1. J

    Thread Question Xiaomi 12 cupid no OTA update

    Hi, My Xiaomi 12 still hasn't gotten an new update and is stuck on MIUI SLCEUXM) with security patch of oktober 2022. I would like to get to the latest miui 14 and would like to know what is the best way to manually update this safely with a original ROM? Should I do this...
  2. W

    Thread Looking for advice/help/tips for my android headunit

    Hi, I’m hoping somebody here has a lot more knowledge about this than I do 😅 I have an android headunit fitted in my 2012 evoque , I’ve attached a photo of the system information screen. It’s a few years old now and I’d like to update it to a newer software or have the launcher that comes with...
  3. Mike-mei

    Thread April Updates of HMS Core Plugins

    HMS Core provided the following updates in April for React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, and Flutter: React Native Ads ads-lite ads-prime Added the showAdvertiserInfoDialog and hideAdvertiserInfoDialog commands to the HMSNative component. Added the...
  4. monomellow

    Thread Fossil Garret HR Gen 5/CITIZEN CZ Smart Gen 1 custom ROM possible?

    Hello everyone. im new here on XDA. As of recently i acquired a Citizen CZ Smart and i really do love the watch. However, i recently found out that this device has no planned updates to WearOS3. I know there are programs that allow you to boot into the bootloader and recovery, so im wondering if...
  5. M

    Thread Android update with unlocked bootloader but without root

    Hello, I've got under my care a Samsung Galaxy A40 (SM-A405FN). The phone has an unlocked bootloader, but was not rooted or otherwise modified. Several years ago, I have only unlocked its bootloader as a first step to rooting it, but did not go any further. The phone currently runs Android 9...
  6. AlexDXebec

    Thread Question Realme 8i RMX3151 Update Problem Help!

    i have a realme 8i and i flashed it im stuck at ui 2.0 android 11 and i get no updates how do i can make it update to ui 3.0 android 12 ? i really need help and thanks for any help
  7. birdie

    Thread General OxygenOS 13.0 build A.10 [global version] is out

    Build number: CPH2449_11_A.10 Kernel version: 5.15.74-android13-8-00007-gb328aadc6d46-ab9979065 Check the attached screenshots for the changelog:
  8. DAVIDReymMX

    Thread Question How to update X30 PRO with Global ROM?

    Hi. I recently bought the Motorola X30 PRO from China, but it has installed the Global ROM. The seller installed it, not me. And I've been reading a lot about differences on Chinese and global ROM. As far as I know, there's no OTA updates, so the only way to update is manually (?). Is there any...
  9. George fountou

    Thread Question No firmware update

    I bought my s21 fe today from a trusted company. It came with android 12 and one ui 4.1 and security patch October 2022 which is really old. There are no updates for some reason. I updated it through smart switch but the security patch didn't change. The phone isn't rooted or unlocked or...
  10. da.killa

    Thread Can Magisk survive LineageOS update?

    Some time ago I was able to update LineageOS w/o losing Magisk on my Moto G7, but now I have to flash patched boot.img every time. Is there a way for Magisk to survive updates?
  11. tidav52

    Thread TS10 Uis7862 - Android Car - Update and questions

    Good morning , I allow myself to contact you because I bought this android car last summer for my renault megane 3 I have many qustions : -Are there updates available? Because when I try to search for shift it finds nothing - possible to deactivate the black screen when I backtrack? (I...
  12. da.killa

    Thread Magisk 26.1 won't install

    Since upgrading LineageOS on my Moto G7 to Android 13 and Magisk to 25.2 I had to reinstall patched boot.img after every update. It was a bit of a PITA, but not painful enough to google if there's a solution for Magisk to survive the LineageOS update, like it did before. It worked just well...
  13. Zyian Ali


    I restarted my phone and it automatically downloaded the android 12 update now its saying that System Update Is Ready. I cant update my phone beacuse my phone's IMEI is patched through SPID method.How can i avoid this update? beacuse if i installed this update I'll lose my data and the IMEI...
  14. A

    Thread Question K50 ultra miui 13 updater not opening

    I got a new k50 ultra and having a wired issue where I can't open the updater in about phone my miui version coming out of the box is 13.0.5 I tried a fix I found of using activity launcher but it didn't work I didn't even find the updater any ideas on how to fix this?
  15. V

    Thread Why my phone updates to version 0 apps?

    Hi! Does anyone know why my phone updates to version 0 apps? Is it normal?
  16. BGF12

    Thread Question Will the edge x30 get Android 13?

    I saw post that says the edge 30 pro started to get Android 13[Reddit post]! Will this phone will get it? And what will be the last android version it will get?
  17. F

    Thread Question Miui 14 update disappeared

    I got the update notification when I was on mobile data and canceled bc it was too slow. When I connected to wifi a few hours later, the update instantly disappeared and now it shows "no new update" when I hit to check. I tried to clear data to the Updater app but didn't help. I have the Global...
  18. D

    Thread system_server_wtf errors - S20 FE 5G Rebooting Every Few Minutes

    Hello, I was trying to make a bank app work on my phone, which suddenly stopped working after an update. I had Shamiko+HideMyApplist modules installed on Magisk+LSposed. I'm not sure if i disabled the wrong app or something, but now my S20 FE 5G is rebooting every few minutes. I was on OneUI...
  19. E

    Thread Question I've tried so hard and got so far.

