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  1. D

    Thread Question on convert T-Mobile to Global

    I'm resident in European Union, if it buys an T-Mobile OnePlus 8t can I unlock it ? Does the phone work with a European sim card after did this ? : https://www.xda-developers.com/t-mobile-oneplus-8t-rebrand-without-bootloader-unlocking/
  2. pritish1998

    Thread [TWRP][RMX3151] Realme 8i TWRP Recovery [UNOFFICIAL]

    TEAM WIN RECOVERY PROJECT TeamWin Recovery Project, more widely known by its TWRP abbreviation, is the most popular custom recovery solution for Android devices. For the unaware, TWRP replaces the default recovery environment that came with your device, so you can root your device via Magisk...
  3. pritish1998

    Thread [GUIDE][REALME 8i] Unlock Bootloader Flash TWRP and Root [RMX3151]

    Hi Guys! Since there is no deeptest.apk available for our device to unlock bootloader, we came up with another method to unlock bootloader unofficially! In this guide I'll tell you how to unlock bootloader, root with magisk and flash TWRP on your Realme 8i (RMX3151) /* * This Guide is tested...
  4. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [TOOLS][MOD][SCRIPTS] MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool

    Welcome to MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool Powered by MTK Client @ Bjoern Kerler. A tool to crack Qin F21 Pro BootLoader without erasing userdata. Screenshots Usage View README in the ZIP ! Remember to keep the backup properly, they are needed for relock or OTA. EULA Downloads...
  5. 3lit3d3v3lop3r

    Thread [CLOSED] Please Help Me With My JPay Tablets

    I really need some help here. I was incarcerated and did my time in prison and while sentenced I they came out with the JP5 and JP5 Mini tablets. Well supposedly you were able to get the tablet unlocked when you were released from prison but they came out with the JP6, a "rental" tablet. Well...
  6. N

    Thread How To Guide Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi 11T Pro (All Variants)

    Perform this at your own risk. You will LOSE all data on your phone. ( I'm not responsible for any damage to your device ) This guide will walk you through the process of Unlocking your bootloader on Xiaomi 11T Pro. Prerequisites: Backup all the files on phone as we will be resetting the...
  7. A

    Thread Question Is there any way to unlock sim for Samsung A025U ?

    Hello! I recently bought this device, but I suffer from a problem that the mobile does not support Global Sim Is there a free solution in order to be able to use the network in Syria? Note: I've OEM unlocking option in Developer option
  8. rootandroidsfx

    Thread ZTE A321

    someone knows how root and unlock for all operators this mobile alguien sabe liberar este movil
  9. yygemmi770

    Thread At&t go phone unlock help

    I have unlock codes for some A32's but the phones require the ATT app to be used to unlock device. I even input some # codes to allow manual entry of unlock code but still did not work. How do you circumvent the ATT unlock app? Thanks.
  10. Liftkit

    Thread KB2007 (T-Mobile) unlocking

    I have done some searching on the forum about rooting the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 8t and seeing road blocks when it comes to unlocking the device, that was this spring.... Has there since been methods found since then to unlock and root the kb2007? TIA!
  11. G

    Thread Very low SOT, need help with downgrading or replacing with custom ROM.

    Hello! My Oneplus 7 gives me hardly a 4-hours SOT at half the brightness and no heavy usage such as gaming or too many/long calls etc. Oneplus diagnostic app informed me that the battery health is at 81%. Am I over-expecting or am I right to expect more? If yes, then I will want to install a...
  12. rjpinheiro

    Thread SM-T531 matisse3G: OEM unlock missing.

    A friend of mine asked me to install a newer Android in his Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.0 3G (SM-T531, codename matisse3g), which is pretty old and still has a Kitkat install. So, as I have some experience with Android hacking, I got the tablet, gave it a factory reset and unlocked the Developer...
  13. Y

    Thread Flash to stock firmware from T-Mobile

    I am trying to flash to stock/global firmware from T-Mobiles. I have already unlocked the bootloader but I am confused on what to do next. Some people say all you need to do is flash the system and boot images. But when i try to flash the system it says unknown partition. If I try to flash...
  14. B

    Thread Question Blackshark 4 global unlock bootloader

    Hello I just boughy a blackshark 4 global and i tried to unlock it with the known commands lines but i got token not verified bla bla bla is there any free way to do it
  15. U

    Thread I used an phone unlock service from ebay for my Note 8 and it changed my provider?

