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vs996 v30 bootloader unlock root

  1. T

    Thread [Factory Data Reset disabled by Kill Switch] Noob trying to unlock bootloader. Very Confused.

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. So, I bought a V30 VS996 from Ebay. It was carrier locked to verizon, so I thought I'd try to unlock the bootloader on it. and was thinking the whole process would be pretty simple... I'm now dozens of pages into reading, and honestly, now I'm a bit lost. I'm on...
  2. ChazzMatt

    Thread [VS996][STOCK][OREO]LG V30 VS99620k_02_0510_ARB00.KDZ

    If you have unlocked your bootloader and are rooted, AFTER you update to most recent VS996 firmware, strongly consider installing this V30 Magisk mod: [Magisk Module] AnxiousV30 Has audio (dual speaker and HIM) and camera improvements among many other things. _________...