1. A

    Thread MBN files request for OP 7T Pro 5G McLaren from Tmo

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone that has a Tmo variant and a rooted device that can help me to get the MBN files from this device, I managed, in the past, to change the modem configuration with the PDC tool to get VoLTE (I live in Mexico), but since I updated my phone some days ago to...
  2. mastershing18

    Thread Asu Zenfone 3 Max 5.5 {ZC553KL}

    How can i enable volte in oreo 8.1.0 im not rooted version 15.0200.1812.503
  3. D

    Thread 4G Calling/VoLTE and Wifi Calling stop working after moving between cell towers

    After a phone restart, VoLTE/4G Calling and Wifi Calling work for a short period, then stops working, usually after moving around between mobile towers and/or wifi hotspots. I find it happens whenever the device loses mobile signal, or when the device flips down to 3g and then back to 4g, 4g...
  4. T

    Thread Question Rog Phone 5 VOLTE

    Hi I'm trying to use volte on Rog 5 but having no luck. I'm based in the UK on the EE Network. I've activated advanced LTE calling in settings, which is VOLTE, I've restarted the device, taken the SIM out and put back in, but volte still isn't working :( I've used the same SIM in my Huawei and...
  5. E

    Thread USA AT&T VOLTE on G965F Exynos?

    I was hoping to avoid the 3G shutdown by going back to stock but it seems it still does not work. Is there any method of making this happen?
  6. Z

    Thread Help me!!! My razr hit the shield

    Hi, this is Korea. I want to use the Volte option with my razr. For that, I need to modify the EFS for adding the value of the Korean telecommunication company. But the problem is this. Rooting can't make the RW mount in the system. So I can't modify build.prop and enter diag mode. What could be...
  7. M

    Thread [GUIDE] VoLTE & VoWIFI on Oneplus 8 PRO

    Hi, I've recently upgraded my phone from version to and after upgrade all my modem configs were reverted to the default ones. I was not able to use VoLTE & VoWIFI as before. Previous guides to run PDC tool didn't want to work on my unit, but after several hours, I've managed...
  8. T

    Thread Caller shown as "Unknown" or "Anonymous"

    So the title pretty much states the problem. After the last update of MIUI 12, my Redmi Note 7 went crazy. All of the calls that I get (incoming) are shown as "Unknown number" or "Anonymous". Even if I have that number saved in my address book, it just doesn't decode it. Another problem which...
  9. grooya79

    Thread android 10 ,leatest update

    Cant use VoLTE ,just activated via provider please someone help was just using odin for updates,nothing custom the VoLTE option is missing in settings
  10. V

    Thread [Guide] VoLTE/VoWiFi/ViLTE/EVS HD+ codec [no root] latest OOS

    To be safe, make a backup via TRWP of your EFS partition BEFORE you flash anything! If you're not rooted, do a nandroid backup via fastboot Steps: 1) Set your stock dialer app as default 2) Download and install “Logkit+v1.0.apk” 3) Open dialer app and enter *#800# Scroll down to...
  11. bountyman334

    Thread [Android 10] VoLTE &{maybe}VoWiFi On GSI! Also Dolby Atmos

    #include /* * Your warranty is now void. Not really...There are options * * I am not responsible for bricked device. You shouldn't brick.. **But You Know..Humans are stupids sometimes...Not My fault... - 1st -Assuming you're on GSI Rom and its booted up & Have Root.OF any kind. {Magisk/SU}...
  12. vladvlad12

    Thread [Guide]Activate VoLTE/VoWiFi OOS 11(OB1&OB2)

    Hi everyone. /* * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X, * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if * you...
  13. B

    Thread Implementing volte in custom rom, if device hardware supports volte?

    So, my devices "stock firmware" supports VoLTE (android 6). Most of the ROMs that i have seen for my device (android 7.1 based) dosen't support VoLTE. After some digging in the internet, i found out that IMS is VoLTE and VoWIFI. So i copy-pasted the apks that have "IMS" in front of them ,from my...
  14. A

    Thread What is the best ROM for Moto One Power with VOLTE support?

    I want to install a custom ROM on my MOP, leaning towards ARROW OS and AOSPExtended ROMs. Which one offers better stability and working VoLTE?
  15. R

    Thread Zenfone 7 Pro CellBand USA Compatibility

    ATT will ONLY work upto 3g. You will see an H on top the signal bar which indicates a Enhanced 3g speed also know as HSPA speed connection. I have tried 2 new sim cards. I have tried several APN's I have tried all updates and a reset. No 4G and no 5G on ATT. Unless someone can tell me something...
  16. G

    Thread Mi A1 VoLTE and VoWifi Codec problems/Change MBN in PDC

    Hi all, I managed to get VoLTE working on the latest stock rom making some changes to the build.prop. Unfortunately it has problems negotiating the correct codec with my carrier O2/Telefonica Germany, so the caller sounds like a robot. (see...
  17. A

    Thread How to enable VoLTE/VoWiFi on unsupported carriers?

