1. amoledwatchfaces

    Thread [APP] Complications Suite - Wear OS

    Day/Week of Year, Seconds, World Clock/UTC, Moon phase & other useful complications for Wear OS SUPPORTED COMPLICATION TYPES • Date - SHORT_TEXT, LONG_TEXT • Week of Year - SHORT_TEXT, LONG_TEXT, RANGED_VALUE (0 -> 52) • Day of Year - SHORT_TEXT, LONG_TEXT, RANGED_VALUE (0 -> 365) • World Clock...
  2. D

    Thread Question Create new task from Galaxy Watch4 via Google Assistant

    Hello friends! I am trying to find the fastest way to add tasks to my to-do list app (still TBD which one) via Watch4 and Google Assistant. I am open to using any program or programs, free or paid, does not matter. Todoist, Any.DO, Zapier, Evernote, etc. What I ideally want is: 1. Double press...
  3. BotchedRPR

    Thread WearOS Developement for Galaxy Watch (SM-R810)

    Hi. I think it's about time to give new life to my old watch. Right now, I got the combination firmware: Download Kernel source - got it from some old website, I'll probably upload it later. Combination firmware is based on tizen, has some nice addons that are not really necessary for us...

    Thread Montblanc Summit 2 Software corruption

    Hello there , newbie here but enthusiast about technology, I have bought recently a Montblanc summit 2 with a known fault in the hopes that I will be able to fix it. First thing when booted it's saying that ''device software can't be checked for corruption'' and after a while it boots but when...
  5. B

    Thread [TOOL] All-in-One tool for Windows. Wear OS Tools v5.0

    All-in-One tool for Windows. Wear OS Tools v5.0 It's a tool for use with any Wear OS watch. I am releasing today an improved and optimized version with several new features. What does it do? It is an All-in-One tool for Windows that makes it easy to do certain things with the watch, such...
  6. usualNerd

    Thread Developer API access to BIA sensor on Samsung Watch 4?

    So I want to access the BIA sensor on Samsung Watch4 (Measure your body composition with the Galaxy Watch4 series), but can't really seem to find a way to do it. I wanted to know that: Is it necessary to apply to Partner App Program to get access to body composition data (Partner App Program)...
  7. Dante63

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods GeminiMan watchfaces by XDA-Dante63

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are fine... ~~~ What is this about...? ~~~ I started a hobby of making watchfaces using watch face studio, and I kind of find it very relaxing to be honest and so I made few watchfaces, I'd build them whenever I wanna de-stress so it's kinda a win-win situation...
  8. Malvik

    Thread [TWRP] TWRP for Fossil Gen 6 aka HOKI.

    Hey, Recently I was able to extract the boot.img and recovery.img from the boot.img itself, by understanding its system. I managed to build a TWRP for it, but stuck on the logo screen. ADB shell can be accessible with root. Device Tree: https://github.com/Malvik298/hoki_twrp_device_tree Feel...
  9. jackennils

    Thread Step Counting: big difference between Mi Band 5 and Fossil Gen 6

    Hello! I hope someone can help me with an - at least for me - strange issue that I don't understand. Situation: A friend of mine has a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Fitness Band and uses it together with the Zepp App (which replaced Mi Fit some time ago). I am using a Fossil 6th Gen WearOS Smartwatch with...
  10. TheMystic

    Thread Watch Faces with support for rare complications

    Hello community! In an earlier post where I provided a checklist to refer to when choosing a watch face, I had mentioned a few complications that were to be found only in very few watch faces. In this post, I will include links to some watch faces under each of those categories. 1. Agenda...
  11. TheMystic

    Thread Wear OS - Facts

    Hello community! In this post, I am giving you info on some aspects of Wear OS, which you may or may not know. All the details presented are based on my experience with Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (WiFi model), running on Wear OS 3.x. So they may not be representative of all the watches (and those...
  12. TheMystic

    Thread Checklist when choosing a watch face

    Hello community, When shopping for watch faces, it is possible that you get attracted to certain designs and buy them, only to realize later that the watch face is missing one or more things that you would like to have. Then it becomes a question of whether to keep the watch face or get a...
  13. TheMystic

    Thread General Problems with the Galaxy Watch4 so far....