    Hi, I've been struggling big time to update my device to Android 13. I bought mine when only 1.1.7 hotfix was out and therefore, now that I have unlocked the bootloader (yes, even unlock critical) and rooted the device, I'm not able to install 1.1.8, let alone Android 13. I have already bricked...
  20. jrdef

    Thread S20 FE bootloop after security update

    So I never posted here but I usually pass by some topics so sorry for any mistake in creating this discussion. Today I deleted some stuff from my S20 FE and downloaded via OTA the march security update in my device, then I was caught by surprise when saw it restarting more than once, instantly I...
  21. C

    Thread Always update ALL apps

    Often when I open an app that I use not so much, that requests to update and I must wait to use it. There is an option to always automatic update all apps?
  22. S

    Thread OTA for Lenovo TB-x606x tab M10 plus FHD

    My lenovo TB-x606x tab M10 plus FHD failed an OTA update and I cannot find an OTA update for it anywhere. Please, could anyone offer help as I don't want to reset it as there is important data on there
  23. J

    Thread Question Chinese version flashed OP 11 EU OTA rom but failed to update

    https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/convert-coloros-to-oxygenos-ofp-ota-a07-bootloader-relock-pin-working.4546967/ Hi guys, i have flashed the CPH2449 EU rom 07 version following this guide. Today I tried to update to the 08 version, but it got in bootloop. After like 10 times reboot it booted...
  24. K

    Thread Question Oppo Reno 5z update installation problem.

    Hello, first of all I'm sorry If I post in wrong thread (not sure that should I post inside Oppo Reno5 or Oppo Reno Z). But to the point. I just get brand new Oppo Reno 5Z 5G (CPH2211). From the beggining I have problem with update installaion (OTA doesn't work at all*). First of all I was...
  25. D

    Thread Question Can't use OTA update or Smart Switch - fail at 25%

    Hi! I got a Samsung Galaxy A52s 5g that i bought from a store as second hand. They give a 14 days waranty but I don't really have the time to send the phone to service. My problem is this... The phone right now has android 12 one ui 4.0 with Android security patch level from march 1, 2022. I...
  26. ElvisTek

    Thread Rolled Back from UI 3.0 to UI 2.0 and now I can't upgrade again.

    Hi, i found that my realme 7 has an update to Android 12 with realme UI 3.0 but it wasn't available (updater gave nothing) so I used a VPN to check if there was an update and it found it, disconnected the vpn and the update was still available. Updated and i noticed the battery wasn't charging...
  27. 6nagi9

    Thread Question Not able to use 5G in India

    Hello, I got this phone purchased from the USA and am using it in India. There are two prominent 5G providers here. Jio, which does not recognize my device as "True 5G", and Airtel, which says my device supports 5G but needs an update. The official Lenovo community guys have asked me to contact...
  28. L

    Thread Question Can't update to MIUI 14

    Hello. So I'm trying to update my phone from MIUI 13.0.4 to 14.0.1. I click on choose update package and then choose the zip file and this error appears: "Can't flash this stable ROM" Any idea on how to fix this?
  29. V1perGHG

    Thread Question Lineage OS with newest Security Updates?

    Hey, I'm kinda a beginner to android modding, so please don't be rude. I tried Lineage OS for this device, and it's great!!! But it's missing security updates. Can someone maybe make a new Lineage OS build with the newest updates, or can the author of the current Lineage OS update it? I would...
  30. I

    Thread Galaxy S9 Upgrade from Android 8 to Android 10 Memory Problem

    Hi guys. I'm clearly a rank amateur here amongst the experts. I did my research and used Frija and Odin to upgrade my ageing unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F XEU Dual SIM) to Android 10 from 8 so that some of my apps will still continue to work. All went well and my phone is still fully...
  31. T

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 Pro TB-J616F - Unable to Update Fix

    I recently purchased this tablet and was unable to update to Android 12 until I factory reset the device using the Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant utility. I'm just going to document the basic steps so far but will try and circle back with a more detailed guide. I just wanted to put this out...
  32. S

    Thread Question Huawei p10 Unbricked

    B I Hello my Huawei p10 VTR L29 was bricked. A hard bricked the reason is I was trying to convert it to Chinese version from (VTR L29 to VTR ALOO) I was installing the VTR ALOO Using CHIMERA then my phone seized and never turn on again. I connected it with pc my PC still recognizes it in Fastboot
  33. esviia

    Thread Update from rooted Android 12 to rooted Android 13

    Hey y'all. I want to update my rooted A515F from android 12 to android 13. I am pretty much still a novice to all this, that's why I was hoping someone could please share a guide on how to update it. PS: I have downloaded the firmware for the A13 of my phone. Thanks :D
  34. S

    Thread Upgrade to Android 13, S20 Ultra Stuck on Android 11

    Hi everyone, i recently buyed a T-Mobile (Unlocked) Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, works perfectly fine, here in south america signal works good, no problem, but when i search for an update, Android 11 is the latest software update, can i download another firmware Android 13 (TMB T-MOBILE carrier), if i...
  35. J