    I had tried volte_pixel_4 for Pixel 4: switches are available and work, but no registering in ims Anybody have success story?
  18. S

    Thread HD1907 Factory Unlocked, how to VOLTE?

    Hello, I bought the factory unlocked HD1907 in Amazon, but no matter how hard I try, the volte cannot be enabled, and my service provider uses the volte network to provide all its services Does anyone know how to activate it? PDC tool posts do not work Is there any way to change that? or...
  19. eldraco19

    Thread [ROM][VoLTE][Android 11][Unofficial] crDroid 7.0 [CPH1859/CPH1861]

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  20. S

    Thread How to enable VoLTE for LG V50 (Korean U+)

    How to enable VoLTE on the korean U+? I've checked with my carrier and they confirmed that VoLTE service is active on my SIM. However I can't find any option to enable VoLTE in phone settings. I've only seen a VoLTE call quality option in phone settings - not sure if this means that it's already...
  21. jamshadinho

    Thread Is it possible to enable volte in xperia 5 in india?

    You may have to verify with your carrier if they support volte on the Xperia 1 & 5 at all? if so, then then it may be a question of getting the firmware for your country/region flashed to the phone(s).
  22. S

    Thread T-Mobile Oppression. Help me keep my phone?

    I have a Stock Motorola Z2 Play. My carrier keeps sending me messages saying it's going to be obsolete in January because of T-mobile VoLTE network upgrades. I have been wanting this phone for years and finally pulled the trigger in March. Is there anything I can do to be able to make my...
  23. M

    Thread No VoLTE/WiFi Calling SM-N950F

    Hi, I have a Note 8 New Zealand version bought from Spark When a Spark SIM is inserted to the phone, the VoLTE option pops up as a toggle under Mobile Settings. When I plug in a Vodafone SIM in it, the option disappears. All functionalities are present except that. I've tried installing the...
  24. M

    Thread ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    I posted this ? on reddit as well; however, this device is on its last legs so there's not much interest for it. I've gotten some good answers here and there on this website, but a dedicated thread to gather all the good info might be more helpful. I still use my AT&T H910 as I don't really do...
  25. J

    Thread How to enable VoLTE or how to tell if it is using VoLTE?

    I just got the Pixel 4a and I'm trying to figure out if it is using VoLTE for calls. I am still on android 10 and my carrier is Red Pocket over the verizon network. I chatted with Red Pocket customer service and they said that they enabled VoLTE on my line.
  26. S

    Thread Lg G2 D800 volte (Voice over LTE)

    So T-mobile and AT&T are planning to stop supporting any device that does not have VOLTE capabilities by 1/2021. I have a couple of Unlocked D800 (ATT Version). Anyone know if its possible to activate VOLTE? When I go into the hidden menu and i tried to enable VOLTE, it says something like...
  27. N

    Thread Which phones have working VOLTE?

    I'm having to struggle to find which phone has working volte with lineage. Each model has to be looked up individually and the rom thread found. Sometimes they don't even say. Considering the cutoff on all major US carriers it would be really nice to have a list. Let's start one. What phone do...
  28. N

    Thread Custom rom apocalypse. T-Mobile phones that have volte and can be flashed?

    Pulling my hair out. I'm on T-Mobile and my phone will go out at the end of the year. The only list of working phones I found was here: http://www.spectrumgateway.com/compatible-phones It's old and has no mention of custom rom support, all phones have built in battery and possibly no SD card...
  29. B

    Thread Those on Stock DBT CSC Does These Features Work?

    To those who have the Exynos version with stock DBT CSC, do you have the following settings on your phone? Do these status show on your Status bar when active? 1. VoLTE 2. WiFi Calling 3. Up/down Speed Status 4. 5G in DATA option on both SIM slots (when selected)
  30. SGH-i200

    Thread How to find a XML in the Pixel Factory Image?

    How do I find out where in the "Pixel Factory Image" the following XML file is located? /data/user_de/0/com.android.phone/files/carrierconfig-com.android.carrierconfig-[...].xml The parameters included in this XML file is documented here...
  31. D

    Thread Efstools for volte

    Hey all, I came across this method: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/enable-vowifi-and-volte-after-update-oneplus-5t-to-android-10.1252067/ I was wondering if anyone in OP7P had tried and it worked for them?
  32. mingkee

    Thread VoLTE support with T-Mobile

    According to spec, it has all 5G bands with T-Mobile. My guess is it will work. Hope it won't be messy like One Hyper
  33. M

    Thread Airtel Volte (Indian carrier) working with this phone?

