vivo x90 pro plus

  1. Tobi2510

    Thread Question Pair Galaxy watch 6 classic With vivo x90 pro +

    Hi ! i have a question about the galaxy watch 6 classic and the vivo x90 pro +. is there a way to connect the watch to the vivo or do you have to wait for an update from samsung health before the galaxy watch 6 is officially supported? I can pair them via wear os and can also find them in...
  2. P

    Thread Question X90 Pro Plus Network Issues?

    Just wondering if anyone else might have had this issue I'm having and if there is any fix or work around for this. So I imported a Vivo X90 Pro Plus China variant and am currently using it in the US. I originally was using Verizon on it but was having network issues. Would work for a week or so...
  3. C

    Thread Question Google Photo and Google apps notifications

    I miss having notifications like Google Photo memories notification, YouTube notifications, Facebook notifications and etc like my previous phone, I have turned on everything but still don't get any notification, what's the solution? Thanks in advance 👍
  4. jericho246

    Thread General Let's see some pictures taken by your X90 Pro+ !

    I guess I'll start with some pictures I've taken. My first pic with this phone. Zeiss Natural Color was OFF here. Zoom test. I think this was around 25-35x zoom. "Sports mode" test. Colors are wonky, but still impressive. Low light test And a few more: