1. K

    Thread A30 Unknown Device (Code 43) "File Transfer" PC NOT Detected [Custom Rom]

    A30 Unknown Device (Code 43) "File Transfer" PC NOT Detected [Custom Rom] Good morning experts of XDA, I have encountered a very unusual problem which is not able to have my A30 detected via USB, after flashing custom rom. "Corvus_vS4.0-Leviathan-a30-Unofficial-2040" "Eureka_Kernel_R10.1_A30"...
  2. kadirilgin1453

    Thread How to unbrick redmi 9C?

    Hello, I accidentally bricked my redmi 9C phone and now it just has a black screen and when I plug the phone into the computer, I get the error "Unknown usb device (Device descriptor request failed)". My goal is to bypass the device and then flash it to fastboot. I think I installed all the...
  3. berr1sfueller

    Thread Development ShaZZam! A native Windows image deployment tool

    ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ [email protected]@-m! Administrate · Develop · Build · Dismantle · Backup · Test · Customize ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ From boot to deploy, the one and only complete Windows image container-based deployment recovery solution. Windows-To-Go (USB) / Windows-To-Stay (SSD)...
  4. berr1sfueller

    Thread How To Guide Windows 10/11: Create a bootable Windows Recovery Environment

    ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Create a bootable Windows Recovery Environment in Command Shell ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Hello everyone! Here's a tool I've been working on and would like to share with the community, Enjoy! ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ The recovery...
  5. N

    Thread [APP][NON-ROOT] Termux-ADB - debug one Android device from another connected by USB-OTG

    Run adb in Termux without root permissions! This is a launcher for adb which enables debugging of one Android device from another via USB cable. It should work with any USB-C male-to-male cable or the corresponding OTG adapter + cable in case of micro USB.
  6. M

    Thread USB Microphone: Dasaita Max10

    Hey, I have a Dasaita max10 head unit. It seems like my 3.5mm audio port has broken. Likely from trying out a non-Dasaita microphone. I’ve got crazy wind noise in my Jeep, so I’m trying to use a USB Asus noise cancelling mic adapter to cut out background noise. Does anyone know if there’s a...
  7. A

    Thread Recover a sentimental video?

    Hi, I recorded a video of sentimental value on my P40 pro and tried to move it straight from the safe to a USB stick with a type C attachment. The video is like 1.5GB and when I moved it it just disappeared. I have noticed a couple of folders on the stick with a .nomedia file in them, not sure...
  8. Slixy

    Thread Question USB tethering

    Any way to disable Samsung's 'cable detection' feature? USB tethering doesn't work because device doesn't recognize cable. I'm using original one and tried new and older cables also. I've had similar problems with another Samsung devices before and it's pretty annoying. WIFI is too slow and...
  9. D

    Thread View and delete photos from external USB

    Hi, Im using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 in order to review and edit my photography. I connect an external SD card reader to the tablet using the type-c port. My Files, as long as many other file explorer apps can list the folders and files on the SD card, however I can't see the USB drive on any...
  10. D

    Thread When developing, how can I control a USB DAC without preventing other apps from playing sound on it?

    Basically, I have a USB DAC with PCM2912A from Ti. It has a function called sidetone, and that is useful to my usecase. It can be simply enabled on Windows, but Android seems to have no way to enable that hardware sidetone. So I am trying to develop an App to achieve that: Enable the sidetone...
  11. mariodantas

    Thread Develop for USB devices with hardware smartphone

    Hi fellow, I have a problem here, I'm trying to develop an app wich interacts with a connected USB device, my problem is that 1-) Don't have USB-Passtrough in Windows Emulator, and don't know hay to plug my phone in USB debug mode and plug my custom usb device (phone have only one USB-C port) I...
  12. artbreguez

    Thread Change default camera (back) to uvc (webcam)

    Hello. I'm working with redroid11, I've implemented HalV3 and I can get video through an 3-part-apk, but I need to use the webcam to authenticate Qrcodes (eg. whatsapp), I'd like to know how to change the back camera to v4l2 camera,on previous versions of android it would be done simply by...
  13. GalaxyA325G

