1. V

    Thread Lagging device after unrooting [Mi A3]

    Hi I have Mi A3 running Android 11 with last Aug 2022 update. I recently rooted my device back in August 2023 using Magisk due to some technical requirements. After running for some days I unrooted it using Magisk uninstall and it unrooted safely but after that I started experiencing a...
  2. J

    Thread For security, should we unroot pro1x?

    It seems like pro1x came already rooted (at least some apps are saying so). Some apps are warning about security issues related to it. I think it deserves to be in FAQ just because the initial state of the phone seems to be not optimized for security then. Should we unroot pro1x to improve...
  3. U

    Thread Unrooted my android tab (Lenovo A7600-F running RR 5.8.5 Android 7.1.2 ) but still fails root detection

    I recently installed Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Custom Rom by @SaberShip based on Android 7.1.2 which came with root access enabled and supersu installed by default. So I tried to unroot by flashing unsu.zip by @osm0sis through twrp recovery. After that I checked using Root Beer Sample app but my...
  4. M

    Thread Samsung A51 Unroot

    I have installed the magisk into my phone A51 I have patched the 'AP' file with magisk its not working ! I patched only the boot, it makes an error, and it required a data erease, after that start working ! I have clicked into magisk to uninstall the root, and i have locked the bootloader and...
  5. Mohammad91

    Thread Unrooting smart android Tv and installing google play

    Hi, I have this smart TV with the specs in the attached pictures.. I could install google play but not all apps appear on it !! .. also I need to unroot the device for some apps to work !! .. what can I do !? .. plz help.. I also couldnt find the firmware bin file on the internet in case I...
  6. Y

    Thread Root and software update

    Hi guys, my questions would refer to root privileges with regard to OTA software update... But firstly... Do you think that KingoRoot apk constitutes a reliable root service? Do you think one can root his/her device just by installing the app via browser in the phone and launching the root...
  7. W

    Thread Relocking oem / bootloader does not unroot device?

    Hi there, I relocked the bootloader, which factory-reset the device, subsequently uninstalled Magisk. However, when I reinstalled Magisk on the newly bootloader-relocked device, it showed that the device remained rooted. Since uninstalling Magisk would unroot the device, how it comes that...
  8. Y314K

    Thread Do I need to UnRoot my FTV 1 to trade it in ? Finally time for a full on upgrade...

    So I think I should get a FTV Stick 4K Max. Mostly for the latest Bluetooth options available on them. I would like to trade in both my working Rooted Bootloader unlocked FireTV 1 devices for the 20% discount before the next 4K Max sale. But I am not sure if I should try the trade in process...
  9. teddycat2948712

    Thread Question Bootloop after running "fastboot flashing lock". Couldn't boot into recovery/fastboot modes

    Just got the OP 10 pro today used. While setting up google pay , it claims that device wasn't certicated. Then i found that the phone was rooted. So I downloaded magisk and uninstalled it in attempt to unrooting the phone. After running the command "fastboot flashing lock" to re-lock bootloader...
  10. X

    Thread Question [CPU] & [GPU] Overclocking

    Hey heroes of XDA! I have a question, since watching a video from youtube, making a DIY gaming phone, he used a Mi 9, since the Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro/K20 Pro has the same CPU and GPU, i wondered if i can overclock it too the same way he did, but since he rooted the phone to overclock it, i have...
  11. nervoznjAk

    Thread tablet bricked, need answers

    hey all, i wanted to ask a question about this tablet that i had a long time ago, it was working fine but then it got stuck on boot with just the logo showing..now it doesn't have a logo at all, so i dunno if it's completely bricked but i wanted to ask is it possible (at all) to completely...
  12. ExileTM

    Thread [GUIDE] Repair, Unbrick, Unroot, Re-lock Bootloader and Flash stock firmware in Samsung Devices

    Welcome to this easy guide. Time needed: 15 / 60min (depends on your internet connection) Ease of operation: Very easy Don't be fooled by the length of this guide ... the operations to be done are quick and easy. NB: I state immediately that this procedure does not restore the state of Knox to...
  13. NickOne94

    Thread [FIRMWARE d2s] I will do this myself /OR/ Must go to service

    Hello everyone, for some time I have been looking for an answer to the question related to the removal of Root Magisk from my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Exynos [SM-N975F | d2s] because I would like to go back to the original software that runs Secure Folder, Samsung Health, etc ... I tried to do it...
  14. AllCatsAreBeautiful

    Thread Question Help me reverse engineer this mod? How do i get my phone back to stock rom, and regain full control over it? Unroot?