    I used an unlock service from ebay after being frustrated that my carrier boostmobile wouldn't unlock my phone after 2 years. The ebay unlock service was only $10 and the person remotely connected to my pc with my phone connected to my pc's usb. After about 20 minutes it worked and I was able to...
  16. B

    Thread Can i enable usb debugging on a locked phone or otherwise unlock it?

    HI, my stepmoms brother recently passed away and she is asking me if there is any way to unlock his phone. She wants to extract the photos and check the messages for anything pertaining to his death. The sim card was empty We dont have his samsung account and cant unlock it that way. The USB...
  17. alexbottoni

    Thread Any Android OS version that still supports "NFC Smart Unlock" in 2021?

    Google Android supported "NFC Smart Unlock" from 2012 to 2017. The NFC device (a ring, a watch, etc.) was listed as a possible "trusted device" in the "smart lock" setting page and could be used to lock/unlock the whole phone. In 2017 Google quietly removed this feature. See the link at the end...
  18. rayraycarter4

    Thread Sim unlocking Sprint LG wing

    So i have found a glitch or work around to sim unlocking a Sprint LG Wing using a T-Mobile sim card....Use at your own discretion!!!!!!!! I am in no way responsible if your device messes up! First, you need to have a sprint account and you need to be using a T-Mobile sim! Instructions...
  19. C

    Thread Question Custom ROM - moto G40 & G60

    Dear all. Recently bought a G40F and ever since I was on the lookout for custom ROM support. more specifically, a well tested and "straight forward" custom ROM installation sequence. for a noob like me that's very important. although Moto shares their kernel source code to custom rom devs, the...
  20. ConnorJBW

    Thread Unlocking bootloader problem

    Hi all I have recently got a Z4 Tablet and I am trying to root it to put a custom rom on. I have got the TA partition backed up, but when I'm trying to unlock the bootloader I get the same error on 2 computers, this is what i get: C:\platform-tools>fastboot oem unlock 0x<mycode> FAILED (remote...
  21. T

    Thread Question Ihave OP N200 TMobile iwant to unlock it

    Hi friends Ihave OnePlus Nord n200 5G TMobile Any solution to unlock Carrier Thank you
  22. sam0s42

    Thread S10e oem unlock

    Hi everyone I'd like to root my s10e, it is on android 12 One Ui 3.1 I can't unlock the bootloader the option called oem unlock is just not there in developer settings, I tried the trick with time changing and it just doesn't work, though in adb it says that it could be unlocked, I'm from Europe...
  23. Eastw1ng

    Thread General Unlocking the bootloader

    Since there is no proper information about unlocking the bootloader for the newer versions of Oneplus Nord 2, this is how I got it to unlock and actually work. For my system it did reset the device, clearing all the files and factory restoring the device, just make sure to make a backup before...
  24. noobot89

    Thread S10E (Snapdragon) SM-G970W Unlocking !

    hello, I have Galaxy S10E (Snapdragon) SM-G970W with bootloader v6, can anyone help me to unlock this so I could able to flash custom ROM, TIA.
  25. N

    Thread Help! Sprint LG V20 LS997 ZVC Android 7.0. Can't set APN.

    I have a LS997 that I purchased from eBay a few years ago. I kept the phone at 7.0 and I definitely was able to set the APN. I used it on T-Mobile for test, I was able to enter fast.t-mobile.com as APN and everything works. I then used it on Tello (Sprint network). I was told that I can switch...
  26. M

    Thread Question Moto G PLay (2021) cannot reunlock bootloader

    Hey gang. I unlocked a motorola g play 2021 rooted it and tried to flash twrp onto it whch didnt work. So I flashed the boot.img file and it restarted as a new phone would. The next morning. bear with me here. It states no OS present to boot. So I restart the phone to the bootloader and it...
  27. F

    Thread Redmi 9 bootloader unlock.

