1. dasdsad1

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Want to fix The Weather Channel app (Windows 10, deprecated)

    Hi XDA Forums, I want to know that I want to fix The Weather Channel app (Windows 10, deprecated). As in the title, It said No Internet Connection. I restarted the app and Windows, nothing. Also resetted, same thing. I turned on Location, But obviously error. So, is there a way to fix this...
  2. O

    Thread Question What Happened To My Clock/Weather Widget?

    I have a Samsung A53 5G and before that I had an Umidigi F1. I used to have a digital clock + weather widget on my home screen. Tapping the clock would give the alarms + stopwatch etc and tapping the weather would bring up Google Weather. I started trying out different launchers which made the...
  3. D


    Hello!!! The Fancy Widgets is the app for clock & weather widget SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD APK
  4. B

    Thread [TEMP FIX] weather info missing on "At a Glance" #Pixel4a

    Hello Guys, I am facing the issue of Weather information disappearing from "at a glance" randomly. Usually, I used to reboot my mobile whenever I see the problem as a solution. But today I have enabled location service when weather information is missing, surprisingly weather info is displayed...
  5. X

    Thread Xperia XZ2 Compact: in US, but Accuweather and Open Weather Map occasionally show location as Lyublino (Moscow, Russia) - hacked?

    This has been happening for around 2-3 years now. I'd get a weather alert notification for Lyublino, a district in Moscow, Russia. This is from the stock weather app (it's just called Weather). The current version is 1.3.A.4.27) and it uses AccuWeather as its provider, with no option to change...
  6. E

    Thread How to Develop a Weather App with Flutter using Location Kit and OpenWeatherMap API?

    Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash 📖Introduction In this post, I am going to show you how to develop a weather application with Flutter using HMS Location Kit and OpenWeatherMap API. It will be a very basic application with two screens, splash, and main page. We will retrieve the user’s location...
  7. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [PORT] [APP] [5.0+] OnePlus weather 1.6.0 for Moto E2

    Ok, so this apk works on stock ROM and custom ROMs that are Android 5.0+ Tested on Moto E2 surnia XT1527 Should also work on other 32-bit devices. Download link: Direct download from XDA if attachment won't download
  8. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread OnePlus Apps for Exynos Samsung Phones

    Hello, you already know what the thread is about so the file is attached below. :)⤵⬇⬇ I have tested this on my S20+ exynos and it works. Best if your screen resolution is FHD+ or WQHD+. Let me know if it works on Snapdragon or other phones in the S20 series. **UPDATE** I have added the apk for...
  9. G

    Thread Xiaomi weather app not working

    Hi all, my 9t pro is locked with no root and I usually update the Xiaomi apps by using apkmirror. I've never had any problem so far, until the latest Xiaomi weather app updates. The last working version on my phone was, and after installing any newer version I am unable to launch the...
  10. 45ACP1911

    Thread Android 11 at a glance weather missing

    Just wondering if anyone else had the weather just to the right of the at a glance clock go missing after installing Android 11. I've found a few posts that suggest clearing storage for the Google app enabling location and joining beta for the Google app but I've tried these a few times with no...
  11. llevo3

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] AniWeather

    ☂ AniWeather is a beautiful weather app focused on animations and simplicity Features: ● Actual temperature, feels like, maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and UV index ● Hourly forecast for 48 hours and daily forecast for 7 days ● Location based weather...
  12. D

    Thread Weather / Widget NO ADS MOD Samsung galaxy A70

    This is the clock widget when tapped brings you to your weather. our mod, ad server removed. 1. Uninstall the Weather app (system) then reboot 2. Install and enjoy a no ad weather THIS IS THE WEATHER APP that comes with the phone. Exactly. Reboot is recommended. Use a system app remover like...
  13. komorovg

    Thread [APPS][4.2+/5.0+] Few tools I recently made (notepad / paint / air quality monitor)

    Sometimes I need simple app, but there's not one to be found in Play Store, in such cases I write app specifically designed for my needs. In this batch you'll find tools created because of this. All apps are free, with no ads with modern material look, so give them a try. I'm also open to...
  14. sonicswink

    Thread weather app bug

    Hi A30 users, I'm experiencing a bug in weather app that automatically deletes the town I live in on widget and app, it forces me to use GPS location in order to keep the weather app running and up to date with my town. I disagree with that "forcing me to use GPS or the app will be buggy"...
  15. Hybrid Soldier

    Thread Weather app isn't working

    Hi everyone! I'm expecting a problem with the weather app in my watch. Since I switched my Galaxy S9+ to a Huawei P30 PRO the weather application does not work. I already tried everything: I did a hard reset in my P30 PRO, in the clock, uninstalled application .. Nothing worked! I recorded a...
  16. anonimo

    Thread weather app on View 20 (version is broken

    Version 9 of the weather app has several problems. 1) it cannot find lots and lots of cities. I live in Guildford, England and if I try to search for it I get a lot of other Guildford cities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand but not the one in England. 2) The search results depend on the...
  17. D