    I have a A52 5g and a tab S7+ wifi, that are both remotely controled and monitored, and serve as gateway to my home network and basicaly every device connected to it. I noticed it at first and mew NOTHING related to this, didnt even know what open source was. Since then i have come to understand...
  15. N

    Thread [CLOSED] Unroot after erasing all data (factory reset)

    {Mod edit: Thread closed on request of OP} UPDATE: I found some threads on this website that helped resolve my concern. Moderators, feel free to delete this post. *** In the Verizon store, I was hoping to reset my rooted G710ULM phone by choosing Settings > Reset Options > Erase all data...
  16. dmaysx6

    Thread Help

    Is there anybody willing and capable to help me with my storage options I have everything I need "I think" started out with me just wanting to change the boot animation, now, I'm waist deep in useless memory and downloads. I'm begging somebody help me repack all delete useless and reboot, also...
  17. N

    Thread How to unroot and update an old MIUI

    Hi, Years ago I successfully rooted my Xiaomi Mi 9 (M1902F1G). I don't remember how, I just remember waiting for the Xiaomi approval on my account to unlock the bootloader and that I was extra-careful regarding a non-decreasing integer number not to brick it or something like that. To avoid...
  18. Z

    Thread How to unroot / flash stock rom - Jelly 2 smartphone

    Hello together, I've rooted my Jelly 2 smartphone and unlocked its bootloader (using MAGISK). It worked well and I gained root access. After that, I am not very happy with it and I want to undo it again (pls dont question that). As I am quiet a newbie in rooting, I don't really know how to...
  19. B

    Thread problème boot loop and root fail

    URGENT!!!! I did everything well except that I used the wrong img boot compared to my model, suddenly everything worked well but my one plus 8 pro no longer has the wifi working. so i will want a quick fix, if anyone can help me i would like to go back and have everything as before, new as...
  20. warrip

    Thread Question Can I change emojis then unroot?

    Is it possible to change the tfs emoji file without rooting or unrootung afterwards but keeping the emojis changed? Only reason I use root and now the banking apps are getting better and better at detecting the root.
  21. 333robbie333

    Thread OnePlus 8T Chinese Variant - Return To Stock

    Hi all, I have searched on many threads on XDA and even other sources, but I can't find a solid answer, I don't like to create new threads, but in this case, I had to. I am going to buy the Chinese variant of the OnePlus 8T, which is advertised to be shipped with Hydrogen OS. I have seen many...
  22. Maho_lee

    Thread How to safely uninstall Magisk and unroot my device without having to restore files or reflashing again

    Hi Is the safest way to uninstall is really just uninstall from magisk app ? and it does say that it will encrypt my files ? what does it mean by that ?, I cannot really remember how i did some stuff on my phone already and would love or need some guidance or steps to do so. Thank you !
  23. JSTNN

    Thread Unroot my rog Phone 3

    Hey, i want to unroot my rog Phone 3 and uninstall magisk. Is it enough to flash the boot.img from the newest Stock Firmware or is there something else i should do? Greets Justin
  24. 8

    Thread Is an unrooted phone still secure as "never been rooted"?

    Hello, I'm looking to get a new Android phone and I really like how the Sony Xperia 1 ii sounds, but, I really don't want the pre installed apps and I would rather fully delete them then just "disable for the current user". If I rooted a Sony Xperia 1 ii then deleted the apps I didn't want, and...
  25. A

    Thread Is my N960F rooted?

