1. B


    I have been using Google wallet all day today up until 45 minutes ago. I have just tried to pay for something in the shops and now my phone says in the wallet settings that 'I do not meet the requirements' I have lsposed, latest magisk, shamiko, changed finger print sensor and fingerprint, I...
  2. UserCoco778

    Thread [Google Wallet] How to change the default bank card picture in the application?

    Hey, community! Is there any chance that someone of you knows the hack of how to change the default picture of the bank card in Google Wallet? The problem is that I have two identical cards in my bank that are linked to the EUR and USD accounts and I always mess up while picking the wrong one...
  3. Spengoe

    Thread Question Google Pay and CTS Issues.

    Hey, It's been for quite some time that I have tried to use google pay with magisk installed but failed miserably. I decided to install lineage on my Google Pixel 6a so that I could do a little more trick with that but still didn't work. What I don't get is that I passed multiple times SafetyNet...
  4. D

    Thread Read security PIN Google Wallet (Pay) from PayPal for online payment

    Hello, I have added my PayPal account to my Google Wallet. Everything works fine, but I want to use virtual/generated Mastercard behind this for online payment. I've already identified the card number and the expiration date. The only part that is missing is the security PIN (CVC). I found a...
  5. J

    Thread Question Google Pay/Wallet not letting to add any card

    Hello everyone, About six months ago I flashed Android 13's Evolution X rom, don't remember which version right now. Important: No root. After that I installed all of my apps, including SafetyNet Test app from BITS Apps. Test was passed with no issues. Problem came when I tried to add the same...
  6. M

    Thread Question Google Wallet - custom add ons

    Just got back to pixel land after being on ios for a few yrs. one of the features i really liked on ios was the ability to store passes and such manually , like my gym barcode and such. How the HELL do we do this on android? I've taken a screenshot of the barcode pass, but got no prompt to save...
  7. J

    Thread recovery of a crypto wallet after factory reset

    Hi Guys, New here at the last odd chance of finding out if it is possible to recover my lost data on my android after it has been factory reset... I had some crypto stored on an multi crypto wallet app, and the phone was factory reset, i remember the password for the actual app to get into...
  8. A

    Thread Gpay wallet quick access in Android 12

    Hello Guys, This is a region specific question, In some countries like India , Gpay Wallet quick toggle says "unavailable" . And It cannot be activated in settings page. Is there any adb command which clears that restriction and make it work? PFA Screenshots. Thank you
  9. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][ROOT][11+][08/06] Classic Power Menu - Power Menu Replacement w/ Wallet, Controls on Android 11, 12, 13, 14+

    Classic Power Menu is a Power Menu Replacement for Android 11+, with the main aim being restoring power menu options (Device Controls & Quick Access Wallet) on Android 12. Classic Power Menu Requires root access to function, it is not possible without root Please read the FAQ before...
  10. T

    Thread Huawei Pay - Any news on compatible Western banks?

    So from my understanding Huawei Pay is already in use in China and has been touted to be "coming soon" in Western markets. Wallet at the moment seems to just be compatible with gift cards and coupons etc. What are you guys hoping to see out of Huawei Pay/Wallet going forward? Do you have...
  11. wrongway213

    Thread [GUIDE] Google Pay working SIMPLY with unlock/root on Pixel 4/XL [GUIDE]

    Hey guys... I've seen various methods to get Google Pay working and simply put, none of them worked for me. All that I could find left was advanced stuff involving SQLite editors and that's just not for everyone. So I started trying other known working methods from different devices, and this is...
  12. matale0

    Thread Cryptocurrency wallet specification needed

    Hi, is there any info on S10 crypto currency wallet, is it hardware wallet? Is it Samsung own software on top of it? Is it anything to do with Enjin ? Any info would help. Im trying to debunk...
  13. C

    Thread Best practical case

    Will be good to have few function, for example: + wallet (for driver license, money, pay card) + holder (to watch movie in landscape mode) + window - or something else to see when someone calling me Have I forget something to have practical case and is available ?
  14. E