    Hello community, I'm listing the problems I have faced/ still facing with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. If you have a solution, please comment. If you have other watch problems, please mention them with solution, if available. Much of the problems below started AFTER doing a factory reset. 1...
  14. TheMystic

    Thread General Some observations about watch faces....

    During this week, I was playing around with my Watch4, and this post is about some of my observations, and conclusions about the same. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong with any of them. There are essentially two categories of 3rd party watch faces: 1. CATEGORY 1: One that uses...
  15. Perfectly_Diverse

    Thread Question: Is there a WearOS NFC emulator app? If not why?

    I've done a lot of searches and not come up with much on this topic. I have gleaned that currently only GPay and Samsung Pay support nfc Credit/Debit cards on WearOS smartwatches, but neither support NFC emulation of loyalty cards, room keys... etc. Is this a restriction that is programmed into...
  16. K

    Thread [APP] Ubuntu watch face

    This is a watch face I made, with a companion app for customisation. Feedback is welcome. Play Store link Screenshots:
  17. maassi0076

    Thread [TWRP ported] Fossil Gen 4 (Firefish)

    Hello, this is my ported TWRP for Fossil Gen 4 "Firefish" but normaly it'll work with other gen 4 from Fossil-Group important : you must have an unlocked bootloader, and all fossil watchs doesnt have usb pins (except gen 6) so you must do some soldering For install: -Download firefish.img -Put...
  18. G

    Thread Life Alert Android watch?

    My father recently suffered a really bad stroke and no was there to help him. He was immobilized on the ground for around an hour before someone discovered him. Now he's going to rehab this week and hopefully it goes well.... I am looking to get some sort of life alert thing for him to carry...
  19. markovidalis

    Thread Android Wear app debugging with mobile application connectivity issue

    Hey guys I've created an android application with a wearos module contained within it. This might be a rookie issue given that I'm new to android development (I'm from a web dev background) but I'm struggling to get my wear and mobile apps to communicate, when they are in debug mode...
  20. barry_2212

    Thread How can I power tic watch e without a battery?

    Hello, the battery in my watch has recently failed, and I am unable to charge or power it up. Is there a method to power it up without a battery or to see if the watch is still functional? Thank you. I suspect these 3 pins are power connectors:
  21. M

    Thread How to launch google assistant from WearOS and pass the command through the watch's mic?

    Any idea if this possible through tasker or Macrodroid? I am so surprised that no one has had this idea, i've looked everywhere, especially how GARBAGE google assistant is for WearOS and its absence from Galaxy watch 4.
  22. larry.nguyen.191

    Thread Montblanc Summit 2+ Chinese Wear OS needs Global Wear OS to replace

    Hi guys, I need your help a lot! I just bought the Montblanc Summit 2+ online. The seller didn't let me know that they got it from a China store. So it's having all the limitations to smartwatches in China (no Google account, Google Assistant, Play Store, Google Maps, ect). All the common apps...
  23. A

    Thread new app for WearOs watches in Play Store Compass Navigatore

    hi mates found interested app for Wear OS powered watches called Compass Navigation from Play store Compass Navigation No internet, no maps. Tested on my GW4 and Fossil. Free but some functions needs unlock by upgrade to premium. Seems good app for outdoor activities without Internet data :)...
  24. A

    Thread Question New Free app for Galaxy Watch 4 on Play Store - Compass Navigator

    Interested news. An app from Tizen on Wear OS now. Compass Navigation from Play Store Compass Navigation
  25. R

    Thread Develop - use speech to text engine on device

    I'm building a WearOS app and would want to utilize on device speech to text convertor. Is there an example or api documentation I can refer. My search ends up with Gboard, which is not what I am looking for.
  26. KiritoKunSama

    Thread Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Does any "Custom ROM" for WearOS exists?

