1. A

    Thread How To Guide How to activate Volte/ WLAN Calling

    Download The prerequisites Apps - Settings Database Editor Activity Launcher 🌐 Download ADB Support - Need to have volte support on your carrier. Need to have volte activated on your sim by your carrier. - try the sim on another divide and see if volte works. Steps - Open...
  2. ersin3381

    Thread Enabling VoWifi in Redmi Note 5A Prime

    I'm getting this screen when I use app installed from Google play for enabling hidden vowifi. My carrier supports volte and wowifi. How can I enable it? Already tried all dial codes. (I get volte using dial codes but i can't get vowifi.)

    Thread Service menu apk

    Since the korean version doesn't have the #*462633*#100# full version of that apk, would it be possible to grab it from an other lg wing and just install it?
  4. M

    Thread My experience of buying a Verizon-locked G8 for use in India

    The background to this story is that i first bought an unlocked G8 back in Dec '20, and found to my dismay that VoLTE and VoWiFi wouldn't work on it in India. It took months of research before i finally figured out the perfect solution, one that involved modifying files in prod/OP and also...
  5. Samueldw

    Thread [GUIDE] VoLTE & VoWIFI Xiaomi phone

    Hi all, I would like to write a short instruction about getting VoLTE and VoWIFI to work on a Xiaomi device. I'm using a Poco F2 Pro with LineageOS, but it has mainly to do with the modem in your device, so it might work for other devices and ROMs as well. If you use a different ROM, the way...
  6. omar302

    Thread How To Guide Enable VoLTE and VoWifi on OOS 13 without root

    Thanks to @caracciola for posting this on the OnePlus 7 Pro forum (link to original guide), the same guide worked on my OnePlus 9 Pro (EU - LE2123 - F75 update) to enable VoWifi (wifi Calling). I am just rewording the steps here to make them clearer for me: Note 1: If you have 2 sims, disable...
  7. R

    Thread [AOD] [DEX] [VOLTE] [S22] [OneUI 5.1] [AROMA] Feather Project for A20

    FEATHER PROJECT I am not responsible for any kind of damage and or harm caused to your device by using this rom. I assume you may know the risks of proceeding. Index: OneUI 4: |--> Galaxy S10e port for A20 Click here discontinued OneUI 5 |--> Galaxy S22 port for A20 Click here...
  8. viper.

    Thread How To Guide VoWiFi and VoLTE (no root required)

    This guide will show you how to enable VoWIFI/VoLTE on Xperia 5 IV phones without rooting /unlocking bootloader. Tested on XQ-CQ62 (US model ) , Tmobile mvno (ultra mobile). Currently it works even after restart for me but apparently after each restart it should stop working and you would have...
  9. B

    Thread Does the S10lite(snapdragon) support EVS codec?

    easy check is to download Device Info HW and look at the CODECS submeny for anything like OMX.qcom.evs OMX.google.evs c2.android.evs
  10. Vortuks

    Thread [MOD]MagiskModule - VoLTE & VoWifi & 5G in unsupported countries | Pixel 4a 5G & 5 & 5a

    Introduction I would like to share a magisk module, which: - enables 5G, - enables VoLTE, - enables VoWiFi, - loads MBNs properly after loosing connection with network provider, - does not enforce 5G. Module is created by me, latest release always in first post. How to install 1.) Download...
  11. 21prods

    Thread Enable VoLTE and VoWiFi on OnePlus 8T on a Custom ROM (LOS 20 / Android 13 - OOS13)(KB2003_11_F.15)

    Enable VoLTE and VoWiFi on OnePlus 8T on a Custom ROM (LOS 20 / Android 13 - OOS13) This guide is made for those people who, like me, find themselves not being able to make use of VoLTE or VoWiFi, even though these options are enabled in LOS 20. This guide will help you unlock VoLTE and VoWifi...
  12. tberma

    Thread I Need Help in Investigating the Effect of Custom Kernel on VoLTE and Overcoming Internal Storage and Bootlooping Issues on an Honor 6X device

    After several months of attempting to resolve an issue with Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) on my device, I have determined that the problem is caused by the use of a custom, non-device-specific kernel. I have found that only the stock kernel is able to successfully make and receive...
  13. arthur.acastro

    Thread Question VoLTE and VoWiFi - OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