    Hi. Is there anyone that has sucessfully unlocked bootloader on Redmi 9. I have tried booth with and without pc and official an unofficial software. I am on latest swedish version. I usualy make it to when the mi account is to be added to the phone. I get the message that the adress i buzy. Try...
  28. B

    Thread Data recovery from encrypted Nokia 6.1

    TL;DR - Phone will not accept correct encrypt password. Need to dump data partition to computer and decrypt from there, or something like that. So I have a Nokia 6.1 from 2018 that I used for just about a year. I upgraded to a nicer phone during summer 2019, at which point I transferred all...
  29. Tommyelela

    Thread Can I use other careers' SIM CARD after unlocked my pixel 5 (LOCKED BY SPECTRUM)?

    Hello,I got scammed by ebay...bought a pixel 5 from them showed locked by spectrum.Then I just used adb to unlock it.I wonder can I use att/verizon after this kind of unlock?And did my esim unlock as well? Third question,can att detect that my phone is locked?since I cant find it locked on imei...
  30. Voljopaso

    Thread looking for a open source besed custom rom for honor 6x

    Hello one of my friends has honor 6x with android 7 he want to unlock bootloader and install a open source besed custom rom with android 9+ for bootloader unlocking,can he use dc-unlocker or exist a free method? and please give a guide for find and install custom rom on her phone thanks
  31. paulosubs

    Thread Hello everybody! My Meizu M5 (M611H) makes me desperate.

    Hello everybody. I like doing small repairs in electronics. In the past I have reflasced in some wifi routers and installed LineageOS in an old Sansung Grand Prime SM-G531F. Instead I have not been able to unlock the bootloader of my Meizu M5 (M611H) for months. There are many self-styled guides...
  32. B

    Thread I need help with this!

    Duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-properly-install-twrp-on-lg-g7-thinq-lm-g710awm-judyln.4315539/
  33. R

    Thread How to root redmi 9 MIUI 12.0.8?

    I looked for tutorials on YouTube but they are for 12.0.2/3 and I can't find anything for 12.0.8 I was wondering if those tutorials will work on a device with 12.0.8 MIUI. Please share the process to root this device or point me to a blog which explains about the process.
  34. N

    Thread [RELEASE] Chromecast with Google TV Bootloader Unlock

    Introduction: This is an exploit chain intended to allow one to run a custom OS/unsigned code on the Chromecast with Google TV (CCwGTV). This uses a bootROM bug in the SoC by security researcher Frederic Basse (frederic). Frederic also did a great amount of work to temporarily boot a custom...
  35. Z

    Thread Possibly bricked, phone thinks it's a HD1917?

    Hey all, I recently purchased a new 7TP 5G MCL and decided I'd try flashing a new ROM and rooting it before I had anything on the phone in the first place. I got the unlock token from T-mobile and successfully unlocked my bootloader - and this is where I got careless and didn't notice the...
  36. L

    Thread Help Appreciated: Unlock OEM when ADP/OS not working

    Hi all, Appreciate any help that you might provide. Have a Moto G5 Plus which I was booting up today after I hadn't used it for a year. It never made it past the boot screen. Long story short, I now have a phone with OEM locked within the developer menu but without an OS to boot it up with. ADP...
  37. D

    Thread Samsung S20+ lockscreen (non-root, ADB disabled)

    Hello, is there any way to get data from a locked phone? Samsung Find my device - FAIL (remotely unlock is disabled) Google Find my device is haven't unlock function. I have all the documents for the phone, including the login details for the services (Google,Samsung). btw. Backup in...
  38. A

    Thread Question Need help unlocking Tracfone Moto E 2020

    Bought a cheap Moto E 2020 from Tracfone on a whim. Didn't think it would be this difficult to get unlocked but I seem to hit a wall everywhere I look. Any info or tools you could point me to to unlock it without involving Tracfone would be appreciated.
  39. crazo7924