    Thread I'm working on the "perfect" Windows PC setup with Android over Wi-Fi

    I'm working on the "perfect" Windows PC setup with Android over Wi-Fi where what I have working almost perfectly is Windows 10 mounts the entire non-rooted Android 12 phone (all partitions!) over Wi-Fi as a drive letter Windows 10 mirrors the non-rooted Android 12 phone using the Windows mouse...
  14. M

    Thread Huawei mate 20 lite is not recognized by any pc

    Hi! First time poster here. I've been having this issue with the usb data transfer conection. I've tried different usb cables, tried different computers, tried doing a factory reset of the phone and pc, however windows does not recognize the phone anymore, I tried severa solutions off google...
  15. Gomesz775

    Thread Is adb bugs on model SMJ200G (j2) common?

    I investigated the ADB program. At How to Install ADB on Windows, macOS, and Linux, I am stuck at step 7 of the instructions for windows. I do not receive any kind of pop up in my SMJ200G phone (j2). This step: Perhaps my PC's connection to the phone is buggy, not the cable, but the software...
  16. A

    Thread Broken USB Port - Still Can Flash Recovery?

    Hi everyone, I have an OP6 with a visibly broken USB port (you can see it's damaged), so I can't connect to the computer for adb debugging or fastboot. Luckily charging still works. LineageOS 18 is working fine. I'm ordering in a replacement USB flex cable, but I was wondering if there was a...
  17. V

    Thread Confusion about USB C + USB A/C

    With few acceptable exceptions, I got rid of USB B. I am also trying to phase out USB A. I wanted to convert most of my USB A ports to USB C ports via an adapter. At this point, I have: * various USB A female ports * some USB A male to USB C female adapters (short: USB A/C adapter), all of...
  18. T

    Thread Junsun S600 camera USB notification turning off ( V3 Pro head unit)

    each time I turn it on, this message appears when I turn on the Junsun V3Pro head unit. is it possible to turn it off? Exactly where can i turn off this notification?
  19. S

    Thread Moto e4 usb issue

    I have a moto e4, so I have SO issues so I have been trying to use the save to repair but the pc does not recognize the phone, the problem phone does not recognize that it is connected to a pc, I tried several computers with different cables and nothing, the pc does not recognize it in fast boot...
  20. lottafetti

    Thread Question Can't write my IMEI numbers

    Trying to write my IMEI numbers but it requires preloader and not brom mode so I need to connect my USB while my phone is off and not holding any button, the problem is my phone keeps powering on when I plugged in the USB
  21. J

    Thread What's the best approach in Android for disabling all peripheral ports for certain applications?

    My company has their own Android tablets created by an OEM partner and we are using custom ROM based on Android 11. The stakeholders have a strange requirement now. They want to allow only our applications (identified by bundle id) to have access to printers and bar code scanners connected to...
  22. P

    Thread Can't get USB drivers to work

    Hello. I am having a lot of trouble getting the USB drivers to work. I am wanting to simply connect my Moto One 5G Ace with a USB cable and have it show up as a drive on Windows File Explorer. I want to copy files to/from the SD card. But either I'm not downloading the right drivers, or my...
  23. SirDigitalKnight

    Thread Question USB file transfer not working on A52 4g with Android 12

    When I connect my A52 to my PC is will start charging but I can not get it to switch over to Default USB configuration to stay on and in Transferring files mode.
  24. C

    Thread Usb conection problems - nothing helps

    Hi, i cant connect to my phone normally via usb. System windows 10 says "USB device not recognized". I know its a poplar problem and many solutions is on the internet but for me no one solution work. Only way to connect my phone is via wifi debuging via android studio. Maybe someone know that...
  25. P

    Thread When connecting OTG it keeps showing "USB connector connected \ disconnected"

    Hey there, I am a photographer which has a Samsung S10e, and I've been trying to watch photos on my phone from my Camera's SD card using a Transcend SD Card reader and Samsung's USB to TYPE C connector. It was working fine beforehand, but now it just keeps showing a notification with "USB...
  26. giantkiller3d

    Thread Question Why is N200 not connected adb by PC?

