1. 7

    Thread LG v60 Rooting issue. Stuck on QFIL -> Partition Manager -> Unresponsive.

    As the title indicates I am currently in the process of rooting my LG V60 Verizon Variant. However, I am running into a issue when using QFIL. I am following the V60 Bootloader Unlock and Magisk Root by crimsonrommer...
  2. Z

    Thread Can the S205GFE SM-G781V from Verizon bootloader be unlocked?

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S20 5G FE from Verizon (SM-G781V) that I purchased while with Verizon a year or so ago. The phone is bought and paid for, and carrier unlocked. I've since switched carriers multiple times, so there's no question whether the phone is carrier unlocked. My question is can I...
  3. D

    Thread Convert S7 S930V to S930U

    I recently acquired a Galaxy S7 that's Verizon branded. I have no plans to activate this phone but would LOVE to convert it to the unbranded S930U software. I have seen some posts where it says I need to root the device first? I just wanted to confirm the steps needed to convert the S930V to a...
  4. eksitus

    Thread Question Reverting carrier changes AFTER successful OEM unlock.

    Hello! I recently bought a Pixel 7 from a carrier (Visible, a sub-brand of Verizon), risking being locked with stock OS for a hefty discount. Surprisingly, I managed to successfully turn on the OEM unlock. Now with the OEM unlocked, how can I make sure the device will not lock itself, for...
  5. M

    Thread My experience of buying a Verizon-locked G8 for use in India

    The background to this story is that i first bought an unlocked G8 back in Dec '20, and found to my dismay that VoLTE and VoWiFi wouldn't work on it in India. It took months of research before i finally figured out the perfect solution, one that involved modifying files in prod/OP and also...
  6. Nostii

    Thread [Exynos 7884][Verizon] Samsung Galaxy J7 Top 2018 (SM-J737VPP) Custom ROM or at least Root??

    I am unable to find a custom ROM or even a root method for the J7 Top 2018 with the model number SM-J737VPP. I have the Verizon Wireless model, and the baseband is J737VPPVZWABUJ3 with the SW Rev being A. I thought I could maybe use a loophole in Samsung Experience by downgrading from Android...
  7. 4

    Thread Locked Google Pixel 5 (Verizon)

    I bought a Google Pixel 5 (Verizon) from a local online used store. It turned out that he was locked under the carrier. I can no longer return the goods to the seller, because this is physical seller and a lot of time has passed and at the time of purchase this moment was not discussed by us. So...
  8. YB123

    Thread phone unlock

    tell me a legal service for unlocking a verizon phone. Or what should I do to unlock my phone if I'm not in the USA and I don't have a verizon account.
  9. Y

    Thread How long for quantum computer to break Verizon bootloader lock?

    How long would it take for a current typical quantum computer to break a Verizon bootloader lock? Asking for a friend.
  10. R

    Thread LMG820UM3 on US Mobile (Verizon) - Need Help

    Hello, I will try to keep this short and sweet. I am on US Mobile using the black sim (verizon towers) and currently have a LG v30 that no longer can make calls due to Verizon shutting down cdma beginning of 2023. I have my brothers Lg G8 ThinQ phone purchased from US Cellular. It is now...
  11. A

    Thread Question Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile -- Firmware Question

    Long story short -- I originally got a Verizon Z Fold4 from Best Buy a few months ago but switched carriers to T-Mobile this morning. My Z Fold4 has the latest firmware from Verizon (still have all the Verizon bloat and Verizon boot screen), and I was wondering if there was a way to force it to...
  12. fbiheadquarters

    Thread Failed Root Z flip 4 brick & what

    So long story short was trying to root went to sammobile they didn't have my vzw sm-f721u and I updated flip to 13 while prior. Bricked because I was high and forgot to do the Magick trick before flashing then had to take sammobiles f721u1 vzw 12 and flashed but still at 13 didn't downgrade ...
  13. GarlandKey

    Thread Long-time lurker!

