1. MySelf_v1

    Thread Stock vs Lineage OS 18

    Hi everyone, I was thinking about rooting and flashing LineageOS on my Pixel but first I would like to know what you think is better. I need the phone for work, I have my banking app, have to shot few pics ( I absolutely love GCam on this device ) and play games like clash royale and call of...
  2. vlachorumsapiens

    Thread Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Realme 3 Pro | The Truth

    ««««««««««««««« VS »»»»»»»»»»»»»»» This will be a summary based on Youtube reviews and in-depth articles coming from popular tech portals such as Android Authority, GSM Arena and XDA Developers. In terms of design and built quality both of these devices are very eye-pleasing, each having...
  3. ccalixtro

    Thread Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S7

    What You think guys? A friend of mine wants to exchange his Nexus 6P for my S7.
  4. ccalixtro

    Thread S7 Flat vs Nexus 6P

    Hi guys, a friend if mine wants to exchange my G930F for his Nexus 6P. What You think?
  5. J

    Thread Pixel XL 128G (2016 version) Vs OnePlus 5

    I got rid of my Google Pixel XL and replaced it with the OnePlus 5. In case anyone is considering doing the same I wanted to post my personal impressions/comparisons of the two phones. I'm not going to recommend one phone over the other because different people have different needs and...
  6. O

    Thread Why I switched from and back to the Mate 8

    In april i purchased a huawei mate 8 nxt-l29. Definitely a step up from a galaxy s5 like 1000 steps up. One of the best devices ive ever used. Recently earlier today as of writing this, i switched from the huawei mate 8 on metropcs to the samsung galaxy s7 on sprint network. It took me a grand...
  7. T

    Thread OnePlus 3 vs ZTE Axon 7 [quick overview]

    I've made a spreadsheet listing my noteworthy observations between these two devices. Only pros are listed, no individual or unique cons. Also, anything similar between the two devices is not in this list: Full link...
  8. T

    Thread ZTE Axon 7 vs OnePlus 3 [quick overview]

    I've made an Google Sheets page of my noteworthy observations between these two devices. Anything similar is not in this list: Full link: Please let me know if you think...
  9. L

    Thread Meizu M3 Note vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    comparison between 2 really similiar devices. Which one do you think its better ?
  10. D

    Thread [Q] Do i buy a z3 compact? Or better a LG G2?

    Hello, I am Daniel, from Argentina, and I am doubting on buying a LG G2 or a Z3 Compact. I know they are quite diferent (z3 is from 2014 and G2 is from 2013), but Snapdragon 800 or 801 does not make difference to me. My first choice is Z3 compact for its battery, but is that good? Because...
  11. c1ph4

    Thread Assembled in China vs. Made in China

    Hello folks, we recently used a batch of Chromecast devices for different tasks. So right now I am able to investigate some of them more closely. What I found out was that some of the devices bare the mark "Made in China", these are the most of them. But, there are also very few which show the...
  12. Bionic22

    Thread [Q] Google Camera vs Camera FV-5

    Sorry for yet another camera app battle but so far, I haven't seen the two being compared against each other. Since I found the Twisty Switch Xposed module, I've wanted to change the camera app into one of these two apps. My MAIN uses for the camera are just to take pictures of documents...
  13. bongbongcong

    Thread Note3 AT&T VS T-Mobile

    Hi, Does any know if its all vice versa? NOTE3 AT&T and T-Mobile NOTE3 using it with a T-Mobile SIM, (vice versa) T-mobile & A&T NOTE3 using AT&T SIM? (Both NOTE3 is unlocked & using in urban BIG city) Will there be any difference speed LTE and speed 3G & 4G you receive? Will the LTE signal...
  14. A

    Thread Galaxy S4 (G-I9505) vs HTC One dedicated focus

    Hi all, for those of you interested, I shot a focus dedicated on the differences I found between these two devices after almost two months of use. It's not a "mine it's better than yours" childish video...I just tried (I hope) to be as subjective as possible (please, try to do the same in the...
  15. R

    Thread Versus TouchTab 8DC Review : Do not buy

    The tablet it'self is initially impressive. The textured back gives a nice grippy feel and overall impressions are that it's a good value-for-money tablet. Jelly bean / 16GB storage / 1GB ram / IPS screen / Mini-SD / Mini-HDMI / Google Play Store A few bits of bloatware - Angry birds etc. But...
  16. Kir3

    Thread [Q] ZTE GRAND X IN vs Live With Walkman vs Xperia J

    Yes, This is a question but for comparation phones and I think it belogs here. If not, mods please move it :) I'm buying ZTE GRAND X IN next week and I want to ask you what you think about it. Spec here I might switch to it and give lww to my dad or vice versa if it receive JB. I read that it...
  17. H

    Thread [Q] Versus Touchtab 10.1 DC info needed

    Hi Gurus, Does anyone have any information about the Versus touchtab 10.1 dual core with android 4.1? I have just ordered it and am waiting for delivery. It has a pretty decent spec including the RK3066 SoC and 1 GB ram with a IPS screen. I...
  18. D

    Thread [Q] HTC One X Plus vs Nexus 4?