    Does anyone know if there is some way to force install/custom ROM the new WearOS from google on Galaxy Watch Active 2?
  27. I

    Thread Problem with bluetooth headphones and Polar M600 WearOS

    Hi, I hope someone here has a tip for me: I always had this problem with my Polar M600 (so not update specific; only had it for 2 years though): While running everything is fine for ~15 minutes, after which the bluetooth connection to my headphones starts acting up and lose connection for 1 sec...
  28. DownAP

    Thread [PORT] YouTube Music (Vanced) on WearOS 2

    This is a mod of YT Music Vanced & microG Vanced. Offline mode works as long as you have a YT Music subscription. Requirements • A phone • ADB • Basic knowledge about sideloading • Internet connection YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD...
  29. 2chillen

    Thread Huami / Amazfit Verge 2 alias "Nexo" custom Android 8.1 Rom

    hello dearest community Custom Rom`s for Smartwatches as this special case is called. Is it in any way POSSIBLE to create A solution to Bern to HaBen No influence on A method to port the ( I think it Maybe coolest of them is die) AmazMod application. I have uploaded the updated AmazMod service...
  30. Dante63

    Thread Development [RESTRICTIONS-REMOVED] Samsung Health Monitor - WearOS - - Root, Age, Country & Device Restriction Removed - 25th Oct 2022

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are fine... ~~~ WearOS WATCHES ONLY ~~~ ~~~ FEATURES, BUGS & FUTURE WORKS~~~ FEATURES: Works on Samsung Watch4 and Watch5 (as mentioned Samsung WearOS Watches), Multilanguage, no root detection, no country restriction, no device restriction, age limit lowered...
  31. C

    Thread Mi Watch (China) in Recovery mode

    Guys, Bought this from TaoBao China last month, all good till last Friday after reboot into this recovery mode. once reboot will loop into this again till battery fully drained. I am in Malaysia.
  32. J

    Thread Gpay in wear os is working in India, but

    GPay is working in my watch, for now atleast. I've seen an xda developers post where someone got it working (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-gpay-in-unsupported-country-yes-india-too.4262597/ ) So I've been scratching my head since, then sadly thay method didn't work. It's saying that...
  33. KardchCode

    Thread [ROM] [7.1.1] newdory (an Android Wear 2.0 Custom Rom)

    This rom is an attempt at trying to make the watch feel as close to an updated modern watch as possible. You will find that the font, icons and some UI elements are updated to mimic the latest Wear OS updates. At the same time I also tried to improve both the battery life and the overall...
  34. R

    Thread Gcam viewfinder app port on WearOS with non-pixel devices

    Has anyone been able to get any of the GCam ports working on WearOS. I have tried multiple GCam port and none seem to support the WearOS viewfinder app. I have tested the Gcam port on 3 devices Samsung S8, Note 9 and A71 with Fossil Gen 5 and Motorola 360 Gen3. I loved using the viewfinder...
  35. N

    Thread Fossil gen5 trying de-bloat

    Hi to everyone, i'm new with adb and all this things, but not new on modding my phone throw custom recovery. I have a fossil gen5, and I was trying to install ticwatch apps throw adb by pushing the apk in the storage of my watch and then install them. Some apps i installed them, like ticsleep...
  36. cruzidax

    Thread Noob looking for help with modding an app (rescaling)

    Hello, I'm a new user here and I saw some of you guys' great work. I've recently gotten an oppo watch 41mm and I learned how to sideload apps with adb. Now I'm trying to use the Wearmodder.jar by the user Moneytoo. I did follow his guide on how to mod it and I managed to do all the steps except...
  37. c0rsairek

    Thread Google Play Services downgrade on a smartwatch

    Hey, is it possible to downgrade gps or just stop them from autoupdating after factory reset on a smartwatch? My smartwatch is huawei watch 2 - every help would be appreciated
  38. I

