1. V

    Thread Note 3 Connect to VGA TV Monitor

    I would like to connect my Note 3 to a VGA TV Monitor (Not a Smart TV). Does anybody know exactly which adaptors I need ... ?
  2. aragorn21

    Thread Connect VGA / HDMI external monitor

    Does anybody already tried to connect an external monitor to the X2 ? for those who succeed, what was the solution ? (I'm interested to fully replace my laptop at work with X2 + USB Hub + Keyboard / Mouse / External Monitor)
  3. S

    Thread [Q] uUSB to VGA adapter

    Has anyone tried this adapter: to show presentations or such on a VGA screen/projector from the Note Pro 12.2?
  4. A

    Thread Slimport to VGA adapter

    Hi, Recenty i bought a N7 2013 I´m very happy, but main propose of this tablet is show PPTS however I can´t find the adapter I have search in the web and found that is compatible with VGA. So my doub is simple, someone has bought the slimport to vga adapter?
  5. T

    Thread Note 10.1 (2014) as a VGA Presentation/Lecturing tool

    I'm using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) to give lectures (using the LectureNotes app to write during the lectures). I need to be able to connect it to typical VGA projector. Thought it might help others to know what accessories worked to do this: Samsung MHL to HDMI adapter...
  6. S

    Thread [Q] Only getting 640x480 VGA output!

    Tried searching the forums but I haven't found anything, please link if you know what I missed ;). Samsung is only giving me VGA out, not 720p! I've got the Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter (5-pin) with 11-pin adapter, purchased off Amazon...
  7. C

    Thread Seeking a workaround to modify the HDMI output on the TF700

    I bought the Asus "MicroHDMI to VGA" cable to allow me to hook up my TF700 to projectors and to LCDTV's generically - since I travel a lot and wanted to use this product to deliver presentations to clients. Unfortunately, it refused to output anything to a number of devices, only reflected...
  8. sealskej

    Thread Video output

    Is there any accessories, which should I order to connect my Nexus 7 to video projector (HDMI, VGA)?
  9. M

    Thread Front VGA Camera

    I just wanted to hear what were the people's opinion concerning the front camera. One of the changes made to Galaxy Tab 2 to lower the price was to downgrade the front camera to VGA. Is VGA good enough quality for making Skype calls? Everyone does make a comment that the decision to change...
  10. heavylildude

    Thread [Q] Any ideas to connect P3100 to VGA Projector?

    yes.. the standard VGA adapter Would love to simply bring all of my lecturing presentations in my oversized phone :fingers-crossed:
  11. K

    Thread [Q] Control phone from car touch screen?

    Hi, I have CoreDroid installed on my ATT HTC Inspire 4g. I was wondering if there was a type of cable or sync I can do to output my phones display to my cars display, as well as control the phone via touch screen on the display. Just wondering if external devices support the touch screen. I...
  12. G

    Thread [Q] Wireless VGA

    Still hoping for a way to do presentations from a Galaxy tab. Anyone has a pointer to potential wireless to vga ?
  13. stdlyman3k

    Thread [Q] usb to vga?

    I've been looking around and still can't find anyone who has found or tried a USB to VGA adapter on the transformer. I've heard of the hdmi to vga but thats digital and I don't beleive that would work without an expensive converter. Anybody tried one and verified that we actually have drivers...
  14. M

    Thread [Q] USB to VGA with Galaxy Tablet

    Can I connect this a USB to VGA adaptor like this on the Galaxy Tab P7510 with the USB adaptor?:confused:
  15. MatthewWu

    Thread [Q] Update Old ROM (not 3MP Cam) to New v ROM (3Mp Camera)

    Hey, all. I just want to ask this. My home internet just too slow, a few times i see the update, i was to be lazy to download it. Can anyone tell, how to update my cam to be 3MP?? Sorry bad english also thanks if you answered my question!
  16. C

    Thread Better camera ULTIMATE VERSION(MOD)(480X320 video reording)(updated 9/10)