    Is there any user of the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G facing VoLTE / VoWiFi issue or is it just me?! Issue: VoLTE and VoWiFi toggle switches doesn't show on the mobile network menu. So I can't turn it on. OS: Oxygen OS 12.1 Building number: IV2201_11_C.09 1. I already checked with my carriers and...
  14. S

    Thread Question editing a file /priv-app/imsservice/imsservice.apk for adding a profile IMS For VoLTE

    some background, I am after thorough tests on the topic of how it works VoLTE and VoWiFi And what causes it to be activated in some providers and in some not. The source from which I drew all a lot of information was: https://volteromania.blogspot.com/p/samsung-voltevowifi-settings.html?m=1...
  15. Vortuks

    Thread [CLOSED][GUIDE] Enable VoLTE and VoWiFi on Pixel 5

    Mod edit: Thread closed due to the below linked subject matter related thread! Oswald Boelcke, Senior Moderator Hello everyone, here's a magisk module which enables VoLTE & VoWiFi & 5G: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mod-magiskmodule-volte-vowifi-5g-in-unsupported-countries.4547909/ Old...
  16. M

    Thread OnePlus 6 - How to enable VoLTE for Fastweb/TIM (Italy) ?

    I'm trying to understand how to enable VoLTE on my device, especially considering the recent 3G shutdown in Italy. My carrier (Fastweb) is an MVNO that uses the TIM network. Obviously, the device is not listed as supported by the carrier https://www.fastweb.it/area-clienti-aziende/volte/ and...
  17. Z

    Thread Question Pixel 7 in Poland

    Hi. Does anyone have volte/vowifi/5g working in Poland? Preferably with Plus carrier?
  18. vbv.nyk

    Thread How to make calls without volte

    To fellow custom rom users.. how do you call others without volte?
  19. E

    Thread XZ1 Compact - MetroPCS VoLTE + Latest Pie + Fingerprint + Wi-Fi Calling Step by Step Guide

    Overview: This guide provides step-by-step instructions for flashing any existing Sony stock rom Android 8 or 9 to the latest Sony stock ROM Android 9 Build v47.2.A.11.228 for use on the MetroPCS network. The finalized flash is a hybrid of Sony UK v47.2.A.11.228-R2C for fingerprint sensor...
  20. rrhhuutt

    Thread LG G8 AT&T got Android 12 update, but be careful!

    I just updated my G8 AT&T unlocked phone from A10 to A12 today. Initially, I was excited when AT&T pushed the updates. Later on, I found that I cannot make/receive calls (text and data are still working). Then I dialed *#*#4636#*#* and found that the volte is not provisioned. But in A10, it was...
  21. R

    Thread [CLOSED][AOD] [DEX] [PORT] [VOLTE] [OneUI 4.1] [AROMA] S10e Port for A205x

    I am not responsible for any kind of damage and or harm caused to your device by using this rom. I assume you may know the risks of proceeding. FEATHER PROJECT Features: Based on G970FXXUGHVJ1 Security Patch October 2022 OneUI 4.1 - Android 12 Eureka Kernel Magisk V-25.2 Samsung Stock AOD A51...
  22. S

    Thread How To Guide T-mobile US VoLTE 5G mobile data instability fix with root

    I was having problems with mobile data through T-mobile in the US that I was have to disallow 5G or else the carrier connection would drop. Sometimes it would reach 4G+, but it would drop the mobile data connection all the time, especially when moving off wifi. I had never seen the VoLTE icon...
  23. PHANX0M


    I have an AT&T LG G8 ThinQ LMG820UM running Android 11. I wanna know if I crossflash an Open_CA firmware/ROM onto it, would it work with the VoLTE on AT&T's network without having to call AT&T to disable the 3G blocker? Does anyone have personal experience with this?
  24. B

    Thread Calls not working through Simple Mobile / T-Mobile network

    I'm at my wit's end on this. Calls stopped working the other day due to 3G disablement as far as I can tell. AT&T model unlocked and using with Simple Mobile on T-Mobile network. Calls would just say "Calling" for a long time and then eventually disconnect. I could switch to GSM and make...
  25. GrayJack

    Thread pseudo-VoWiFi on any phone

    Hi All. Let's assume I have two SIMs on phone. SIM1 corresponds to roaming, the carrier supports VoLTE and VoWiFi so I can easily enjoy home pricing for calls and messages as soon as I have WiFi. SIM2 corresponds to local provider and allows to have access to 4G internet for quite cheap price...
  26. Q-Prof

    Thread Question Vivo X Fold VoLTE access in Canada?

