1. BredzProh

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Force Update when no OTAs available - Samsung Smart Switch

    Hello! Is your phone not updating, when a newer Android version is already available? This may happen when your device won't connect to the update server (such as using a Snapdragon device outside its region). Thus, today I'll show you how to force update your Samung Galaxy device via Samsung...
  2. A

    Thread Can't find update menu

    It's not a typical "where I can find the update menu/option?". It's just gone. I go to Settings - > System and "Update software" it's not there. Don't know why or when this happened, it was there. Screenshot it's been attached (in spanish) so you can see what I'm talking about. Hope you can...
  3. I

    Thread Mate 20 Pro EMUI 11 Changes

    Just received EMUI 11 update today New features that I noticed in new update So far found the following changes : 1) Few new toggle switches on notification bar 2) Much improved multi window feature (able to minimize, move, resize, new side pane to store minimized multi...
  4. S

    Thread ROOT- HELP Needed

    Hi guys, I tried looking for this info on different forums online, couldn't really get to it. TL;DR version- Need help unrooting/rooting back properly after update. Anyway, I rooted my phone using Mac, OP7(phone) and some YouTube guide, and it worked like a charm. (Magisk, TRWP, the iso...
  5. T

    Thread Caller shown as "Unknown" or "Anonymous"

    So the title pretty much states the problem. After the last update of MIUI 12, my Redmi Note 7 went crazy. All of the calls that I get (incoming) are shown as "Unknown number" or "Anonymous". Even if I have that number saved in my address book, it just doesn't decode it. Another problem which...
  6. L

    Thread Update to Android 9 (Pie) from accidentally installed AMZ rom

    I posted this in the Havoc OS Rom thread but thought I'd post here since this is really a more general question about updating to Pie before a custom rom (required). Currently on Android 8 (Oreo) 8.0.0 on a retail XT1900-1 but accidentally and previously installed the Amazon (AMZ) version from...
  7. B

    Thread Tab S6 4G+ Carrier Aggregation not available after update

    Hello to everyone! Yesterday I installed an update that was available, the last available before upgrading to Android 11 and One UI 3.1. After installing that update, and already before the upgrade to Android 11, 4G+ (and carrier aggregation obviously) stopped being available. The tablet now...
  8. NoteEight

    Thread Samsung Note 8 N950F Boot Loop after latest update

    Hey After the latest update, every time I called with the Note 8, it would restart and every time I would switch it off, it would start back on. So the first thing I did was boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition. When I restarted the phone, I would get a "No command" error and it would...
  9. J

    Thread AT&T Capture OTA Update URL for Android 11

    We all know that users who own AT6T devices are not able to receive OTA updates if they are not part of the AT&T network or are outside the US. Can someone who uses AT&T capture OTA update url link for Android 11, so that we who are unable to receive OTA updates can manually upgrade our devices...
  10. A

    Thread Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) How to upgrade from android 4.4.4 to android 6+ ?

    Hello. I have a Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) running on android 4.4.4. (I can give you more details if needed). I need to install an application (EHTERAZ) which is a Qatari government application that only works on android version 6 and up (or IOS 13.5 and up). Q: Is there a way to make the...
  11. Mayism

    Thread Result Code 22 Reported in Self-check: checkUpdate API Not Integrated

    Symptom When I submitted my app to AppGallery Connect for self-check, the following message was displayed: MAJOR:22: Integrate the version update API (checkUpdate). If you already integrate the API, check whether the HMS SDK code is obfuscated in the configuration file. For details about how to...
  12. Mayism

    Thread What Can I Do If My Joint Operations App/Game Is Rejected Because the Update Check API (checkAppUpdate) Is Not Called?

    Symptom After my app is submitted for review, it is rejected by Huawei due to the checkAppUpdate API not having been called. Analysis & Solution 1. Check whether the checkAppUpdate API has been called, by referring to the following documents...
  13. K

    Thread March 2021 Update

    Got a new update for TCL Plex today I think it's only for the regular android security patch (1st feb 2021) v.2.0.2B.H.G size: 138.1MB
  14. D

    Thread Can't open settings after OTA update

    I downloaded and installed the new OTA update that showed up this morning. Since then I haven't been able to open the settings panel. When I click on settings it closes immediately the I get a notification saying that "settings keeps closing". Any help?
  15. J

    Thread stuck in fast boot mode after routine Magisk update + reboot

    oP7 pro on Android 9, updated magisk but something went wrong. I didn't see the part where it said unhide magisk before installing update but I didn't reboot. i unhid, clicked install update again and rebooted now I'm stuck in fast boot. no option works other than power off. I have no way of...
  16. M

    Thread Android 11 - One UI 3 update issue

    Hi, After the Android 11 (One UI 3) update on my Note 10 plus phone, it does not show the wifi network details properly. IP Address, Network Speed and Security parameters show empty under wifi settings. Also, some applications can not detect that the phone is connected to network. For example...
  17. F

