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  1. miravision

    Thread General [CAMERA] Photography & Videography Showcase (Stock, GCam, etc)

    Post photos and videos taken by your camera and mention settings used with exif and software used, stock, GCam or others including xml
  2. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Is there a video editing app when you edited your videos with any resolution/60fps that maintains the 60fps format after the changes?

    I'm using Stock MIUI 12.5, I screen record gameplays at 1080p/60fps and capture footage in 1080p/60fps aswell, let's say I'm not a PC techwiz and decided to just edit video and stuff from the phone, how do you maintain the resolution and the framerate after you edit your videos? Because whenever...
  3. D

    Thread Double tap Google button that takes you directly to camera in Video mod

    Has anyone been able to add shortcut like double tap Google button that takes you directly to camera in Video mod?
  4. D

    Thread Useing phone as a Video Monitor

    I'm interested in using my phone as a OTG portable test monitor by allowing the USB-C Port to be an HDMI Input. I've found several videos online showing how to make this happen. HackADay Link Youtube Link In short the steps are - Have USB debugging on. Have A USB HDMI capture card. Use a USB...
  5. D

    Thread Intent to open camera on video directly.

    Can anyone help me with the intent/shortcut to open the camera on Video directly? I can create the shortcut on the launcher, but I want to link it to button mapper, so I can access it faster. It always opens the camera on photo, and it's very show to get to video.
  6. S

    Thread CapCut FULL version 3.8.3 for video editing and professional video design with your photos

    Application Features Handling and editing videos A great application for video montage on the phone in a professional way. Create projects and keep them for later modification at any time. Browse your media in a beautiful way and sort them as photos or videos. Video editing with many...
  7. Echoslam

    Thread Question Videos don't use the entire screen ?

    I bought a new phone (iqoo 7) after 3 years. I am not sure if this is an android issue/feature or a phone specific issue. I can't help but notice that while playing videos on twitch, prime, youtube etc. the display doesn't use the entire screen space. A significant part of both the edges is...
  8. Echoslam

    Thread Question Videos don't use the entire screen ?

    I bought a new phone (iqoo 7) after 3 years. I am not sure if this is an android issue/feature or a phone specific issue. I can't help but notice that while playing videos on twitch, prime, youtube etc. the display doesn't use the entire screen space. A significant part of both the edges is...
  9. C

    Thread 60fps youtube video drops to 30fps when switching to fullscreen mode

    Hello everyone. Has anyone encountered this problem? The phone decides to drop to 30fps when playing a 60fps video on YouTube, but somehow 60fps seems fine on portrait mode. This goes for YouTube Vanced as well. I also noticed Google Chrome has a noticeable stutter when playing videos on...
  10. BlassGO

    Thread [Magisk Module] Any Video/GIF to BootAnimation [ Universal - All Screen Resolutions ]

    BootAnimation MAKER SUPPORT: TELEGRAM CHANNEL - TELEGRAM GROUP ABOUT THIS: With this you will be able to use any vídeo/gif/... as Bootanimation for All Screen Resolutions (based on Dynamic Installer with ffmpeg Plugin) It only works with devices that support Bootanimations .ZIP (All Aosp...
  11. P

    Thread Question Best photo/video quality: Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC or Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro?

    Between the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro which has the best final camera, the measurements show the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC. But in the many times I have seen on the internet sometimes it looks like the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is good and other times the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro. What is the...
  12. Neuro-NX

    Thread Guide: Watch videos in full width aspect ratio (19:9)

    This guide is for users who are not bothered by the notch/cutout area, and want to view videos in full width. Read post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-watch-videos-in-full-width-aspect-ratio-19-9.4288963/
  13. Neuro-NX

    Thread Guide: Watch videos in full width aspect ratio (19:9)

    This guide is for users who are not bothered by the notch/cutout area, and want to view videos in full width. The Galaxy S10 series has a display resolution of 3040x1440, which makes the aspect ratio 19:9. Instructions To make videos play full width. You will need to get a video player app...
  14. KateQPR

    Thread Sony Xperia video light / balance issues

    Hi. I’m trying to shoot a video on the Sony Xperia xz2 and am having lighting issues. The light keeps changing as I’m filming, getting lighter & darker when I move in shot. I have tried to turn off the auto white balance and focus, but the light around me changes when I move. I want it ( and the...
  15. seedaripper

    Thread Question Can anybody else access assistant from standby? *video*

    I've tried bloody everything under the sun to try and get Google assistant to work from standby (a feature that I loved in my redmi note 9 Pro) does anybody else have this problem?
  16. varun_kr

    Thread Stutter on shooting 4K Videos

    Hi Community. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue whilst starting to shoot a Video on 4K. It stutters for the first 2-3 seconds before continuing to shoot. Any idea on how this can be rectified? Thanks.
  17. I_like_root_pls


    [READ FIRST] {BLU G90 PRO} I am new to all this, I started learning about rooting a week ago. If you can help, please explain in detail. TL/DR at bottom [CAUSE] I'm not sure but I attempted root by useing migisk and lateset firmware boot.img provided by xda. [PROBLEM] My phone constantly...
  18. N

    Thread Device with Android OS on which I can open my favorite Camera app straight from Lock Screen, without PIN

    I keep losing Photo/Video opportunities on great moments, for two reasons: My device doesn't let me choose which Camera app to open from Lock Screen's shortcut. (only the native Camera app, which sucks) I must type my PIN to be able to even open the native Camera app. I keep telling myself...
  19. MamaKhan123

    Thread Which is good Add Background Music To Video android app

    If you want to make your memories more beautiful, then make your videos song and add music to your videos. Add audio to video easily with background video app. You can create your own videos with the music video editor. Add background music to video audio video mixer allows you to add any music...
  20. Anima14

    Thread Question S21U jerky Video?