    Thread [CLOSED] delete

  39. Beatray

    Thread [WATCHFACE] Polygon Watch Face

    Lately, I have created a free, clean, and open-source watchface for Wear OS. Check it out in the picture above how it presents! I would like to hear a feedback from you so feel free to comment! ;) The idea was to show the time with the usage of polygons and geometric shapes. Every digit on the...
  40. SaDiCuL

    Thread Install WearOs on Oppo smartwatch Chinese version

    Hi guys. I have a question. Will be possible in future to install WearOS on Oppo smartwatch Chinese version. This one come with ColorOS and from what i have seen in videos is a bit limited on apps, etc. Thanks
  41. S

    Thread LG Watch Style Access Recovery Mode

    Does anyone know how to access recovery mode on LG Watch Style? I can go to the bootloader and then go to recovery but I get stuck with a red exclamation mark. In other smartwatch forums including LG Watch Sport, people have mentioned that holding the crown and top button at this point will...
  42. brokenworm

    Thread WearProxy With Pay Enabler ! SDK29.0.2

    Build from sources of RootPayEnabler & PermanentProxy-for-WearOS. big thanks to those guys. It simply enable a thosen proxy , and enable Google Pay when enabling the proxy. Install it on your Wear OS watch directly using ADB with "adb install WearProxy.9.1.apk". Enable the Developer Options ...
  43. nocomp

    Thread WEAROS Impossible to connect with Huawei atch 2w

    hi folks, changed my mate 20 pro for the ccç9, and impossible to bind through wearos with my watch. i can bing thourgh bluetooth menu but wear os don t see my watch, but using the normal android smartwatch proceure, impossible to link my watch with my phone. always get a message sayin code is...
  44. Q

    Thread Futur correction about WearOS and "update functionnality of XXX"

    Hey :) Since MIUI 11 i have 2 issue : Issue about the notifications on my watch(Fossil Gen 4TH) WhatsApp , SMS , and another notifications don't work.... just my music And another issue "Update functionnality of Facebook" at every launch of application ! Thanks to AFiREiNSiDE182 to try to...
  45. Q

    Thread Issue with WearOs On MIUI 11

    Hello :) Since Miui 11 i don't receive any notification on WearOS ( just my music but i can't play/pause , just up/down the volume...) I made a full wipe of my phone , and my watch but same issue I have this notification in wearOs "there was a problem syncing notifications on your watch ...
  46. D

    Thread Maximizing Wear OS with Automagic

    Maximizing Wear OS with Automagic Wear OS has been so underrated. This xda Subforum is not as active as other. I think it is partially because most Wear OS powered watch have bad battery life and typically much more expensive than the proprietary OS powered watch. I bought Ticwatch E in April...
  47. cidlover

    Thread No voice typing on Zentwatch 2

    I had reset my watch about 5 times or so, maybe less, but I am facing two issues. Quick reply for Discord messages gives me this error "Can't finish action. Reconnect to your phone." But other actions work besides the other one I will mention now In any text input field with a Mic icon for...
  48. Na!th

    Thread Change swipe left from Google Fit to any App (WearOS 2.1+)

    Hi Guys, since im not using GoogleFit on my watch, i would like to bind other Apps/Screens to my swipe right->left on the watchface. Another Idea is just to disable the feature at all. Anyone here an idea, how to change this? My Ideas: 1. Somehow hack WearOS? Probably with Magisk or...
  49. M

    Thread [APP][5.1+] RadiusLocker: Lock phone, disable fingerprint/face/etc on BT disconnect

    RadiusLocker DOWNLOAD [Play Store] RadiusLocker automatically locks your phone, turns off the screen, and temporarily disables biometric unlocking (and other Smart Lock features) when a chosen Bluetooth wearable/smartwatch falls out of range. Your PIN/password/pattern will be required to unlock...
  50. steejo

    Thread [G-DOC] Unfixed Android / Pixel 2 Issues

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tvr5z8A_EvZ-BC-ZP2bKARReKwAG3nVpvEYEpwujfoU/ Above is an editable Google Sheet I created to document the issues present on Pixel 2 / XL devices, amongst others. I've been having rather buggy experiences with my Pixel 2 lately and thought it would be best...