    👋 Hey there, I'm a long-time lurker who decided to start an account today because I'm tired of the Verizon locked bootloader crap. Anyway, I'm a full stack software engineer and have been tinkering with my phones for years and years. I figure it's time I contribute to the community that has...
  14. kerolos98

    Thread need to unlock a phone locked to Verizon

    Hello, I have a problem with my phone (galaxy note 10) I bought it from Amazon as a renewed phone When it arrived in my country (Egypt) I put my sim It turned out locked to Verizon, not fully unlocked as the seller said on the title... I heard about unlocking it with an EDL cable How I can do...
  15. J

    Thread Locked out of Galaxy S22 following / after update -- device rejects / won't accept the correct password

    Hello! Posting widely. Around Nov 11th, about two weeks ago, I caved in and accepted the prompts on my S22 to undergo a firmware update. I'm not 100% positive, but based on the timing (and the assumption that this isn't a carrier update but a Samsung one) I think it was probably the One UI 5.0...
  16. D

    Thread How To Guide [CLOSED] Closed

  17. D

    Thread Question Help me carrier unlock my phone

    Hi there So I imported a Galaxy S22+ from USA to Europe. It's a Verizon device, unlocked and fully paid off but still won't accept my european sim card, even thought it sees the sim when insterted. I've unlocked Pixel devices with this problem, deleted some packcages with adb but can't do it...
  18. H

    Thread Question Carrier Unlock

    My google pixel 6 Pro was carrier locked, I unlocked it temporarily by CMD, when I factory reset my phone it'll be locked again, I want to permanently unlock my phone
  19. A

    Thread (Help!)Hard-Bricked Galaxy S7 G930V

    My Verizon Wireless Galaxy S7 fails to boot and bootloops even after flashing the correct stock firmware using Odin3, and when trying to use the Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant, the first error shows up as 'DVIF!!' and the second being 'Unsupport dev_type.' The phone was working...
  20. A

    Thread How To Guide Xiaomi and Verizon

    The followong devices have been tested on Verizon in the US: Xiaomi 11T Xiaomi 12 global version Xiaomi 12X global Working: 5G VoLTE SMS both sending and recieving Phone calls both sending and recieveing IMPORTANT: MMS on stock Global/China ROM wont work on anything other then Verizon messages...
  21. N

    Thread V30+ converted, now trying to go back

    Hi I have a V30+ unlocked US998 which I flashed to verizon with the VS996 flash and the stock verizon pie rom. Now I switched service and my new phone crapped out and I want to go back to this phone but I need it to go back to T-Mobile bands. Using Uppercut for LGUP it wont flash back to...
  22. D

    Thread Question Trying to Flash Unbranded firmware to my unlocked Tmobile S21 Ultra 5g but getting errors

    I have some experience in flashing via Odin having done it on previous Samsung devices but I am having all sorts of issues with trying to do this. I have a Tmobile S21 Ultra 5g and just switched to Verizon. I am trying to flash the firmware to unbranded (XAA if I have read correctly) but I am...
  23. N

    Thread Question Manually edit CSC of S22/E (for verizon USA)

    Mostly for built in call recording. I had a S22/U1, I like the formfactor but it has no recording, so then I got a S22/E (snapdragon, india) version which works in the USA on verizon but sometimes signal just drops, and sometimes texts don't go through among other issues (recording is flawless)...
  24. Intesar1771

    Thread Motorola One Action Stuck in boot logo

    Hello everone So I was tinkering with adb command window,I passed Fastboot EraseAll cmd which erased every thing on my phone and I tried to restart my phone but it didn't restart and goes blank :( then I took my phone to shop repairer and he made it possible to boot into bootloader and he even...
  25. J

    Thread How to switch

    Hi I am on Tmobile phone using Verizon. How do i switch to a verizon oriented rom? My phone is not rooted or bootloader unlocked. I was told that if i put verizon sim, it should boot in verizon ROM? no such thing happened. How do i switch it? If it is already answered before, please give...
  26. Gunstra

    Thread Android Emulator with Sim Clone?

    Question for you...Is there any Android Emulator that will let me clone my phone (enter my imei and sim card number) so that I can download my 106k photos and videos on the Verizon Cloud? All the emulators I have tried say I need to insert a sim when opening Verizon cloud app?
  27. B

    Thread Is dePixel8 Still Relevant/working for Verizon Locked Pixels?

