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  1. 典LUCIFER典

    Thread Question Any one did Iqoo 7 Update?

    Any one updated to PD2055F_EX_A_1.73.1 . How is the update.?
  2. Denu228

    Thread Notifications working intermittently ?

    So i have a Vivo Nex 3 5G China model on Origin OS great phone etc but im having notification anomalies I know that on android good chunk of notificaitons are managed by play services However thats the thing for some reasons all notifications randomly die for a few hours and then magically...
  3. HanCCC

    Thread Get location info return TaskCancelException with VivoV2050

    I am encountering a problem is that the system will throw the TaskCancelException back when I am trying to get the location info. At the time, I try to open Google map(someone answered it can be solved by opening Google map) without connecting to Internet, and go back to APP to try again to get...
  4. RBGMX

    Thread How to root vivo y91i (vivo 1820)

    I want to know if i can root my device. I saw some guides on the internet but they seem questionable and i dont want to end up with a dead brick as this is my only phone for now.
  5. W

    Thread Question Vivo Charger in EU? (Flash Charge 2.0)

    Hi, I purchased a Vivo V21 in Asia but unfortunately I'm unable to find a charger taking "Flash Charge 2.0 33w" here in Europe. Any ideas?
  6. K

    Thread My Rom Zip File Isn't Signed Can Anyone help me?

    Hi... I just download ota zip upgrade for vivo v5 @ 1601 on official vivo website.i have edited the updater-script and now its not signed Can anyone help me sign this ota zip flash file?Please i really need help.Because i dont have laptop / PC's to do that Any help will be appreciated🙏🙏🙏...
  7. atikuzzaman_azad

    Thread GCam doesn't run when opening 2nd time

    I've Downloaded a google camera 5.1 version on my Vivo y71. But it only works for the first time after installing. From the second time it shows an interface like the picture below and doesn't work. Maybe there is some way which can run the application every time. Please help.
  8. C

    Thread Vivo pd1945f TWRP

    Hello, can someone give me vivo pd1945f twrp.img to intsall TWRP on my device pls?
  9. S

    Thread Question Google contacts not syncing

    Hi Guys, i got my x60pro+ yesterday, updated it to the latest PD2056_A_1.13.7, and i cant have my contact synced to the device. in my google account sync settings, i dont have an option to sync contacts. nor the google contacts app shows any contact. i checked through the system apps, and i...
  10. K

    Thread Vivo Y70 Bootloader/TWRP/Custom ROM ?

    Hello everyone ! I just got a Vivo Y70 and I wanted to try to install other OS on it. But I don't seem to find anything for this model. Isn't there really not much thing for this device ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Eric-Mod

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Google Account Syncing not working using Mobile Data

    Hey folks, just got my X60 Pro+ from china. This is a really nice device, really like it so far. But I'm having trouble when setting up my Google Account, I can't seem to sync them using mobile data. Turning my WiFi on, it syncs my EMails automatically and so on. I really searched the entire...
  12. adhd92

    Thread Question Anyway to remove bloatware on Funtouch OS11 ?

    Funtouch OS 11 has considerable improvements. However, I would like to remove some of the bloatware. Tutorials I found do not work. Anyone know?
  13. fhulgzz

    Thread Request: Vivo V11i Auth file & DA for SP Flash tool

    Hi, my Vivo V11i shutdown when opening games and camera. This happen after the OTA update version 8.8.14. I want to downgrade it using SP Flash Tool but I can't find the Auth file. Please share your auth file and DA for vivo v11i.. Thanks in advance.
  14. simowL

    Thread How to capture mobile screen via OBS

    Hello guy, I've been looking for an adapter which has WLAN+HDMI ports to connect to my capture card and record my gameplay in fullHD. The issue is that all the USB C adapters of this type gives me a black screen, even if the USB and WLAN work. I tried about 10 of them that I bought via Amazon...
  15. W

    Thread Hi-fi DAC compatibility issue with Poweramp, please help

    I have a Nex 3S 5g. Vivo phones since android 10 got rid of system audio effects and is messing up the hi-res compatibility with Poweramp. In Poweramp, hi-fi mode turns on automatically only through OpenSL and AudioTrack outputs, however that locks the audio at 16 bit 48 khz which isn't what I...
  16. Arjüñ00n

    Thread Root vivo u10

    I want to root my vivo u10 But I can't find any tutorial for that So anyone can help please ?
  17. Arjüñ00n

    Thread Root vivo u10

    Hello I try to search on everywhere but didn't find anything for root vivo u10 Anyone can help Thank you
  18. G

    Thread Root vivo y20 ( v2027)

    Can anyone help me with rooting vivo y20 (v2027)
  19. G

    Thread Vivo y20 (vivo v2027)

    I own a vivo y20 also known as vivo v2027, I want to root the phone. But to my utter sorrow, I couldn't find anything or anyone to help me. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  20. Ht3tzN4ing

