1. Ice Fire

    Thread LG V20 VoLTE VoWIFI modified COM files for europa. English/Deutsch US996/F800/H990DS

    Guide for models other than the H990DS in the third post. Deutsche Anleitung in den Spoilern. Disclaimer: I wont take any responsablity if you brick any device using this tutorial or my files. Please be responsible and back up everything. Requirements: A rooted H990DS with TWRP and an...
  2. X

    Thread Updating LS-997 Help

    I have got LS-997 model and software version is US99610f (Nougat). I want to update it to oreo since its a tempered device all sims are working globally all bands are working too, FOTA updates didn't came to this device. I wanna know that if its safe to install US oreo firmware on LS-997 ? Or...
  3. noidodroid

    Thread [GUIDE] [FRP] LG V20 US996 US Cellular - FRP Bypass - Multiple Bypass Methods

    [FRP] LG V20 US996 US Cellular - FRP Bypass - Multiple Bypass Methods Security Patch - Feb 01 2018 Android 7.0 What's needed? 1) Little time 2) BlueTooth earpiece (optional depending on method) 3) WiFi 4) OTG / SDCard (optional depending on method) 5) APK's (optional depending on method)...
  4. dharakv

    Thread Purchased LG V20 US996 but instead got a LS997 with US996 firmware flashed onto it

    Hi Guys, Got myself into a little situation here.... So I intended on buying an LG V20 US996 so I can unlock the Bootloader and install custom roms and have frequency band support here in Canada. But when I looked at the sticker under the battery, it says I got an LS997 (Sprint) model. I...
  5. E

    Thread No LTE on Verizon MVMO with US996

    With the Verizon MVNO called Red Pocket, my US Cellular US996.UCL can't use LTE (only CDMA and EVDO). After calling the MVNO and telling them the IMEI, they say that this IMEI isn't "certified" or "eligible" with its CDMA network. Anyone know what's up with this?
  6. K

    Thread Is there anyone in the UK who can fix my US996?

    My story is long and can be found here, but the short version is my imported v20 lost radio after an official LG update late last year and has cost me money sending it around the work to find out it'll cost me even more to fix due to non-lg parts. I tried to follow steps to unlock, root and...
  7. E

    Thread [Q] US996 on Verizon issues

    I have several issues with my US996 on Verizon, running LineageOS 14.1. (I'm not asking in the LOS threads because I figure more people here know the details of this device) The main problem is I can't get SMS to work unless I set the preferred network type to CDMA or CDMA/EVDO only. I have...
  8. J

    Thread Issue unlocking bootloader on US996

    Hello, I am going through the official way of unlocking the bootloader through I am trying to see my device's ID but can't get into boot loader mode When ever I run "adb reboot bootloader" in CMD I get the message "no device/emulator found" - OEM unlock is enabled - USB...
  9. J

    Thread How do I root the LG V20 US996

    Hi Guys, I have the US996 and I would like to root it. I did some research on XDA and google and it seems there is multiple ways to root it but I'm not sure what's the best, or if it really even is possible. I just don't want to brick my phone. I researched as much as I could before posting...
  10. TheCoryGuy

    Thread [Needed] An Easy Debloating Solution

    Hey all. So I'm a fan of THIS ROM package, being the US996 NotSoStock. It's debloated and works great. Unfortunately this hasn't been updated in quite some time, and is difficult for me to flash now for whatever reason (backwards). I use the latest version of TWRP for flashing updates and root...
  11. K

    Thread US996 cannot get LTE properly

    I just got my factory unlocked US996 version from Ebay. I have 2 sim card tmobile and a Mexico AT&T, both work great on my galaxy s6 (g920t) But with the new US996: With the t mobile has LTE, but very poor signal, 1-2 bars indoor and 3 outdoor. With the Mexico AT&T sim, It stuck with 3G only...
  12. x86cpu

    Thread [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20

    These are my UNOFFICIAL builds of LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20 variants. I did NOT create this ROM. I am helping to contribute to this ROM. Thanks to all other coders who contributed to LineageOS. IMPORTANT Builds are done periodically (see download below) Do NOT be rude. Respect all users Any...
  13. OneDon

    Thread Delete Thread

    For LineageOS you can check here!