1. Nikanor1

    Thread Question We need help with low call volume and microphone disabling itself when earbuds are plugged in

    Hello! My friend just received his new Samsung S23+ and he has encountered several problems which he told me about, so today I hopped on a call with him so he could show me the issues and they are indeed as he says they are. Issue #1: When he is calling someone, he can barely hear the other...
  2. M

    Thread What I miss about the stock android on Moto G 5G Plus?

    I'm not good with tech lingo so sorry if I use wrong terms. Mostly I don't regret rooting my phone. I save so much space and my phone's pretty much ad-free now, which was the reason I decided to root my phone in the first place. I'm now using Lineage 20.0 Android 13. I really miss some old Moto...
  3. G

    Thread Question Headphone volume level

    Many phones have headphone level recommendation, but if you turn off it, it will no longer appear. How I can turn on this feature.
  4. S

    Thread Redmi 9 with LineageOS, I'm not able to get EngineerMode to work to change max volume.

    I used to be able to enter into the EngineerMode, which is a mediatek apk which changed several system settings, one being the max volume of the headphone jack, by default the headphone pga value is 120 and can be increased up to 160, which increases the max volume of the headphone jack from...
  5. H

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Easy Slider - Edge gestures to control volume, brightness and launch apps

    Adjust volume, brightness and launch apps with edge swipe gestures any time. Easy Slider enables the easiest and most comfortable way to adjust volume and brightness of your device when browsing videos or playing games. It also lets you launch your favorite apps or switch to recent apps...
  6. Ruhan69

    Thread Can't reduce Volume to 0% in Massenger Call

    Hello everyone, I am not sure from when, but I found there is no way you can reduce the Volume to 0% while you are in a massenger call. The minimum seems like 10% if you try to reduce the audio while you are in middle of an conversation. Is there any tweaking we can do to enable that function...
  7. F

    Thread 8227L Volume knob problem

    Hi! I just bought and installed a 8227L Android Navi on my car. Everything worked fine until it crashed,rebooted itself and now it doesn't recognize the volume knob on the unit. I can set the volume but only from my steering wheel. I tried to set it within factory settings at key study, but it...
  8. A

    Thread Volume Down Button Stuck

    Hi In my redmi Note 7, The volume gets randomly reduced to zero. It's as if the volume down button is stuck. physically seeing it's ok tho, so I think it's a MIUI Bug. MIUI Version 12.5.1 Android 10 I have so far tried cleaning the switches from outside. Reinstall 12.5.1, check no google home...
  9. dziugas1959

    Thread General Setting volume to 0, but noise coming through when playing a video or music.

    Try this, open a video, from a browser or „Youtube“, or maybe open „Spotify“ or a program of your choice set the music volume to 0, put your phone right up to your ear, play and you start to hear noise pause it, after 4 sec. you will hear a little pop and the noise will be gone. I think this is...
  10. M

    Thread Help with my head unit - can't find the chime volume setting

    General Settings Platform Info: TS10 ICCID: null Hardware Info CPU Version: Octa-UIS7862(8 core 2*A75+6*A55 processor, main frequency 1.8ghz) GPU Version: Dual Core ARM Mali-G52 3EE Sound Processor: ROHM32107 Radio Module: TDA7708 Bluetooth Information: Bluetooth 5.0 Baseband Version: Storage...
  11. A

    Thread No way to sync bluetooth volume with headphones??

    Posted this elsewhere but in the wrong forum maybe..... Am I going mad here? I have searched and searched and cannot see anywhere the option to sync the blutooth volume between the phone and headphones. I have Honor Magic 4 pro. On Huawei/Honor phones previously it was in the settings for the...
  12. braindrainoh

    Thread Low aux/audio volume output compared to g7

    Hi all, has anyone experienced low auxiliary/audio/mp3 volume with their moto g power 2020? I have messed with moto audio and equalizers and it still produces lower volume than my old g7 phone. Not finding much on this or what I could do. Thanks
  13. Leonniar

    Thread Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic low volume problem

    Hello! I've noticed lately that my basic 2 earphones' volume is really low. Before I usually had them at around 70% volume because anything more was too loud. Now I have them on 100% and it's like they are playing on half the volume. My phone is Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G There have been no recent...
  14. l3s

    Thread Question Bad Microphone quality speech intelligibility in messaging apps eg WhatsApp, Duo, Telegram

    Hello Since I have my Pixel 6 all of my messaging partners (WhatsApp, Duo, Signal, Telegram etc) are telling me audio problems including bad quality, low volume, and not last poor speech intelligibility. The problem happens in live call/video as well audio messages too. Since I own the phone I...
  15. J

    Thread Android Auto Volume

    Hello! I got a HU for my car, the spec are this. HMI: TSKJ.D.Q.F.3.DZ02.2021. MCU: TS907.190518(H) MEDIA: HC_v2.0.0_190516_1500(v1.84) I have the factory bose system, volume was too loud, but i manage to access the factory setting in the HU and adjust the volume, i can´t change the...
  16. G