    Thread Weather on Lock Screen & AOD

    This seems like it should be VERY simple, but I can't figure it out... I just want to have weather displayed on my lock screen and always on display. I went into Settings - Lock Screen - FaceWidgets - selected Weather, and the "show on Always on Display" option -- no luck. Suggestions? I must...
  18. P

    Thread [MOD][ROOT] Enable all lockscreen weather effects

    Hi folks, I've seen on the forums that people are modding their LGKeyguardEffect.apk to be able to get more weather effects on their lockscreen for years. Yesterday I tried the same thing and after looking around in the decompiled app, I discovered that this app is actually reading a boolean...
  19. J

    Thread Disable daily weather forecast

    I'm getting daily notifications with the weather for the day that I want to turn off. The watch is not connected to a phone. Any idea what's going on?
  20. D

    Thread News & Weather on Screen Saver doesn't update

    Looks like the same problem I had with the U11 - when you set News & Weather as the charging Screen Saver, it only displays the news and weather from last time you manually accessed the Google News & Weather app. This morning, my phone was showing news and weather from 3 days ago (the...
  21. L

    Thread [APP][BETA] Navbar Weather - weather forecast at your navigation bar

    What is "Navbar Weather"? It's weather app that shows forecast in unique way - on navigation bar via eg. chart. So to use it you obviously have to have navigation bar in your smartphone. How does it work? I've been using Huawei Mate 9 for over a year now. It always pissed me off that I had to...
  22. L

    Thread [APP] Navbar Weather - weather forecast at your navigation bar

    What is "Navbar Weather"? It's weather app that shows forecast in unique way - on navigation bar via eg. chart. So to use it you obviously have to have navigation bar in your smartphone. How does it work? I've been using Huawei Mate 9 for over a year now. It always pissed me off that I had to...
  23. A

    Thread Google Now current weather condition notification not staying disabled

    Hello all, I am trying to disable the current weather condition notification. Going into the Google app - Customize - more preferences - notifications - "current weather condition" turned off. I go back and right into the notifications area again and it is still on "on" Why would it not save...
  24. he6rt6gr6m

    Thread LG G5 Weather/Clock Widget

    Having come from the G5 to this beast of a phone, there's almost everything I want. But I did love the effect of that G5 Widget. Does anyone know how to port it over? I've tried installing the APKs readily available on the web for it, but all of them crash when I try to use them. Possible...
  25. L

    Thread Weather Widget question

    Hi all, Probably a daft question, but before I updated to EMUI 8, I had the home city set in the weather widget to be my home town - set using the GPS "current location" setting. Since the update and a factory reset, I can't work out how to set my current location, when at home, as my home...
  26. yssgrrl

    Thread Weather on lock screen

    Does anyone know how to get a weather app on my lock screen. The option is not available as a selection in Face Widgets and Information. I love my Note 8, but there are some limitations I'm not happy about.
  27. wanderer1479

    Thread Clock Weather St. Patrick's Day

    This application will help you to find out information about weather quickly, and it was inspired by St. Patrick's day. If you are the type of person who likes to know everything about weather, and you want it to be available to you wherever you are, then this application is perfect for you...
  28. wanderer1479

    Thread Neon Weather Clock Widget

    Everyone wants to know what the weather is like, and there is nothing better when that kind of information is available at your fingerprints. With the newest Neon Weather Clock Widget app you will have access to the best forecasts for free, and you will also be able to decorate your device and...
  29. EZY-E

    Thread Ideas for unused Galaxy S5?

    I want to make use of my Galaxy S5 which is laying under the table hole time and I want your ideas. My wish so far is to make it speak at loud current weather every 2h, for now I have app that says notifications at loud but I didn't find weather app that puts notifications with weather details...
  30. wanderer1479

    Thread Winter Scene Weather Widget

    Cold days are slowly making their way into our lives, and winter will be here before you know it. This application was inspired by the coldest season, and it is very useful since it will tell you what the weather is like. You can easily check the temperature with it and you can also see forecast...
  31. S

    Thread Pixel 2 live walls, launcher and widgets

    Hello, Fellow members, Please follow this link to get WALLS, LAUNCHER, WIDGET etc.. Do Hit the Thanks Button!! NOTE: The widget requires KWGT PRO... MOD Edit :- Link Removed and Closed thread. Kindly pm when you have a direct link available for download instead of routing the traffic to...
  32. F

    Thread [APP][LAUNCHER][WLP][5.0+] Final Interface - animated weather and launcher

    Screenshots: - animated weather; - lock screen animation (Android 7+); - animated screen buttons with folders support; - double app drawers concept: full and favorites; - time, date, weather information; - full-valued Launcher that allows for the addition of screens shortcuts and...
  33. libb

    Thread Samsung weather in Nova launcher

    Hi, I'm used to Nova launcher, on my previous S7 was possible to add an action which was starting the weather application. On S8 I'm getting message about insufficient right. Is there any way how to use Samsung weather from Nova launcher? Thanks.
  34. Primokorn

    Thread Weather Underground as my weather provider

    Hi, I created an API key from Wunderground website: In Settings > Apps > Gear icon > Weather > Weather Underground is checked and the API key is authenticated But Weather Underground is still not available on the list of weather providers. Did you get it working? Thanks.
  35. mad_g

    Thread How Add Weather Provider in cLock Widget?