    Thread How To Guide A guide to unlock the bootloader

    Disclaimer: Your warranty may be void after this procedure. I will not be responsible for any mishap that may happen after unlocking. Backup you data! Device resets after unlocking! Step 0: Enable developer options. It is visible under Settings -> Additional settings after tapping 7 times on...
  40. haise.zero

    Thread Help each other: firehose and eng bootloader publicly available

    Thank you to everyone for patiently waiting - I know these forums have been dark and getting darker. I really hope that this will help bring some life back into the LG Forums; you guys deserve it. Sorry about this, guys. Not long ago, @ps3hacker3 and I got our hands on a firehose programmer...
  41. P

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE][UNLOCK][ROOT] Picture guide unlock bootloader, flash custom ROMs & root Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

    Thanks for @urbanman2004 guide for Poco X3 Pro. Some sentences still needed, so keeping it similar. This guide provides photos & screenshots. Simulate all process and reduce misunderstanding. Section 1: Unlock bootloader (Works for most Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco phones) Keep phone with more than...
  42. protoloc

    Thread Trying to unlock the bootloader (Unknown Error 1004)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to unlock the bootloader for this phone but it gives me this weird error:Unknow Error (1004). These are the logs: DEBUG <08:20:08.374,T:12524> : to sign token with key for device:angelica DEBUG <08:20:08.379,T:12524> : Begin login unlockApi ERROR...
  43. I

    Thread OnePlus 7 Pro Device critical unlock not working? TWRP booting not working?

    Hello, I unlocked my OnePlus 7 Pro bootloader with "fastboot oem unlock_critical" however, it says that Device critical unlocked is false: Does anyone have any ideas why this might be the case? Does anyone have any ideas of things I can try? As far as I know, this means I won't be able to...
  44. Shandroid_94

    Thread AA disconnecting while unlocking phone problem

    Hi everyone, when I'm using AA and I unlock the phone, AA immediately goes down and few seconds later come back; it's the same of removing the USB-cable and put it back. I'm sure it's not a cable problem, but a software one.. This problem started after the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 update...
  45. A

    Thread Any way to unlock Nokia 7 Plus Bootloader?

    Mod edit: Thread closed as a subject matter related thread already exists: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/nokia-7-plus-bootloader-unlock.4047601/#post-85131027 XDA Forum Rules: Hello, I have a Nokia 7 plus and I noticed that since the update to android 10 it's not possible to unlock the...
  46. F

    Thread Is it possible to unlock this phone without the wait (and voiding the warranty)?

    Hi, I've had a look into this and there are a few dubious looking tools out there, but it's not quite clear what is and isn't possible. Can I unlock without asking Xiaomi and voiding my warranty, or am I wasting my time looking for a way to do that? Thanks
  47. S

    Thread Trouble flashing MI Play Device (Global Version)

    I have been strugling to flash the my MI Device. First I had tried to fastboot with a global version image which shows an error: Then I had tried to unlock the bootloader which also failed: I had tried with the fastboot command which also failed : I had tried "Wipe Out All Data" from...
  48. K

    Thread Question [Q] Why do we need to unlock the bootloader before rooting?

    hi! so i just bought my rog phone 5, coming from xperia z (yeah i know). so based on my experience using xperia phone, rooting doesnt require unlocked bootloader, right? or did i just forget it coz im using custom roms? im just not ready to unlock the bootloader and I WANT ROOT. theres so many ads
  49. H

    Thread [Question] Wait 168 Hours to Unlock

    I have attempted to unlock this phone multiple times already, I always get the "Wait 168 hours..." message. The steps I do: 1. Add device in Developer settings a. If it asks me to try to add the account and device again, I log out then log in the Mi Account then re-do the step in...
  50. Bardolf72

    Thread How to remove sim card restrictions?

    Hi, my father-in-law and mother-in-law have both got Galaxy A10s that were purchased locked to the carrier(AIS Thailand). Their contracts are now over and they want to go to a new carrier but their phones are locked to the AIS. We have contacted AIS and they advised that it is not possible to...