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  1. KokosTech

    Thread How To Guide [OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 & 2](EXYNOS) Update.zip for S21 / Plus / Ultra - Download OTA Link

    So, now that we have OneUI 4.0 Beta 1 rolling out to countries (ofc only 7), it has come so far in Germany & Korea (as far as I know). So the rest of the world wants an update.zip link, so don't be selfish and please, if you have one, capture the .bin file and share it in this thread. How to...
  2. UnderVybz

    Thread Why Are Snapdragons Users So Selfish

    No one even cared to share an update.zip file for s10e g970u1 users such a shame unlike the exynos forums. Many others like me have been dying to get a taste of one ui 3.0 but those who can register of the beta are so selfish. No discussion whatsoever.
  3. S

    Thread How to get update.zip for stock firmware update via TWRP

    Hi, I am running stock Android 9.0 firmware on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G950F) with TWRP recovery and Magisk. I want to update my firmware to a newer stock Android 9.0 firmware by flashing it as update.zip in TWRP, without formatting data. I have downloaded the ODIN flashable firmware from...
  4. E:V:A

    Thread [GUIDE] A small note about OTA and update.zip

    It seem that there is a lot of confusion about how to update your phone with the "OTA"s provided in the Stock firmware threads and from Huawei's own support websites. Rant Warning: ALL Huawei Support website are totally useless to find any FW updates for any of their devices you have...
  5. intraCore

    Thread OTA .zip from Marshmallow to Nougat (G935V)

    If you're like me and the Nougat update refuses to show up as an available Software Update, I was able to finally download it and saved the .zip for others. This is from the latest Marshmallow build (G935VVRU4API3) to today's Nougat release (G935VVRU4BQA2). 1. Copy the update.zip file to your...
  6. persona78

    Thread What to do if you receive a OTA or want to update BUT don´t want to loose ...

    What to do in case of receiving a OTA or want to update BUT don´t want to loose fastboot or TWRP??? :confused: If you receive a OTA or want to update through update.zip and you have ROOT: 1 - Downlaod the update (only download ) DON'T INSTALL IT 2 - Go to /data/data/com.tcl.fota/.fotadownload/...
  7. Y

    Thread [Guide] How to find (beta) links for update.zip and update_data_full_hw_xx.zip

    For example your version is FRD-L04C567 1. Go to http://hwmt.ru/oth/HWFF/info/view.php?find_model=FRD-L04C567 ( replace FRD-L04C567 with yours) 2. Right click on corresponding to your desired version changelog link. Copy link address. 2. Paste it somewhere (text editor) and replace the ending...
  8. M

    Thread Android Head Unit Reboot to Recovery via update.zip file

    Hey Guys, I bought this chinese head unit and it was working perfect unless it started lagging and low memory message started appearing on the screen. I have tried factory reset and clearing memory how ever possible without root access but I am unable to clear dalvick cache. There is not...
  9. Eclipse00

    Thread [Q] Need Flash File - Recent Verizon Update

    Hello, My HTC One Remix is rooted on stock with TWRP for recovery. Verizon just released an update that I would like to install, but of course when it trys to install automatically it loads TWRP recovery and fails. Does someone have the update in a zip package that can be applied via TWRP? - Cheers
  10. Darnell0216

    Thread [Q] Broken Screen/Digitizer. Need to create an update.zip

    I dropped my S4 one time to many and the screen cracked, even in it's case :(. The crack has also broken the digitizer which means I can only use my hardware buttons. I found [email protected] and know I can use it to see/control the phone. Catch is that the device has to have given the PC ADB...
  11. K

    Thread [Q] Fusion5 premium+ stuck in recovery mode

    TABLET: Fusion5 Premium+ (Re-branded yuandao N90 II dual core RK3066) ISSUE: The tablet is now stuck in recovery mode (red triangle black exclamation) Stock 3e recovery after a failed firmware upgrade which I think was due to me selecting 'upgrade' and not 'restore'. Details: Before this failure...
  12. Eclipse00

