1. althafvly

    Thread [DEV][WIN/LINUX] Amlogic Kitchen

    Kitchen for working with Amlogic firmware Used for unpacking/packing amlogic images Supported features Unpack/repack Amlogic images Unpack/repack partitions (system,product,system_ext,oem and odm) Create flashable zip from amlogic image Unpack/repack recovery,boot,logo and dtb Create aml image...
  2. I

    Thread How to extract data from ADB/twrp (.ab) backup?

    Hi guys, i made a backup using ADB and TWRP, now i have a backup.ab that i cant do anything with. I've been searching for a while and i cant unpack, split, or extract the backup. I tried using windows 10, ubuntu bash (on winows10), and virtual linux. so far, windows and virtual linuxmint 18...
  3. J

    Thread [Tool]Extract and Repack system .DAT/BR and .IMG on android 5-8.1

    MikeChannon, please delete this. Deleted topic because I don't think about giving more support. Use SuperR. kitchen.
  4. I

    Thread [Guide][Linux][H631] How to extract KDZ Firmware

    A youtube video on this guide Kk7lMNjGIUk Hello guys, I rarely write guide and tutorials .so neglect my typos and gramatical mistakes Today im gonna show you how to unpackLG H631 Kdz firmware so that you can stock deodexed,debloated rom., Lets get started LINUX Note: Python i required (v2.7)...
  5. gilbert32

    Thread Help compiling kernel

    Hello. I'm trying to compile a custom kernel for the M8, for desktop distributions support. The last development i had done was on the HTC HD2, where we could just copy the compiled zImage and it will boot with an initrd.gz. i'm feeling this is kinda different on the m8. compiling was first a...
  6. M

    Thread Unpack stock system.img.ext4

    Is it possible to unpack stock system.img.ext4 to raw img? I have tried it in Ubuntu using android-tools-fsutils package but simg2img command comes back saying "Cannot open input file". Please advise. Thanks!
  7. adithyan25

    Thread Android DAT/IMG File Unpack and Repack V 2.0

    This is a thread on how to unpack and repack the system.img.dat file of your Android Rom,to see its content.:) Starting from Android 5.x (Lollipop) Custom roms are not compressed like on previous android versions. Earlier all Files were inside the /system folder.And we were able to see all the...
  8. Q

    Thread Help, Problem with mkvendor.sh to get device tree

    Hi, im starting to learn to port roms following cyanogenmod guide but now i have this problem trying to generate the device tree of the dell venue 8 3830, i hope anyone can help me. I run this: ./build/tools/device/mkvendor.sh dell yellowtail ~/boot.img And i got this: Arguments: dell...
  9. bluefirebird

    Thread [TOOL][UTILITY] Carliv Image Kitchen for Android - unpack/repack boot-recovery

    Hi, I present you my tool for unpacking/repacking boot and recovery images for Android phones: Carliv Image Kitchen for Android. 2016-06-30 Update to version 1.3 stable Changelog: - detect mtk header during unpacking; - removed grep method; Instructions can be found in every variant folder...
  10. S

    Thread Building my own CWM recovery...but need help.

    Hello. could you please help me to flash my device ? it’s a RK30** based device (maybe a RK3066). I have yet tested a lot of possibility….. but now way to flash a custom recovery ;-( I would like install TWRP or CWM I tested : Arctools.apk (don’t work) / room manager (don’t work) / a...
  11. aalakib07

    Thread [TOOL/GUIDE] Unpack-Repack boot/recovery.img without Kitchen

    Hi. I have written a guide about how to unpack-repack boot/recovery.img with pictures. Go Here ---> [Guide] Unpack-Repack Boot, Recovery IMG without Kitchen Thank you :)
  12. H

    Thread [Q] how to unpack mediatek zImage kernel on linux ubuntu?

    I want to unpack an Mediatek android JB zImage Kernel, i search on xda but there are no working method i can use. I have an ubuntu live USB and working fine. please someone teach me how to do it? thanks
  13. abanduan

    Thread BOOTIMGPACT - A Smart Tool for Unpack or Pack boot.img of Android

    bootimgpack is a smart tool for unpack or pack boot.img of Android, implemented in Python and Shell, now only for Unix-like OS. Features * Hide format differences of boot.img of different manufactors * Both command and graphic mode are provided Usage * Command Mode Unpack ...
  14. alireza7991

    Thread Boot.img Tools Compiled for Arm^7 -- (un)Pack kernels on your phone !!!

