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  1. N

    Thread Question How can I change the region Galaxy Watch 4

    Hi, I live in Vietnam, I using Galaxy Watch 4 US (SM-R875U XAA), but can not add eSim. I need help convert my watch to SM-R875F UK (BTU) and SS Pay, eSim, blood pressure, ECG works normally. Thanks
  2. D

    Thread Question Add custom or replace default ringtones or notification tones. Is it possibile?

    Hi guys, Is there a chance to add custom ringtones or notification tones to watch 4? Or maybe to replace the default one with other files with the same name.... It's not working to add files trough Manage Content/Add Tracks
  3. Nat.smith26

    Thread Question Messages History and Voice + RCS

    Hey guys. I just got my Watch 4 and I am disappointed for the moment. The whole purpose of this buy was to let my phone in my case and use it as a Walkie Talkie. But as far as I know, the voice messages are only possible with Samsung Messages (and Telegram with the dedicated app). The big...
  4. M

    Thread How To Guide debloat galaxy watch 4

    Hello everyone, Hope you all good, First of all, I want to clarify that this is a list with everything that people can remove, it is up to you to choose what to remove from the watch 4, you don't need to remove all apps... Debloat Galaxy Watch 4 1. Enable developers mode (skip if it's on): On...
  5. Dante63

    Thread How To Guide Watch4 ADB Commands - Disable/Enable/Uninstall/Restore system app, Install/pull Apps

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are good, So I see some on you wondering about how to uninstall, reinstall, install, pull, enable and disable apps for the watch, so I decided to make this thread to address these different scenarios, this is based on test of users, if there is any incorrect...
  6. Dante63

    Thread Development [RESTRICTIONS-REMOVED] Samsung Health Monitor - WearOS - - Root, Age, Country & Device Restriction Removed - 22nd November 2021

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are fine... ~~~ WearOS WATCHES ONLY ~~~ ~~~ FEATURES, BUGS & FUTURE WORKS~~~ FEATURES: Multilanguage, no root detection, no country restriction, no device restriction, age limit lowered from 22 to 16, no lock screen restriction, No Force update to latest version)...