1. _smasho_

    Thread Samsung Dex not connecting to monitor

    Hi, i have a tab s6lite with Oneui 3.1 and android 11 Using an external usb-c hub dex won't connect to my hdmi monitor. What should i do? Is there something i can do to make it work? Maybe with a rom? thanks
  2. M

    Thread USB-C Wired Earbuds

    Hi, I have bought some ebay USB-C earbuds that don't work. They're not recognized by the phone. Any recommendations? Thanks! Mark
  3. S

    Thread DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB-C

    do the Pixel 4 finally have the ability to output HDMI through the USB C port so we can play with the desktop mode ? Go rid of the Pixel 3xl because of this (and the effing usbc earphone jack)
  4. tbm48813

    Thread External Storage

    I pre-ordered the 32gb xl, not wanting to wait a month or more for a 128gb. With 4k videos, apps and however much daydream wants to eat up though, it seems a little dismal. I was checking out something...