1. Abish4i

    Thread [CLOSED]📲 ReVanced YouTube built and micro-G

    Are looking for a YouTube Vanced Alternative then we have Revanced. It is a successor of everyone's beloved Vanced. Due legal implications by google the vanced project was shutdown though with help of small nitted community of developers vanced resurfaced after multiple attempts now being...
  2. Retrial

    Thread ▶️ReVanced & ReVanced Extended - Guides & Useful Links📚

    ▶️ ReVanced & ReVanced Extended - Guides & Useful Links 📚 ReVanced is the continue of the legacy Vanced app. It can build a modded version of YouTube with AdBlock+SponsorBlock and has almost all the Premium YouTube features and more. Here you can find useful guides & links about how to install...
  3. TinySoul

    Thread [App Discussion] ReVanced, the successor to Vanced

    Hello Friends, I would like to share information about the true successor to the Vanced app. It is called ReVanced. The project page is located on the GitHub site. There you have all the information to build the patcher binaries(not the patched YouTube apk). Then patch the YouTube apk(must be...
  4. I

    Thread YouTube Vanced causes random reboots

    Specs Redmi 5 plus 4/64 Custom ROM MIUI 12.5 Android 10 Xiaomi.EU by PaintYourAndroid for Vince Latest Magisk Latest YT VANCED When I try to watch some videos using YT VANCED the phone restarts out of nowhere and the MIUI logo starts flashing on the boot screen and it comes back to the lock...
  5. PhotonIce

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Install YouTube Vanced post shutdown (22/03/22)

    ******************************************************************************************************************************** Note: If you are unable to install/use YT Vanced, you can also go for YT ReVanced, the "true" successor of YT Vanced. To install it just download microG from the...
  6. Oshekher

    Thread YouTube Vanced Alternatives

    Best alternatives for YouTube vanced :- 1. Songtube 2. Newpipe 3. Pure Tuber 4. SkyTube 5. LibreTube 6. VueTube 7. uYouPlus ( IOS ) 8. CercubePlus ( IOS ) 9. Yattee ( IOS ) 10. Free tube 11. PsTube 12. ReVanced And Soon more alternatives will be available. ( Not best alternatives but better...
  7. Oshekher

    Thread [APP][MOD][NONROOT] SongTube ( Modded YouTube )

    SongTube is a new beautiful and fast application made in flutter, it supports YouTube audio and video downloading at any quality, In-App YouTube Browser, audio conversion and an Audio tags editor. Features: Downloads: SongTube Website (For all latest versions) If your network is down or...
  8. I

    Thread Youtube Vanced Sign-in Error Fix (Latest Version)

    I uploaded a short guide on how to fix the above named problem. Tested on the P40 Pro. Have fun :) *Edit: I've made a new video on this as the old one doesn't seem to help anymore: (UPDATED)
  9. mrg2003

    Thread [Q] Samsung Tab A SM-T510 - What version of vanced

    What version of vanced for Samsung Tab A SM-T510 CPU-Z says Arm cortex-A53 / A73 Micro-G installs fine Vanced says INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113 I've tried several recent versions. App works fine on S8plus
  10. Xinto

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Vanced-style boot animation

    Hi, this is my first ever project on XDA. I was kinda bored and decided to make a custom boot animation with YouTube Vanced style above gif file may look like it stutters, this is NOT actual animation frame rate. WARNING This boot animation WAS NOT made for Samsung devices as they use...
  11. bottomcentre

    Thread I can't logging in YT Vanced with my S8 [NoRoot]

    SOLUTION: Re-login google account in device. For months I used it perfectly but one month (I don't know that I did it)... I can't use my google account in yt vanced (I am logged but "without connection"). I installed microg but now I can't update it :/ I can use another account but not my...