1. PHANX0M

    Thread Why is Root Directory Limited in Memory?

    Why's the "system" directory limited, when the overall phone memory clearly isn't?! How can I increase it so I can install more system apps?
  2. martiagosantinez

    Thread Motorola XT1542 Weird brick, (Please help)

    Due to some finantial plot twists in my life I've been forced to dust out my old Motorola G 3rd gen and use it as my main phone. A couple of days ago I followed a guide in how to unlock the bootloader and installed Lineage OS, everything was decently smooth, except by the fact that it didn't...
  3. xDaaexplorer8

    Thread Is there a way to convert my Carrier S10 Lite (G770F from the operator Claro) to 100% Stock (meaning to get rid of the custom boot animation and such)

    will flashing the stock rom via Odin do this for me?
  4. G

    Thread Phone number still exists after factory reset? (no sim, sprint)

    Hello, I have a galaxy note 3 that went through factory reset, but still carries the Sprint logo and the main phone number of a user. No SIM in the card so prior owner seems to have not erased their info. Is there any way I can erase the contact info so I can sell it? My description might...
  5. russanandres

    Thread Unlocked RC29 (CWM Backup)

    Hello. I managed to untie RC29 from blocking on setting up a Google account and inserting a SIM card. The notification shade and the home button work. Changes from pure Android 1.0 RC29 are minimal. Requirements: SDCard 500MB+ HBOOT-0.95.0000 or 1.33.2005 (Working, but not tested in use)...
  6. S

    Thread Only airtel sim card is working . Not a carrier locked phone...

    HELP... Please......... I have purchased a used Google pixel 3. But only airtel (an operator )sim card is working on the phone. Other operators sim card is showing signal but it is not fully functioning (can't make or receive calls,same in the case of text message)but Internet is working fine...
  7. S

    Thread Can't get security update after flashing samsung stock firmware to verizon s10

    I just swapped carriers to Mint Mobile from Verizon. I noticed my Google and Samsung cloud backups were not working and found out it was because Verizon blocks them, so you have to buy their cloud service. I decided to flash the Samsung stock unlocked firmware (G973U1) to my Verizon firmware S10...
  8. twomad

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Reroll to Oxygen OS from custom ROM due to audio problems (Unlocked variant)

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with Android 12 GSIs. After I installed Cherish OS, I've been experiencing problems with calls over the internet (WhatsApp, Messenger, Discord, etc. calls). Every time I call someone, the other person sounds like a chipmunk and the audio sounds distorted. I tried...
  9. R

    Thread Realme C3 problem after unlock bootloader

    I have unlocked bootloader of my Realme C3 using ADB/Fastboot driver after unlocking Select boot mode screen appears but volume up/down selection does not work You can say stuck on Select Boot Mode Screen After pressing Power button the system restarts normally (with warning Orange mode The...
  10. T

    Thread Question Device is permanently unlocked

    I have a moto g play 2021. I just restarted the phone & got a today at the bottom of the screen saying "device is permanently unlocked". I didn't do anything I haven't done before. I simply restarted. It's running Android 11, not rooted. What does that mean
  11. R

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10 - Unlocked Phone (AT&T Blocked Call Issue)

    So many people are reporting with the 3/1 sweep by AT&T, that they are blocking almost all Unlocked phones: See: Downdector Link We personally have a S10 (G973U1). AT&T is saying on this list: AT&T approved phone list that it is supposed to work. But like many other people "calls" end...
  12. natopotato390

    Thread Help rolling back/changing firmware to fix cell service issues, unsure of version to use

    I have an s9+ SM-G965U I bought Pre-Owned from Boost Mobile, I called and got the phone carrier unlocked and switched to Verizon near the end of 2021. Service has worked fine up until a day or 2 ago, I strongly suspect it's caused by the latest Firmware update it auto installed recently. latest...
  13. R

    Thread Question Motorola Edge 20 Pro Chinese Rom or Global?