    Thread Call volume issue

    Hi, every time I receive a call on my brand new S20 FE the in call volume is all the way up. I lower it and on the next call again the same thing. Han anyone experienced something similar?
  17. S

    Thread [no more 😕]

    [no more 😕]
  18. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Module] Earphones Volume key Support in Custom Roms

    I have mi earphones with volume button keys but when i flashed custom ROMs (evolutionX and crdroid) the volume buttons don't work. So i created this magisk module for fixing the volume keys just flash it and reboot and it works. Tested on redmi note 10 (mojito/sunny) crdroid, evox, spark
  19. R

    Thread Question TEYES CC3 AB2

    Good afternoon, someone knows how to improve the audio of bluetooth calls, it's too low, I can't hear the other person no matter how much I turn up the volume on the radio. Also when I call or they call me it only shows the contact number but not the name. How to fix this or is it?.
  20. akash45

    Thread [APP][Android 5.1+] Auto ringtone volume increase before receiving call

    Auto ringtone volume increase app Features :- V1 - It will increase ring volume to the max level(100%) just before receiving a sim call - This functionality will only work if your device is in ringing mode - This is a very light app and won't consume much of your space & battery V1.1 -...
  21. A

    Thread Question Poco X3 pro Low Volume problem after Update to Miui 12.0.6

    Hi I notice that my phone volume isn't that good when it was on Miui 12.0.4 Anyone facing this issue after update???
  22. kusti420

    Thread Can someone help me change the amount of volume steps on a mediatek based device?

    I have Infinix zero 8 (android 10) and im trying to change the ammount of volume steps it has to no luck. It only has 15 steps system wide. Not the slider but the system itself only supports 15 volume steps unlike samsung phones for example with 100 steps in the system itself and 15 in the...
  23. Y

    Thread Connected 3.5mm microphone volume (gain) drops

    Hello. I've bought a new lavalier microphone to use with my Redmi Note 4 (mido),specifically Boya BY-M1 Pro and the Droidcam OBS app. The first time I used it everything was great. However, a few days later I experienced issues with it. When I speak/sing loudly (around -10 dB), recording volume...
  24. TheChildSahelanthropus

    Thread How to control volume with gestures on Joying Head Unit?

    Title, I'm wondering if there's a way to control volume on a joying unit that's all screen with gestures. I've used apps like car launcher or AGAMA, but the volume keeps shooting back up after I turn it down, since it seems to be controlling volume separately from the system. Any help?

    Thread Control KODI sound through Amazon Firestick remote (1st gen)

    Hello everyone, I am running KODI on my Firestick on a LG tv, which passes the sound through optical to a soundbar. Unfortunately I cannot control the sound level through the Firestick remote, but only through the soundbar's remote. However, for VLC videos the Firestick remote works fine also...
  26. A

    Thread Redmi Note 9s earpiece issue [FIXED]

    Hello everyone, I unlocked my phone's bootloader and flashed Pixel Experience ROM. Everything works fine except earpiece when I'm calling someone. I tested the earpiece with some apps from playstore and realized that the volume is very very low when compared to stock rom. I cleaned the grill...
  27. _Yank

    Thread [MODULE][AUDIO] Jackshi Audio (improve the volume levels n moar)

    Yo there. Brief summary My previous device was a Mi A1 which packed some punch on its audio jack output. It could go LOUUUUD. Obviously I found X3's sound very lacking in that regard but very good in other audio aspects. Upon inspecting MIUI's mixer_paths, I found out that qualcomm's codec ULP...
  28. J

    Thread Disable high volume warning

    Hi, I want to disable the High volume warning, I already have a solution, right now I use terminal shortcut pro and have created a shortcut to run the command settings put global audio_safe_volume_state 0 it work great but doesn't survive a reboot so I have to run the shortcut after every...
  29. S

    Thread Pixel 4a - Headphone Jack Max Volume Inconsistent

    Has anyone noticed the max volume out of their headphone jack is typically very quiet, but at times will top out at a normal max volume? I use an aux cable to hook into my car stereo and always have my phone set to 100% volume. My Note4 and Note8 both play at identical volumes with the same MP3...
  30. Crazy Seed

    Thread Solved: Audio issues

    Hello mates. Is there any way to test if the phone calling quality and volume are correct?. Being this a phone with great audio, i feel that call quality is a little muddy with voices not being deep enough to understand every word and the volume is just average and not very loud. Connecting...
  31. T

    Thread [APP][4.2+]Control your Android's sound volume from a browser (free noads opensource)

    Hello everyone, my application is (and will remain) free, without ads, and open source. It lets you control the sound volume of an Android device remotely from any other device that has a web browser, Android or not. Therefore this also includes non-Android devices (such as PC, Mac, iPhone and...
  32. CCJ22

    Thread any1 have these issues? Double tap volume down camera

    -In my stock huawei camera app there is a setting to have double tap volume down to open camera when phone is off. Mine never opens. I'm on EVR-L29 on -When I say "hey google" while phone is locked or while phone is auto unlocked (as set to my home location) & I give command to turn...
  33. supertiger1234

    Thread AOSP Roms headphone call volume too loud

    Heya, so I always wanted to use AOSP roms on my S7 edge since i bought this device but I always had this 1 little problem that makes me go back to Samsung stock. The call audio being too loud while wearing headphones. Is there anyway I could fix this? I tried changing some things in the...
  34. P

    Thread How to increase USB-C volume?

