1. K

    Thread SNS_SMD and RMNET_DFC wakelocks

    Greetings, I have a problem with constant wakelocks on my MI11i phone since the day I bought it. Those wakelocks drain battery by 30% overnight, but also cause increased drain during the day in standby too since they instantly kick in as soon as the phone is locked, overall resulting in poor...
  2. RedSnake9

    Thread Huge battery drain problem on stock device

    Hello there! I'm having problems with this device, the Mi 10 Lite 5G (Monet) in particular. Out of nowhere it started having an insane battery drain. To the point that if i unplug it from the charger before i go to sleep so the phone starts at 100% battery, when I wake up between 6 and 8 hours...
  3. K

    Thread RMNET_DFC causing wakelock

    Greetings, my Mi11i has really poor standby and overnight battery life, to be exact over night it looses over 50% battery. I made factory reset just in case some app was causing the issue, but now with everything clean and no syncs turned on, nothing changed. I noticed that if you turn on...
  4. Flyview

    Thread General Not entering deep sleep when Bluetooth connected to Alpine stereo

    Hi everyone, I recently got my Pixel 6 Pro and am loving it. Setup: Pixel 6 Pro 128GB Android 13 Sept update Rooted with Magisk Kirisakura kernel Issue: I discovered an issue when looking through Accubattery. I noticed I had a very low "deep sleep" percentage, aka when the CPU goes to sleep...
  5. L

    Thread [Mod][Xposed] NoWakelock - Manage wakelock/alarm/service

    About With the update of Android version, doze mode is enough to suppress the power consumption of the background of the application, but some advanced users still hope to be able to control the wakelock alarm or service by themselves. Amplify is good enough to meet the needs of most people, but...
  6. T

    Thread GSpace high battery consumption

    Hi group! I use stock ROM (EMUI 11 - with GSpace for Gapps. The thing is it keeps the device awake, according to the Gsam app. Specifically, the *location* wakelock has the maximum time of keeping the system awake. I have to manually kill the GSpace app after every Gapp I use...
  7. samwhiteUK

    Thread Question Wakelocks - do I have a lot?

    Hi guys, So I'm running the latest Omega kernel, with a magisk module to disable TPD and OPPerf. I don't mind battery drain when I'm using the device, but I really am on the game of minimising idle drain while not sacrificing functionality as much as possible. With that being said, here a a...
  8. N

    Thread LineageOS 18.1 UNOFFICIAL - 2.0 (Update: 2021-01-20): No automatic screen switch-off, although set to 15 seconds - Wakelock?

    Hi guys, I flashed the ROM named in the title to my phone and I have to say that it works very well in itself. However, I have a small and unfortunately very annoying problem: The automatic screen switch-off does not work. Even though it's set to 15 seconds, the display stays on continuously...
  9. christopherwoods

    Thread Switching APN causes steady battery drain and excessive RILJ_ACK_WL wakelocks?

    I have an S9 (SM-G960F), UK SIM-free unlocked, running the latest OTA Android 10, One UI 2.5, Baseband G960FXXUCFTJ1, Kernel 4.9.118-19869059, Build number QP1A.190711.020.G960FXXSCFTK2. My network, Three UK, runs two APNs - the main one "three.co.uk" is a CG-NAT APN which almost all users use...
  10. JGoldz75

    Thread Can anyone help me configure a battery saving app for the Pixel 3 like Greenify?

    I have downloaded Greenify before but I'm not familiar with all of the options that I should be enabling/disabling to get the best battery life without sacrificing device performance. Specifically when it comes to which wake-locks to block, ect. Can anyone with a Pixel 3 provide some assistance...
  11. TrInI_?

    Thread [MODULE]✰Tool✰ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝕕_𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭™~ Ⓑattery║Ⓟerformance║Ⓟrivacy

    [MODULE]✰Tool✰ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝕕_𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭™~ Ⓑattery║Ⓟerformance║Ⓟrivacy ☢️ᑎᑌҜᗴᗪ☢️ ✦The M❂DULE that will change your phone|tablet!!✦ This module includes some scripts that...
  12. edwinek

    Thread This 3-0008 wakelock seems very hungry, any ideas what it is?

