1. vanya.ag

    Thread How To Guide How to upgrade your rooted device to latest update (GT2 Pro Global)

    Hi, here I bring you a small tutorial for upgrading your rooted Realme GT 2 Pro Global Version to latest update (RMX3301_11_A17), as you may know I am not responsible of any damage and I recommend you to back up your data. First, uninstall all your modules from magisk (technically you could...
  2. E

    Thread Question Phone is turning off by itself after several seconds

    Hi, I'd like to ask you for some advices or maybe a solution. Lately I was updating phone by adb fastboot to xiaomi.eu rom V13.0.12.0.SKACNXM from 12.5 (xiaomi.eu), and doing little cleaning like uninstalling/disabling services by adb or Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools the phone was working for a...
  3. K

    Thread LG G4 H812 upgrade from Android 6 to 7 or more?

    SO a game I was playing stopped supporting android 6, which is in my device currently and I have the only model who can update normally. Is there any way to upgrade manually to android 7 nougat? or in a higher version if possible?
  4. felixcuceanu

    Thread How to upgrade the android device

    Hello all! Is there any way I can get an upgrade to Android 13 for my galaxy tab s6 lite if I already got 2 upgrades since it came with Android 10? I rather not install custom ROM neither root it for I have financial apps on it
  5. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Did Google screw up on your upgrade of Android 11 to Android 12?

    It's a disaster. Someone at {Google/Samsung/T-Mobile} screwed up really badly with my upgrade from Android 11 to Android 12 today, and they probably don't even realize how bad it is. I don't yet know why most of my apps just stopped working the instant Android 12 was installed on my non-rooted...
  6. P

    Thread Installing microg over Lineage questions

    Hi all. Please forgive me if this is not the appropriate place for my question, and kindly point me to where. I tried to look for a microg targeted thread and couldn't seem to find one. I'm also kind of a newbie in general, so you may have to be a little verbose with some of your responses. I...
  7. crodgers79

    Thread C636E5R2P3 version stuck at (EMUI 10.0.0) Security Patch June 2020

    I can't get my Mate 20X to upgrade to EMUI 11 - I tried downloading: Build: EVR-LGRP2-OVS - update with full base from this site: http://huawei-update.com/device-list/evr-l29 I tried all three variants of this build since they weren't labelled for which variant of the phone...
  8. L

    Thread LG V60 ThinQ Still Android 10, how to upgrade to Android 11

    Hello, I come from Vietnam, I am using LG V60 ThinQ Model A001LG (used phone), as I know my phone is Softbank version. And this phone was updated to Android 11 from April 14, 2021 https://www.softbank.jp/mobile/info/personal/software/20210414-01/ But when I check on the phone and LG Mobile...
  9. badmania98

    Thread [CLOSED][badmania98] Huawei P40 (Lite, Pro, Plus) Guides, News, Discussion & Support

    Hello! Because I answered to the same questions on different threads, I decided to create this thread, where I will provide my experience to you, in one place. The followings messages (2-7) contain all major info and tutorials links from this thread. All solutions/tutorials are related to the...
  10. J

    Thread Samsung gt-p7320 upgrade or jailbreak

    hi,everyone. I have a very old samsung tablet which is gt-p7320, the operation system is 4.0.2? As the OS is too old,I can’t download any apps from Google Play Store. I wanna upgrade it to the latest OS or jailbreak. Do you have any sources for me? Thank you very much
  11. LordStarkovich

    Thread Changing my Galaxy S10 Firmware CSC while updating

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. What brought me to this forum was the issue of not getting OTA updates due to using a model imported from another region. My device's CSC is SPR (sprint) but my local carrier works on it just fine. My problem is better elaborated here in this other post ...
  12. xeviff

    Thread Update rooted device (v 2017) to new version

    Hi everyone. Few months ago I was here folloging some tutorials to root my device so I can install a Magisk module that requieres root (an rclone implementation, but this is not relevant right now). Now I have seen many times this message on my Shield: And I tryied to install it with the...
  13. S