    Hello, I have a USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter that I have been using with my OnePlus 7 Pro. It works, but the volume is extremely low. When hooked up to my car stereo at max volume (on the stereo and on the phone), it's about 1/4th the volume of the radio or my iPod or Pixel XL. I followed...
  35. d4m4g3

    Thread [Q] Cloud Backup and Call Volume

    This P30Pro is pretty great, but I found two things that stand out... In a bad way. 1) This phone has Cloud backup function but its settings are useless. I Disabled gallery backup (it clearly says Disabled) - it's still backing up the gallery - which is a major privacy problem. It also saves...
  36. treydev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Ultra Volume: Themes & utility for volume panel

    Ultra Volume is the customization tool designed to replace your system's boring and simple volume slider with a powerful controller. It provides many different controls for volume streams including alarms and notifications. Casting sliders are also available, as well as live captions. You...
  37. R

    Thread Media volume broken?

    I have my oneplus 7t since September but I run into this issue multiple times only in the last week. The problem is with the media volume slider. Sometimes it simply does not change, increase or decrease the audio. Even using the hardware slider to put the phone in silence mode does not mute...
  38. M

    Thread Nexus 6 speakers volume fluctuation / sound gets softer

    I've recently purchased a used NEXUS 6 with a half broken rom on it, i wiped it clean and then flashed LineageOS 16 on it, all is working fine except for the speakers, when i watch a video on youtube or inside the chrome browser the volume of the speakers starts very loud and after a few seconds...
  39. M

    Thread facing issue with music playback from earpiece instead of phone spearkers

    Just after updating my oneplus 6T to version 10.3.1, I started facing issues with the music / sound playback being played from the phone's earpiece instead of the phones spearkers. This is absolutely random, sometimes happens when I am already listening to music from loudspeaker & some app has a...
  40. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [Xiaomi EU Miui-Q] Low Earphone Sound Fixer

    Xiaomi EU and based roms are plagued with low/restricted earphone sound issue, as per EU regulations. This patch fixes that. Just flash in recovery (Orangefox tested) and done. Hit thanx, doesn't cost anything. :) Download Mirror
  41. C

    Thread Re: S10+ auto volume adjustment

    Re: S10+ auto volume adjustment This issue started occuring since day 1 I had the phone. I'm using a radio app to listen to my favourite radio stations. I usually leave the radio running in the background and go to Instagram. After playing a video on Instagram the phone automatically increases...
  42. D

    Thread Volume control for Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

    Is there any app that can adjust separately volume for calls, reminders and notifications? (intercept from which app sound is coming and set the level of the volume) Can't understand why are they tied together ty
  43. S

    Thread EMUI10 headphones high volume warning

    Is there any way to reset this warning so it could be seen again? I've received a message at the very same moment this warning was displayed and I remember that it was a question - couldn't answer it or react in any way and I have no idea how it is now or if it does have an impact on the...
  44. Z

    Thread Telephone volume is now VERY low

    Everyone, We have TWO PH-1 phones. Both are still on Android Pie awaiting a little more maturity and for a couple of business related apps to catch up. Now for the issue: One of our phones has developed an unusual condition. When listening to a telephone call, the volume is VERY low even with...
  45. T

    Thread How to remove the high-volume warning? (T580-rooted)

    Hello, I have trawled google for some time looking for an answer. The best I've found is a non-root solution in using tasker and some other apps, but my device is rooted and I can't help but think there's a more direct course of action to remove this warning. For the record, #1: I don't really...
  46. W

    Thread Android pie speaker call microphone issues

    Update hotfix! So, if you're having the same issue as described below, the solution is apparently to contact HTC support. Explain to them you have this issue, you could also mention this thread and they should ask you for your SN or IMEI. A few days later you can check for an update and you...
  47. R

    Thread Periodic volume reduction on headphones

    I'm using my old Nexus 5 with Lineage as a white noise generator. I've tried adding audio.safemedia.bypass=true to build.prop and I've tried system UI tuner. It gets rid of the warning but every few hours the volume suddenly cuts to half. Does anyone know how to stop that?
  48. LeonardoGC

    Thread How to increase the audio recording volume level (using the phone's microphone)?

    Hi everybody, I am doing some audio recording tests (using the phone's microphone) but the recorded volume level is too low. Is there a way to increase the audio recording volume level?, maybe tweaking the microphone's settings. Regards
  49. K

    Thread Videos taken using Pixel 3a have very low volume

    When I record audio alone using any audio recorders, the audio is fine. But when using the inbuilt camera to record video, the audio volume is too low.
  50. D

    Thread Headset/Bluetooth Volume

    I have noticed when trying to listen to Podcasts in the car, that it is difficult to get the volume loud enough when travelling at motorway speeds. With the phone volume at full, and the car stereo volume at full, I still have problems hearing quite a few of the podcasts that I download. I...