    When using a gimbal, should I turn the Video stabilization off? This is filmed on automatic UHD30 with UW lens. Was I moving too fast? Is S21U dropping frames? Advise highly appreciated, as I got these annoying little jerks spoiling the footage.
  21. J

    Thread GCam Mi8 (4k60 video)

    Hi! I've just installed Lineage OS v17.1 (with Gapps) on my Mi8 (dipper) and the only thing is not excellent is the default camera app so I've tried to install a Gcam on "Gcam hub". The problem is that I want 4k 60 fps video and the only apk with 4k60 that works on my phone is the latest stable...
  22. X

    Thread Slow motion video on LineageOS 17.1

    Hey there! I've got a OnePlus 2 and flashed LineageOS 17.1 on it. Is there a way to record slow motion videos on this? I've read about possibly flashing camera ports from the original OxygenOS camera, but I don't really know where to start (which version, and where do I find it?) Thank you...
  23. R

    Thread TWS Causes Laggy and No Sound Video

    Hi, first of all my device is Pocophone f1 running MIUI 12 with Tronsmart Apollo TWS. The problem is whenever I'm not on a call, any media played just fine (video, game, music), but when I'm on a call, any video became slowed and doesn't have sound. Funny thing is, Games work fine, I can hear...
  24. J

    Thread Orange Border around videos played in the browser.

    For some reason, when I play a video in the browser, a orange border shows up around the video. I have all the accessibility options off so I don't know why it is there. Does anybody know how to remove the orange border? I have a picture below. The orange border is near the corners. Device is LG...
  25. J

    Thread Bluetooth audio stops when recording video, how to disable?

    Hi, is there any way in the crappy Xiaomi stock photo app to prevent the phone from stopping music playback while recording a video? As soon as I start recording a video, the music playback via Bluetooth tops instantly, and resumes after the video recording has stopped. Dear Xiaomi engineers...
  26. H

    Thread Swipe to close PIP bug

    When trying to move the PIP window to the right side of the screen, it would close the window. If i try to move to the right just a little, it would bounce back to the left. It would be nice if there is an option to disable swipe to close
  27. D

    Thread Lg G8x Switching camera modes is very slow

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem: opening the Camera is snappy, taking a picture is fast, but if i need to take a quick video of something you can just forget about it, because Switching from Picture to Video is extremely slow, more than 5 second. Is there any way to fix...
  28. caqo71

    Thread Bad performance on Games?

    Hi all, I just want to share an extrange issue. I just got my POCO X3, the only thing that I installed so far is Candy Crush Friends, but I noticed that the performance is terrible. I tested the game either in 60 and 120Hz, and for both the game is so laggy, and the main screen shows...
  29. methuntt

    Thread [App] All in One Video Editor - Join, Cut, Merge, Split etc

    ? All in One Video Editor Pro is Professional Video Editing Tool for Your Daily Needs With Most Useful and Handy Features to Edit Your Video Within Minutes ? ? Features ? ? Easy user interface for creating video in a minute. ? Use local songs to make a video. ? Add music for your local videos...
  30. methuntt

    Thread [App] Video Downloader- Instagram,WhatsApp,TikTok,Fb,Twitter,Like

    ? Want to save your friends' story/status? We are here to make your life easy ? Video Downloader helps you to save WhatsApp status, Instagram Private account stories , Instagram posts, Facebook video and images, TikTok videos, Twitter images and video easily. ⚡️ One click to download all...
  31. M

    Thread Can't share video...

    Hi, I've a problem... I can't share (via w.a. email etc) video files taken with camera (any camera app) of my OP2 running Lineage OS 15.1 Audio and video are non sync and just first few seconds are shared, but just after many minutes of uploading... Same problem via 4G and/or wifi... Any...
  32. X

    Thread [APP] - AN Player - Free MP3 Music, Video & Radio

    If you are looking for an application to listen to music, radio or watch videos from the internet and save bandwidth, then you are in right place. This version is great for limited bandwidth plans and for areas without receptions such as airplanes, trains etc. Features Support Plugins...
  33. E

    Thread [BUG ]Google Photos unable to save edited videos

    Hi I'm using a OnePlus 6T and I'm facing this bug since I've bought it, whenever i try to stabilize a 4K60FPS video in Google Photos the stabilization works fine, but then I'm unable to export it, I tap on "Save Copy" and keep saving it forever without never completing the task. I've tried to...
  34. A

    Thread Awful sound on concerts

    Hi, Yesterday I was at the concert of Cage The Elephant in Berlin (irrelevant, just a weird flex) and unfortunately the mic seems to be really really bad and disappointing. The video is good and I am happy with video performance. Unfortunately, the sound is really awful. See my short clip here...
  35. P

    Thread How to record video with x5 zoom camera?