    Hi gurus, I know I've rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F/DS) a few years ago (no custom ROM if I remember well). But now I want to use apps for banking and they all say my phone is rooted. Unfortunately, I've tried with different apps to check the phone root status and they all say my...
  26. G

    Thread BlueStacks5RT v1.0.1.3 Tool for rooting BlueStacks 5

    BlueStacks5RT v1.0.1.3 BlueStacks 5 root / unroot automatically in less than 3 minutes! Note: Before using this tool, disconnect any device connected to the adb. Requirements * BlueStacks 5 (Android Nougat) * .NET Framework v4.0 Supported Versions v5.0.0.7230 to v5.9.500.1019 Tutorials...
  27. M

    Thread Help! 6T is hard bricked. Device does not match image.

    Problem: The OnePlus 6T cannot boot into fastboot mode or ADB mode. When regularly booting, I get a "device is corrupt, can't be trusted" message. I achieved this by rooting my phone through suggested methods, then uninstalling Magisk, and locking my bootloader through the all in one tool. The...
  28. D

    Thread BHIM app still detects root when the device is unrooted

    BHIM is a banking app and I had been using it in my stock OP3T for quite some time. Later I decided to root my OP3T with Magisk, yet BHIM kept working with a warning. Then recently few months back, BHIM stopped working on rooted phones. So I decided to unroot my phone and bring it back to stock...
  29. T

    Thread Help! My phone is unrooted but acts as rooted

    So I have recently tried to root my Samsung A50 (A505FN/DS), but it was unsuccessful because my smartphone trapped in an endless rebooting loopholes. So I tried to find a way to escape from that situation. I find out that I need to install a new firmware to my phone and it did help (At first I...
  30. N

    Thread Help - I just boughted a rooted tablet

    Hi guys so to stay with long story short: I got a tablet - samsung gt-p5210 -already rooted with twrp already installed. I wanted to unroot it and to go to the initial state and i tried to flash stock ROM, resources found here, trough twrp(sd card) cuz with odin is impossîble, beacause of...
  31. D

    Thread Unroot and relock bootloader in order to get OTA updates

    Hi, I'm using HD01BA (= EU version) with unlocked bootloader and root with Magisk. I understand that updating OOS or updating Magisk is quite annonying as there's no TWRP and as it needs specific precautions such as disabling Magisk modules and reinstalling them after updating. Since I now...
  32. D

    Thread Unroot and relock bootloader in order to get OTA updates

    Hi, I'm using HD01BA (= EU version) with unlocked bootloader and root with Magisk. I understand that updating OOS or updating Magisk is quite annonying as there's no TWRP and as it needs specific precautions such as disabling Magisk modules and reinstalling them after updating. Since I now...
  33. Xampy

    Thread Can I "unroot" and lock bootloader again if rooted?

    Hi all, If I root my phone to be able to backup persist.img partition and then install IN21BA (instead of my IN21AA os), would I be able to unroot my phone and leave it like if I never rooted it or unlocked bootloader? Thank you.
  34. M

    Thread UnRoot Fail - HTC 10 ver 3.16.401.2 CTS Profile match Fail

    Help needed as I am a little confused on this matter. I am on HTC 10 software version 3.16.401.2 Oreo, If I recall correctly as I did it a long time ago, I had previously rooted my phone with SuperSU but uninstalled by Full unroot method due to some apps not working with rooted phone. Then...
  35. X

    Thread Unroot / Relock

    I unlocked my S2 to test some other roms... But now, my bank application don't want to work because my device is rooted .... I think application want to say "device is unlocked", because I never root my device. And also, if I flash the official MIUI rom, I have the same issue.... Is that...
  36. Z

    Thread Stuck on boot after unroot

    Thread to delete
  37. C

    Thread can I revert back to T-Mobile stock w/o msmdownloadtool?

    can I revert back to T-Mobile stock w/o msmdownloadtool? My windows pc crashed. I do have Mac laptop and an ubuntu laptop. If msmdownload tool works for Mac or Linux that would be great. MY INITIAL PROBLEM.... Bought phone from oneplus (not tmobile) I have lineageOS nightly working & w/WiFi...
  38. B