    I have done this many times through Unity for Android development. This phone is the latest to my collection for connection. I had to turn off Dev mode to get the usb menu back. I turned Dev mode back on and still the pc doesnt show this phone. Any ideas? TIA.
  27. S

    Thread LG G8X charging issue (USB set to power supply)

    over the last couple days, my phone has not been charging properly. go to plug it in for the night and come back to an empty battery. looked into it and it looks like the phone is stuck in power supply mode, i cant change it. Attempted fixes: tried multiple adapters stock LG cable and...
  28. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Question Answer: USB 3.1 Gen 1. Original Q: USB-C USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 on the Pixel 6 Pro?

    I know that the Asus ROG Phone II was the first phone to have USB 3.1 Gen 2 two years ago, but does anyone know if the Pixel 6 Pro have Gen 1 (5 Gbps) or Gen 2 (10 Gbps)? TIA if there's any authoritative evidence, and I'd appreciate a link to any.
  29. M

    Thread usb file transfer in android 11 custom roms

    File transfer to pc (windows 10) doesn't work with android 11 based custom rom (Only sounds when connect usb cable to pc and click on file tranfer option in usb preference in phone then also sounds but Device doesn't show in windows file explorer). It doesn't work. But other option in usb...
  30. D

    Thread Loose micro USB port

    As times goes by your micro USB will be more and more loose to fit your Android. It will not click on the connector and the charging of the battery will not start. This is the thing to do: Apply a sligth pressure on the sides of the male micro USB connector, that will compress the micro USB...
  31. ctakah27

    Thread Audio through USB (to a USB DAC)

    I'm connecting the phone to an external DAC (not the razer dac adapter, an actual topping DAC) and I feel like atmos gets bypassed. Is that normal?
  32. abbashp10

    Thread Question Issue with USB drive (otg not connected to xiaomi)

    Hi friends, I have a problem , I can not connect the memory and hard drive and USB to the phone. So far, I have tried different ways, but none of them work permanently, and by chance, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. . So far I have searched in various forums, some said to put...
  33. W

    Thread Security Policy restricts the use of the computer connection?

    Trying to connect Samsung A8 SM-A530F/DS at the start screen after a factory reset when I put the USB in I get this on the display "Security Policy restricts the use of the computer connection" And I can't run any FRP bypass tool because it wont connect to my PC. Never seen this before I just...
  34. Nightmare_0

    Thread I can't install Android x86_64 on my Laptop.

    Whatever I do I can't seem to install Android on my laptop. I am trying to dual boot it with Windows 10 (21h1). I kept the iso in my 8GB drive through Rufus. This process went just as expected. But when I clicked on install android on the grub boot menu, it showed a black screen and restarted my...
  35. bugexcrement

    Thread Zenfone 5 t00j charging, but is not recognized by the computer

    Hi all, I have bought a second hand t00j however it seems that when i connect it to the computer via usb, it is not listed anywhere, but it is still charging. I tried different USB ports. I have tried with one windows and one linux computer. The phone is in MTP mode, I have the latest intel...
  36. M

    Thread Turn on android USB debugging while phone is off / unresponsive?

    (TLDR: OnePlus5, power button not responding, volume buttons physically damaged, USB debugging not turned on, can connect phone via USB to PC, but nothing more. Want to turn on USB debugging to boot via ADB. Or boot any other way, if possible.) Hello everyone, Let me tell you the short story...
  37. A

    Thread Samsung S9 DCIM/Camera folder shows as empty on PC

    On my Samsung S9 I'm no longer able to download images from the Camera folder over USB on Windows, which I had been doing fairly regularly. My phone is unlocked The USB setting is set to 'Transferring files' I can see and copy all files and folders in the DCIM folder *except* DCIM/Camera When...
  38. Christian.F

