1. T

    Thread [WLP][5.0+] Spotify Album Cover Wallpaper

    Hi guys. Spotify Album Cover Live Wallpaper collects your choice of playlist or music library to create a visual representation of your music. A cover art wallpaper to showcase your music taste and vibe. Look and feel settings are available to customize how you want the cover art wallpaper to...
  2. lohigno

    Thread [ICON PACK] Flat Black Lite - Icons Pack [Android 5.0+ Devices]

    Start customizing the look of your home screen using this minimal , flat and pure black shapeless Icon Pack These icons will look better with any bright or colored wallpapers and it's compatible with almost all third-party launchers Features ▸ 2.500+ High-Quality Icons Included ▸ 10.000+ Icon...
  3. D

    Thread [APP][5.1+] WallpaperMe - A Wallpaper Switcher for Android 🙂

    Hi, I've created a Wallpaper switcher for Android, all you have to do is choose a folder in your Phone's Storage, fill it w/ wallpapers and set the app. It can switch the Wallpapers by Unlocks or by Time. There are also premium versions available which remove the 5 wallpaper limit and ads. Two...
  4. lihlasrj

    Thread Wallpaper | Thema New Zealand

    Wallpapers Desctop New Zealand DDW Design
  5. M

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Download Google Pixel 7 Pro Wallpaper full resolution FHD+

    The new Pixel 7 is much cheaper than the Pro model and significantly smaller as well. The Google Pixel 7 features a 6.3 inch AMOLED display and a 90Hz refresh rate. The phone also has an in-display fingerprint sensor for security. The phone is powered by Google’s Tensor G2 processor, It is...
  6. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread StellarWalls - wallpapers [FREE WALLPAPER APP]

    Wallpapers that make your homescreen stellar !!🤩 StellarWalls provides you with loads of strikingly unique and beautiful wallpapers, all neatly organized and tucked into specific categories, so that you don't have to experience the clutter 😉. It comes with more than 190 wallpapers in it's...
  7. N

    Thread [APP][FREE][WALLPAPER] Anime Wallpapers 4k

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobidevs.animewallpaper4k This app is made for Anime Lovers from around the world. Anime wallpaper 4k app has unique and creative collection of anime wallpapers and backgrounds. Each and every wallpaper is unique in its own way This application...
  8. RKBD

    Thread [PORT] Razer Phone all themes backup

    Backup of R Λ Z Ξ R PHONE themes Theme Store no longer works but I managed to backup all 165 themes (2.3GB) They are stored in root/data/themes They can be only enabled via command to enable overlay since theme store does not list any theme since its shutdown even if it was installed before...
  9. Tnoff Apps

    Thread Screenset - Curated Wallpapers for Material You

    I am an independent developer, and I have been working on my app: Screenset for the past year. It is finally finished! I would love some feedback on it! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tnoffapps.screenset
  10. OldPlanets

    Thread [WLP][5.0+] Red Alert Wallpaper (v3.6)

    Hey everyone, this app was published and sold for years on Google Play, until Google got too annoying with their permission restrictions and their bot removed the app. I didn't want to remove functionality so I just called it a day. Now, inspired from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, I decided to...
  11. Deadshot0x7

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [ Wallpaper Share] New Wallpaper

    Hello Everyone, I'm making custom rom for oneplus and for that we've relased the Wallpaper . The Wallpaper are released on the zedge . You can use this for link to Download the Wallpaper . Feel Free to share to give Feedback on the Wallpaper And Follow us on {Mod edit} for the updates...
  12. Paras Lehana

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu | Part II - Sounds and vibrations, Notifications, Themes

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 2 - Sounds and vibration, Notifications, Wallpaper and Themes If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read the Introductory Post first. Sound and vibration Sound Mode: Choose from Sound, Vibrate and Mute. If you...
  13. S