    Hi, I'd never seen this one and can't find any information: the 3-0008 wakelock. Any ideas what this is? Thanks
  13. H

    Thread Screen won't go off - any hints?

    Hi, I noticed that my screen won't turn off (I set 15 seconds). Any hints to find the reason? TIA!
  14. W

    Thread Does it still make sense to get a Wakelock detector on Android Pie?

    Since starting to set up my OP7 a few days ago, I've been noticing that Greenify finds far fewer background applications than on my previous phone. Wondering if the ecosystem has improved. Does it still make sense to install a wakelock detector? Which one do you recommend on a rooted OP7 with...
  15. 7

    Thread BetterBatteryStats - Display Wakelock?

    I've been comparing a few apps on my OnePlus 6T, to see which one seems to be the best at identifying battery problems. The ones I've been testing are: Wakelock Detector [LITE], GSAM and BetterBatteryStats. The only one that actually seems to work right now is WLD. I keep having issues where...
  16. G

    Thread kernel wakelock msm_otg & smbchg_wake

    Hello guys, I was wondering why I had 9h awake (screen off) while having only 1,5h screen on time (and like 17h deep sleep) and I found out that msm_otg and smbchg_wake kept my phone awake for about 7h. Now, all I could find out on google is that waking the phone up before disconnecting it from...
  17. M

    Thread Terrible battery drain cause by "video2" kernel wakelock

    I'm hoping someone can assist me. I can't seem to find much information regarding the "video2" kernel wakelock. I just charged my phone to 100% over night. I have only used it for about 19 minutes and the battery is at 75%. I am rooted, on the latest OOS - stock; running xposed and magisk...
  18. O

    Thread Can we see wakelocks on Greenify?

    Can we see wakelocks on Greenify?
  19. M

    Thread Hidden Wakelocks by Whatsapp

    I am running into a Wakelock issue and I am completely stumped. For some reason, my phone refuses to go into deep sleep for hours on end. Better Battery Stats shows that the phone spends the majority of its time with the CPU at its lowest frequency, but refuses to go into deep sleep. The issue...
  20. bosox284

    Thread Problems with Bettery Battery Stats & Wakelock Detector

    Has anyone else experienced a problem with BetteryBatteryStats or Wakelock Detector? After somewhere around the 8 hour mark, BBS says there are no stats and WLD says it failed to perform the task at the moment. I've used the App Systemizer with Magisk to see if that would make a difference...
  21. drago10029

    Thread battery draining fast-screenshot attached

    so i'm trying to figure out why my battery is draining so rapidly. I'm charging once and rarely twice during the day at this point. I'm running the latest and greatest from leedroid if that matters. attached a screenshoot for reference. Anything else you need to help me with this just ask...
  22. Krayziepop

    Thread Samsung Dex Home wakelock

    So I have been noticing some fairly significant battery drain after a full charge in the morning. I installed GSAM and gave it the proper permissions to dig into the app data, and it looks as though "Samsung Dex Home" is holding the device awake for some time after unplugging from the charger. I...
  23. oF2pks

    Thread [ROM|4.5.15][Lineage14.1] X-Files ufoFFICIAL CVE-2018-Jan. {MicroG/MultiRom/+}

    Download : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=216365 This Lineage 14.1 (7.1.2) is build from sources with (very) few {ufo}features : -MicroG (post#2 : Playstore and paid apps) *MaR-V-iN -Multirom 2ndSlot support (post#3 : extra needed zip) -DozeSettingsEditor *Omnirom -WakelockBlocker...
  24. DeeZZ_NuuZZ

    Thread Strange kernel wakelocks

    You can see some strange kernel wakelocks in my screenshot. is there someone who can explain them? Can't find any useful information.
  25. U

    Thread [Q] Anything to be done about wakelocks

    So I was on 5.1.1 rooted for a few months and loved it. The battery life was great, and whenever it would get bad, I could find the wakelock that was causing it, and kill it. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to upgrade to 6.01 and ended up screwing up root on my phone. Despite many attempts to...
  26. J

    Thread NFC issues - hardware or software?