    I have a Verzion OEM locked Pixel 3. I didn't actually know that until about 20 minutes ago when I realized the OEM Unlock toggle was greyed out. I tried using dePixel8 which is supposed to be able to OEM unlock Verizon phones. Well I downloaded dePixel8 and I should mention that when i...
  28. Y

    Thread An IEMI starting with 35 is bootloader unlocked??

    I recently bought a used Pixel 3 that said it was bootloader unlocked. True to its word, when it came the OEM unlocking was greyed out with the text "Bootloader is already unlocked", I get the warning on startup and "Device-State: Unlocked" is shown in fastboot mode. But when I go to the...
  29. S

    Thread Question Can't change CSC from T-Mobile to Verizon with firmware S908USQU2AVDC

    A question from a noob here. I have a T-Mobile S22 Ultra phone which is network unlocked. As I recently I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon, I'm missing some of the features that are Verizon specific, while not needing anything that is T-Mobile specific anymore. From what I understand, Samsung...
  30. C

    Thread People with Verizon on Phones with Unlocked Bootloaders and Custom Roms, do you have calling issues?

    So I've owned a previous LG V20 which was unlocked on LineageOS and it gave so many annoying issues, it would constantly drop calls and when it wasn't doing that people on the other line couldn't hear me or vice versa, these issues can only be solved by just trying to call the person about 3 or...
  31. CryptoCazador

    Thread Verizon Note 20 Ultra

    Hello guys, Yesterday i bought a Verizona Note 20 Ultra supposedly unlocked, i put my sim from another carrier and it worked, when i got home i saw the following note in the screen: "Your device cannot be activated on another carrier at the moment, contact verizon support". My question is, Can...
  32. S

    Thread Can't get security update after flashing samsung stock firmware to verizon s10

    I just swapped carriers to Mint Mobile from Verizon. I noticed my Google and Samsung cloud backups were not working and found out it was because Verizon blocks them, so you have to buy their cloud service. I decided to flash the Samsung stock unlocked firmware (G973U1) to my Verizon firmware S10...
  33. M

    Thread UNLOCK BOOTLOADER PIXEL 3 Verizon (blueline)

    Hello, since Pixel 3 is no longer officially supported, is there a way to unlock the bootloader?:cry:
  34. natopotato390

    Thread Help rolling back/changing firmware to fix cell service issues, unsure of version to use

    I have an s9+ SM-G965U I bought Pre-Owned from Boost Mobile, I called and got the phone carrier unlocked and switched to Verizon near the end of 2021. Service has worked fine up until a day or 2 ago, I strongly suspect it's caused by the latest Firmware update it auto installed recently. latest...
  35. O

    Thread Update ASUS Zenpad Z10 (ZT500KL - Verizon) to android 8

    Hello, I am looking for direction on how to approach this. I have a ASUS Zenpad Z10 (ZT500KL - Verizon) that I want to update to a newer version of android. Since the manufacturer no longer sends out updates to the tablet the only option I am left with is to root the tablet. However I am not...
  36. P

    Thread Question Anyone got an A52s 5G in the US on Verizon?

    I have a friend who's travelling to the UK in a couple of weeks and she's looking to pick up a new phone. Used phones here seem to be substantially cheaper then they are Stateside and an A52s can be got here as cheap as £200 ($270) if you're patient and shop around. However, her service plan...
  37. notTycoon

    Thread New 'Network Unlock' option in One UI 4 android 12 update

    Kindly share if anyone has any idea about this new option in android 12 update. I click on it and nothing happens. The option goes away for some time once I click on it. Comes back after some time. What is this about. I've a Verizon Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW (SM-781V) that's most probably network...
  38. miravision

    Thread Question Verizon is collecting your data without your consent; how do you feel about it?

