Thread Control KODI sound through Amazon Firestick remote (1st gen)

    Hello everyone, I am running KODI on my Firestick on a LG tv, which passes the sound through optical to a soundbar. Unfortunately I cannot control the sound level through the Firestick remote, but only through the soundbar's remote. However, for VLC videos the Firestick remote works fine also...
  2. A

    Thread Redmi Note 9s earpiece issue [FIXED]

    Hello everyone, I unlocked my phone's bootloader and flashed Pixel Experience ROM. Everything works fine except earpiece when I'm calling someone. I tested the earpiece with some apps from playstore and realized that the volume is very very low when compared to stock rom. I cleaned the grill...
  3. _Yank

    Thread [MODULE][AUDIO] Jackshi Audio (improve the volume levels n moar)

    Yo there. Brief summary My previous device was a Mi A1 which packed some punch on its audio jack output. It could go LOUUUUD. Obviously I found X3's sound very lacking in that regard but very good in other audio aspects. Upon inspecting MIUI's mixer_paths, I found out that qualcomm's codec ULP...
  4. J

    Thread Disable high volume warning

    Hi, I want to disable the High volume warning, I already have a solution, right now I use terminal shortcut pro and have created a shortcut to run the command settings put global audio_safe_volume_state 0 it work great but doesn't survive a reboot so I have to run the shortcut after every...
  5. S

    Thread Pixel 4a - Headphone Jack Max Volume Inconsistent

    Has anyone noticed the max volume out of their headphone jack is typically very quiet, but at times will top out at a normal max volume? I use an aux cable to hook into my car stereo and always have my phone set to 100% volume. My Note4 and Note8 both play at identical volumes with the same MP3...
  6. Crazy Seed

    Thread Solved: Audio issues

    Hello mates. Is there any way to test if the phone calling quality and volume are correct?. Being this a phone with great audio, i feel that call quality is a little muddy with voices not being deep enough to understand every word and the volume is just average and not very loud. Connecting...
  7. T

    Thread [APP][4.2+]Control your Android's sound volume from a browser (free noads opensource)

    Hello everyone, my application is (and will remain) free, without ads, and open source. It lets you control the sound volume of an Android device remotely from any other device that has a web browser, Android or not. Therefore this also includes non-Android devices (such as PC, Mac, iPhone and...
  8. CCJ22

    Thread any1 have these issues? Double tap volume down camera

    -In my stock huawei camera app there is a setting to have double tap volume down to open camera when phone is off. Mine never opens. I'm on EVR-L29 on -When I say "hey google" while phone is locked or while phone is auto unlocked (as set to my home location) & I give command to turn...
  9. supertiger1234

    Thread AOSP Roms headphone call volume too loud

    Heya, so I always wanted to use AOSP roms on my S7 edge since i bought this device but I always had this 1 little problem that makes me go back to Samsung stock. The call audio being too loud while wearing headphones. Is there anyway I could fix this? I tried changing some things in the...
  10. P

    Thread How to increase USB-C volume?

    Hello, I have a USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter that I have been using with my OnePlus 7 Pro. It works, but the volume is extremely low. When hooked up to my car stereo at max volume (on the stereo and on the phone), it's about 1/4th the volume of the radio or my iPod or Pixel XL. I followed...
  11. d4m4g3

    Thread [Q] Cloud Backup and Call Volume

    This P30Pro is pretty great, but I found two things that stand out... In a bad way. 1) This phone has Cloud backup function but its settings are useless. I Disabled gallery backup (it clearly says Disabled) - it's still backing up the gallery - which is a major privacy problem. It also saves...
  12. treydev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Ultra Volume: Themes & utility for volume panel

    Ultra Volume is the customization tool designed to replace your system's boring and simple volume slider with a powerful controller. It provides many different controls for volume streams including alarms and notifications. Casting sliders are also available, as well as live captions. You...
  13. R

    Thread Media volume broken?

    I have my oneplus 7t since September but I run into this issue multiple times only in the last week. The problem is with the media volume slider. Sometimes it simply does not change, increase or decrease the audio. Even using the hardware slider to put the phone in silence mode does not mute...
  14. M

    Thread Nexus 6 speakers volume fluctuation / sound gets softer

    I've recently purchased a used NEXUS 6 with a half broken rom on it, i wiped it clean and then flashed LineageOS 16 on it, all is working fine except for the speakers, when i watch a video on youtube or inside the chrome browser the volume of the speakers starts very loud and after a few seconds...
  15. M

    Thread facing issue with music playback from earpiece instead of phone spearkers

    Just after updating my oneplus 6T to version 10.3.1, I started facing issues with the music / sound playback being played from the phone's earpiece instead of the phones spearkers. This is absolutely random, sometimes happens when I am already listening to music from loudspeaker & some app has a...
  16. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [Xiaomi EU Miui-Q] Low Earphone Sound Fixer

    Xiaomi EU and based roms are plagued with low/restricted earphone sound issue, as per EU regulations. This patch fixes that. Just flash in recovery (Orangefox tested) and done. Hit thanx, doesn't cost anything. :) Download Mirror
  17. CroGamer1