    Thread Samsung Wallet LED Case - Keep LEDs Always On

    Has anybody figured out a way to keep the LED display active on the LED Wallet Case? The case is awesome, but I'd like to keep the time always on, or the music visualizer/controls. Haven't found any settings for this. It turns off after 5-10 seconds. I especially want this while wireless charging.
  15. D

    Thread Full Grain Leather FliP Case For Samsung Galaxy S8

    Work in the tech industry and everyone who sees these cases wants it! I was very, very impressed with the quality for the price. There are 3 colors , Cognac ,black and Black with red/green stripe Pros: It feels amazing in the hand. I have had many so-called genuine leather cases for my Phones...
  16. MedicStuder

    Thread Wallet Cases

    A few devices back I tried a wallet case for the first time. Most wallet cases I have tried are similar to a standard flip case with the exception of a few pockets to place cards in. Then there are the cases that hide the cards inside of them. The issue with both of this is extremely limited...
  17. W

    Thread S5 (T-Mobile) SGH-G900T Tap-Pay wallets not detected by payment terminal

    I cannot get any Payment Wallet to work on my Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile. Prior to February 2015, I used both Google Wallet and SoftCard successfully. In February I added a 3rd party Wireless Charging Receiver which obscured my NFC antenna. This was while using KitKat. When Lollipop was...
  18. ronnie-steelheart

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Material][Updated] Quick Wallet- Keep track of who owes you what money.

    You lent someone money but you forgot to take it back or you borrowed money from someone and need a reminder to pay him back. These scenarios are very common and keeping track of such transactions can be very troublesome. This is where Quick Wallet comes to your rescue. Quick Wallet helps you...
  19. S

    Thread There was a problem loading your funding source - Google Walle

    I am just posting this, wondering if anyone has run into a similar issue, I have looked high and low, on multiple forums and have found no one with a similar issue. I am fearing that my only recourse is to make a new Google account, solely to use these features. Would anyone have any idea on how...
  20. D

    Thread Is Google Wallet working on CM11?

    Hi. I am on Stock 4.1.2. I don't want to flash the CM11, because I really like the LG UI, Qslide and other features the stock offers. But I badly want to pay using google wallet tap & pay (I am from outside the US). I installed the newest Google Wallet 2.0 155 v14 app, but I had read that...
  21. 4

    Thread [Q] How do I use google wallet in Canada?

    I am able to install it but it says I'm not in the US. I've tried finding details on hw to get it working but coudn't. If someone can point me to another thread or somethin that would be great.
  22. P

    Thread [Q] Jumped ship form iphone 5 to note 3

    Hi there, I just bought the note 3 for verizon from Amazon and I get it tomorrow. I have some questions. I did search and I didn't see these answered. With the phone being bigger I thought about getting a wallet case for the note 3. Does anyone have any recommendations on one that maybe you...
  23. tip2tail

    Thread [Q] EE/Google Play Mobile Carrier Billing inop

    Hi All, I have a bit of a problem in that Mobile Carrier Billing - i.e. buying an app on the Play Store and charging it on my phone bill - is no longer working. If you will indulge me I will try and provide as much background and information as I can. I am running ARHD - currently on a 31.x...
  24. espionage724

    Thread [Q] Google Wallet "Tap to pay" No Longer Possible?

    https://support.google.com/wallet/answer/1347934?hl=en The Nexus 7 (2012) is listed here. Was just going through Wallet set-up on my N7 and noticed that tap to pay was not available. Is there any explanation as to why?
  25. A

    Thread Google wallet tap and pay declined

    Hello, I have a nexus 4 with 4.4.2, and the latest wallet app. I have a problem where I attempt to use tap and pay and the terminal declines it. It used to work on an older version, but I did a lot of flashing, etc and I assumed I messed up the secure element. I thought that 4.4.2 would fix it...
  26. andersonpaac