    Hello, My wife and I recently purchased Motorola Edge 20 Pro's on AliExpress from China and I am debating unlocking the bootloader and installing a Global Rom. From my understanding I will need to keep the bootloader unlocked as locking it will brick my phone and thus Google Pay and other apps...
  14. C

    Thread "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and may not work properly." Pixel 2 XL

    I'm about 4 hours of reading in on this matter, and I still don't have a proper answer. I've run through countless threads with similar titles, and found some helpful tidbits, but nothing the resolves or fully explains what is going on here. I just made the jump from Android 9.0.0 (latest)...
  15. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General Starting November 21st: Google Pixel 6 Unlocked - $549 @ Target

  16. SyCoREAPER

    Thread Question USA Unlocked vs Carrier (U vs U1)

    I caved earlier this year for an S21 Ultra which I basically got for free from T-Mobile. With that said, it's a carrier branded U-Based Firmware and am downloading the latest U1 now but am hesitant to flash. I've been out of the flashing game for a long time but know what in doing, my question...
  17. F

    Thread Question Question on unlocked S21 Ultra 5g bought from Samsung

    So here's my question. I was waiting for the T-Mobile version of the s21 ultra to be in stock in the 256gig version, but it seems like that is taking too long so I had purchased the unlocked version. Yesterday when I went into the T-Mobile store, I was told that it wouldn't be able to pick up...
  18. Ayra Hikari

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Apps][Mod][OneUI] Good Lock Unlocked Region for all Samsung Devices

    Samsung Good Lock for all Samsung Devices Good Lock is customization modules for Samsung devices that only works for One UI. It can redesign lock screen, status bar, navigation bar, home screen, notification, keyboard, themes, or utilities like Sound Assistant, One Hand Operation, etc. It was...
  19. Z

    Thread Question Any solution to remove the annoying bootloader unlocked message ?

    Hi everyone, this question is for developers who have some bases in hexadecimal programming, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the message after unlocking the bootloader, I had an LG V20 H990DS and I had followed the tutorial on this thread and it was working fine, is there a...
  20. Skycr0nos

    Thread How do I disable the "bootloader unlocked warning" screen?

    Does any of you guys know how can I disable the bootloader unlocked screen? I have recently rooted my device and can't find anywhere a way to disable the "bootloader unlocked" screen :(
  21. A

    Thread Question S21 Ultra ATT ---> VZW

    I unlocked my AT&T S21U and flashed it to Verizon firmware since I switched to them. I noticed my firmware build differs from the Verizon website. I downloaded the Verizon firmware from Sammobile and flashed. See attached. Notice the difference in build numbers. Two main questions: Am I on...
  22. Master One

    Thread Any way to fake a locked bootloader?

    I have a (non-essential) app that I can not make to work on my new phone with the following error message: This is on a POCO X3 NFC with unlocked bootloader, custom ROM (ArrowOS 11) with microG (instead of Google Play Services) and stable Magisk (v22.0) with MagiskHide applied to that app. I...
  23. H

    Thread Possible fix for Pixel XL Bootloop Issue

    I bought a Pixel XL yesterday from the local marketplace. It was being sold for cheap and mentioned that after an update the device doesn't start. I bought it for experimentation. When I brought it home it was completely discharged so I hooked it up to a wall charger and tried to turn it on. It...
  24. Liftkit

    Thread Note 10+ 5g Coverage

    I was wondering how much of a 5g coverage limitation there was for the N976V in comparison the N976U variants. Both devices are unlocked.
  25. J

    Thread Which US V60 versions support LTE B3 and B20 bands?

    Trying to figure out, which unlocked US carrier versions of LG V60 support LTE B3 and B20 bands so I could use it in Georgia (Republic, not a state)
  26. J

    Thread Do Factory Unlocked Models Show 5G or LTE+ on Sub 6 Networks?