    UlTIMATE update(go to 2nd post if you guy wan to know what had be edited),have fun:D I'm new to wildfire section and here is the first thread and first mod that i created, I hope i will make the best for you guy Before you throw your wildfire into your rubbish,you should read this:p NOT working...
  17. elmassari

    Thread Connect galaxy tab 10.1 to television

    Whats good XDA WORLD?! Looking for suggestions on how to connect G.TAB 10.1 GT-P7510 to the TV... I know there is one for the Ipad 2, but I dont think it has the same connector.. is there anything released for the G. TAB 10.1 ???
  18. AntwnhsAnt

    Thread [Q] Camera, Led notifications...

    Because I love Racht's CM7-85 and I don't want to change rom, can anyone tell me what are the camera and led notifications libs or whatever needed to get the camera(VGA) and led notifications to work? I've seen that they both work in XGin 2.0-3.0... thanks in advance...:)
  19. M

    Thread [Q] HDMI to VGA Adapter

    There is an official HDMI to VGA adapter from Asus However, I was wondering if third party adapters could work. I found one from dealextreme that is male-mini-HDMI-to-male-VGA adapter. If Transformer supports analogue VGA signal via HDMI port, then I think it should work. If the official...
  20. vipaman

    Thread Wallpapers for VGA

    Hi Guys, Seeing that there are not many wallpapers and themes going out to VGA screens. So I have Decided to post wallpapers and themes that i have been working on for quite some time!!:D:D:D So VGA SCREENS enjoy;) I also might start to resize and bring out some more for other screens as well...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] WVGA to VGA fix for Omnia B7610 I8000

    Hello, I used Tomtom 6 VGA on a WVGA Xperia, but had a WVGA>VGA fix program to reduce the display area. Tomtom worked very well. Now passed on to the OmniaPro B7610 and Omnia 2 I8000 and the WVGA>VGA fix software does not work anymore, the Omnia goes back to WVGA after I asked to be reduced to...
  22. prabhat

    Thread [Q] TD2 is VGA or WVGA

    Hello, TD2 is VGA or WVGA device? Any way we should know? Thanks.
  23. jerpelea

    Thread {X10}[DEVELOPMENT] -FXP130- CM7.2.0 - RELEASED - FreeXperia Project

    ANDROID DEVELOPMENT (progress) -libril (precompiled) -lights (from source) -gralloc (from source) -audio (from source) -wifi (from source) -camera (from source) -bt (precompiled) -sensors (precompiled) -hotspot (precompiled / Select open from config menu) this progress is not affecting rom...
  24. M

    Thread [Q] Dell streak to VGA

    Hi i am just wondering is there any cables that can do VGA output for dell streak that do the mirroring. Thanks
  25. M

    Thread [SOLVED] Touch Pro/Fuze with WM Build 23103?

    Hey, I have the ROM dump of my HD Mini, wich is WM build 23103. But I was wondering if that should work on a Touch Pro/Fuze too. The Touch Pro/Fuze has another screen resolution. Is that a huge problem? MadMatt
  26. M

    Thread HTC Audio Booster skin for VGA devices (black or white)

    Hello, Everyone. I remake HTC Audio Booster skin(Version 2.2: Build 1917.4121) for VGA devices. Black Black 2 White Sense UI Sorry, There is only port mode. Unzip (.../windows) and Overwrite existing files. And soft reset. Enjoy Black Black 2 White Sense UI
  27. M

    Thread HTC Volume Key skin for VGA Device

    Hi, Everyone. I remake HTC touch diamond's volume key skin. And for default style version Windows Phone style version Unzip (.../windows) and Overwrite existing file. And soft reset. enjoy. default style version here: Windows Phone style version here:
  28. M

    Thread WM default dialer skin for VGA device

    Hello, Everyone. I remake windows mobile default dialer skin(VGA). My device is HTC Touch diamond. Black version Grey version White version Sorry, There is only port mode. Unzip (.../windows) and Overwrite existing files. And soft reset. Enjoy Black version here: Grey version here...
  29. D