    Thread [Q] Build system.img or Update.zip from OTA package

    The situation: System partition has been wiped, would like to restore it using OTA.zip available from OEM What I have Access to fastboot and adb sideload in stock recovery OTA zip package from OEM What I have tried and my background I have been on the client side of mods\recoveries\dev for...
  13. hackn101

    Thread [Q] Zip Flashing Fail - Multirom TWRP

    Hi Guys, I've never had this problem before but I can't seem to get any zip files I create to flash through TWRP. I've compressed them with STORE method in 7zip. I've double checked everything I put in the update-script file. and I've tried signing them My directory tree for the zip is as...
  14. Octanium91

    Thread [TOOL][WIN/LINUX/MAC][UPDATE-SCRIPT] Android Script Creator

    YouTube Promo - https://youtu.be/gKznAom5CKA Android Script Creator - Creating upgrade scripts (edify, update-script, update.zip) for Android. Description: This program is designed to simplify the creation of scripts (update.zip) for Android. It has a graphical user interface (GUI), you...
  15. T

    Thread [Q] Help! Looking for stock update.zip or adb pull of the system -> VRUAME7

    Hi, I know I should search, I tried. "Search is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience." Looking for a stock update.zip or a pull of the system/app area. I want to put the bloat back on a phone I just purchased. I got a great price. The idiot I bought it from rooted and...
  16. B

    Thread [Q] Bricked ????

    hello guys after spending hours and days trying to fix it i have no more ideas ... Several Problems: Just without any reasons one day i was not able to start the tablet .... only the boot screen was shown and nothing more... so i flashed it with a stock rom , doesn't remember the...
  17. B

    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher template for Razr Maxx

    I just flashed the liquidsmooth rom onto my XT912 .16 razr maxx. Liquidsmooth comes pre-loaded with Nova Launcher. I am not at all familiar with the launcher and I would greatly appreciate if someone can recommend a template to start out with, as well as a location for a decent tutorial...
  18. B

    Thread [Solved][Q] Problem creating "update.zip" to flash .ttf & fallback_fonts.xml file

    [Solved][Q] Problem creating "update.zip" to flash .ttf & fallback_fonts.xml file The whole question is irrelevant. It was my mistake in creating the zip file. I included the folder(parent to META-INF and SYSTEM) in the zip but I only had to include the META-INF and the SYSTEM folder. Solved...
  19. Lum_UK

    Thread Help making an update.zip

    I'm trying to make an update.zip file for the ROM I'm working on, I'm signing it using testsign.jar and the instructions here The updater-binary is from the OTA but I believe this doesn't matter as Safestrap ignores it anyway The contents of the ZIP are: .: META-INF system ./META-INF: com...
  20. mnishamk

    Thread [Tool]easy flasher v4 (ur own update.zip)

    disclaimer Use at your own risk, i am not responsible for anything happening to your device who its for: This is for those who don't want to install all their apps again after a rom flash, or individually restore it using titanium backup.Or who are too lazy to do it, like myself.:) what it...
  21. mnishamk

    Thread [solved] personal update.zip status 7

    i tried to create an update.zip to install my apps when i flash a rom. first i got a status 2 error -- solved it. (dont remember how) then got a status 6 error -- solved it by changing EOL to unix based now i am getting status 7 error this is my updater-script show_progress(0.1, 0)...
  22. R

    Thread [Q] Idea to Downgrade From Jelly Bean to ICS

    Hey everyone. So I have installed the OTA Jelly Bean update (4.1.2) on my XT912 and I want to go to ICS so I can have root and maybe try OTA RootKeeper. I know it "can't be possible" to downgrade, but there's one idea I have. In ICS, **I created an "update.zip" file. This was basically a backup...
  23. R

    Thread [Q] cTouch questions on flashing

    Regarding the ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1867462 I'm a little confused. I was following the flash instructions: Directions to flash: 1: NANDROID BACKUP 2: Download your ROM to your SD Card 3: Reboot into recovery, wipe data + cache...
  24. N

    Thread [Q] update.zip keeps disappearing

    The zip file I add to the sd card from my computer over USB is no longer there when I boot into recovery to try and select it. Any idea what I need to do so the zip file is still there after booting into recovery so I can select it? thx
  25. x01a4