    Thread Windows 10 PC wont recognize Samsung Galaxy S8 after TWRP wipe

    I recently installed TWRP onto my Samsung Galaxy S8 and wiped everything off of the phone, I now can't connect it to my PC to use ODIN and reinstall the stock ROM for the phone. I have the correct drivers installed and have tried using both Smart Switch and the downloadable driver exe. Things I...
  39. M

    Thread Screen bloken, how to put phone in USB storage mode

    Hi everyone, It finally happened. After 4 years of trusty service, my OP5 had tumbled one too many times, and the screen shattered. Now, I have 1 app where I really need to data from. I thought it made backups every week but it seems like it didn't. Is there any way to get this data from my...
  40. M

    Thread General USB connectivity not working.

    Yesterday I had my Mi 11 Lite delivered. After setting up the SIM card and so on, I tried to connect it to my Windows PC to copy the photographs that didn't migrate during the device transfer procedure. Plugged it into the PC, it failed to appear in file manager. It started to charge, but...
  41. Ninjagar

    Thread HELP !! Red and blue static lines and mobile Usb not working after Custom ROM Flash

    Recently I did a custom rom flash of lineage Os 18.1 with android 11, on my Xiaomi's redmi 5A (RIVA) with twrp recovery. But after rebooting my device after flashing, I noticed that After inactivity on my screen, when my phone screen is off and I power it on, a combination of red and sometimes...
  42. V

    Thread Switch/force audio source system-wide or per-app in Android 11

    Hello, I am searching for a solution to switch audio source (microphone) from default to my desired output, per-app or system-wide. Specifically, I use iRig Stream USB device which is basically a USB DAC device (it captures external audio signal, eg. from a mixer or external microphone and...
  43. shaurya_needs_help

    Thread My redmi note 5 pro is not at all detected by my system

    windows 10 is showing Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed ) in device manager when I connect windows prompts this message -"the last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it" I enabled USB debugging and changed default USB config...
  44. D

    Thread Xiaomi MI 9 SE Not detectable in fastboot mode, quick charge not working

    Hello, Been using Xiaomi MI 9 SE for couple years, it was rooted, had flashed TWRP & EU rom, everything worked perfectly, until one day screen got damaged.. After screen got damaged I rebooted phone, failed to enter startup password alot of times, so phone did factory reset :/ After that I took...
  45. michael1024

    Thread Developing for Android on 2 in 1 laptop Zenbook Flip

    Hi. Will Android Studio work alright on this laptop: Asus Zenbook Flip 13 UX363EA-XH71T? It does have a USB type A port, but I'm not 100% sure whether it would work for developing on the connected Android phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  46. P

    Thread USB connection issue in phone (not in pc)

    I was trying to install pixel experience on my mi note 7 pro using Windows 10 laptop. # what caused problem I unlocked bootloader and then I flashed custom recovery provided in pixel experience website instead of TWRP recovery.I wiped data and now I was not getting further steps to follow, so I...
  47. Glazolf

    Thread Android Auto doesn't work on Umidigi Bison GT

    Hi everybody, i'm experiencing an issue with my new BISON GT android smartphone : I previously got a Google Pixel 3a which was perfectly working with Android Auto on my Audi A3 car. Actually, when i plug the BISON GT on my car, the phone seems to start charging less than one second then the...
  48. jibsonline

    Thread External USB Camera not working for video calls

    I have a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB connected to 3 Amps Charger. I have an external 720p USB camera attached to it. I am able to get images via fswebcam. But when I try to do a video call via Google meet on a chromium browser the mouse freezes and the camera starts to lag. I tried adding in...
  49. amirunnahin

    Thread My problem is solved

    my problem is solved!
  50. Q

    Thread After dissasembly and reasseambly I cannot get data transfer by USB

    When I plug USB cable to PC and Mido there is only charging avilable. I had MTP(Media transfer protocol) selected while plugging in USB. Right now there is not reaction with computer. I try to reconnect USB tapes but still the same. Any ideas how to get connection with PC?