    Verizon notifies its customers about their default participation in Verizon's data collection program By Preslav Mladenov Verizon has begun notifying its subscribers with emails and text messages, informing them that they have been opted-in by default to the program. This comes after Verizon's...
  39. kgood007

    Thread Question [CLOSED]Carrier Firmware

    Hello all! I recently purchased an unlocked Note 20 Ultra 5G, but it was originally an at&t phone (so I have all of their apps), yet I am using my Verizon sim card in the phone. It functions, I have signal, ect. yet I am missing main features I must have such as wifi calling. Model# is SM-N986U...
  40. D

    Thread General Verizon 6 pro and Android 12

    First off, I Love the phone. Hardware is great, Android 12 is mostly great but there are some weird things I've noticed that haven't really been an issue on previous phones pre-Android 12. I got rid of a OnePlus 8 pro for the Pixel 6 pro. 1: I have to use a Bluetooth to 3.5mm adapter (Bluetooth...
  41. L

    Thread No service with Verizon with custom roms

    I've been beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out. So the phone was brand new, it worked with Verizon on stock rom. Now that I have a custom rom the service nor the data will work with Verizon (wifi and all other features work.) I've installed a few roms and none work...
  42. T

    Thread How to activate a TracFone/StraightTalk locked iPhone SE 2020 on RedPocket

    I have successfully activated a $230 TracFone locked iPhone SE 2020 on RedPocket, and here’s how What you need to do is go into BestBuy or Target and buy a $1 TracFone SIM kit. Once you have this you will need to remove the Verizon compatible SIM intended for Verizon compatible devices. Next...
  43. T

    Thread How to change APN and update firmware on Samsung SCH-LC11 hotspot

    I am debating whether or not to post this here, on Howard Forums or on CDMA Gurus, but I'll post it here as this forum seems the most popular and has a great SEO so hopefully someone googling how to do this will see this thread and find it helpful. This summer I picked up a used Verizon Samsung...
  44. D

    Thread Phone drops signal calls on all roms, phone random reboots, twrp restore problems, camera dies

    Hello. I have the G900V on Verizon and for the past couple days have been having trouble getting back to a stable rom. I've had signal drops at random especially when making calls and phone random reboots. I'm on lineage OS 14.1 / 18.1. At times reverts to 3G and have to restart phone Stock...
  45. sh_obaid

    Thread Moto E4 Need to Install Android 9

    Hi guys, Totally out of the android world since years, however currently using Moto E4 and need to install a good Custom ROM to have Android 9 installed on this. Can anyone please check the screenshot and let me know if that's possible? If so, what process should I follow and which ROM should I...
  46. T

    Thread Resetting Verizon Orbic Speed RC400L firmware flash Kajeet

    I purchased a used Kajeet branded Orbic Speed RC400L hotspot off eBay which came with a charger, carrying case and Verizon SIM. I went though the Verizon prepaid activate website and it says the device is compatible and the Verizon sim card in it will work, however I noticed when I powered on...
  47. T

    Thread General [Verizon] Switching network types

    Was lurking a battery drain thread and 5G came up a couple times so I thought I'd try to switch my band and see what's up. Tried dissecting Settings to the best of my ability and couldn't find sh*t for switching to 4G. I was determined tho, whipped out the old Google and after a couple searches...
  48. J

    Thread Verizon took over my phone, I want to go back to stock FW

    So to preface, I have the Verizon logo at boot, an error message saying "This is not a Verizon SIM" and a whole bunch of crapware that I can't get rid of. My phone is not a Verizon phone and it never was until now apparently. I have an iPhone that I run my business with and with it I have...
  49. L

    Thread SM-G970U Refuses to Work on Carrier Network

    So, I have an S10e (SM-G970U) that was bought from Verizon a while back. The phone was set up on a Verizon post-paid plan, but was later switched to prepaid. The phone worked fine for months, but about a week ago, the phone randomly stopped making and receiving calls, texts, and the ability to...
  50. tnitunes

    Thread Question Moto G Power 2021 XT2117-3PP FlasFile Android 10 Verizon Stock

    Hey XDA! I just extracted the update file for XT2117-3PP and I would like to Post it. I have not seen it so here it is. I did an extensive search and could not find one. It is an entire FlashFile. I hope this helps...