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  1. djared704

    Thread [New][July-16-2020]Unlocking bootloader on VZW Pixel 1 and XL

    AS OF JUL 19 THIS HAS STOPPED WORKING I apologize if you did not get your bootloader unlocking! At the moment, there is no information if the classic exploit will return, if it has worked for you, please make a post about it on this thread! We will go back to work to ensure pixels will get...
  2. M

    Thread Unlocked Z4 Bootloader vs Verizon Z4

    So on they offer the Moto Z4 Unlocked and the Moto Z4 Verizon. Is it possible to unlock the bootloader on the unlocked version? I know Verizon locks down all phones. and is it possible to use the carrier unlocked version on Verizon? I know some of the old phones didn't have the...
  3. pjgraber03

    Thread Verizon Pixel XL - Unlocking Discussions

    So I got my pixel XL from verizon today hoping that it would be like the nexus6 where they were nice and didn't lock it down. Well I was wrong. The good part is this. They (Verizon) have just disabled fastboot commands/connection. So we need to get that changed and we "should" be good. So...