    Hello, I am a regular user of CyanogenMod, and now from LineageOS, I have always used the cLock widget to see weather and calendars. But since it starts using LineageOS, there is no way to add a weather provider on the widget. Anyone know how to solve this fault? Thank you P.D.: I have searched...
  36. N

    Thread Can not install S8 Apps on S7 Edge

    Hello there, I have Galaxy S7 Edge(SM-G935FD) I've installed S8 launcher simply by installing apk and its working fine. But I can not install S8's weather app and AOD on my device. When I try to install the APKs it says, "the package conflicts with an existing package by the same name". There...
  37. ytheekshana

    Thread [APP] Xperia Weather 1.3.A.1.16beta [New Clock & Weather widget] [17 March 2017 ]

    Today we are publishing a new version of the Xperia Weather application to the open beta! (1.3.A.1.16) This update contains several bug fixes as well as new features, which are all listed below. New Features: - Clock & Weather widget - Our main new feature, as many of you have already seen...
  38. TCPDump

    Thread Aeris Pulse - Great Weather App

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share a great weather app I just found. It looks like it's .99 cents one time, but seems pretty cool. The app has current weather, radar, forecast, and does this pulse in the direction of...
  39. raubkatze

    Thread [KWGT] Pixel Search and Weather Widget

    For those who prefer custom Launchers. I prefer to use Nova instead of Pixel Launcher but persistent Nova search bar is too small on my opinion and doesn't update weather correctly. So I made my own Pixel styled search widget for KWGT. Widget is fully customizable so you can set it up as you...
  40. errikosd

    Thread Disable Sense and Clock Location detection

    Hello, I just got my HTC 10 and during setup wizard, where Sense asked whether to share location or not I chose yes. Is there any way to disable this? I have looked almost everywhere and I cannot find the setting anywhere. Sense home widget, lock screen clock widget and the Clock app, all keep...
  41. JT1510365

    Thread Weather option is missing in latest COS13 ROM in the stock cLock app

    Hello everybody i just updated my one plus one to latest COS13 stock ROM and i have yet another issue. Can someone tell me why the weather option is missing in the stock cyanogenmod cLock widget? Can someone also tell me why when i open my quicksetting panel and turn on the weather option i...
  42. bobfrantic

    Thread Request 100% Working S7 Weather app for GT-I9505

    I have seen in darknessss S7 rom that the Accuweather widget and app work as it should. Would be nice if he or someone (with his permission of course) port that to work all I9505 S6 or S7 ports. Wonder if someone like Albe95 , or Ale95 or ManuProN5 can help with this. Thanks in advance for any...
  43. magician369

    Thread Can anybody recognize this lock screen widget?

    Hi, a slidable widgets on my lock screen started to appear recently on my Tab 3.I am not able to know wich app for it. here is screenshots.
  44. H

    Thread Stock weather app returns error

    Brand new watch updated to 1.4 and paired with Samsung S5 with most recent Android Wear app. Native weather app has never worked, always returns an unknown error after a few seconds. I'm in Canada, not sure if that matiers, don't know where their weather source is. Yes my phones GPS and...
  45. Rueben_

    Thread [CLOSED][Watchface] Watch face: Weather

    MOD EDIT - Commercial Advertising Content removed.
  46. M

    Thread someone send me G5 weather app plz !!!?

    Hello.. i need someone to send me the g5 weather app , i'm working on porting apps for g3 and i really need it ! can someone just back it up using Es explorere or TB or something and upload it for me.. it wouldn't take much! thank you all in advance !
  47. XAB235

    Thread [APP] Sony ID + Transparent weather widget

    Hi guys, this app works in every device and it was modded by me. I love the new Sony Weather app but I don't like the wallpapers used for the widget, so i thought to work on a transparent version and this is the result. To apply the mod you need to install the original version before and than...
  48. I

    Thread Lock Screen Weather on Honor 5X

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows a way to get the lock screen to show the current weather on Honor 5X/EMUI 3.1? (I installed Chronus and can't seem to figure out how to use it to add a widget to the lockscreen.) Cheers, -G
  49. T

    Thread [Share] Weather walls to fit the weather app

    Hello guys here I present u some weather walls that will help you guys to fit with the right weather wall with the widget of new weather app. Hope you guys will like it. Don't forget to press thanks. Get the walls in high resolution for ur tablet and phones from here...
  50. medmansri

    Thread Stock LG weather apk please

    It's strange that I have the weather widget but not an actual app icon. Widget works, and opens the app but I'd rather have an icon. It's not one of the apps I can dl from the Update Center. If someone could share the apk, i'll see if that will fix the issue. Thanks. EDIT: I've actually...