    Thread [App] zFont 3 - Custom Font Installer [No ROOT]

    You can change the custom font style on Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, and Inifinix without ROOT. ✅ SAMSUNG supported versions - KitKat and below - Lollipop (5.0 to 5.1.1) - Marshmallow (6.0 to 6.0.1) - Nougat (7.0 to 7.1.2) - Oreo & upper (8.0++) - Pie (9.0) OneUI -...
  21. bickey.jaiswal

    Thread Unlocking bootloader of vivo y12

    I have enabled oem unlock and usb debug from settings. I am using vivo fastboot tool. And after entering fastboot menu, I tried the code fastboot bbk unlock_vivo. C:\Users\dell\Desktop\vivo_fastboot_for_windows>fastboot devices MNFM7PSSGM75SKBY fastboot...
  22. K

    Thread How to get Google call and message apps to replace stock apps on android 8.1.0.

    I have a vivo 1724. not able to install google call app as the default vivo app is dumb. when i download the message app by google the whole messages features get blocked and im not able to access my messages at all . I am not sure if i should download random apks as it is a call app and i want...
  23. S

    Thread Bootloader unlocked in Vivo U20, no TWRP or Custom ROM available.

    I recently saw that there was an option to unlock the bootloader on my Vivo U20 in the developer options. I was wondering if this was due to a recent update was wanted to know if there were any custom recovery or custom roms which i could install on my device.
  24. A

    Thread Root the NEX S

    Hello, I am trying to root my VIVO NEX S on Android 10 (PD1805F_EX_A_8.12.0), so i can be able to install this tweek : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/screen2auto-new-app-for-aa-smartphone-mirroring-only-for-root-devices.4062787/ My question : is there any way to root my device ? and how ...
  25. P

    Thread Vivo X50 Pro+ User Review

    After nearly one month of use, I decided to write an initial review of Vivo X50 Pro+. The main reason is that Vivo as a part of the Chinese BBK Electronic concern is the least known brand in the west, and I believe unjustifiably. There are three brands under BBK - Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus. While...
  26. D

    Thread Does Fun touch OS have a feature similar to Huawei's fingerprint based multi user

    Hi, I've never had a vivo phone before and I'm considering trying it out coming from a Huawei Mate 20 pro. One feature that I liked the most from my current phone is the fingerprint based users where you can setup one user per fingerprint. This is useful to have that allows me to have a work...
  27. E

    Thread [Vivo][App] Wallpapers for Vivo V17 Series

    A complete new collection of best wallpapers in this app absolutly for your latest phone, features quality resolution and branded stock wallpapers collection, give you a wide choice to select your favorite wallpaper from this collection. Wallpapers for Vivo V17 app is free for all android phone...
  28. E

    Thread [APP][WALLPAPER][THEMES] HD Vivo S1 Wallpapers/Themes Apk

    A collection of best wallpapers in this app, features quality resolution and branded stock wallpapers collection, give you a wide choice to select your favorite wallpaper from this collection. Wallpapers for Vivo S1 app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen...
  29. S

    Thread No interest in Vivo Z1 pro?

    I don't see the device forum for Vivo Z1 pro. Are devs not interested in this device. I feel the device is great in its price range. Let me know, will there ever be some development for it and will there will any device forum for this?
  30. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] 4K Ultra HD Wallpapers?? v1.0

    http://bit.ly/2Fxiio0 4K Ultra HD Wallpapers app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen types ?18.5:9, 19:9 full view display, infinity displays, all images...
  31. C

    Thread Vivo Y93 (Mediatek)

    first, sorry for my bad english. i am looking for a thread for vivo y93, but there is nothing and i have proposed it on ** New Device Forum Requests *** second, I tried to get root for Vivo y93. but like in other threads, it is stuck on the unlock bootloader. for reference I've tried several...
  32. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] HD Vivo Y12 Wallpapers APP

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallapps.hd.vivo.y12.wallpapers ?HD Vivo Y12 Wallpapers? app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen types ?18.5:9...
  33. husen4u

    Thread Vivo V11 Pro Pie Update?

    Anyone have any idea when we will get pie update? Vivo announced that we will get pie update on second week of march now its third week of April. Today we get some minor update of 94MB. i have read somewhere that we will get update on around june. If you guys know anything so share here.
  34. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] HD Vivo X27 Wallpapers v 1.0

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallapps.hdvivo27.wallpapers Stock and original vivo x27 wallpapers for all android phone, quality images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application contains all best collected wallpaper images for...
  35. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] HD Vivo V15 Pro Wallpapers V 1.0

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallapps.hd.vivo.v15.wallpapers Stock and custom vivo v15 pro wallpapers for all android phone, quality images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application contains all best collected wallpaper images...
  36. leffep

    Thread [Q] Cellular data on X21 plus ?

