1. iko1133

    Thread Question Unlock/Backup Locked S22 Ultra

    So my phone has been locked for 3-4 days now. I know the unlock pattern (I've had it for several years on several phones) but it just does not seem to recognize it. I know the screen and sensor are working, I can see pattern being drawn but no success... I've found Samsung's find my mobile...
  2. lablab60

    Thread Huawei P30 Screen Lock - Need Help!!!!

    Hi All, My child accidently screen lock my phone.. I tried many pin numbers, it just would not unlock. Current the phone is now airplane mode. I tried to connect the phone to PC or MAC, it only detect it as "HiSuite". Can you please advise me how to unlock without factory reset as I have...
  3. G

    Thread Access Locked MEdiapad T5 from legacy: HELP please

    Hello, we got my uncle's mediapad T5 from his legacy and would like to access all the family photos he took with the device. Sadly it is locked and we don't have a PIN or gmail account. I was thinking: - Inlocking Boot loader - installing TWRP - Mounting the device from PC has anyone done this...
  4. G

    Thread Unable to Unlock J7 Max

    Hi My phone screen broke last month and i got it repaired on second last sunday and the phone was working fine for a week but this last sunday it stopped taking fingerprint and pattern lock the phone is not getting unlocked after inserting the right pattern and not even getting disabled even...
  5. A

    Thread How to unlock carrier lock.

    I have a SM-G975U and I wanted to know if flashing the modem of the SM-G975U1 unlocked my phone for any operator. If it is possible to do it, do you think they can leave the files of the modem of the SM-G975U1 to download? the binary of my phone is U7.
  6. srvinii

    Thread [HELP] Install TWRP without unlock bootloader

    Hi there, actually I have an Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990E), and I need to install TWRP or do any step to remove password lock screen. Actually, my client has forgotten the password and need to unlock without erase data. Obs: I already tried unlock on Samsung Find My Mobile, but the phone is...
  7. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10+ Root Method? (SM-G975U | Snapdragon | Android 12 | OneUI 4.1 | BootLoader v7)

    I was just wondering if there is a method or exploit for rooting this specific device? I don't understand how RootChecker says the device is rootable but there's no guide to one. I have already asked the user afaneh92 who does the UNSAMLOCK service and apparently my BootLoader version is at 7...
  8. JigSaaw

    Thread Question Official Bootloader Unlock For Realme

    Official Bootloader Unlock For Realme https://c.realme.com/in/post-details/1591010015643275264
  9. skyslycer

    Thread Can't unlock OEM

    Hi, I can't unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from 2012 (GT-N8000). There is no such option in the developer settings, nor can I do anything with fastboot. Please help, thank you in advance. Solved - I don't know how or why it worked but it did
  10. imtmiissa

    Thread e5577s-321 black screen with adb mode

    Hi everyone I need help about e5577s-321 stuck on logo after click reset so i did flash for device its work with black screen and read adb mode any advice to solutions?
  11. J

    Thread Please help me FRP Velvet android 12 canadian model

    I need help FRP my velvet Canadian model. Its running Android 12. I've never done anything with LG and all the software I've been looking into isn't working !!! I've got LGUP and LGROMUP and another one..
  12. D

    Thread Unlock huawei E5575s-210 tre.it

    Hello, can anyone help to unlock? huawei E5575s-210 IMEI:866887020358142 Current firmware:
  13. mariangxzyy

    Thread Question will i lose fingerprint lock after i unlock the bootloader?

    hello, im new to android rooting, and i wanna attempt using magisk on my main phone (a325f) but i do not know if the ability to unlock the phone with the fingerprint will no longer be available after i unlock the bootloader, and im not too sure...any answer?
  14. B

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A03s, no OEM unlock option and wanna know if there is any custom roms

    Samsung Galaxy A03s from Boost Mobile SM-A037U. I have tried taking the sim card out and setting the date back 8 days and nothing works. I also want to know if there is any similar model phones that have custom roms that could be installed on the A03s.
  15. L

    Thread How to unlock Bootloader/OEM in download mode?

    Hi all, I would like to ask how to unlock my bootloader while stuck in download mode? After an unsuccessful flash of a stock firmware, I was stuck in download mode on my Samsung device and can't install any FW. While in download mode I get the following message: Samsung Custom binary...
  16. D

    Thread Question SOLVED: Unable to verify Xiaomi Account on Newly Unlocked Device

    I've recently unlocked the bootloader on my Xiaomi device and have encountered an issue getting past the 'This device is Locked' screen. I have access to the Xiaomi account that was linked to the device, and have entered the correct information, several times using a combination of both with...
  17. bogdan_myronovich

    Thread OnePlus Nord N10 5G t-mobile + mdm

    Hi there, i just bought used oneplus nord n10 5g (tmobile version), and unfortunately faced with mdm profile already installed on my phone. I tried to reinstall android (only t-mobile roms supported) downgraded from 11 to 10 version, after that i tried to unlock bootloader, but there is no...
  18. PHANX0M

    Thread Why is Root Directory Limited in Memory?