    Thread [Q] Windows XP Theme w|q|wq|Vga

    i want to try to make a windows xp theme for 6.5.X. i thought, that would be cool, because the start button is on the lower taskbar.. i have a strong opinion of how it will look like, but i don´t know anything about creating themes for windows phone..:o what programs can i use for creating...
  30. paulmahoney40

    Thread mConvert - VGA - Attractive Mobile Unit Converter

    [Intro] After much demand for a VGA version, I finally got around to making this. I have tried to maintain the slick look of the WVGA app in this dwarfed version. You can use mConvert to convert in the following categories: Area Length Power Temperature Velocity Computers Force Frequency...
  31. ottoman96

    Thread Widescreen Video?

    Here's a question- Is it possible to take/capture videos from the camera of the HTC Topaz in widescreen formats? I'm able to take pictures in widescreen formats (By widescreen, I mean that it uses up the entire screen when it generates a preview of the picture and then saves it in dimensions...
  32. T

    Thread Why does the Pure only have CIF video rec?!?

    Not only is the HTC Pure uglier than the Diamond 2, it also loses VGA video recording.. This really sucks because I know AT&T had intentionally made it like that, but why would they do something like that?! What also sucks is that many sites list the HTC Pure to have VGA video recording. One of...
  33. zain rizvi


    Hi buddies! Em uploading some selected wallpapers n animation screens along wth welcome splash screens! Jst paste thm to /windows directry(eccpt 4 wallpapers) n enjoyeee! I'll Inshallah keep updating ths work ang u ppl r requestd to hlp me! THNKS:)KEEP POSTING PLZ!!!
  34. L

    Thread differences between VGA/WVGA/WQVGA?

    Hi! sorry for the ignorance but can someone explain me the differences between VGA / WQVGA / HVGA / QVGA ??? i got my HD mini yesterday, and trying to install keyboard (WQVGA & VGA) and always getting skin Error: resolution for screen size not found! :confused: tnx!
  35. C

    Thread WM5 Internet Explorer porting issue

    alright, i've had this rom: on my uni since i bought it. however i've noticed it is getting increasingly unstable the longer i go without a flash. so i'm attempting to whip up my own. which was working great, until i realized something...
  36. Lycox

    Thread [SKN] TouchPal4 WindowsPhone7 style (W|VGA)

    Hey guys, here's my newest strike for you. As the title tells all the things you have to know ;) (Click image for full preview) Features VGA & WVGA high quality ;) completely reskinned chars/symbols (uhhh... hard work:rolleyes:) landscape support Requirements TouchPal 4...
  37. mwalt2

    Thread [VGA][WM 6.5 & 6.5.x]HDWall-Like Mod for Sense 2.5 - Updated 03-11-10 with more cabs!

    [VGA][WM 6.5 & 6.5.x]HDWall-Like Mod for Sense 2.5 - Updated 03-11-10 with more cabs! VGA HDWall Update 03-12-2010 Well, I made some more cabs if anyone is interested. The 6.5 and 6.5.x versions are zipped together. Make sure you install the right one for your SYS. You can match screenshots...
  38. G

    Thread [SKN][Titanium] gchris Titanium V1.3.1 (WVGA-VGA-WQVGA-QVGA)

    gchris Titanium V1.3.1 (WVGA-VGA-WQVGA-QVGA) 13/3/2010 From top to bottom the plugins i use are: -System Panel ( Credits to dgaud007 ). Modified by me, to show Mbytes instead of percentages(%), also replaced sdc status with battery life + some other modifications. -CClock (Credits to...
  39. waterproof125

    Thread [VGA/Portrait] [UPDATED! Jan 25/11] Swype Keyboard Chopped 'n Screwed

    For whoever is interested, I made my own skin for the Swype keyboard that looks like the HTC android keyboard but its only VGA portrait. I have no clue what will happen on a non-VGA phone. In landscape it is the original Swype skin because I don't need the landscape version. BRAND NEW DESIGN...
  40. hlm818