    Thread WARNING Miui 11 OTA update breaks Mi Max 3 root

    If I am in a class of 1 in terms of rank stupidity please feel free to delete this post. :silly:I got sick of the updater nags. With a couple of previous Xiaomi phones I got away with finally saying yes to the OTA update which would inevitably fail after which the nags would stop for a good long...
  39. S

    Thread Sony XZ2 Compact Root/Unroot/Volte/Screen Resolution

    Hello All, Can anyone give me the solution for my below problems Number of Users searching solution for XZ2 Compact Volte and Wifi Calling I have Sony XZ2 Compact Dual Version I live in India and here only XZ2 Released, no official released Xz2 Compact Version, after lots of R&D I have managed...
  40. J

    Thread Phone not starting after Magisk uninstall

    I wanted to update my system so and tried to uninstall Magisk first - I chose the first uninstall option "Uninstall Image" and not "complete uninstall" After this the phone was not booting, just showing the white boot screen I tried to switch partition with fastboot, but starting from...
  41. D

    Thread [LG G6] Preparations before I root to allow a clean unroot in the future?

    Just got a swappa LG G6 with a locked bootblock, and zero unlock count, with factory ROM and factory bootloader. I need to root the device for some SD work I want to try, but I'd like to do whatever I can now to make the unroot clean in the future. I've got adb and fasboot working, and I'm...
  42. R

    Thread How to go completly back to stock and pass saftynet ?

    Hello, recently I refleshed the latest stock rom using odin. Previously I had magisk installed with xposed. Root and xposed seem to be gone, but saftynet still fails. Basic integrity is false and cts mismatch is thrown. So I would like to know how can I go back to stock completly, wipe...
  43. A

    Thread Alcatel one touch pop c5 unroot,unbrick,flash stock rom

    How To Flash Idea Alcatel One Touch 5036D done by Smart Phone Help flash tool https://spflashtools.com/windows/sp-flash-tool-v5-1812 Firmware 1: http://infopade.com/4sSA Password: touch if the above firmware doesn't work for you, try this Firmware 2: http://infopade.com/4sWN Password -...
  44. E

    Thread Unroot Oneplus 6 on Android 9

    Hello, So my Oneplus 6 was rooted on Android 8.1 for a while now. Recently i got the update for Android 9 and did the official OTA Update to 9. Now my root seems gone or at least it doesn't work anymore. Now I actually want to remove the root completly because I want to use my banking app...
  45. D

    Thread Restore phone to factory settings

    I need to send back my Honor 9 for reparation. The phone has been rooted in 2017 with the Magisk method, bootloader is unlocked, TWRP Recovery is installed. It looks like there are many tutorials to root the phone but I didn't find one to completely revert it to factory settings. Thanks in advance
  46. Matt.Murdock

    Thread Unrooting, System: Official / Locked / S-ON / - how to?

    Hi, it's been three hours already and I'm desperate. I'm sure that thousands of people asked this, but I always found fragmentary posts or not a step-by-step guide (and proper succession is mandatory I suppose?) So the question is - how to unroot the phone for warranty? 1. It was rooted with...
  47. K

    Thread How Can I Unroot my LOS 14.1 device?

    I need to use Duo 2nd factor authentication for customers that I support and the customer's provisioning detects that I am rooted. I don't think that it matters that I am unlocked or on an alternative ROM, just root. I really really don't want to rebuild from scratch. Is there a way to easily do...
  48. lantianer

    Thread H960A - Nougat unroot

    Hi, i just rooted my device and later I realized that with root I can't use some apps. Is there a way to unroot without wiping everything? Does anyone have a boot.img for the H960A?
  49. arafsheikh

    Thread How to unroot ADB root?

    I rooted my Oneplus 5 using the "Engineering Mode" exploit that was discovered a few weeks ago. I want to unroot my device since I have to download the full OTA on every update. How do I disable ADB root?
  50. D

    Thread how to unroot nougat

    Hi, I installed Thor v2 rom, nougat. However, i can't find a way to unroot it, whether using SuperSU unroot menu, or installing other kernel. Upon boot, it shows samsung, but then back again to TWRP recovery, cannot go straight to OS. Please help. I really need to unroot since i wanted to use...