    Thread How to upgrade PX30 from android 8.1 to android 10

    Hi, I have a XTRONS with a PX30 that came with android 8.1. I want to upgrade to the last android 10 version but I can only find de Hal9k Mod Pro Installer that i dont want to pay. How can I upgrade the radio? Radio info: PX30 8.1.0PM8.181105.022 ENG.HCT.20181224.185849 MCU VERSION...
  14. Voljopaso

    Thread looking for a open source besed custom rom for honor 6x

    Hello one of my friends has honor 6x with android 7 he want to unlock bootloader and install a open source besed custom rom with android 9+ for bootloader unlocking,can he use dc-unlocker or exist a free method? and please give a guide for find and install custom rom on her phone thanks
  15. K

    Thread My Rom Zip File Isn't Signed Can Anyone help me?

    Hi... I just download ota zip upgrade for vivo v5 @ 1601 on official vivo website.i have edited the updater-script and now its not signed Can anyone help me sign this ota zip flash file?Please i really need help.Because i dont have laptop / PC's to do that Any help will be appreciated🙏🙏🙏...
  16. KaydenMcCurdyTech

    Thread Question Is it worth the upgrade?

    I currently have and use a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I love the phone but it feel it's time to upgrade and I'll add this S20 to my pile of phones to play with. So far I like the S21 Ultra better because of the build quality over the S20 Ultra. I like the metal around the camera lens over the...
  17. tomyhadida

    Thread How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy tab GT-P3110?

    Hi there, Is it possible to upgrade my tab from android 4 to android 7 or above? Is there a custom ROM available? I looked for it in LineageOS website, but Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 model doesnt appear anymore... Appreciate your help here. Thanks Tomas
  18. tsolignani

    Thread Upgrade italian TIM p9 with eva-l09c55b190

    Hallo everybody. I have an old Huawei p9 with eva-l09c55b190 firmware. It's Android 6, I would like to upgrade to Android 7 (and not more). I found a firmware, I put it into the memory card but I could not upgrade, it says it does not fit. The firmware that did not fit is Huawei P9...
  19. P

    Thread How to update a rooted stock Poco F2 Pro?

    i was on rooted with magisk (by patching boot image pulled from zip firmware). Phone will no longer boot (stuck at MIUI logo) after i upgraded to with magisk patched boot image. I don't understand why. My steps for updating as follow: 1) flash stock boot...
  20. B

    Thread [GUIDE] HOW TO UPGRADE FROM Android 10 to 11 Custom ROM WITH ROOT Working Properly

    This guide requires that you are already on custom Recovery and your phone firmware is RUI 1.0 First things first - Backup! Take all Kinds of backups, this is very critical when you are upgrading to newer Android OS. For optimal performance in Android 11, I will recommend downloading apps from...
  21. D

    Thread Question How to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on Android 10/11 ROMs?

    I've posted this question several times in the Galaxy S8 forums but I've never got any replies, so I thought I'd try here. I have been wanting to upgrade my Exynos Galaxy S8+ to newer versions of Android, such as 10 or 11, for some time now but neither Android Auto nor Google Assistant hot...
  22. ghettozo

    Thread Moto z XT1650-03 Griffin.

    Can you upgrade from Griffin to android 10? Also trying to root my device not sure how to do that either
  23. A

    Thread Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) How to upgrade from android 4.4.4 to android 6+ ?

    Hello. I have a Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) running on android 4.4.4. (I can give you more details if needed). I need to install an application (EHTERAZ) which is a Qatari government application that only works on android version 6 and up (or IOS 13.5 and up). Q: Is there a way to make the...
  24. G

    Thread deleted

  25. O

    Thread Updating a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet

    I recently got a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet, currently running Android 2.2. I went to see the latest update for it, and it's 2.3.6, which is also obsolete. I wonder if there is any custom Rom with Android 4.2 or higher for it.
  26. N

    Thread How to upgrade my android huawei p30 - ele-l04

    Hi, greetings to all I came to ask for your help, it turns out that I bought a second hand huawei p30 and it is stuck in android 9.1. The last security patch I received is from October 6, 2019. I tried to upgrade using OTA and Hisuite but it tells me that it is up to date. It is model ELE-L04...
  27. B