    About These two applets ( mkbootimg + unpackbootimg ) are used to pack and unpack any standard android kernel with 4096 / 2048 page size . Most of tools that pack and unpack boot.img files such as Dsixda kitchen , Kernel kitchen or. ... use these applets . These applets were compiled only...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] Need help on unpack and repack system image

    Does any one know how can I unpack and repack system images using cygwin? can you give me the complete and understandable tutorials on it? I have tried all of the tutorials here in XDA, but it seems that I can't follow the right way. Please to someone, extend a helping hand on me.
  16. S

    Thread [ARM][x86_64]ElfTool - Pack and unpack boot image for sony mobile devices

    ElfTool This tool will help you to pack and unpack boot image for sony mobile devices. Usage : For unpacking elftool unpack -i input-path -o output-path For packing If you have header file containing address of kernel, ramdisk etc.. elftool pack -o output-path header=path/to/header...
  17. angelobiz

    Thread [Q] Upadate driver in UBOOT.of MT6577

    hi .. I would like to integrate a driver for a camera in a uboot.bin, what can you do? I'll explain: N7000+ has Android 4.0 anche chipset mediateck 6577 latest versions are 4.1,1 but it 's changed the camera ... if I upgrade everything works except the camera,,,, the uboot.bin of 4.1.1 does not...
  18. osm0sis

    Thread [TOOL] Android Image Kitchen - Unpack/Repack Kernel Ramdisk [Win/Android/Linux/Mac]

    Android Image Kitchen -- Unpack/Repack Kernel+Recovery Images, and Edit the ramdisk. Windows ports of the necessary Linux utils for Android image (kernel/recovery) mod work: mkbootimg, unpackbootimg: https://github.com/osm0sis/mkbootimg pxa-mkbootimg, pxa-unpackbootimg...
  19. T

    Thread [DEVS only] Unpacking RAZR i boot images

    I've seen you haven't been able to unpack the boot images so I investigated a bit on this "weird format" Moto used. This is what I could figure out by looking at the image and the bootstub code Motorola released: 0x00000000 kernel CMDLINE, filled with zeroes where unused 0x00000400 bzImage size...
  20. AdamLange

    Thread [TOOL] Cache Ripper (Unpack cache.img in seconds using one tool!)

    I'm proudly present my latest tool which can easly and fast handle the cache.img files in every Samsung ROM!! Cache Ripper USAGE: CacheRipper.exe <cache.img> <output.zip> What id does? - It takes a cache.img file and unpacks the cache inside it to widely readable and reusable zip...
  21. mbirth

    Thread [Q] Unpack backup.ab created by "adb backup" command?

    Is there any way to unpack the backup files created by the adb backup -all command? (Working since Android 4.0) It seems this is a file-based backup and unpacking (and repacking) would allow tweaking some internal databases and files without needing to root.
  22. iridaki

    Thread [DEV][TOOLS] Unpack Repack boot.img (Kernel) Files And Modify Ramdisk

    Hello! This is -at least I hope it is- an easy to follow guide on how to unpack boot.img files (aka custom kernels) and modify the ramdisk. Now, why would you want to do that? First and simplest thing that comes to mind is for editing the kernel boot logo (the one that appears before the boot...
  23. I

    Thread How to unpack,repack and sign an APK File

    This is the thread The vid is dedicated to aatif.bilal that asked me for to make this.
  24. despotovski01

    Thread [TUTORIAL]How to unpack/repack .apk files

    Hey guys! I've made another tutorial. This one is about unpacking and repacking .apk files. This tutorial was made for people who don't want to mess with Command Prompt, or for those who want to do it in graphical user interface. ------------------------------------------------- Requirements...
  25. unCoRrUpTeD

    Thread [Q] Help with packing .img

    I am new to all this android dev'ing and am working on a dual boot recovery for the CDMA Hero ported over from punk.kaos's Eris recovery.img. I have gotten everything changed for the Hero and everytime I try to repack the ramdisk and kernel I get an error. I am using a perl script to do it. I am...