    Why's the "system" directory limited, when the overall phone memory clearly isn't?! How can I increase it so I can install more system apps?
  19. D

    Thread Question Help me carrier unlock my phone

    Hi there So I imported a Galaxy S22+ from USA to Europe. It's a Verizon device, unlocked and fully paid off but still won't accept my european sim card, even thought it sees the sim when insterted. I've unlocked Pixel devices with this problem, deleted some packcages with adb but can't do it...
  20. R

    Thread [Solved] Unable to unlock bootloader with ANE-LX1

    Hello, i've just got a Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1 with EMUI from a friend. It's my first Huawei and since i am usually running my phones with custom roms, i want to install a custom rom to it. Usually i am trying to get phones that have a reasonable unlock process but this was a gift and...
  21. PHANX0M

    Thread [CLOSED] Is Unlocked Bootloader Easier to Crack/How to Secure?

    In what ways does having an unlocked bootloader make it easier for governments and (other) criminals to get into your device or data? Lots of people say "naaaaa it's not less secure, unlock your bootloader man... the data is ENCRYPTED" I know back in the day someone could just flash TWRP and...
  22. PHANX0M


    In what ways does having an unlocked bootloader make it easier for governments and (other) criminals to get into your device or data? Lots of people say "naaaaa it's not less secure, unlock your bootloader man... the data is ENCRYPTED" I know back in the day someone could just flash TWRP and...
  23. OMGSam

    Thread Question Any update on rooting?

    Hello, I just want to root the phone so I can access certain features from different apps. Has anyone figured out how we can do it? I was also wondering to install Lineage or GrapheneOS on it, has anyone done so with any success? Thanks in advance!
  24. $cronos_

    Thread MTKClient and TracFone

    Can MTKClient be used to unlock a Tracfone bootloader and root it?
  25. User154

    Thread [DISCUSSION] A thread to collate and share what is known about unlocking fastboot on Oppo devices

    Admin: Please move/delete this thread if it is in the wrong place or against the rules. I wanted to create a thread to discuss unlocking fastboot mode on Oppo devices in general, rather than discussing it in terms of any one device in particular. The reason being is that there are currently...
  26. PHANX0M

    Thread Secure while bootloader unlock

    I have a few questions about being secure and things with the bootloader, and stuff like that. #1: Is there anyway to be secure or thiefproof or even law enforcement proof with an unlocked bootloader? #2: How does encryption work on Android. It Full disk encryption forced on by default, because...
  27. M

    Thread Removing FRP via EDL (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2)

    Hello everyone! While preparing my Xiaomi for unlocking the bootloader, I performed a factory reset and I'm now being prompted for my Mi Account credentials. Unfortunately I don't remember them anymore, and I am stuck on the activation phase at boot. I spent today researching, and found out...
  28. jo_crespo112358

    Thread Unlock Note 10+ SM-N975UZKAXAA bootloader

    Hi. Sorry for my english, is not my native language. I recently brought a Noye 10+ model SM-N975UZKAXAA and I want to unlock the bootloader. I read that the bootloader can be unlocked in N975U using SamPWNd here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/custom-roms-for-n975u.4263003/ But I don't know...
  29. th3at0m

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] [REALME 8i/NARZO 50] How to easily unlock bootloader, install TWRP and root!

    Hello! I was bored and I thought that it would be a pretty cool idea to make an updated, universal guide to unlock the Realme 8i/Narzo 50, since there is no deeptest.apk or accessible fastboot for these devices. THIS GUIDE WILL ERASE ALL OF YOUR DATA! MAKE A BACKUP! /* * This Guide is tested...
  30. DrNosiie

    Thread P30 lite unlock bootloader without code?

    Hey guys, last year I asked if I can unlock the bootloader and root my phone without the permission code from Huawei (which they don´t offer anymore) and didn´t get any positive response. Now I looked again and it seems they removed this code since EMUI 9.1. So I searched for any conformation...
  31. blackcoffee4009

    Thread Question flashing global firmware to unlocked AT&T S22

    Hi everyone, I am planning to get an unlocked S22 (AT&T unlocked, fully paid off) from the USA to my country (India). The box says it is following: Model: SM-S901U S/W: S901USQU1AVA7 Even though it is unlocked, i can see the SM-S901U does not support 2 5G bands which are used my in country...
  32. W

    Thread Cubot Pocket: unlock bootloader and attempting to flash GSI

    I finally got my cubot pocket. I like my devices without GAPPS so I unlocked the bootloader and tried to flash a GSI. I didn't manage to actually boot a flashed GSI yet. Any hints how to achieve flashing a GSI would be highly appreciated! This post contains: observations and general hints for...
  33. N

    Thread Question Is there any software carrier unlock?

    I saw the google pixel series have a XDA software available to unlock the carrier, wondering if there is one for samsung as well?
  34. patraputt

    Thread Question Realme C2 is not booting into TWRP recovery mode.