    Hi all. Hoping you can help me figure out if I need to get my HTC 10 replaced because of NFC issues, or if it's likely to be a software problem. I have an unlocked s-off HTC 10 that I unfortunately managed to drop in the toilet last week (at least it was a fresh bowl...). After letting it dry...
  27. AndroidGaalaxy

    Thread Wakelock 12860000.decon_f

    Somebody could tell me what is the wakelock 12860000.decon_f, umts_ipc0 and others in the screenshoot ? Thanks
  28. U

    Thread Google play services wakelock

    Hi all, My friend's P8 Lite has had a wakelock issue from google play services since around late Jan/early Feb (presumably there was an update) and recently her phone was updated automatically to March2017 security update. The wakelock can cause the phone to stay in low CPU frequency for...
  29. pilotgav

    Thread Battery Drain due to qcom_rx_wqakelock

    I'm on Stock/rooted, and have found my battery is dying way too fast even with only 1 hour screen time. The offender is definitely the qcom_rx_wqakelock which is constantly waking the phone. Research has told me this is due to packets being send from the Wifi router constantly. Is there a...
  30. K

    Thread [Q] Any device that have a wakeup accelerometer?

    Hello! I´am developing an app that tracks my activities and i wonder if there is any device that has an accelerometer with wakeup enabled? Neither my huawei nor moto 360(gen 2) has this enabled. Regards
  31. 3

    Thread DreamManagerService is causing ultra long wakelock

    Hi, what is DreamManagerService? It keeps my device awake with over 2 days and 17 hours. If I amplify it, unlock and wake up device with fingerprint seems no longer working properly...
  32. D

    Thread C2DMHandlerThread Wakelock?

    Okay so I have experienced this wakelock since I got this phone and I never really knew what caused it as "Android System" was the top consumer and looked like it was the thing that caused the wakelock. So today I decided to use Wakelock Detector and I found something called "C2DMHandlerThread"...
  33. S

    Thread fpc_ttw_wl wakelock interrupting deel sleep

    I have noticed that my phone has high usage for fpc_ttw_wl wakelock when I keep it in my pocket. Google search revealed that it is related to fingerprint sensor. So, it looks like it's trying to recognize fingerprints while it is in my pocket. Is there a way I can get rid of this?
  34. B

    Thread Nexus 6p on SPRINT using RCS messaging causing massive wakelocks

    Hello everyone, I am on sprint and have the option for enabling RCS data messaging on my phone. it works great but will not allow my phone to sleep. It is keeping it awake nearly 50% of my screen off time and I was wondering if I am the only one experiencing this. Tried factory reset to stock...
  35. R

    Thread Battery drain after GooglePlay services 9.6.83 update?...

    Anybody noticed huge battery drain with new GooglePlay services 9.6.83. Have incredible numbers of wakelock from "ContextManagerWakeLock" secondly with "net_scheduler". I am on Discovery KitKat. Cleaning data and cache doesn't work... Any help?
  36. K

    Thread [Q] Is this battery usage normal?

    I'm having 3 hours Screen-On-Time, and while I think it's "acceptable" I read about some people with 5-8 hours of SoT. I was having some problems with battery drains on Ressurrection Remix and Temasek and the best rom I found for me was Purify. With it, I don't get crazy battery drains and I...
  37. axonn

    Thread ssp_sensor_hub_wake_lock - need to catch this battery thief

    Hello there :). Using Better Battery Stats I found out about this process which takes my phone out of Deep Sleep for about 5 minutes every hour. Totally annoying. My phone is seriously trimmed down. I'm very strict when it comes to what is running. Data connection is almost permanently...
  38. C

    Thread qcom_rx_wakelock

    So as you may guess, i am having trouble with the qcom_rx_wakelock, and no matter how much searching i do i can't find a solution. I am hoping someone here may be able to help. It occurs only when wifi is turned on, (not currently sure about connected vs unconnected) and is responsible for...
  39. oF2pks

    Thread Wakelock+Alarm _Blocker & DozeEditor patch: Official2017 CM14(Lineage), CM13/12/11