    I am currently with Fido for my cellular phone service running a old import( 2016), Huawei Honor Note 8, from Toronto, Canada area, and interested in the Vivo X Fold and this Fido support webpage shows that it should work along with Gishan Canada for Fido APN settings for the Vivo X Fold but I...
  27. V

    Thread Capturing VoLTE Traffic

    Hi everyone, Has anyone here had any success capturing VoLTE network traffic on a smartphone? Some context: I have tested a rooted Redmi Note 9S so far. When registered on an LTE network with a VoLTE-enabled SIM, two network interfaces are added in Android, one of which is used for data...
  28. Forbesii

    Thread How To Guide Getting VoLTE and VoWiFi on unlisted carriers by flashing mbn file

    I live in Canada and I have a BC72 (Asian version). I am struggling to get VoLTE and VoWiFi working. I know that mbn file is the key to getting IMS support and sony seems to block some carrier mbn files (only mbn in sales areas are available). So recently I have been working on flashing mbn...
  29. J

    Thread Question When VOLTE is activated, all incoming calls are not identified the caller id

    I activated VoLTE with the operator and on the cell phone I dialed *#*#86583#*#*. And the message "VoLTE Carrier check was disabled" is displayed, now I have 4G and VoLTE activated, but I notice that incoming calls are no longer identified. Anyone have an idea what it could be? Or someone with...
  30. Ice Fire

    Thread LG V20 VoLTE VoWIFI modified COM files for europa. English/Deutsch US996/F800/H990DS

    Guide for models other than the H990DS in the third post. Deutsche Anleitung in den Spoilern. Disclaimer: I wont take any responsablity if you brick any device using this tutorial or my files. Please be responsible and back up everything. Requirements: A rooted H990DS with TWRP and an...
  31. darkhunter9

    Thread How To Guide How to enable VOLTE and VoWifi on Realme GT Neo 2 (and probably other Realme devices) when the toggles are not available in SIM info & settings

    This post records how I combine many tutorials online and finally enable VOLTE and VoWifi on my Realme GT Neo 2 while the toggles are not available at the beginning. TLDR: Most Realme devices support VOLTE and VoWifi, but the toggles may not be available in countries where Realme is not sold...
  32. D4rckey

    Thread Question VoLTE and VoWiFi w/o root (a15)

    How to enable VoLTE and VoWiFi on A15 without root if i cant see my device in recovery (also nothing in device manager on Windows)
  33. M

    Thread Question VOLTE and WifiCalling in unsupported countries

    hey folks, I know that 5G isn't available at all (unfortunately 😢) But did any one mange to get VOLTE and Wifi calling in other then the supported countries? any way to do this? custom rom? somehow?
  34. LaceeWearsPrada

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] How to enable VoLTE without unlocking or root

    Hello there! So I've been watching this forum for a solution a long time ago now and I've seen that there's a plenty of you, who didn't find any solution just like me. Because I didn't want to ruin my phone with unlocking and root. But I managed to make it work, not just volte, but vowifi too...
  35. ralf_waldo

    Thread Question Flashing UK version of XQ-BC52 on TW XQ-BC72 (.oem files for Volte & Wifi Calling)

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me with process for flashing UK version firmware of XQ-BC52 on Taiwan version of XQ-BC72. I need to know which firmware files such as ".ta" or any other files to be removed from firmware folder before flashing. The UK or US customization versions supports volte and...
  36. C

    Thread USA market VoLTE with 3G deprecation: are Xiaomi phones usable (10T Lite, in particular)?

    Hi, I'm in the USA using Tracfone. I recently purchased this phone (end of last year). I rooted it. I installed the Sakura ROM. I had an understanding that there might be "some assembly required" with a custom ROM & I am mostly happy with it. But recently I have started getting messages from...
  37. AltairFR

    Thread VoLTE support on hi6250

    Hello Introduction I spent some time getting VoLTE to work on hi6250 phones on Android 11. It wasn't easy but I think I have a solution that works. Three conditions are needed: - That my IMS package for Huawei is installed on your phone - That this IMS be registered in the Android system - That...
  38. J

    Thread Why doesn't VoLTE work on custom ROMs?