    I have unlocked my Realme C2's bootloader and my device shows this 👇 But when I input the "adb reboot bootloader" command the phone booting into this 👇 (USB Debugging is "ON") I have flashed TWRP and it showed "OKAY", but when I input the "fastboot reboot recovery" my phone rebooting into...
  35. U

    Thread Question Buying oneplus 9 pro t-mobile version from ebay

    I'm about to buy oneplus 9 pro t-mobile version from ebay, I'm currently using mint sim which is tmobile mvno. I'm using oneplus 7t global version, but I never used t-mobile version of android before so I'm little confused. I heard that I have to unlock the network for using other than tmobile...
  36. waterwolf86

    Thread Unlocking Moto G7 plus (No data Loss,Question)

    Is there any way to unlock bootloader without data loss? Idk somesort of linux kernel exploit? (It runs hecking old kernel) Thanks for any response in advance!
  37. A

    Thread [MOD] How to access a completely locked-down custom Android tablet (based on a rooted version of Android 5)

    In our new home, we have an intercom system (Urmet Ipercom Max 7" IP Monitor) that runs on a custom tablet running a rooted version of Android 5. The ROM has been completely stripped of all functionality and settings. What's left is: - Gallery - Camera - Browser (default Android 5 browser) -...
  38. Evolv X

    Thread Pixel 5 after OTA update can't start, stuck fastboot mode

    My phone is no flash,no root, no USB debugging. Can't boot after OTA update today, stuck at Fastboot Mode, can't start. the error message is "failed to load/verify boot images" I download Redfin from Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices, run flash-all.bat, error message: Sending...
  39. MarkPCExpert

    Thread How to unlock Moto C Plus bootloader

    I bought a Motorola Moto C Plus a while ago so I can root it and play around with it. I tried to unlock the bootloader for a while on this phone but I just can't. Every guide I tried didn't work. From mfastboot to MTKClient. mfastboot just gave "unknown command" when trying to get unlock data...
  40. S

    Thread Question Rooted tablet but not showing as being rooted P11 TB-J606F

    This has been a roller-coaster ride so far getting a root on this tablet! Everything goes well but it still says I'm not rooted?? Branching off from this thread that I followed all the steps below from. The adb and fastboot files I use come straight from Lenovo's dev community for flashing...
  41. K

    Thread Getting OEM Unlocking Enabled on Pixel 1

    I have an old Pixel 1 that I got a long time ago that I was looking into rooting but the OEM unlocking slider is grayed out/disabled for me. I've come across dozens of posts with various methods of getting this toggle enabled for Verizon/Non-Verizon phones but many seem to be patched or not...
  42. S

    Thread Xiaomi 5A (MDG6) - How to unlock without losing data. USB debugging off

    Hello everyone. I've been digging through forum to find a solution to my problem. I have forgotten lock screen pattern to Xiaomi 5A, I would keep on going and try to enter and remember which combination I used, but every attempt is followed by 4min lock up. I've stored there a password in a...
  43. L

    Thread Oppo Realme 3 not unlocking

    My phone was locking and unlocking perfectly fine using my fingerprint and face moments ago. But now it is unable to recognize my fingerprint or face and the pattern I remember is no longer working. The forgot password option is also not coming no matter how many times I input the wrong...
  44. fahimscirex

    Thread How do I fix "Request parameter error"?

    When I try to bind my Mi Account in Unlock Status of Developer Settings I get this "Request parameter error". On Chinese MIUI 12.5.8 right now. Was anyone able to fix this?
  45. __tom__

    Thread [CLOSED] Mi 9T Pro with Replaced Screen Reboots After Entering PIN

    Hi, I had my phone replaced at a local repair shop, and they quoted me $70 for an "original" screen with a fingerpint function. I don't really mind if the fingerprint scanner won't work anymore as I just need to access my files and use the phone until I upgrade this year. Everything else works...
  46. normvcr

    Thread Looking for closed testers for app: BtLos

    BtLos (Bluetooth Lock Synchronization) is an app that facilitates using a a hands-free device connected to your phone. If you think this app could be useful to you, and are interested in testing it, please send me your email address in a conversation on this forum, and I will add your email...
  47. OlyWill

    Thread Question overwrite ROM S22 Ultra

    Mod edit - translated by https://www.deepl.com/translator Would it be possible to replace an original TMB ROM with another one from another country? installing in the device again and thus freeing the chip? My problem is "I bought a mobile phone in the USA, need to boot but forgot the TMB chip...
  48. Shujja Haider

    Thread Unlock Sony Xperia XZ3 (SOV39) AU Japanese

    Can anyone link me to the guide if I could unlock and install custom ROM to Japanese model of XPERIA XZ3. Its full of bloatwares. Thank you.
  49. Jeffrrey

    Thread Whats the best choice for XZ3 right now? (April 2022)

    Hello, Without any doubt I can say that XZ Premium was my favorite phone, many mods, ports and ROMS. Changed it to OP 7Pro and Im also satisfied with XDA support but it wasnt enough so... I bought XZ3 Dual 4/64 with A10 and 52.1.A.3.137 firmware. Read all possible topics here and Im totally...
  50. D

    Thread Unlocking the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F) doesn't work

    Hi, I am trying to unlock the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 to install TWRP and /e/ later. To unlock the bootloader, I go to the developer options in the settings and now activate OEM unlocking, enter my PIN, confirm the dialogue, but nothing happens.