    Thread [Q] Titanium Backup's new update.zip + A2SD Question

    Hi there, With the newest update to TB Pro, you can now create a flashable zip of all your apps and data. Does this work with a2sd scripts? Does it put the files on the sd card if a2sd is enabled? I guess the question is: Does the a2sd script load before the recovery?
  26. dema121

    Thread [TOOL] System App Pack

    Hi all! I have write a tool for Windows with vb.net in order to provide an intuitive tool to create flashable archives from ClockWorkMode recovery containing system applications. You can also sign a .zip and make an update.zip with custom application and edit the updater-script! REQUIREMENTS...
  27. J

    Thread ROMs dont have an update.zip

    Hey Guys, I'm in need of some really n00b friendly advice. When you flash a new ROM (i.e. CM9) in CWM the tutorials tell you to flash the file named Update.zip. My problem is that I can't seem to find one in the zip file I downloaded for my xperia mini. I downloaded FXP131, and found the...
  28. C

    Thread Upgrade bell sgs2 to ics via update.zip

    Here's the problem. A friend has a bell sgs2 i9100m. His USB port sometimes looses connection so I ordered a new USB port. He was also wanting to update to ics but we don't want to risk flashing with a bad port. Is there a way to get an update.zip file of the mugld3 version and upgrade through...
  29. preshit10

    Thread Adb push not working.

    I have made a few changes in the SystemUI.apk file and framework-res.apk using apk multi tool. After compiling it and trying to push the apk it shows an error saying Remount fail :Operation not permitted. The log says system cannot find the file specified. I tried making a flashable file but it...
  30. Roots

    Thread [Q] what is update.zip in titanium backup app..?

    Hi guys.. Can someone explain to me in detail ref: Titanium Backup, what is update.zip function..what is it & what does it do..?? :confused: I read somewhere it can be used to create a zip file of your backup apps.. in your next flash you can flash the update.zip in order to restore your apps...
  31. T

    Thread trapacska's SmallKitchen[v0.9.9][2012.04.29]

    Short description: I made a small app to change settings, tweaks and mods as userfriendly as possible. In the app there are live log-boxes, to see what you are doing. Because of it's construction, i will add more and more settings to it. Moreover i am planning to release(it is in half state) a...
  32. M

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Create your own UPDATE.ZIP

    Hi all! This is a guide from PIRATEPARTY about the creation of a simple UPDATE.ZIP to flash on your Android phone, in recovery mode. I've created a repository on GITHUB where you can download the "update.zip" that we'll use and modify. So, this is the repository...
  33. H

    Thread Single Click bootable kernel update maker script for galaxy-y

    Hi I am posting the scripts and tools i am using in my galaxy-y this tool can produce a kernelUpdate.zip which can be used in recovery mode to flash new kernel in the device from the bare kernel 'zImage' produced from kernel compiling This will automatically create boot.img and make a...
  34. zman519

    Thread [Q] Solved updater-script syntax to delete folder

    Quick question about deleting a folder & every thing in it. is it? delete("/system/media/video/shutdown"); edit Solved its the first one Or? delete("/system/media/video/shutdown/"); Yes i searched & even tried using D4UpdateZipMaker to find the answer. but it asks you to put the path in your...
  35. A

    Thread [Q] Update.zip to restore apps?

    hey guys i just wanted to ask something. Its possible to install apps via update.zip immediately after flashing ROM rite? I searched XDA and found this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=917922 but im not sure how to do it and anyway the meaupload link for that download is down...
  36. screamworks

    Thread [SOLVED] Creating an update.zip?

    UPDATE: Problem fixed, thanks to florpor. The solution was to change the scripting language from Amend to Edify :D Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some quick advice from some more experienced users here on XDA? Basically, I've been trying to put together a simple update.zip that I can...
  37. screamworks

    Thread [SOLVED] Creating an update.zip?

