacles through the Hollow Space. Try to beat my score 275 ;) As time passes the game gets harder. Screens Download...
  39. N

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.0.+] Bike 3d Configurator 1.2

    Create the bike of your dreams! HU4Hlwgvx5Q Project Bike 3d Configurator created so that you can build your existing or future bike with modern technology and 3D graphics. Change components, experiment with colors, see how suspension works, show your friends, create the bike of your dream...
  40. Dipesh_Devil

    Thread [GAME] What The Tap - Try not to break you screen!

    #WhatTheTap What The Tap is a fun little mini-game. Tap on circles that appear at random. Tap on them for the number of times as shown, before the circle turns red. Don't miss any circle, or you'll loose a life. Three lives is all you have. The games goes on becoming difficult with time. Reach...
  41. B

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Neon Battleground - online multiplayer shooter

    Hello, Let me show you our latest game, online multiplayer shooter Neon Battleground Game made with Unity, also we used 2dToolKit, PUN+ and Parse. This game available on Android, iOS and WP8 and players from different platforms can play with each other. Neon Battleground uses dynamic system for...
  42. M

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] EMPIRE UNDER FIRE - The Most Beautiful 3D Tower Defense

    Hi There! I'm very excited to present my new game. Empire Under Fire. I have been developing this game for several months using Unity3D Game Engine, now its finally ready to publish. Its a classic Tower Defense with beautiful graphics (I think so :) ) and some great features. I think it is...
  43. V

    Thread [GAME] Ready, Aim, Flee

    Heya! I just published an android game called Ready, Aim, FLEE! It's an endless runner type thing. You need to run as far as you can from the chasing horseman, while shooting down horsemen, and stopping for spike traps! My personal high score is in the 300s, but one of my friends has managed...
  44. L

    Thread Project Unity

    Project Unity MOD EDIT
  45. F

    Thread [HELP] Open/edit data/bin files(unity?) looks like: 0b45efec47cdc425b977192ced6a4408

    I hope someone knows how to do this, I have looked everywhere and could find no reference since most of the files seem to be randomly generated names there is no extension, and I think they are similar to split archives for use by the unity engine in a game or apk. I think I got ONE open a...
  46. A

    Thread [Q] [unity 4] is there a way to run ARMv7 Apk on ARMv6 device OR emulator

    Hello everyone, I recently lost my phone and i cannot afford a new device at least before two weeks from now, so i borrowed a Galaxy Y Pro Duos from a friend , and i really need to have the ability of testing my game before sending it to the client (i work as a freelancer) i know that with...
  47. R

    Thread Space Hero: Invader Takedown[delete plz]

    Delete this.. not sure how :/
  48. B

    Thread [GAME][2.2+]Sprint Driver

    Hello, I want to show you my latest game Sprint Driver This game made with free version of Unity and available for free at Play store. Direct APK link (v1.0.4): http://www.beetleplay.com/files/SprintDriver_104.apk ARM6 APK link(v1.0.4)...
  49. K

    Thread [TOOL] Augmented Reality Marker Generator

    Need to create an ideal augmented reality marker? Use this tool! http://www.brosvision.com/ar-marker-generator Generated markers are optimized for use as augmented reality image targets. Every marker is randomly generated and is unique. You can freely use it for your app and edit it as you need.
  50. thoth_19

    Thread MTP solution script for Ubuntu Unity

    First off let me say this is NOT my work. Credit and support need to go to Lorenzo Faleschini. Here is his Google + https://plus.google.com/u/0/112669767758185770835/posts I reached out to the Ubuntu community for help with MTP and he posted a solution. It works wonderfully, check out the...