    Thread [APP REQUEST] Blockbuster App ported to VGA

    I don't know if this is possible, but can the Blockbuster app from the HD2 be ported to our Fuze (VGA)? I've attached the .cab I found in the HD2 section. Also, the NETCFv35[1] is apparently needed to run this app. EDIT: I see this app was posted on, but...
  41. amarullz

    Thread [APP+MODS][VGA][COOK-ONLY][2010-02-16] HTC Sense - MANILA 2.5.2012 VGA PORT

    Here We Are!!! The Brand New HTC Sense 2.5.2012 that already ported and ready to use for our VGA devices * Overview * Screenshoots * Thanks To * Downloads * Modifications & Tweaks * Development Progress * How to Cook * F.A.Q HTC Sense - Manila 2.5 HTC Sense or Manila is a user...
  42. kimi_sae_ireba

    Thread [APP][VGA][12.22.2009]HTC Sense 2.1.1920.2517 VGA Port

    for those who haven't made the switch to Sense 2.5, here is my complete vga port of Sense 2.1 (Manila 2.1.1920.2517). :) VK Packages: Mirror 1 Mirror 2 CAB install files: (thanks to dharvey4651 for these cabs) Sense 2.1.1920.2517.0.VGA.CFC for: WM6.1 CDMA (mirror) WM6.1 GSM (mirror)...
  43. J

    Thread X2:s Tilewave going VGA?

    Was just looking around and found the wvga port for Touchpro2 of the "Tilewave" from Xperia2. Do you think it'll be able to get ported to VGA sometime in the near future?
  44. K

    Thread [APP][VGA][01.DEC.09]Manila 2.5.192X VGA Port (only for cooks)

    After many different approaches, many different Threads and many hundreds of Posts, here is the definitive rollup thread with: VGA Manila aka. HTC Sense 2.5 Current ported Manila Version: 2.5.19202525 Working in progress Version: 2.5.19211619 BIG THNKS TO: Akeo, amarullz, Captain Throwback...
  45. GustavTheLion

    Thread Split HTC Volume back into System and Ringtone

    i know this was possible on the raphael in VGA, is there a cab or tweak to switch between the two on the rhodium, a .cab if anyone has one
  46. mecrip

    Thread [PRJ][OSS] Updated: Trailcompanion - GPS Application for trekking/walking

    Hi there! I've started this project to make an application to track myself when i'm out walking with my lovely touch pro. Now i would like to make it open source and free for all trekking amateurs, and i'm posting this here to get some advice and to see if someone is interested. I would like...
  47. bogy16

    Thread [App/Skin] Windows Media Player 12 for Pocket PC (VGA, WVGA, QWVGA, QVGA)

    Windows Media Player 12 Supported Resolutions: VGA, QWVGA, WVGA, QVGA Portrait & Landscape VGA Version - Perfect Portrait & Landscape ! WVGA Version - Ported from VGA, Perfect Portrait, Landscape is beta (Read This) ! QWVGA Version - Ported from VGA, Very Good Portrait & Landscape ! QVGA...
  48. R

    Thread [SCREENSHOT][RAPH][WM6.5] IntelliROM Alpha VGA

    IntelliROM uses elements gathered around this forum to create the best ROM ever. Currently, IntelliROM has a lot of bugs and is not yet released to the public. Follow up to this thread to download it when it is available. Here's a little sneak peek! Found the OEM for manila 2.6. will try my...
  49. M

    Thread Force games in QVGA

    I noticed my HTC Fuze (Raphael/ Touch Pro) runs games in QVGA MUCH MUCH smoother and faster. I was able to force for example Ancient Evil to run in QVGA by deleting the VGA resolution files, but how can I force generally other games (like Spore, NFS, Nanobots...) to run in QVGA?
  50. CR7KB24

    Thread Cool Idea/Request for TF3D

    Could anyone possibly get or make these for TF3D 2.1 VGA In this picture i mean the dark gray box around the clock, it looks like hero themed In this picture i mean the slider, the gray thing