    Thread [Q] Isis mobile wallet

    I have the SM-N900A working on t-mobile , I changed my build.prop settings and used the isis xposed module for isis to work on rooted phones , however it says I don't have a secure element sim. I actually do have the SE SIM . Can anyone help me out?
  27. andersonpaac

    Thread [Q] Isis wallet AT&T-> T-mobile

    I own the note 3 from AT&T and I'm currently on T-Mobile. Isis mobile wallet works only if the carrier and the phone are from the same carrier. Can someone advice on how I can get Isis wallet working? Will replacing the build.prop with the T-Mobile's build.prop help? I thought of a few things...
  28. andersonpaac

    Thread [Q] HCE and all mobile payments

    As many of you might have read, the latest leak of the OTA removes the host card emulation feature which was part of the core of the 4.4 OS. Which means you can't use Google wallets much loved Tap and pay feature which was disabled on pre 4.4 devices for lack of secure element. ATT stripping...
  29. dannyben

    Thread [APP][THEME][MOD] Aroma Installer Misc Mods v7 (01.26.2014)

    [APP][THEME][MOD] Aroma Installer Misc Mods v7 This Aroma installer is for TW 4.3 DEODEXED ROMS (although certain options will also work on ODEXED) It is meant for the LAZY or simply people who'd like an ALL-IN-ONE flashable zip to choose many options in a single flash. I DO NOT watch this...
  30. dannyben

    Thread [APP][THEME][MOD] Aroma Installer Misc Mods v7.1 (02.02.14)

    [APP][THEME][MOD] Aroma Installer Misc Mods v7.1 This Aroma installer is for TW 4.3 DEODEXED ROMS (although certain options will also work on ODEXED) It is meant for the LAZY or simply people who'd like an ALL-IN-ONE flashable zip to choose many options in a single flash. I DO NOT watch this...
  31. U

    Thread [FREE] Finance PM - Expense Manager

    Finance PM is your personal financial manager. The main goal of this application is to help users control money quickly and easily. As a rule, money ends at the most inappropriate moment, and then it is very difficult to remember: where and when you spent a rather large sum. It is difficult to...
  32. sebachamaca

    Thread How to [permanently] use the US Play Store outside of the US with no hacks or Proxys!

    YOU WILL NEED A CREDIT CARD (But doesn't matter from where or if it's limited to your country) This method will get you access to the US Play Store permanently, without the need to fake your location (sort of), so you can say goodbye to those slow and painful proxys! Hi Guys! This is my first...
  33. M

    Thread Mobile Wallet Tap and Pay

    Alright yall, I looked all over and finally stumbled across a NEW VERSION of the Isis mobile wallet app. I am sure this is coming out very soon on the play store, but for those who want it now, here you go. I have confirmed it working on my non rooted note 3...
  34. SebasC

    Thread [Q] Secure Element - Stock Rom but Rooted

    I recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy S3 again and I know with custom roms if you use Google Wallet and factory reset without resetting Google Wallet you would mess up your secure element... Now I run stock rom, stock kernel just rooted to delete bloatware. If I factory reset now with Google...
  35. N

    Thread Working Tap and Pay In Google Wallet

    Ok so I can now confirm that Tap and Pay in google Wallet can work. Just used it and am Drinking Redbull Purchased from 7-Eleven 10 mins ago. I used the attached modified APK ( done by Loserskater) from this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=45710314&postcount=3276 Quick...
  36. ram130

    Thread [Q] Google Wallet on the T-Mobile Moto X

    Anyone got Google Wallet to work fully on the T-Mobile Moto X? I was at a store and tried it but nothing happen when I tapped it. The look on the cashier face was enough.
  37. N

    Thread Anyone tried to use Isis Wallet yet?

    i'm in Calfornia. i'm suprised i can install the Isis Wallet app and it let me activated the account! [/URL][/IMG]
  38. loserskater

    Thread [MOD]{DEAD} Google Wallet 2.0-R155-v14-update (no need to modify build.prop)