    Thread Question Update Issue

    I'm currently on MIUI Global. The issue is that there's an update notification telling me to "Reboot now" and when I click on it the phone restarts as expected. Once that is done, the same update message is still there under "Updates" Screenshot below. 😥
  36. G

    Thread Phone stuck in Start-Logo after update

    hello, I made an update from 0.21 to 1.7 /e/os and when the phone has restarted came message ,qualcomm crashdump mode". I then wanted to bring handy in recovery mode, but it came the normal recovery not twrp, then I have fastboot mode on and tried to flash twrp with PC (that did not work). I...
  37. A

    Thread How do I correctly update my Magisk rooted Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse)?

    Goodevening everyone, I've rooted my phone two months ago and Xiaomi launched a new MIUI update for my device: V13.0.5.0.SJZEUXM, while my currently MIUI ROM is V13.0.2.0.SJZEUXM. I've been looking everywhere for guides and tutorials on how to correctly and safely update my phone while also...
  38. Leonniar

    Thread Android Version and ROMs

    Hello guys, I want to flash a ROM, not a custom one it's a stock firmware, TWRP is installed. The ROM I want to flash is for my Device and Model but it's for android version 12 and I am currently running android 11. So my question is, do I flash like normal ? Meaning, I run the flash_all batch...
  39. A

    Thread My Mi 9 Lite Not Receive MIUI 12.5 update yet

    Hello Guys. I have Mi 9 Lite with Global ROM by factory default. with MIUI 12.0.7 my phone is not rooted and original. my phone is not receive update MIUI 12.5 with OTA. when i use offline method for update show error cant flash this stable ROM. Changing 'Region' (and even language) setting in...
  40. P

    Thread How to unlock Vivo y52 5g bootloader?

    hi, i was trying to update android version (from official site of vivo) and i get: update verification fail (yes, i will wanna root it later but i can do it alone, pf course if u wanna help me i will appreciate it). The only problem right now is that i can't update my system (i didn't buy it...
  41. Minionguyjpro

    Thread How To Guide [MOVED] How to Fix No Update Available While New One Logged on Website with SM-A127F

    [MOVED] How to Fix No Update Available While New One Logged on Website with SM-A127F This guide has been moved here.
  42. Peter studio tech

    Thread Brand new UIS8762 qled 6gb 128gb 8core never started, and no support from Witson

    Hi,:) I've been googling and searching here and on Youtube for three weeks and I can't find any help. My brand new head unit doesn't start, and has never started. The touch buttons don't work so after hours and days seaching the web I found out that I could at least get it to the boot logo by...
  43. T

    Thread update Acer A501 and Asus ZenPad P00C

    hi all, after hours of internet search without results, I need to know if there is any possibility to update these 2 tablets, an Asus ZenPad P00C and an Acer A501 to a more recent android version. Now I can't even see a video on youtube. Thanks so much !!
  44. _tmplt

    Thread can't update my s9

    So i wanted to update my device from Android 9(pie) to Android 10. But i couldn't find the right firmware and I searched for SM-G960U "XAA" firmware but that one doesn't exist at all! And it's like my phone is a mutant or something. I also tried possibly every firmware i could find. Model...
  45. Y

    Thread Root and software update

    Hi guys, my questions would refer to root privileges with regard to OTA software update... But firstly... Do you think that KingoRoot apk constitutes a reliable root service? Do you think one can root his/her device just by installing the app via browser in the phone and launching the root...
  46. E

    Thread Phone call app can’t hear calls

    Hello, After the December 2022 update on my S20+ the Phone app to make calls has a bug. When making or receiving calls, I can’t hear the other person but they can hear me. The fix is to clear the cache for the app and then restart the phone. If I make a WhatsApp call no issues, it only happens...
  47. W

    Thread Root after downgrade to 11

    I inadvertently updated to A12. I'm not sure I like it and I'm thinking about downgrading back to OOS 11. I know it will wipe my phone, but will I also lose root and need to go through the rooting process again? I still have the last full OOS 11 update downloaded on my phone storage if it...
  48. M

    Thread Samsung A52s 5G stuck in reboot-freeze loop

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G that goes into the following loop for two days: boots up, waits for me to unlock the phone through the draw pattern, I unlock the phone, "Phone Starting" pops up, phone starts, I am able to navigate the phone and phone apps for something like 20 seconds and...
  49. Enferlain

    Thread Can I go from global android 11 and update to an EU android 12?

    I'm trying to install lineage OS, but the installation I was on was broken and it wouldn't let me unlock the bootloader, so I had to downgrade. The only downgrade I found was for global, so I downgraded from android 12 eu to android 11 global. Now I can't find a package for android 12 global...
  50. S

    Thread How-to recycle old tablet ?

    Hi, I have an old tablet "Pipo T9 Octa Core" that sill runs fine, only issue it have an outdated android 4.2.2. I want to use it to watch netflix, I tried to install the app it didn't work. I tired to install a modern browser like firefox, but the new apk format is not supported. Is there any...