    Which one would you recon would be a better all around phone One X + specs Nexus 4 specs I would go for the nexus 4 but the 16gb space seems too limiting and I love the sense UI but also hate...
  19. A

    Thread Galaxy S3 vs Nexus 4 - Video Comparison

    Hi Guys, Made a video comparing the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus 4, hope you'd find it useful. KFKgdQm__hw What do you think? Let me know below :) Ash (
  20. Kir3

    Thread [Q] What is the difference between NFC and Infrared

    Myabe this is silly question, but in my opinion they are just same with the new name, as two device need to be close to transfer data just like old Infrared.
  21. C

    Thread What's the difference between all these ICS ROMs/ports?

    I know. I can read. I have read OPs and most posts. I want to know what makes each ROM/port different. Each of them have almost same features and looks. I'm asking comparing CM9 vs Stock vs AOKP vs Slim vs Beam vs etc and cMIUI vs MIUI. I'm not complaining, just want people to share what make...
  22. A

    Thread Battery Life on different ROMs

    So after toying around with a large number of the ROMs on the Aria, I've found a couple things: The gingerbread ROMs, including CM7, always suck my phone dry the fastest. I'm trying to get ~2 days out of it, but it just doesn't happen. With setCPU and some different profiles, along with minimal...
  23. Flow-Wolf

    Thread Desire HD vs One S - Benchmark Test!

    Hello! I am Flow, and soon I can test HTC One S. So I want to know what you want I test vs HTC Desire HD. Then I will create a video and upload it on my YouTube Channel. You can ask special question for special model! Let me know what you want to know! Here is the first Video ;) Others...
  24. retareq

    Thread The Battle for $1: User vs Designer

    So today I was greeted with a simple PM that quickly escalated to nonsense for no reason. I am putting it here because I wan't to hear the community's thoughts on this. I have erased the user's name and other information to avoid any humiliation. Please keep your discussion specific and don't...
  25. sephiroth009

    Thread [Q] cyanogen mod vs miui- which looks better?

    My vote goes to cyanogen mod since miui just didn't feel right. Didn't like the look of the majority of the apps either.
  26. npiper05

    Thread [Q] G1 versus the Cliq XT

    Hi all If you had a choice between the G1 and the Motorola Cliq XT, which would you go with? I bought the Cliq XT a few months ago because my G1 just didn't have the memory or battery life to get me through the day. Then I discovered the world of ROMs and rooting and have switched back and...
  27. S

    Thread [Q] Overcome oc 2.2 custom VS Stock 2.3: Is it worth it?

    Hi, I'm still running the oc'd 2.2 Overcome fw with oclf and from the moment it booted I was just like Woohooo, that's pretty fast right there! At 1,4 GHz games ran like a charm and flash vids also. Response time to input is absolutely amazing in comparison to stock rom. So for those who...
  28. markomarkogame

    Thread Android VS WP7 - what do you guys think

    Hey guys, recently i wrote an article for this website and i was wondering, what do you think about my writing skills and what do you think about this topic. What OS is better for you and what mobile device do you own currently? Here is the link of the Android vs Windows phone 7
  29. Ysleiro

    Thread BGR Rant - Revisited

    I know it's been a year but my bro brought this up the other day and we had to just take a gander at it once more. I don't know what this man was smoking when he wrote this RIDICULOUS post. It's like he just up and LOST it. I mean this man honestly LIED in this post. If you had to "one-line"...
  30. Dungeon47

    Thread Transitioning: Jailbroken iPhone 3GS to Captivate

    For anyone considering making the switch, I thought I would give some details on my experience having recently done this myself. I had an iPhone 3G for about a year before I finally decided to jailbreak it and play with extra features. This led to all out phone modding with my 3GS, and finally...
  31. eaglesteve

    Thread Comparing Rooted Android against Jailbroken iPhone

    Hi all, In the past three years, we've witnessed greatly increased competition among smartphones. Android and iPhone are considered by some to be the two most serious contenders, and both have attracted many new users who migrated from the other platform. I myself was a devoted winmo user...