    Hi, my new X21 plus only give me G2 connection ! The wifi seems to be Ok. How to config to G4 ? In the right top of main screen is 4G mark :confused:
  37. V

    Thread Group Links for Vivo V11 Pro in Instant Messengers

    Please Share the Commonly used group links in the reply of any existing or newly created group for the Vivo V11 Pro in Whatsapp Messenger , Hike Messenger, Telegram Messenger, Facebook.
  38. N

    Thread Easier way to Flash, Upgrade to voLTE, Downgrade Vivo Y51/Y51L & Y21L (No Bootloops)

    Easier way to Flash, Upgrade to voLTE, Downgrade Vivo Y51/Y51L & Y21L (No Bootloops) Hey guys, what's going on Have you ever tried to upgrade Vivo Y51L to get volte feature & got bootloop ? instead, then this is for you.. On our old firmware, the bootloader is unlockable, but with a...
  39. R

    Thread Camera Portrait Depth Effect - China VS International version

    I have both the International (HK, India, Russia) and Chinese editions and i am seeing differences with the portrait depth effect. On the international version it seams to be disabled. Specifically, when you take portrait photo and then adjust the bokeh effect, 1. there is no bokeh and 2. the...
  40. B

    Thread [ROM] Vivo NEX Global ROM 1.7.18 (service split)

    Vivo NEX Service images, Global version. NO FLASH TOOLS INCLUDED! What kind of software can flash this, i don`t know, some files are related to flash using QFIL, batch file to flash using fastboot is included(but there is no way to unlock bootloader for now) Download it here...
  41. R

    Thread IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING NOTIFICATIONS on your Chinese NEX S, do this

    I know that there are many posts that cover some of this, but I felt that if anyone just went through what I did, this may help consolidate the research and results. I was 5 minutes away from putting my Nex up on swappa as alerts from apps were completely hit or miss. So, if you are not...
  42. vvvvv5

    Thread Petition for vivo to release sourcecode

    https://www.change.org/p/vivo-obtain-vivo-smartphone-source-code?recruiter=892302849&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition Above is the link for a petition asking vivo to release sourcecode. They are stubborn about not releasing sourcecode, let's push them to...
  43. G

    Thread Vivo Nex vs Oppo Find X

    So now that the Oppo Find X is out, which phone do you think is the "bezel-less" king? I actually prefer the Nex. The Find X looks better, but it only has the camera to unlock, and given the amount of times I unlock the phone a day, I don't trust the mechanism. You also need to popup for the...
  44. sd_shadow

    Thread [Help Thread][Vivo Nex] Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly (2018)

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to Vivo Nex Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help. Noob questions are welcomed. It is always best to use the Thanks button , in lieu of simply posting "Thank you". Please keep discussion...
  45. N

    Thread How to fix Invalid IMEI MEID/Change IMEI/fix qcn on Vivo Y51L (Network Issues) ?

    Warning !!!! Don’t curse me if you end up with a paperweight ! Well, You tried to flash your phone ? Wow flashed your Vivo at home, that’s amazing.:D but you loosed :( all IMEI & SN data causing network issues, don’t panic dude, i’m always here to help you:).:cool: In this guide, I’m going...
  46. llamasking

    Thread Any way to flash official Marshmallow to BLU Vivo 5 with root?

    I rooted my BLU Vivo 5 and want to get the Marshmallow update. Is there any way to do this?
  47. B

    Thread [Q]Need help for Unlocking bootloader/ Rooting MTK 6582 Vivo Y28

    Hello all :) :) I need your help :confused: I am not able to find any way to root my device. I've tried using KingRoot, it failed to root it. I guess it's because of some bootloader issue. My device's bootloader is locked. I am not familiar with these things I've tried searching over the...
  48. K

    Thread [ROOT][HOW TO] Going from Stock Lollipop to marshmallow official and root it!!!

    I see there are some people wondering how to get the marshmallow update from lollipop I was on stock lollipop rooted and running xposed, everything was perfect, in order to get marshmallow update and root it I did this Flashed stock rom using the repair rom found here in xda using sp flash...
  49. W

    Thread No boot and no charge

    If someone could help me, I'd be very very gracious. I have a Blu Vivo XL and I know this wont get answered over in that forum. The phone was randomly "Optimising Apps" as it does on boot up this morning, not too abnornal. It finnished about 130 apps, then when I saw "Android is starting..."...
  50. A

    Thread How to Change WIFI mode ASIA-US to EU - Very Poor performance 2.4ghz modems

    Hi, I have Vivo Xplay 5A phone (snapdragon 652) and in my country modems 2.4ghz. When connect wireless connection speed under 1.5mbit. How to change Wifi mode ASIA-US to EU mode. Please help me. I cant find Engineering (not developer mode) mode for this phone. Please check attachment for result