    Thread Xiaomi Mi A3 Bricked After Security Update February 2021

    Again a new problem for Xiaomi Mi A3. My Xiaomi Mi A3 got bricked after the security update of February which is around 1 gigabyte ( I do not remember exactly the size ). I was able to run in Fastboot, but it got stuck now. I will try to format my mobile. I'm sad tho as I have lost some...
  18. B

    Thread redmi note 8 pro from camera problem

    Hello. I am having a lot of problems with my phone every time it gets an update. The camera has gotten visibly poorer every time. But now I can't take videos in 1080p with the front camera, I can't select that option. And sometimes I can't select other qualities in the main camera, other than...
  19. Mayson20

    Thread Derpfest ota

    I wanna know if my derpfest rom will receive android 11 as on ota when it's officially released? I'm currently running Android 10 on my derpfest rom.
  20. Jt380p

    Thread [One UI 2.5 vs 3.0] Geekbench + Antutu score (w/ Overall Opinion)

    I just received my One UI 3 update today. like seriously, I've been waiting for about 3 weeks for the update.. I ran the benchmarks multiple times to make sure there are no incosistencies with the results. Anyways, here they are. *This is a controlled test* - ambient room temp 23-24c -...
  21. mike_bravo

    Thread Difference between OTA or Dirty Flashing a Custom ROM Update form Recovery

    So here is a little pretext. I have recently installed LineageOS 18.1 from here on my mido. I was previously on LineageOS 16.0 and my device was rooted with magisk. After leaving MIUI I have never enabled encryption on my device. But this time after installing my current version of ROM I found...
  22. G

    Thread deleted

  23. K

    Thread Android 11 for the Note 10 Lite

    Finally! Just installed android 11 on my note 10 lite via odin. Not gonna wait around for Samsung to seed it to my country. Must admit, with android 11 I hardly see the need for root, or even a custom rom for that matter. I read the other day that the Note 10 lite is part of the range of...
  24. Mayism

    Thread Integrating HUAWEI Game Service Based on Cocos SDKHub - Integrating the App Update Function

    After an app is launched, the app update function checks whether there is a later version available on AppGallery. If so, a pop-up is displayed, asking the user whether to update the app. After you have integrated Cocos SDKHub, the function will use the SDK to check for app updates. If your...
  25. J

    Thread Update from older LineageOS version?

    Hello all, My apologies if this has been asked before. A while back I successfully installed LineageOS 14 on my S4 i9505. I would like to install the newer version of LineageOS but I am not sure on how to do this if I have already installed an older version. I would like to do a clean...
  26. B

    Thread How to get automatic OTA update back ?

    Hi guys, I tried CN version of MIUI but i don't receive SMS on this rom version... so i flashed back MIUI EEA version 11 with official Miflash way but the update app don't see any update available... So i'm stuck on MIUI 11 and i don't know how to get my phone back to vanilla ROM. My...
  27. BredzProh

    Thread How to update to the latest Software via Odin - also for flashing/unbricking any firmware

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest updates, flashing custom ROMs or unbricking your device: Video guide: Steps: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is...
  28. BredzProh

    Thread How to update to One UI 3.0 - also for updating/flashing/unbricking any firmware

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest updates: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is at Settings, then About phone). 4. Click on "Check Update". 5...
  29. BredzProh

    Thread How to update to One UI 3.0 - also for updating/flashing/unbricking any firmware

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest updates: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is at Settings, then About phone). 4. Click on "Check Update". 5...
  30. BredzProh

    Thread How to update to One UI 3.0 - also for updating/flashing/unbricking any firmware

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest updates: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is at Settings, then About phone). 4. Click on "Check Update". 5...
  31. Mairy Gujjar

    Thread oppo f11 coloros 11

    hi Every one any one know how to change region and get indian Color os version of Color os 11 in Pakistan
  32. V

    Thread M9+ Marsmallow random restart problem

    Hi! First: Sorry for any miss spelling. I successfully installed Marsmallow on my device with a weird way, but I have a problem with it. It turns on well and I can use it (no bootloop or freeze on HTC logo). After a random amount time, it seemingly freezes and exactly 10 secs after, it...
  33. D

    Thread Update to Android 11 issue

    I'm using an ATT carrier unlocked S20+ on the Verizon network. I keep checking for an OTA update but nothing has come through. This is my first carrier unlocked phone so I'm not sure how I'd get updates or where they would come from. I've included some screen shots. Would I be able to flash the...
  34. S

    Thread Can I use my sd Card to update my galaxy s8 android 7.0 to 9.0?

    I have Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G9500) Chinese Version and it is running on Android 7.0 and fails to update automatically, it says latest update is installed. I had tried to update it Via Odin but it fails too. is there any other way to update and can I use my sdcard to update my phone's software...
  35. Tsubaru0

    Thread Loop in MainMenu

    Hallo everyone, I started the update from Saturdayan since this is my phone is the main menu. If I take the option for reboot then it goes after the reboot back to the main menu. If i use connect with miassistant the computer registers a phone in the device manager but the assistant does not...
  36. Flyview

    Thread Latest December update shows security update as October

    I manually flashed the latest update for the Pixel 2, RP1A.201005.004.A1, followed by modifying the boot image with Magisk Manager and flashing that, followed by EX Kernel P2-4.09. When I go into About phone, Android version, I see: Android version 11 Android security update October 5, 2020...
  37. L

    Thread the system has been destroyed after update

    Hi. After update using miui-blockota-pine_eea_global-V11.0.4.0.QCMEUXM-V11.0.5.0.QCMEUXM-d4cba33752-10.0 my phone not working. How can I fix this? Please help Best regards
  38. mech34

    Thread A7600-H android ROM update

    hi.. i have a A7600-H, i wanted to update its os to android 5 or 7 or latest ones that could work with this device. can you please tell me where can i find the android ROM and how to install it please. thank you i have seen a post about this but the download link is not valid. thank you for you time
  39. mancom

    Thread [ROM][STOCK] GEN_EU_EEA_A2020G_Pro_V2.8

    New software version on EU DE site: Axon 10 Pro SD card(397950B2456GEN_EU_EEA_A2020G_Pro_V2.8).zip (1.6 gb) EU DE site: https://www.ztedevices.com/de/supports/a2020g-proopen-market/ Download: https://oss.ztedevices.com/prod/de/direct/axon10pro/Axon 10 Pro SD...
  40. H

    Thread 1 update only out of the box

    Hey guys, so I got the Huawei P40 Pro awhile ago. And out of the box, I updated it and this was the only update I got. It added celia... But I am not sure if the camera improvements and the other stuff have been added or not!! What do you think? And have you faced the same situation??
  41. W

    Thread Touch issue after December feature drop

    Hello there! I'm experiencing a weird issue after the latest update from December 2020. Since then, my back button (or technically the lower part of my screen) is very irresponsive and does not register touch input. I uploaded a video on Youtube to showcase the issue: What you can hopefully...
  42. T

    Thread Installing security updates after rooting with Magisk

    Hello everyone, I have rooted my S10+ using Magisk manager and stock samsung SW. but now when Samsung releases security patches every month, how do I install them on my phone while preserving root and user data? so I follow the same workflow as initial root, but with HOME_CSC? or do I follow do...
  43. amyst

    Thread [HELP] LenovoZ5s screen freeze

    So my phone is always encountering an obnoxious bug where the screen will freeze and i will have to turn it off and on to work. Is there any guide that i can follow so i can fix my phone? The model is Lenovo L78071, Lenovo version is 10.5.205 ST and the Security patch level is on february 1...
  44. n1kolaa

    Thread [HOW-TO] Update google play system update manually on any android phone 10+

    So you phone stuck at older google play system update like my and every time you try to check for it says you have last version. You dont need to unlock phone or to root it. Update is instaled as normal apk file. Do it at your own risk! Im not resposibole if you done something bad to your phone...
  45. arturiu

    Thread Nov 1st 2020 security update was released

    Yes, XQ-AS52. Nothing that I can point out. Super-stable. @Sony, please don't screw it :-)
  46. sonicswink

    Thread MiUi 12 (V12.0.1.0) for global Redmi 9 devices [lancelot]

    Just got my update to (stabile) via the MIUI system updater. My previous version was
  47. koshikas

    Thread currrent issues in MIUI12(V12.0.1.0.QJZMIXM) update

    Es literalmente una verguenza como funciona MIUI 12 en los REDMI NOTE 9 Y 9 PRO.... UNA VERGUENZA!!!!! La gestion de RAM es un desastre, se cuelga todo, funciona terriblemente mal, tuve que volver obligadamente a MIUI 11 por lo mal que funciona (menos mal que se puede hacer esto de manera...
  48. W

    Thread AT&T Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G not getting security updates?

    I had a Note 20 Ultra 5G (N986U) from AT&T. It was stuck on Sept 1, 2020 security patch. I contacted AT&T and they were literally NO HELP! All the other carriers are getting security updates for Oct and Nov. I thought the software was malfunctioning so I had it replaced by Asurion with a BRAND...
  49. POQDavid

    Thread Updating a rooted Redmi 8 with custom recovery

    Hey guys I was wondering something I haven't installed the latest update yet and my phone is rooted and has TWRP on it soo not sure if i can just update with all that or like i should restore the phone to its original state then update
  50. rage302

    Thread Updates Thread

    Hi Folkz, the rollout for begins. I've already downloaded KB05BA (EU) via Oxygen Updater. Here is a Link to a Post someone in official OPForums who provided a GDrive Link -> https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/oxygenos-11-0-3-4-for-the-oneplus-8t.1338403/page-34#post-22346201...