    Thread Local upgrade to 10.0.14

    Thank you for the info.. Appreciate it
  28. head_djmusic

    Thread Update GPU Adreno 650 Driver On Global Or EU ROM (for Rooted Phone)

    Hello Guys After releasing the GPU update from Xiaomi on it's own store on china ROM, i decided to use it on my EU ROM and test the result by my own! Here are the result that shows the performance of GPU has been increased! Before: After Upgrade: So first get a benchmark before upgrading the...
  29. T

    Thread Which is the best version of the Pie firmware?

    Hello there! I'm still running the old Oreo firmware on my note 5 pro (global), but I've been having some issues and I feel its time for a reinstall. However as far as I can see, every ROM under the sun requires the "new" (well, its not new anymore) Pie firmware, and as I understand it, that...
  30. A

    Thread Which Device should I Upgrade to?

    I have used the Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon (mido) for more than 3 years now. And I have to say that the journey has been amazing. The legendary device always amazes me by its outstanding developer front. In this journey, i have found many rock-stable Custom roms, god-level gcams (that click...
  31. M

    Thread Android TV Box - H6SE Help

    Hi, I’ve purchased an Android TV box from Amazon... it’s called the H6SE and comes with Allwinner H616. The box itself seems pretty decent for the price but my issue is it’s completely locked down. I can’t even view my storage disks to select wallpapers and the stock settings has been replaced...
  32. Mwyann

    Thread Note20 Hype

    Who's already thinking about upgrading their phone, according to the current informations we have about the future Note? And which phone do you want to replace it with? I'll start: I'm a big fan of the Note series since the first one (I don't use the Spen that much, but I find the overall...
  33. G

    Thread Upgrade from Redmi 5A w/ crDroid

    I've got a Redmi 5A running crDroid. I'm very happy with it, except I need something with more internal storage. This phone fits comfortably in my pocket, unlike most of the newer phones which are too big. Keeping a similar size and shape, what would be a good value upgrade from the Redmi 5A...
  34. P

    Thread Noctua NT-H2 CPU Thermal Paste Upgrade - Antutu Score

    Is been awhile now since i replaced the lg v20 crapy paste with my cheap left over cpu paste. what better time to upgrade my phone than now with the new coronavirus running rampage lol...bought the paste for 18us dollars very affordable. The hardest thing this time is to wipe off the old paste...
  35. J

    Thread HTC U11 in 2020?

    I have used the U11 as my daily driver since 2017, and have become quite attached to it. Its battery life and overall perfomance has been great and never let me down. I play a few upto date games, love taking pictures and listening to music. it has had a few major drops, but luckily apart from...
  36. S

    Thread Android 9 to android 10 with smurfkernel and xxx no limits magisk rom

    I am currently on 9.5.9 GM21BA, twrp and magisk installed, bootloader unlocked. What would be the best way to upgrade to stock 10.0.3, install smurfkernel and xxxnolimits magisk rom? I would like to do a clean install, wipe all my data first. Thanks
  37. Mwyann

    Thread Are you upgrading to 10/OneUI 2.0 yet?

    Hello there, Since Android 10 is finally out in final version for our beloved Note 9 Exynos, how many of you are upgrading, and why? Also, for whom will choose to stick with Pie, again, why? And last, for those who are still on Oreo, what are you waiting for? ;) Personally, I didn't see that...
  38. P

    Thread STRATOS rooted - How to upgrade from to last version ( ?