    UPDATE: Problem fixed, thanks to florpor. The solution was to change the scripting language from Amend to Edify :D Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some quick advice from some more experienced users here on XDA? Basically, I've been trying to put together a simple update.zip that I can...
  38. MeisterRoerich

    Thread [Q] Convert Nandroid backup in update.zip

    I searched i bit but i cant find solution. Is there an easy way to create a update.zip(flashable custom zip) of a Nandroid backup. Thx for Answers
  39. mai77

    Thread SGY downloads: rooter, ROM, Odin etc. by K0K0

    http://downloads.k0k0.de/index.php?dir=MobilePhones%2FDevices%2FSamsung%2FGT-S536x%2F above you find a nice selection of system stuff for the SGY on downloads(.)k0k0(.)de in particular, there is an UPDATE.ZIP to be installed from stock recovery menu to gain root access, which is...
  40. wesf90

    Thread [TOOL] Framework Flasher 1.1.4 (1/14/12) - Easily modify and flash framework-res.apk

    Finally! After days of struggling to figure out how to modify my ROM's framework-res.apk and create a working flashable update.zip to install the framework-res.apk changes, I have finally figured out how (big thanks to the guys here...
  41. J

    Thread errror mounting sd card

    hey sorry if this has been posted before. if i try updating any rom with update.zip it gives the following errors errror mounting sd card cant mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1
  42. A

    Thread Help with simple update.zip - Edify Scripting

    HI Guys, i wan´t to replace contacts.apk, mms.apk and a few more. I tried several times to replace them with update.zip (i'm rooted, with CWM). always with error (tried first with amenda and then with edify). Could you please help me? I totally lost. I attach the .apk's i want to include in...
  43. R

    Thread [Q] Probly and oldy but still need help

    Yes I super one clicked, and odin to intall an unrooted version via the facebook Mesmerize fan page so im rooted. Phone is now running firmware 2.3.4 Kernel, and eho9 All I want to do is change my Sounds and animations at start up and shut down and Every program I get does not allow me...
  44. V

    Thread [Q] motorola charm struck at m logo i am noob please help

    hi i am new to android and when i am starting the mobile it is stopping at motorola logo. and the thing is i am able to go to recovery menu. i had tried to factory reset it many times and no result. so please help me to know how to use apply sdcard:update.zip from the recovery menu and where...
  45. E

    Thread [Q] Automated creation of an "update.zip"

    Hi all! I've been tinkering with rom changes recently, and I find it a bit fraustraring to restore all my apps semi-manually (using titanium backup), I noticed titanium has the option to create a "update.zip" file but it's discribed as an option to install titanium itself, I know there is...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] (request) Does anybody have 2.3.4 update.zip?

    Can't find it on ol googs and I searched all day.
  47. T

    Thread [Q] ICONIA - Rooting 3.2 - Making custom update.zip to root

    I have upgraded to 3.2 to discover Root is busted! and no way to get it back. I did download the ACER flashing tool and flashed back to 3.1 and then I can re-root and reinstall everthing. I have discovered that if I rename mv /system/app/FDUpdater.apk /system/app/FDUpdater.apk.old mv...
  48. Z

    Thread [Q] Milestone X rooting same as Droid X?

    So I got a Milestone X from Cellcom about 2 weeks ago and rooted it the other night. I have heard that the Milestone X is practically the same as the Droid X. I have superuser and all that stuff so the root did go through and I used rooting instructions for a Droid X. When I used Droid X...
  49. VerizonKoolaid

    Thread tool, selective sub dir backup for SBF or update.zip

    Are there any tools to create a backup of a selective sub directory on one DX to restore to an identical albeit loopy DX where neither a full nandroid is an option nor is it desirable to SBF back to froyo square one as there is unbacked up user-data. both DX froyo are root. details...
  50. S

    Thread Help on creating update.zip - Samnsug GT-S5570 (Galaxy Next or Mini)

    I'm playing around with lcd densisty value in build.prop... and i got a very small - unusable -display (the upper-left quarter). Every ways to restore (apps, manual editing, etc...) is with root access... But i cannot clck on the yes/no soft-button of SU, since it is not visible and the...