    Thread Edge lighting Live Borderlight

    Edge lighting live wallpapers to animate your screen with multi color border lights. Bring the ultimate personalization in your phone through Edge Lighting Colors wallpaper. Border light app helps you set the colorful curved round corners edge lights on your lock and home screen. Pimp your...
  14. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post Your Wallpapers

    Here you can post your Wallpapers! Happy Posting ;)
  15. T

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Darkper - Curated Black Wallpapers with Auto Wallpaper (Promo Codes for PRO)

    Darkper - Handpicked Collection of Black Wallpapers with Category/Favorites Based Auto Wallpaper Changer App Features: 1. Preview wallpapers in full resolution before applying/downloading. 2. Subscribe to your favorite categories and receive notification when new wallpapers are added to them...
  16. Kimbaroth

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Post your setup/screenshot thread! =D

    I'm currently rocking this setup, the whole description can be found on my deviantart: I'm in love with this device!!! =D <3
  17. P

    Thread Background menu is not the same as wallpaper

    Hii, i need some help here :( i just bought sony xperia 1 , and i noticed when i changed my wallpaper, when i swipe up the menu, the background is black ( I'm using dark mode). I have another android phone, when i open up the menu, the background is similar to the current wallpaper or a bit...
  18. Stefanos53


  19. miravision

    Thread General Themes, Styles, Home screen, Customization, Wallpaper Showcase

    Post your UX screenshots including setup, apps, home screen customization, wallpapers, themes, styles and general aesthetics
  20. komorovg

    Thread [DEV] QuatroPaper - Gradient Wallpapers Maker With Powerful Editor

    Another gradient maker? Yes, but this one is different. I promise :) First of all our has no traditional vertical/diagonal gradient, instead it has separate set of colors for each edge. And because of this generated wallpapers have really unique look with soft transitions. Or sharp if you wish...
  21. M

    Thread EU MIUI - Nova Launcher - zoom wallpaper

    I have a strange problem at MIUI eu. When using the Nova launcher, the wallpaper brings me closer to the unwanted distance. How to please fix the problem. I tried to set the wallpaper in the system settings (appearance). Then in the Nova launcher itself. It didn't help. Thank you
  22. PatrikPepega

    Thread How to turn off matte wallpaper in apps page?

    Hello, today i've changed my wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy A70, but in apps page is the wallpaper matte. How i can turn it off? Please help. Thank you.
  23. breath21

    Thread Wallpaper darker

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi mi 10t and when I put one of my picture as a wallpaper the picture is darker (see pictures attached: left one Wallpaper - right one the original). Is there a way to avoid that ? Thanks in advance.
  24. R

    Thread [APP][A11+]Pixel Wallpapers Unlocked with Pixel 5a Wallpapers

    Slightly modified Google Wallpaper app. Unlocked Pixel Wallpapers from Pixel 2 to Pixel 5a Tested with: Pixel 4 (Android 12 DP) Galaxy S21 (Android 11) One Plus 9 (Android 11) Notice: 2 x For Fun category is not a bug. First one is for Pixel 5a which has different front camera location.
  25. sliex

    Thread Question Interactive wallpapers gone ?

    No, i dont mean live wallpapers as they are today - video footage. I used to have nice wallpapers on old phones (S1, S2) that would react to touch - signals spreading via pcb traces from finger upon poking the screen, rings in water surface growing, strange cube undulating landscape, etc, etc...
  26. chikkugadu

    Thread How do I customize Android auto

    I have a Honda city 2020 and I want to customize small stuffs like wallpapers and themes.
  27. marshartdegen

    Thread LG Theme, wallpaper, icons please

    Hi, any idea to take some paid theme, icons of LG phones like for V60, Velvet, to install in other android phones please? The best way to remember LG. Thank you very much!
  28. B

    Thread Samsung Wonderland working on Note 9

    Samsung Wonderland app is working on the Note 9, Samsung UI 2.5 Android 10 for the Sprint/Tmobile built. Runs very smooth, has bunch of parallax options as well custom wallpapers, adding your own layers and effects. Download here Wonderland 1.1.07 Samsung Wonderland at apkmirror.
  29. Apps by Dream Studio