    Hello, I have rooted my Stratos based on version few months ago. A new version is now available. I receive regularly OTA notifications on the watch but when I accept to install it directly from the watch or from the Amazfit app, the watch seems to install it, reboot, but at the...
  39. K

    Thread px5 upgrade

    I have an older PX3 unit (i think, it's a rockchip rk3188 + 1gb ram, made by Joying) I'd like to upgrade. I've found a PX5 board: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32820356300.html and have been reading stories about BT/WIFI not working. I'm handy with a soldering iron, so I can potentially...
  40. Emare212

    Thread [GUIDE] How to upgrade to EMUI 10/Android 10 Beta

    Hi all, as some already noticed, the official public Beta of EMUI 10/MagicUI 3 for the Magic 2 was released. Here is how to upgrade to it. Please note: There are several known issues in the beta, as listed below (translated from chinese): The screen sometimes freezes when viewing recent tasks...
  41. G

    Thread [Q][a5 dug] need help Upgrading from kitkat to marshmallow or nougat

    Hi and thanks in advance I have a htc desire 816 a5 dug running stock kitkat 4.4 I want to upgrade to higher android versions but all my efforts has failed. flashing roms of a5 ul, dwg or other versions don't work just a5 dug versions work but Wifi doesn't work when I flash them to my...
  42. J

    Thread Is Zoom One a decent upgrade from Honor 8?

    Hi all, I currently have a Honor 8 (very old, I know). I was just wondering how much of an upgrade performance-wise (if any) there'd be from my Honor 8 to One Zoom. My Honor 8 has a HiSilicon Kirin 950 (16nm), the One Zoom a Snapdragon 675 (11nm)... GPU is a Mali-T880 MP4 to the One Zoom's...
  43. B

    Thread Best redmi note 5 pro/ai midrange phone upgrade not more than ~$230

    Ok, Whyred is a solid midrange, great dev community, tons of custom Roms & kernels, no notch and LED notification light... :laugh: But there will always come the time where you'll have to move on. Redmi Note 6 didn't cut it for me, Note 7 didn't bring much difference in my own opinion but the...
  44. A

    Thread How to use frimware downloaded by frimware finder

    Hello I have jsnL21 C432 4/64 version I upgraded my phone by 3 button method from 8.2 to and now in frimware finder i found newer version of my frimware in which has a lot of improvement and battery optimization now i want to flash it on my device so I downloaded the frimware...
  45. ca12bon

    Thread Switch to the Mate 20 Pro from Note 9?

    Hi, I've never used a Chinese handset before. I normally go for the iphones for their smoothness or the Galaxy series, but lately I've been wanting to get a Mate 20 Pro. Would you or would you not recommend it over a Note 9? I heard the EMUI in general, is lacking behind Samsung's One UI and...
  46. X

    Thread Error code: 51010. Do not know why and what to do next?

    Hi everyone, I purchased second hand NOTE 8 a couple of months ago. Long story short. - it was not updating to pie - downloaded firmware from sammobile - upgraded via Odin - after reboot I am getting message: Error Couldn't enrol your phone. Contact Support if the problem continues...
  47. swehes

    Thread LineageOS 15.1 vs 16

    So the question is this. I'm running LineageOS 15.1 and I wonder if it is worth it to update to 16? Is there any benefits? What would be the drawbacks? I do have a lot of third party syncing I would rather not have to do again and installation of apps, but if there is some serious benefits of...
  48. Z

    Thread Alternative to Galaxy S8/S9/S10/Note with Micro SD and AMOLED?

    It is coming up time for an upgrade at last. My S5 isn't doing it for me anymore, I need more speed, screen, and internal memory. I will probably be upgrading this year to a new device. MicroSD is mandatory for me. No MicroSD is a deal breaker. Also, AMOLED. For me, the deeper blacks of AMOLED...
  49. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    I recently had the misfortune of taking a phone for 18 dollars with a Verizon plan, and now, find it doesn't compare to my Moto E 2nd Generation. I am looking at a new, Motorola though, and thinking the G6 might be a good phone to upgrade to. Are there other Moto lovers that have gone from an...
  50. lightsbee

    Thread Which stock firmware I should download for my device

    Hi all, I have bought new Sony XZ, In the back of device I see AU SOV34 branch. At present it running on android 7.1 Now I want to upgrade it to 8.0 by flashtool. But in about phone, I see it model F8331 and in Service Info/Software Info/Customization Version it's 1305-2218_R2D (Hongkong...