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unlock booloader

  1. Y

    Thread PLEASE HELP! Redmi 3s bootloader cant be unlocked at all!

    Ill try explaining it clearly Yesterday I decided to go back to the stock firmware by flashing it and choosing the option to "clean and lock the bootloader" for the Redmi 3s MIUI 10.2. However I got many problems when going through my phone. First, Wifi and hotspot wont work, the message...
  2. H

    Thread [Simple method] Root N10 5G using Magisk for factory stock

    First, as you might now, I am not liable if your phone would be bricked or damaged after this tutorial. This method has worked perfectly for on my phone, which: OnePlus Nord N10 5G from Metro by T-Mobile. Build Number: 11.0.1.BE88CF. And it should work any rom stock This tutorial is inspired...
  3. Eastw1ng

    Thread General Unlocking the bootloader

    Since there is no proper information about unlocking the bootloader for the newer versions of Oneplus Nord 2, this is how I got it to unlock and actually work. For my system it did reset the device, clearing all the files and factory restoring the device, just make sure to make a backup before...
  4. OrthodoxOxygen


    WELCOME, ALL. After a very tiring process of swapping between ROMs and changing regions, APKs, et cetera, we have finally been able to perfect the method for unlocking the bootloader of the RMX2155! This is a detailed guide aimed to give you an easy time...
  5. 1

    Thread Unable to procced to unlock my Xiaomi

    Hello guys, recently I've updated to MIUI 12.5, I'm on Chinese ROM, and since then, all apps associated with Google stopped working, so I decided to switch it to Global ROM, but I'm unable to unlock my bootloader. I've followed instructions online, and also factory restarted the phone, but...
  6. omarlh12

    Thread My Nokia 5 stuck in restarting-loop with no access to recovery mode

    So my Nokia 5 ask for an update but after updating the phone keep restarting endlessly, it will show the Android logo for a bit than it will restart , I can't enter safe-mode or recovery mode or anything but download-mode, so I tried to flash it using OST but since I haven't unlock the...
  7. sandrolinux

    Thread Problem with unlocking OnePlus Nord bootloader

    I have been trying to unlock my oneplus nord's bootloader but when I enter "fastboot oem unlock" with my phone in fastboot mode it says " FAILED (remote: 'Command not supported in default implementation') fastboot: error: Command failed " Even though I have oem unlock and USB debugging enabled...
  8. DADi590

    Thread Mandatory unlocked bootloader for rooting?

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking in buying a phone from CAT (CAT S42) and I'm not sure if I can unlock its bootloader. But I've seen on another forum that the CAT S31 has root available for it through Magisk, and I didn't see anyone mentioning having unlocked the bootloader. S42 has a MediaTek chipset...
  9. The_0N3

    Thread Yuphoria bootloader unlock error

    i am getting this C:\adb>adb reboot bootloader C:\adb>fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem devices ... FAILED (remote: unknown command) finished. total time: 0.004s C:\adb>fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock ... FAILED (remote: oem unlock is not allowed) finished. total time: 0.005s C:\adb>fastboot devices...
  10. H

    Thread Unlocking Huawei honor 6 booloader (H60-L01)

    I own a Huawei honor 6, H60-L01 (16GB) and I am running custom recovery (CWM), rooted by kingoroot and bootloader locked. Phone has a boot-loop ..no software .. i want urgently "unlock Bootloader code" to be able to install a system again by fastboot option .. as force install hasn't been...
  11. S

    Thread unlocking bootloader

    hey please help i am unable to unlock boot loader of my coolpad note 5 which has snapdragon 617 soc, no unlock code type help or instruction on official forum and no help there because all command returns as unknown command , i tried many command except these two command all return unknown...
  12. boyam99

    Thread [Q] how to unlock bootloader.

    Hey guys.Does anyone know how to unlock the bootloader on a no-name rooted chinese tablet.Will windriod work? Because I need to unlock my bootloader to flash themes and roms.Can anyone help me.Thank you.:D
  13. Albie_Stark

    Thread [Q]Flashing Bootloader from other SGS4 model

    Hi community!!! Frist of All I have the SGS4-i545 from VZW but I'm not a VZW user so TRiping the stuff(Knox,etc) that screw the warranty ,don't care because I dont have it anyway... the question is: What if I flash throuhg odin "GT-I9505_WanamLite.XXUFNC5_Bootloader.tar.md5" and...
  14. J

    Thread [Q] How to unlock the Moto XT 800 bootloader or of any other phone

    Hi All, What is the general procedure to unlock a boot loader? My Motorola XT 800 with bootloader 80.B2 is still stuck on Android 2.1. Motorola support unlocking for phones sold in the US, but this phone is available only in India and China, where do not have this support. Jusma