    Thread [APP][4.1+] 4D Live Wallpaper – 2020 New Best 4D Wallpapers,HD,4K

    💛The Coolest AMOLED 4D Backgrounds HD & gyroscopic animated Live Wallpapers to bring you the amazing 3D depth effect. - It’s on 4D Live Wallpaper.🙌 👍FEATURES: Totally Free! 🧡An endless selection of free backgrounds 💙High-quality wallpaper for all categories(Fancy a dark dope stylish, or maybe...
  30. t-ryder

    Thread [APP][Android 5.0+] Rywall UHD wallpaper app

    __________________ I took Jahir Fiquitivas Frames Dashboard and created Rywall - an UHD wallpaper app for Android smartphones. __________________ UHD JPG wallpapers 3840x1644 pixels Set wallpapers using the app itself or the system-tool (adjust) No ads No tracking No premium version...
  31. H

    Thread [MIUI12] The red planet (mars) super wallpaper is only dark.

    Dear Everybody! Don't you know why mars super wallpaper is just dark? I turned off adjust wallpaper to dark mode, then i turned off dark mode. I deleted updates off wallpaper app, but it is still only dark. When i updated to miui 12, then it was bright at day and dark at night. How can i set...
  32. funscreens

    Thread New way to personalize phone: a WAW

    New type of wallpaper adds a personalization twist Wallpapers have been around forever, in smartphone terms. There are two tribes to the species: Static and Live wallpapers. The static ones don't do much besides simply being aesthetically pleasing. Live Wallpapers on the other hand tend to...
  33. P

    Thread [Wallpapers Share] HONOR 9A Wallpapers "Close to Nature", Download NOW!

    1. About this HONOR 9A Wallpapers Name: Close to Nature Wallpapers for HONOR 9A Size: 13.8 MB Format: .jpg Designer: Ayush from India Amount: 6 wallpapers from the download link Statement: Only for personal use, modification and commercial use is forbidden. 2. What does these HONOR 9A...
  34. sidnoit22

    Thread [Request] Pixel 4a Eclipse Wallpaper Port

    I have seen Pixel 4a comes with an different live wallpaper which is animated based on your battery and called Eclipse. Can we expect port for Pixel 4 and other devices?
  35. kazim.asghar

    Thread Note 20 Wallpapers

    Thanks to yakapa40 for note 20 wallpapers. I am just sharing his work here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WnOcn3356IGBAt7qDpiurKQZjt5Vg0Hp/view?usp=sharing
  36. N

    Thread [Wallpaper] Download High Quality Art Wallpapers for HONOR 9A and Other HONOR Phones

    1. About the Wallpaper Name: High Quality Art Wallpapers Size: 39 MB Format: .jpg Designer: KAZED Amount: 9 wallpapers from the download link Statement: Only for personal use, modification and commercial use is forbidden. 2. What the wallpapers are like when applied on HONOR 9A? 3. Download...
  37. J

    Thread Is there a way to use both custom and recommended in Wallpaper Carousel

    Is there a way to use my own personal photos along with the photos you are subscribed to in Wallpaper Carousel. I have some photos I like to look at in my lock screen but I also want to see new stuff. If this isn't possible in Wallpaper Carousel, is there an alternative? Thanks in advance. :p
  38. zaryab360

    Thread [APP] Dark Walls - AMOLED/OLED Wallpapers

    Black/Dark/AMOLED wallpapers do save battery a lot. So why late, download our app and save your phone battery now. Looking for super dark wallpapers for your High-end Smarthphone OLED/AMOLED panel? Than this application is for you. It contains more than 300+ OLED/AMOLED/DARK wallpapers...
  39. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [APP][Live Wallpaper] Splash Wallpapers - 4K HD & Live Wallpapers

    Splash Wallpapers - 4K HD & Live Wallpapers by HackDrip Splash is the best platform to find 4K HD and Live Wallpapers from the community. Splash Wallpapers is the only community which provides high-quality HD Live Wallpapers for Android. Splash App is specially designed for those who want a...
  40. P