    Wakelock+Alarm _Blocker & DozeEditor patch: Official2017 CM14(Lineage), CM13/12/11 Wakelock Blocker for Official 2016, Nightly CM11 All thanks to faust93 : BASE.diff http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/109898/ SETTINGS.diff http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/109897/ (official rejections for...
  40. rafaelrgi

    Thread Android OS WakeLock from Hell

    Hi, When my My MotoG 2 is connected to WiFi Android OS sometimes keeps the device awake, eating up my battery until I restart the device. It just happens sometimes, not always. My device isn't rooted yet due to warranty. I disabled everything I could in Settings>Applications. Any advices?
  41. thewhisper

    Thread Massive wakelock in Android OS proccess on H815 MM roms. Please help !

    Helo to everyone, I'm facing a serious problem lately. No matter which stock MM rom I flash I get wakelock on Android OS proccess. Let me explain all in details. The way I flash a new rom is as everybody - I wipe all partitions except internal memory and external sd card. Then I flash the new...
  42. S

    Thread bluetooth_pm wakelock keeping LG G4 awake

    Hi, I've been trying to track down the issue with BetterBatteryStats+ and Wakelock Dectector FULL and found that the issue is with the bluetooth_pm wakelock. I've been googling about and people only mention it but nothing gets resolved. There's only one mention of it on XDA but no reply...
  43. Skreelink

    Thread Signal problem. Update: Info for others with issue and solutions.

    After searching extensively on the whole Nexus 6 signal debacle. I've gotten some observations and studies to share and a couple questions. I recently obtained a Nexus 6, which I already knew had the ! no data connection problem. (I tried to help the previous owner with the issue before...
  44. ArmanFGT

    Thread CF-AUTOROOT (problem)

    HI recently flashed the new version of cf (with 5.1.1 support) now experiencing Some bugs like the multiwindow it goes on everytime no matter if i toggle it off or not , and phone overheating really bad and battery is going down really fast , tried fixing wakelocks and do some formatting and...
  45. bikerabhinav

    Thread Chroma + ElementalNX + Open Gapps: 1.3-1.5% battery drain screen off. Help,wakelocks!

    Background: 5X 16GB Chroma 12/10/2015 release ElementalX 1.04 (DT2W disabled. Sweep2Wake enabled) Open Gapps Mini ARM64: Google Now Launcher installed but disabled. Ok Google disabled, GPS disabled. 2G (Data off) Interactive governor tweaks applied as explained in this widely famous thread by...
  46. X

    Thread Battery life (wakelock), Amplify, SD Maid, Auto Call Recorder, Chrome, APUS Launcher

    Hi, This is my first time specifically posting a question as a Q&A style thread so I hope I'm doing this right. I have been using the Redmi Note 2 for about a month now. Overall, it's been a great phone (especially considering the price). However, I've been experiencing a couple of issues and...
  47. R

    Thread StockSM-G900F/SCL23 Very strange behaviour - Wake lock + NAND Corruption + SMS Issues

    Hi all Came across a Samsung Galaxy S5 I've now taken the liberty of trying to get working... The phone was purchased from eBay I believe - brand new and in original packaging. The instruction manual is Japanese, as is parts of the ROM so I'm assuming Japanese origin. The model number in the...
  48. sathish804

    Thread Wake Lock Blocker APK or Flashable ZIP

    Hi All, Is it possible to extract the APK or to make a Flashable ZIP for the In built Wake Lock Blocker from Developer Options of BlissPOP ROM?
  49. M

    Thread PhoneApp wakelock consuming battery

    Hi everyone! I've been seeing this wakelock for as long as I got the phone. Whenever I plug in the charger and plug it off, it keeps this wakelock until I restart the phone. And sometimes even after restart. WLD and battery screenshots are attached. Phone is rooted, greenified and amplified...
  50. K

    Thread WLAN_WAKE wakelock + Wi-Fi not showing

    I'm at a loss here and i hope somebody can help me out here. I've had my Note 4 for a while now, working great, but after a week or two after flashing Simpl-rom (latest)(Android 5.0.1) it started to drain battery while the screen was off. I tried to debug this issue and found that WLAN_WAKE is...