    Well I feel like I'm going in circles but now found a Reddit thread that confirms what I originally suspected. The Factory Unlocked (model ending in U1) S20 phones apparently have not got the update from Samsung yet to allow sub 6 5G connection. But there is a hack in that you can change the...
  27. W

    Thread Screwed up my CSC

    I Have an Unlocked S20 Ultra 5G from samsung. a while back flashed the t-Mo firmware to have 5G SA access. flahsed the lastest update BTIE. I also have a line with AT&T and decided to try that in my phone and test out their 5G. so i put my sim in and changed my CSC to ATT using the dialer...
  28. D

    Thread GSM Unlocked Phone (Using CDMA SIM) - Calls/Texts Work, but Mobile Data Does Not

    Hi, I recently bought a GSM Unlocked SM-G950F phone. For the heck of it, I put in my Total Wireless (CDMA/Verizon) SIM card. I wasn't expecting it to work, but to my surprise, calls and texts did work. However, the mobile data did NOT work. My question is this: Should the mobile data also...
  29. W

    Thread OP 8 Pro Unlocked - No Incoming SMS - Verizon Wireless

    Hello, I know this has been touched on before but I have not seen anything recent about it and I just got this phone today and I have no incoming SMS. I have everything that uses data working fine (email, etc), and outgoing SMS, and incoming and outgoing calls are fine, but I am not getting...
  30. N

    Thread Locked S10 ??

    Hi friends, i just ordered an S10E snapdragon from USA, and i want to know if the phone will be locked for my french Simcard ? :confused: Can i unlock the network by flashing an U1 rom with ODIN? Thx you ! :)
  31. T

    Thread New unlocked Sprint tablet SM-T517P for grandparents abroad, to flash or not?

    Hello, please give a little advise. I bought an UNLOCKED used Samsung AT&T S5e (SM-T727A), and another UNLOCKED used Samsung Sprint TAB A (2019) (SM-T517P) from eBay for my grandparents abroad in Argentina; mainly for the SIM capability to use with Whatsapp with me, and their grandkids all over...
  32. DanDroidian

    Thread Used to have 'free hotspot.' Is that because my bootloader was unlocked?

    Hi guys. My goal is to be able to use my AT&T phone/service as a 'hotspot' again, which I have been able to do with my Note 8, but can't get it to work on my Note 9 now. I'm familiar with the technical stuff (thanks to you guys over the years), but need to have an idea of what will solve my...
  33. W

    Thread Galaxy note 10 locked network after upgrade android 10

    Hii, my question is, why my galaxy note 10 if was unlocked international, after i upgrade for Android 10 this say me that my network is locked again and i do not have permission for use my another network that not be t-Mobile. Please tell me why happennig this.
  34. G

    Thread help with OTA on an ulocked SM-N975U1 note 10+

    i was just wondering if i had to update the note 10+ with the android 9 OTA update before i can get the android 10 OTA... if i can bypass that how would i go about it?
  35. R

    Thread OTA update internal folder (Pie) and capturing OTA URL

    I want to capture OTA update file. The plan is to power down the device during OTA (when exactly?). Then, boot to TWRP and copy the FW update file. I looked up the OTA update file Blur*.zip , but could not find it Which folder do look at? I have also tried to capture OTA URL adb logcat >...
  36. jntdroid

    Thread Would you go with the Carrier (Verizon) S10 or Factory Unlocked?

    I currently have the Verizon S10 and get regular updates and feel like Verizon/Samsung are very on top of keeping it up to date. I have a friend who is also on Verizon, but wants to buy the factory unlocked (G973U1) version. I didn't know how up to date the factory unlocked version was (is it...
  37. alirazaagha

    Thread [Guide] Unbrick Your UNLOCKED Lenovo P2a42

    Hey Friends, You must have seen very good days with Lenovo P2 but when there comes a bad day when your phone stops responding to button holds and restarts. You may or may not have a clue what to do to get your phone working again just like before. I got into this situation where only thing my...
  38. MagikGab

    Thread Bootloader unlocked, but the (stock) ROM says that it's actually locked

    Hello, I faced this strange fact when I updated the ROM from 10.3.3 to 11.0.3 via MiFlash Tool. The booting up screen of the phone says "unlocked", but in the ROM's developer's options it says that my BL is still locked. Using XiaoMiADB/Fastboot tools also it says that my BL it's locked. This is...
  39. stanley08

    Thread Bad ESN Pixel 4 on Verizon (Unlocked?)