    Can anyone give a quick rundown of why VoLTE isn't supported on any custom HTC ROMs? I know it's got to be more complicated than this, but it seems like it would be just a matter of supporting a certain data format.
  39. S

    Thread VoLTE on AT&T USA?

    Has anyone figured out, or is working on getting VoLTE activated on AT&T? I really want to keep my H8314, not ready to go to a bigger phone if I don't absolutely have to. Any chance to possibly get oem_*.sin files from xperia1 or xperia5 to work on the xz2c? I'm running Android 10, on stock...
  40. W

    Thread Problem with Antenna... Only make and receive calls on VoLTE

    Hi community, please help me... I don't know why but my phone only receive and make calls when this have voLTE activated, a big problem when I miss 4g and only i receive other signals (+H, 3G, E, etc...), This situation began when I upgrade to Android 11 ¿Any idea? Pd: My phone get the...
  41. A

    Thread Question VoLTE not working since OneUI 4.0 Beta installation

    Hello All, I posted this in Samsung Community, but unfortunately none was able to help. I am hoping XDA members could help fix this issue. I am facing a strange problem with my S21 Ultra Unlocked which was directly bought from Samsung. I had enrolled into OneUI 4.0 beta when I was in the US. I...
  42. M

    Thread Question SIM 1 refusing to use 3G (no VoLTE available)

    Had the phone a week and was connected to Vodafone AU, connects to 4G but no VoLTE so it drops to 3G when making/receiving calls. Yesterday it started to refuse to drop to 3G for calls and remained on 4G, internet on 4G was working fine, but because it refused to drop to 3G I was not having...
  43. K

    Thread Question Pixel 6 VoLTE unlock in non supported country

    Hi, Is there any way to turn on VoLTE in countries where you can't buy pixel phones? I bought my pixel 6 from Germany but I live in Hungary. Thanks!
  44. Roberer

    Thread Question voLTE not supported by Virgin media uk

    Hi all, Apparently Virgin mobile UK don't provide Wi-fi calling or voLTE opportunity for Poco X3. Is there any chance we can force turn on the features
  45. malikin

    Thread Question T-Mobile USA Volte and VoWifi support?

    Hey XDA, is USA model XQBC62 work with T-Mobile Volte and VoWifi? PS: my old Xperia5 II wasnt able to work and returned back to Sony week later (sad)
  46. A

    Thread Volte stopped working suddenly

    Hi , about 2 weeks ago volte has stopped working suddenly without me changing any thing lately or even updating my mobile I previously activated volte using pdc manually and chose india volte Vodafone as it worked for Vodafone Egypt Note that i entered pdc to check if something has changed...
  47. ryanburgos9

    Thread How to ENABLE VOLTE in any ONEPLUS device in Philippines

    1. make sure you have ADB installed in your PC (see attached) 2.Install ung oneplus USB driver (see attached) 3. install din yung QPST sa PC (see attached) 4. install logkit.apk at engineering mode.apk sa Oneplus phone mo 5. run logkit.apk 6. dial sa Phone *#800# 7. look for Function Switch 8...
  48. PhotonDispenser

    Thread Is there any way to make IMS settings permanent or stop Android from auto discovering IMS settings on boot?

    So, I've got a Galaxy S10e, with a model number G970U1, and the entire reason I bought this thing was so that I could use voice over LTE on AT&Ts network - it was one of the model numbers listed that was supported by AT&T, however, the phone itself, while being brand new, was originally a...
  49. L

    Thread Need help to enable VoLTE and VoWiFi for unsupported carriers

    Hi Guys, For the past couple of days I have been trying hard to make VoLTE & VoWiFi work for an unsupported carrier(Airtel India). As known Nexus 5X supports VoLTE out of the box for only handful of networks and for the rest there should be some manual way to enable it. I am currently in India...
  50. S

    Thread Which custom ROM will support VoLTE?

    Hello. I need a custom ROM for my SM-N920I since VoLTE functionality is simply not built in to this version, it appears. It wasn't a problem until 3G was shut off. So now I must have VoLTE to use it. Please recommend a custom ROM I can flash that allows for VoLTE support. Thank you.