    Thread Re: S10+ auto volume adjustment

    Re: S10+ auto volume adjustment This issue started occuring since day 1 I had the phone. I'm using a radio app to listen to my favourite radio stations. I usually leave the radio running in the background and go to Instagram. After playing a video on Instagram the phone automatically increases...
  18. D

    Thread Volume control for Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

    Is there any app that can adjust separately volume for calls, reminders and notifications? (intercept from which app sound is coming and set the level of the volume) Can't understand why are they tied together ty
  19. S

    Thread EMUI10 headphones high volume warning

    Is there any way to reset this warning so it could be seen again? I've received a message at the very same moment this warning was displayed and I remember that it was a question - couldn't answer it or react in any way and I have no idea how it is now or if it does have an impact on the...
  20. Z

    Thread Telephone volume is now VERY low

    Everyone, We have TWO PH-1 phones. Both are still on Android Pie awaiting a little more maturity and for a couple of business related apps to catch up. Now for the issue: One of our phones has developed an unusual condition. When listening to a telephone call, the volume is VERY low even with...
  21. T

    Thread How to remove the high-volume warning? (T580-rooted)

    Hello, I have trawled google for some time looking for an answer. The best I've found is a non-root solution in using tasker and some other apps, but my device is rooted and I can't help but think there's a more direct course of action to remove this warning. For the record, #1: I don't really...
  22. W

    Thread Android pie speaker call microphone issues

    Update hotfix! So, if you're having the same issue as described below, the solution is apparently to contact HTC support. Explain to them you have this issue, you could also mention this thread and they should ask you for your SN or IMEI. A few days later you can check for an update and you...
  23. R

    Thread Periodic volume reduction on headphones

    I'm using my old Nexus 5 with Lineage as a white noise generator. I've tried adding audio.safemedia.bypass=true to build.prop and I've tried system UI tuner. It gets rid of the warning but every few hours the volume suddenly cuts to half. Does anyone know how to stop that?
  24. LeonardoGC

    Thread How to increase the audio recording volume level (using the phone's microphone)?

    Hi everybody, I am doing some audio recording tests (using the phone's microphone) but the recorded volume level is too low. Is there a way to increase the audio recording volume level?, maybe tweaking the microphone's settings. Regards
  25. K

    Thread Videos taken using Pixel 3a have very low volume

    When I record audio alone using any audio recorders, the audio is fine. But when using the inbuilt camera to record video, the audio volume is too low.
  26. D

    Thread Headset/Bluetooth Volume

    I have noticed when trying to listen to Podcasts in the car, that it is difficult to get the volume loud enough when travelling at motorway speeds. With the phone volume at full, and the car stereo volume at full, I still have problems hearing quite a few of the podcasts that I download. I...
  27. M

    Thread !! Low Headset Mic Volume !! HELP !!

    I have issues with my headset mic and the button ,the headset works perfectly on all the devices i tested ,lg ,samsung ,huawei and apple ,everything works fine in term of audio ,the sound is great on the oneplus too but the mic is not working or the sound is almost silent for the other person...
  28. J

    Thread Anyway to improve (loudness) speaker phone volume ?

    I picked up a USA unlocked note 9 recently. The sound volume is mostly fine for most things (including notifications). However, the speaker phone is very soft. Is there anyway to boost the volume on the speaker phone ? I hear the s10+ is better but i just got this thing so would like to find a...
  29. K

    Thread Does separate ringtone and notification volume exist in LOS 16?

    I'm running Resurrection Remix on my OnePlus 3, and am asking since it is based on LineageOS 16 and the ability to keep ringtone and notification volume separate has disappeared between the earlier Oreo build and now, to figure whether this is a problem with my ROM or depends on having the...
  30. TechOut

    Thread Sticking Buttons

    So about once or twice a day when I change the volume the buttons will stick if i haven't hit them in a while. I don't know what would be causing this as my phone hasn't gotten wet or been damaged in any way and the case i have covers the buttons so nothing has really gotten on them. They will...
  31. CodeFox

    Thread Boost Headphone/Headset Volume?

    Just wondering if anybody has managed to find a way to boost the headphone volume via usb c? Previously I would just go into system/vendor/etc/mixer_gains.xml however it seems with our device we don't have this XML file. The output volume is a bit too low for me, so I was hoping I'd be able to...
  32. Q

    Thread issue with bluetooth

    Hey :) I have an little issue with my car and the bluetooth on my phone I have a Peugeot 208 and when i'm connect my phone for streaming audio , the level of the bluetooth come back at each connection to the middle , and at each connection i go to the max ... :( I don't understand because on...
  33. Luggruff

    Thread Ringtone volume to Zero without muting notifications?

    Hey! Whenever I slide ringtone volume to zero, notification volume also jumps to zero! Any suggestions on how to solve this? I'm on S9+ with One Ui and Android 9 (pie).
  34. R

    Thread H918 Low Speaker Volume in Any Browser

    I've read just about every thread about speaker issues and haven't seen any discussion about this, so here goes... I just switched from Verizon on a VS995 (running 17a) to T-mobile (H918). At the moment, I have 2 H918's. One is on 10i and the other is on 10u. All phones are unrooted/stock. The...
  35. chicks0315

    Thread Shortcut to control the volume

    Is it possible by creating a shortcut link to start the action to control the volume without opening the entire settings tab? I would like to open this that you see in the image with a touch maybe on a link. I tried with quickshortcut but I can not find the right activity to get this to open.
  36. J

    Thread 30 volume steps - Any way to get it?