    Thread Missing wallpaper option (24h)

    Hi! In MIUI 11, Android 9 had that 24-hour wallpaper that changed according to the times of day (that desert sand ...). With the Android 10 update, it disappeared, stuck in its night state, only there is movement on the lock screen (shooting stars). Can you put that back somehow? The 24-hour...
  41. sublimaze

    Thread How to change lockscreen live wallpaper and make it "stick"

    My wife uses a live wallpaper from the Play Store, but every time she applied it to the lockscreen, it always reverted to the stock "blooming flower" live wallpaper. I finally figured out how to enable her favorite wallpaper and retain it. 1. Download your favorite live wallpaper 2. Install...
  42. basimsherif3

    Thread [App] Wallwrap wallpaper app with automatic wallpaper changer feature

    Wallwrap is the new wallpaper app in town. You can choose your favorite wallpapers from a wide range of categories. You can find stunning and hand-picked wallpapers in Wallwrap and provide you the best user experience with a clean and minimal design. Loop feature will allow you to change...
  43. E

    Thread [ringtones][huawei] all ringtones for huawei emui collection

    All time lovely and most listened collection of trending latest hd ringtones for all huawei and honor devices in one place for all mobile platform to give you selected ringtones in one single app, you just tap on your favorite ringtone to play and go to select to use as your mobile default...
  44. R

    Thread Neumorphic wallpapers for all devices! [Dark/Light]

    So recently I made these neomorphic wallpapers for all devices. They are 1320x2340p in resolution, which is 19.5:9 but extended horizontally to fit even 16:9 devices so you don't have to miss out on them even if your device is old. Morph'D Papers [DARK] - Download! Morph Papers [LIGHT] -...
  45. SpadaBoss

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Ready2Wall - HD and 4K wallpapers (from best Reddit's subreddits)

    READY2WALL Tired of wasting time searching for a new wallpaper? You’re in the right place! Download Ready2Wall now to choose the best wallpaper for your tastes to give your device an unique look! DOWNLOAD: Google Play Browse many different categories Choose a new wallpaper from a lot of...
  46. folgore95

    Thread [APP][6.0+] MyWall - Wallpaper Manager

    My Wall - Wallpaper Manager My Wall is a light and powerful wallpaper manager that will allow you to manage your wallpaper completely. Features • Quickly save or share your wallpaper with friends • Material Design with animations • Statistics: get the colors that characterize the wallpaper with...
  47. A

    Thread [LIVE WALLPAPER][Android 6.0+] No Man's Sky - AMOLED Live Wallpaper (Ad-free)

    A Live Wallpaper with a floating No Man's Sky Logo on a Black Background (AMOLED Friendly)! No Ads and No Extra Permissions! Fully Offline! Feedback appreciated! Youtube Link XDA Labs - Download App
  48. A

    Thread [LIVE WALLPAPER][Android 6.0+] No Man's Sky - AMOLED Live Wallpaper (Ad-free)

    A Live Wallpaper with a floating No Man's Sky Logo on a Black Background! No Ads and No Extra Permissions! Fully Offline! Feedback appreciated! Youtube Link XDA Labs - Download App
  49. P

    Thread Looking for help on porting .. I think? crDroid specific (Wallpaper won't set)

    I've been using crDroid for a few years now -- it's my preferred ROM. Someone recently ported it to work on the Pixel 2 XL, which is honestly the only reason I bought the phone. Well that and its bootloader was easily unlockable and is CDMA capable (Verizon.. sigh.) However, regardless of how...
  50. bgibson72

    Thread Template for Galaxy Note 10+ hole punch wallpaper

    Not sure if this has been shared around here, but I made a wallpaper template with the Note 10+ hole punch for myself and thought I would share. PNG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10M3b5-2dpbvAQpZYQFTTQ7mM-G9J-2RP/view?usp=sharing PSD...