    Hello, I just bought the Mi Note 10 because I thought it could record x5 zoom video with the x5 camera. But it is using the x2 camera and it is low quality. Do you know how to use the x5 camera to record video? I'm using MUI 11.0.13 on Android 9. Thank you.
  36. S

    Thread G6 audio not recording while recording video (but records when recording ONLY audio)

    Hi, my LG G6 is not recording audio while recording video, also similar problem when using video chat - eg whats app video chat the audio is muffled and cannot be heard. However, when purely recording audio, or using the phone or whats app to chat my voice can be heard clearly by the other...
  37. Z

    Thread APK's for vieod and music

    Hello, I need yours recommendation a good aplication for music and second for video on my OP 7T ;)
  38. B

    Thread Help why do videos keep freezing/buffering

    Right this has been the only thing that has bugged me with the mate 20 pro the phone constantly buffers/freezes when trying to watch vids either via twitter or youtube. I've a fibre connection 38mbps is it huawei's app settings which are causing it? It's def a WiFi problem as the vids play...
  39. S

    Thread Alexa Echo Show 5, is it possible to open a webcam link by voice?

    Hi to all, is it possible to open on the screen of our Alexa Echo Show 5, a webcam link from outside, webcam world just like: www.skylinewebcams.com using my voice, just like: ALEXA PLEASE OPEN BEACH VIDEO.... or something like that I can do now by Firefox on Alexa but is it a way to do...
  40. V

    Thread Video stabilization in 3rd party apps

    Maybe it's already been discussed, but video stabilization seems to work only in MIUI Camera app which lacks video-centric features and has poor audio compression [fixable via root]. Wish Xiaomi let 3rd party apps utilize this feature for I don't see any reason not to.
  41. N

    Thread Looking for a Video Player App which supports Google Drive

    Hi ladies and lads, i am looking for an App that specializes on playing videos and the ability to access Google Drive. The official Drive App doesn't work out for me - everytime i try to scroll on the timeline of the video, i accidentaly swipe back / forth to the next video, when i swipe back...
  42. M

    Thread is video mode supposed to have slight delay?

    When I switch to video mode and start recording or just looking at screen before I start to record, I dont know how to explain it but i notice a slight delay or lag, like picture is coming late 50-100ms...for example if I move my hand in front of the camera i see its movement delayed. It...
  43. S

    Thread Nokia HMD Camera with working front and back EIS !PORT! TWRP

    Hello everyone, this is my port of Nokia camera, Eis for front and back camera should work on any Aosp based rom... Flash, test and report bugs down in comments :cowboy: :good: Requirements: Rooted Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite with installed Twrp recovery...
  44. M

    Thread Camera quality stock ROM vs Xiaomi EU, Mi-Globe

    I've searched the forum but didn't find anything about the significant difference between stock camera app from stock MIUI ROM and the Xiaomi camera app from other custom ROMs. I saw this difference with my older phones too (running MIUI or other LOS based ROMS), but never really used Xiaomi...
  45. R

    Thread Why there isn't videos from Mi 9 SE rooting or ROM instalation?

    I have rooted my phones since I was 14 (22 now) haha. But I worry about bricking any new phone on first rooting try. There's a lot of info and videos about MI 9, but not for MI 9 SE and that's a little disappointing, its almot half a year since relased. Can someone upload a video with his Mi 9...
  46. V

    Thread UI choppy, laggy and dropping UI frames when a video is playing (e.g. in YouTube)

    I have version 161 and it's very laggy and choppy whenever video is playing. It seems to me that if the video is playing in background, as when you cover the video with the notification drawer or an app like Facebook Messenger, you get this very choppy UI and a lot of frames are dropped...
  47. S

    Thread Overheating?

    My phone is overheating when taking 4K for any reasonable length of time 4K video was the primary reason I bought the phone, and it appears it can't shoot 4K for any reasonable length of time. 21 mins is the longest recording time in 4K that I have got, but that was from a cold start. On a...
  48. S

    Thread Can't play back slow motion videos in slow motion or edit the slow motion start/end

    Hi, When I view a slow mo video I just took in the camera, I am asked which player to use. There doesn't seem to be a Mi player option. I may have removed this option when I was debloating the phone, but I'm not sure if this is the case. There is the option to choose Google Photos, which plays...
  49. aktap

    Thread Video recording 'issue'

    Hi All! I have a strange issue when i recording a video with my OP6. The file size is very big in 720P, 1080P and 1080P 60fps. I attached 5 screenshot from 5 different recording mode. 720P, 1080P, 1080P 60fps, 4K and 4K 60fps. I have stock OOS 9.0.5 on rooted phone. Its that a bug or...
  50. B

    Thread Which one GCam is the best for now for One Plus 6?

    I'm not happy with stock camera so i think about install GCam but i don't know which version is the best for OP6. I have OOS v.9.0.5 if it's important.