    Hey guys, i am looking forward to buy this phone. However i read some comments and reviews mentioning the problem users with Airtel are facing. Many people said that this phone doesnt support volte from airtel. If any of you has bought it, please shed some light on it. Is it a software bug which...
  34. T

    Thread Sprint VoLTE

    I just switched to Sprint today after having my Pixel XL on T-Mobile since launch. On Sprint I am not able to get VoLTE working. Has anyone got it working on Sprint? Also I noticed that in Mobile Network settings alot of options have disappeared like being able to manually scan for carriers. I...
  35. B

    Thread Volte and vowifi

    Hello guys i have a rezlme 5 pro european version unlocked rooted and my carier support vowifi an volte the sim card worksbon others devicesblike my p40pro xiaomi blackshark and even a samsung j5 pro but in realme it wont i installed magisk module and the toggles appears and enabled them but...
  36. jimmy123322

    Thread [GUIDE]Enable VoLTE on any custom ROM with any Carrier

    The following guide is my 4pda.ru article translated into English I’ll tell you how I activated VoLTE on Oneplus 7 Pro. I checked it on the Pixel Experience ROM. What is needed: 1. The ability to read carefully. 2. Follow the instructions. 3. PC. 4. Unlocked bootloader. Now, the instruction...
  37. jimmy123322

    Thread [GUIDE]Activate VoLTE and VoWIFI - Simple and clear

    Yes, yes, I know that this is not the first thread with activation VoLTE and VoWIFI. But my thread will be more convenient and easier to understand. OnePlus devices support all the most modern services that are offered to their subscribers by mobile operators around the world. To enable and...
  38. B

    Thread Broken VoLTE on Sprint, is this working for anyone else?

    I got a Note9 on Sprint and my wife a S10, and seems the last update broke VoLTE. When you turn it on, you can make calls and hear the other person but the microphone is not picking up your voice. It's the same for her S10 and my note9. Same if you use a bluetooth headset so seems to be a system...
  39. Z

    Thread Verizon VOLTE has stopped on my phone ONLY

    Hello, We have three PH-1's the all used to work with Verizon VoLTE but now, MY phone does not. I use the sequence *#*#4636#*#* and I see SIM provisioning for VoLTE is OFF. However, if I swap SIM cards, MY SIM card works fine in the other phones and VoLTE works! So... it's a phone issue. Not...
  40. hackiee

    Thread Weird Network related issue. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

    I have been facing a weird issue for a while, in my rn3 snapdragon, when i try to call to some of the numbers. from my jio network the call never connects, i.e. it ends instantly. I am able to call other nos. from my jio sim, so i guess volte is working fine, idk.:confused: I think its some...
  41. P

    Thread Enable VoWifi+VoLTE on Oneplus 7T PRO

    Hi guys, this is not my original work, but it was hard to find for our device, so i experimented with the guides available for the oneplus 7 pro and the following woks perfectly. The reason i tried to find this is that most guides rnabled the VoLTE and VoWifi switches but only Volte worked this...
  42. M

    Thread Verizon VoLTE NOT Working

    So I'm on the latest pixeldust and everything is fine except I noticed data cuts off while I'm on a call. Any ideas xda family?
  43. D

    Thread Load another PDC .mbn profile

    Hello all, I am trying to see if there is a way to load a .mbn file to get volte and vowifi working.... At the moment out vendor partition has nothing for canadian carriers and when I try to load any profile using the PDC app it doesn't really seem to do anything. Anyone done something...
  44. H

    Thread Jio Volte guide for custom roms on Oneplus 3/3T - 100% working

    I found the solution after weeks of searching and experimenting. I struggled with my jio volte calling not working on Android 10 custom rom for a long long time. But finally solved. Follow the following steps, the whole idea behind the following procedure is to retain the stock OOS Firmware and...
  45. P

    Thread Unreliable Fingerprint sensor and VoLTE issues on Official Android Pie upgrade

    Wonder why is this not yet raised while all devices I have tested has the same critical issues of unreliable Fingerprint sensor and VoLTE as below: 1. Fingerprint sensor randomly stops responding for several seconds when an app or phone needs to authenticate. Sensor itself is working as other...
  46. S

    Thread Mbn Files from Pixel 4 Request

    As title states, I am looking for the mbn files from the pixel 4. I downloaded the modem partition and could not seem to extract it and thought someone that owns a pixel 4 might have better luck than me. Thanks! The directory might be "/vendor/rfs/msm/mpss/readonly/vendor/mbn/mcfg_sw/" but I...
  47. P

    Thread Full-Port Switch Modem Config (VoLTE enabling)

    Has anyone managed to enable the Full-Port Switch on a Realme Device yet? This is needed to configure the LTE Modem to enable a matching carrier profile that supports VoLTE. I have the Qualcomm QPST PDC programm and know how to do it on a Oneplus device. But I can't enable serial mode and the...
  48. P

    Thread To make toll free numbers, i have to turn off volte, Airtel

    Hi , I am making calls to every one via volte in airtel, India. But, when i have to dial toll free numbers (starting with 1800..), i could not connect via volte. I turned volte off and redial then it connects. It is happening with me since i bought the phone. Do other users also facing same issue?
  49. wtx1033

    Thread [Q] D855 VoLTE support

    Does D855 variant support VoLTE by default? If not, is there a way?
  50. tanel545

    Thread [Guide] Turn on VoLTE and VoWiFi for OnePlus devices on Estonian carrier Telia.

    First off this guide is not for the faint of heart and I'm not responsible for any bricked or broken devices. ;) So in the recent days Telia has decided to switch on VoLTE and VoWiFi on the server side for OnePlus devices. Right now there isn't an official way to get it. Follow my instructions...