    I bought a Verizon bad esn Pixel 3 XL off ebay and i was able to use it overseas (outside usa) on GSM network without problems. If I buy a Verizon Pixel 4 with bad esn, will it be same or it will be locked to Verizon? If no, anyone know how much unlock will cost?
  40. K

    Thread New OnePlus 7 Pro – and it only has Widevine L3?

    I would appreciate some help with an issue that I'm having, if anyone else knows the answer or has encountered this themselves. I have a OnePlus 7 Pro running stock OxygenOS, and which to my knowledge, had never had its bootloader unlocked. I noticed using the DRM Info app that the Widevine...
  41. ze7zez

    Thread [Q][H810][refurbed] Do I have the original stock or not?

    I have H810 refurbed which is unlocked so I can use a SIM other than ATT. According to >this ATT site<, firmware 21z should have SPL dated September 1, 2016. However, running version info indicates that my 21z firmware has an SPL dated November 1, 2016, so according to ATT website it should be...
  42. ScaleneVirus288

    Thread Pixel 3 USA carriers apps on unlock version ?

    Hi all. I bought pixel 3 from some1 who bought it in theory from Spain. I received phone ( as new ) , everything works etc but when I check disabled apps. I have Verizon and sprint apps ( see pic ) . Is it normal in pixel 3 XL unlocked versions ? I can unlock bootloader what is impossible on...
  43. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10 Wifi-Calling not Working on AT&T

    I have unlocked Samsung galaxy S10 SM-G973U1 (although on the box it said G973U) So my question is how to change it to SM-G973U for wifi-calling to work on AT&T? and if I change it to the required version, is there a guarantee that wifi calling will work?
  44. iphoneislame

    Thread Will flashing my unlocked T-Mobile S9 to ATT firmware allow me to use VoLTE?

    And WIFI calling? I had read in a few places this might work. I'm also not able to sync my Galaxy watch to send texts and make calls through my phone's phone number with numbersync. I'm hoping flashing the actual ATT software might fix these problems. Any thoughts?
  45. M

    Thread [T-Mobile] OP7 Pro SIM Unlock!

    [Update 20200210] Service continued in this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/t-mobile-free-sim-unlocking-service-oneplus-samsung.4231597/ *** SERVICE HAS BEEN TEMPORALILY PAUSED. WILL OPEN THREAD WHEN RESUMED *** Hello, I am doing free SIM unlocking on the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro...
  46. DesperateScorpion

    Thread Unlocked vs. TMobile for pre-order

    In a dilemma and hoping to get the answer from like minded and knowledgeable folks. So I am trading in my S10+ for the Note 10+. Samsung is offering $600 off when trading the S10+ for an unlocked Note 10+ or $450 for a T-Mobile locked Note 10+. This is on top off the $200 they are giving for...
  47. B

    Thread Hide the bootloader warning unlocked message on Samsung A30 after root device

    Hide the bootloader warning unlocked message on Samsung A30 after root device This mod was made thanks to the help of: tys0n Tested on Samsung A30 (SM-A305G) The warning message that appears when you turn on the cell phone after having unlocked the bootloader and rooted the phone with Magisk...
  48. |||||

    Thread Bootloader relock after Bootloader was unlocked? & Boot Warning Screen Removal?

    Hi Guys, So i rooted my S10 and got TWRP installed. But for me it is still unclear, what to do about the first message, that appears when you restart your phone. Here: Any Way to remove that? And also I hear from people they somehow relock their bootloader again. Didn't understand this step...
  49. X

    Thread (Request) Dump of US Unlocked Pie OP_a Partition.

    Hello everyone! The reason I am requesting this dump is because I have managed to (Manually) crossflash the V405QA20a Pie image on my AT&T V405UA. I have this documented and nearly ready to share, but I am missing the OP_a from the US Unlocked pie image. It turns out, a fully intact Oreo OP_a...