    The Question: Hello everybody! Does anyone know of any other way to get 30 volume steps, or to somehow fine-tune the volume slider? The rest of the post: I got a OP6 yesterday, I've just successfylly unlocked bootloader and rooted etc. I'm on 9.0.2, the phone was already upgraded when I...
  37. L

    Thread Low level data recovery

    Dear forum users, today I'm trying to recover some data on my neighbour's phone. His Nexus 5X went into random crashing and bootloops. As my LG G2 recently failed with no warning and no backup, I bought a emmc reader. It works well, and I managed to also recover data from a dead Zenfone 2. But...
  38. A

    Thread Volume Behavior in Pie 9.0

    Hey, so before I updated to Pie when I hit the volume button it would increase/decrease the type of audio my phone was using at that moment. For example, if I was listening to music the media volume would be adjusted. If my phone was just on the home screen it would default to...
  39. A

    Thread Note9 incoming call ringtone speaker issue

    When I have an incoming call, the bottom speaker only fire up not both. It only works while the phone is on a straight surface. Anyone having this issue? I tried "disable increasing ringtone" app but it needs licence. Anyone have an alternative app or a fix for that problem? I really can't hear...
  40. tfae

    Thread [Magisk][Module] RR Low InCall Volume Fix v6 [18.06.2019]

    ABANDONED PROJECT This module fixes the low in call volume on ResurrectionRemix. Tested on OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and Xiaomi Mi4c on both Android Nougat (7.x), Android Oreo (8.1) and Android Pie (9). Downloads From Magisk Manager > Downloads or here: Credits @topjohnwu for developing...
  41. moneshaq

    Thread [Gobal] Miui 10 update, GPay & Sound Problem

    Hello, I recently acquired a Mi 8 and after years and years of always rooting, flashing etc... since Android 1.6 i decided to take a break and just let myself go with the flow. This is acutally pretty hard to stand to this, when i first powered on the device (Saturday 10th November), it was on...
  42. AM Radio

    Thread Volume Control on the Pull-Down

    have this on my Note 10.1 2014. can't find the setting for this on the Tab S4, which seems to have brightness control only anyone know how to enable this?
  43. TheMorpheus

    Thread Px5 lower the volume while reverse

    I'm pretty happy with my unit with Malaysk rom and I'm tring to fix it the little things that doesen't work like it should. Follwoing this thread https://goo.gl/zcWdiV I was wondering if there is an intent that can we use in tasker to lower the volume while we using the reverse. I know that...
  44. Max.Payn3

    Thread Nexus 6 Speakers ( Hardware Issue )

    So i was having the same issue , volume lowering to such low level it had me regretting purchasing this device . Tried every Kernel , Rom which i could find but nothing -_- even altered some voltages and settings in kernel auditor Most Kernel's help with decreased sound on low battery levels but...
  45. N

    Thread Low Bluetooth Volume on Calls

    Hi, I've a M8 flashed with latest LOS 15.1. I've tried two different headsets (Xiaomi Youth Edition and QCY 26 Pro). Music volume is ok but call volume is almost inaudible even at max level. I've tried everthing including switching to AVCRP 1.6 and enabling absolute volume from the dev. options...
  46. LoaderFabi

    Thread [MODULE][Magisk 17+] Volume Steps Extender

    Updated the Module. Moved the new one to GitHub. https://github.com/Fabl0s/VolumeStepsExtender Moved from the old Magisk-Template to the newer MMT-Ex Template and now contains 4 values for build.prop: ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps=30 ro.config.media_vol_steps=30 ro.config.alarm_vol_steps=30...
  47. C

    Thread Stuck into safe mode

    Hi, my N5 volume button down is probably ruined. Now stuck in safe mode. So when it rebooted into the bootloader he just jump through the options. and i can't get out of safe mode. I already removed the button from the body phone to test and it did not solve, the motherboard is intact. Any...
  48. C

    Thread Increase device volume output (avoiding rooting / unlocking bootloader if possible)

    Hi, I want to increase the very low default volume of the headphone jack on the Xperia XA2. I'm using AIMP which has a built-in EQ and preamp which works well but leads to high distortion (these headphones can handle a lot more without distortion). On other devices / custom ROMs there is...
  49. B

    Thread Earphones lower volume on right earphone on Galaxy devices!_!

    I've bought my Samsung Galaxy note 8 two months ago and it came with a pare of AKG earphones. After some time, I realised that the right earphone whit the volume controller is "much" lower than the left one. I took them off and the next day i tried them and they worked just fine. But after one...
  50. V

    Thread Any workaround to boost volume in headphones?

    Currently I'm on arvanasoft rom with viper magisk module installed. But the volume level is too low and very averagely audible through earphones in noisy environment so is there anything I could do to boost it.