    This is no longer supported as Google has removed support for everything except 4.4+. If you still need this for 4.4+ let me know and I will open support again. I modified the new Google Wallet to allow tap and pay on any device. This modified version has hard coded device information instead...
  39. n1ckr0th

    Thread Moto X Wallet Case

    I'm coming from a wally on my current phone, it's just a slim adhesive leather pouch that sticks to the back of any case. I know with the design of the Moto X this kind of case isn't possible so i'm looking for alternatives. I came across this on Amazon, has anyone owned this case or has a...
  40. vt0r

    Thread [MOD] - [CWM/TWRP] - Modified Google Wallet v2.0 APK - Flashable Zip and Instructions

    UPDATE: THIS THREAD IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. I upgraded to KitKat several months ago (as should you, if possible). Since KitKat allows any device that's NFC-enabled to work with wallet, I have been focusing my time elsewhere. The original reason for this zip (to save pushing wallet to...
  41. O

    Thread Wallet and xposed help with cm10.2

    I have aTMO M919 SGS4 rooted and running the latest CM10.2 nighties. I have tried following instructions to enable wallet by installing xposed. I keep getting an error like xposed framework not installed with a number of write errors pointing to /data/data. Using root explore to make /system...
  42. D

    Thread [Q] Using ISIS NFC Payments

    Hello! I would like to start using ISIS mobile payments on my Developer Edition HTC One, because it lacks a secure element that Google requires. It says the service is currently only available in Salt Lake City and Austin, but I don't see how it could possibly be restricted. Any help would be...
  43. ilogik

    Thread Resetting google wallet help

    I'm trying to reset wallet but its stuck at 94% 44/47. I let it sit overnight and its still stuck. I've rebooted the device and turned of wifi and it restarts the process and gets stuck at the exact same point. Thoughts?
  44. D

    Thread [Q] HTC One NFC Secure Element

    Hello. Let's get this sorted once and for all. I have a Developer Edition US HTC One, and it seems that the only way to get Google Wallet working on the device is to pull the secure element off of the Sprint version of the device. Does anybody know how to go about doing this? I know it was done...
  45. J

    Thread [Q] Google Wallet: Device Not Ready

    I've seen threads on this issue for other devices, but none in the HTC One section so thought I might try and see if anyone here can help. I got my HTC One on Friday and flashed CM 10.1 once the phone was activated. Everything is working fine, except Google Wallet keeps saying the device is not...
  46. Willuknight

    Thread Case - Tough + Wallet???

    I really really want a case that will double as a wallet, while offering increased protection. I've killed two phones from breaking the screen and I want to keep my new note 2 pretty. Does anyone know any cases which will hold credit cards + drivers, and also give increased protection for the...
  47. mrpanic7

    Thread [Q] Wallet or Alternative NFC payment app?

    Any idea if we'll be able to get wallet working on our Optimus G? Are there any good alternatives to Google Wallet that we can utilize with us rocking custom ROMs?
  48. P

    Thread Google Wallet Official Galaxy Note II Support! (USA)

    Hi guys, Google just released an update of Google Wallet to the play store which makes it compatible for Sprint and US Cellular Galaxy Note II's. I found the article here: http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/15/google-wallet-sprint-us-cellular/ Link to the play store to download here...
  49. espionage724

    Thread [Q] Nexus 4, T-Mobile, and Google Wallet?

    I have a Nexus 4 currently. If I pop in a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card, will I be able to freely use Google Wallet (freely as in just download and update from Play Store, no sideloading and other stuff)? I've heard recently that T-Mobile blocks the use of Google Wallet; wasn't sure if it was a...
  50. Dan-SRi

    Thread [Q] Google Wallet

    Just wondering, anyone got Google Wallet installed and working on the One? Would love to get it working but i tried what i done on my S3 which was change the build.prop but i rebooted and the file set itself back to original... Hopefully someone clever can get it working :D