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web browser

  1. S

    Thread text message sms mms app enables send & receive via web browser when phone is off

    i want to be able to send & receive text messages (SMS, MMS, view & attach pics, etc.) via web browser when the phone is powered off. is google voice the only option? i know that options exist when the phone is on e.g. pulse https://www.greenbot.com/article/210...r-desktop.html thanks in...
  2. optimumpro

    Thread Fennec-Firefox 46 on Steroids

    If anyone is interested in my personal hardened build of Firefox 46 web browser, here is the thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/fennec-firefox-46-web-browser-t3293895
  3. W

    Thread [Q] web app screen size help

    hi ive tried to ask this question on ask ubuntu but wont let me post it i want to make a new web app for a site but the site displays bigger than the browser can i add a constraint to make it fit the page to the window or would this be done on the web site site like a mobile url thats coded...
  4. S

    Thread [APP] Polarity Browser

    Polarity 9.3.6 Unleash the web. Features: Low power consumption Chromium/Trident Proxy/VPN support. Voice Recognition Apps/Extensions Themes Web Developer Tools Password Manager Text to Speech Adblock DoNotTrack Tab Pausing Header masking Many other engine and UI tweaks...
  5. C

    Thread [Q] Using standalone question(s) - Opera, battery life

    I'm seriously thinking about picking up the T-Mobile version to use standalone. Does the Opera web browser work in standalone? When used standalone with just a few email messages, text messages, and calls, do you think the battery will last for a typical workday? Thanks
  6. Y

    Thread [Q] Mobile sites on the G Pad

    Hi, Just got me a G Pad 8.3 and I'm very pleased with it so far (two days... :)). I have however noticed something strange while browing the web on this device, and it happened on every browser app I tried: on some web sites, I seem to get the desktop version instead of the mobile one, even...
  7. N

    Thread [Guide][NST] Parental control over web browser

    Hi there! Today I have a guide that will be very useful for anyone who has a small-to-medium aged child that they do not want using the Nook Touch's well-known hidden web browser (accessible by going into Settings > Social > Link to Facebook, Twitter and Google > Need help? > Google Home). I...
  8. C

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Frost Private Web Browser & Bookmark and Image Hider

    Frost is a tabbed private browser with hidden, password protected image and bookmark vaults as well as extensive privacy features. Frost looks and functions like any other browser until you enter your password in the browser address bar. It also comes with the ability to immediately exit, clear...
  9. tliebeck

    Thread [APP] WebSharing 2.0: view/transfer files/media via browser/WiFi

    WebSharing is an app that lets you view/transfer files and media between your Android device and a computer using a Web browser over a Wi-Fi network. The 1.x version line has been out for an age (since '09), this thread is about 2.0 and future development. The 2.0 beta is currently...
  10. LeJolly

    Thread [HUGE] Browser benchmarks (30 browsers) 2nd November

    (edit 2017) I don't know how you stumbled here, but hello. I've deleted some useless text, but I'm leaving the useless data for fun. BEST SCORE IS green, second best is orange and third best is red. HTML5test Firefox Aurora (not in Google Play): 436 +14 Baidu: 276 +3 Chrome Beta: 434 +11...
  11. mikaelel

    Thread UCBrowser wp7mg pf47(Build13032823).xap

    http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=336169&uk=2735297985 http://wap.dls.ucweb.com/files/UCBrowser/zh-cn/999/UCBrowser_V2.9.0.263_wp7mg_pf47_(Build13032823).xap
  12. strboy

    Thread [Q] Browser question (reverbnation related)

    Hey all, thanks for taking the time to read this I have a question about browsers.... I have tried many different browsers (mostly the popular ones) and have tried to access the music on my reverbnation page...unfortunately it will not initialize and wont play, I have no Idea why, ive tried...
  13. mikaelel

    Thread ucbrowser,all systems

    The latest version of browser- chinese officjal websit(all operating systems and platforms)- http://wap.uc.cn/index.php?bid=999&SESSID=kf3lq4urv2arocsqlgr53qqh03&lang=chinese&action=SelectDownload&product=ucbrowser&from=wap-atp-dir-mob&uc_param_str=ve&java_platform=false&r=main English page(all...
  14. B

    Thread [Q] Nook Tablet web browser speed

    I've got cm7 on my Nook Tablet. What my problem is web browsing speed is painfully slow. It is killing me while opening the new pages.
  15. D

    Thread [App] DaKissBrowser [Mango] -[R]- 09/29/11 -[U]- 09/29/11 -[V]- 1.0

    DAKISSBROWSER MARKETPLACE DESCRIPTION: DaKissBrowser is a very simple web browser. You have tabs, bookmarks, history and soon tab groups. Yeah and all thats free. (KISS = KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) THIS IS CURRENTLY IN THE MARKETPLACE I am working hard to fix the bugs and to get the tabdrops...
  16. R

    Thread [Q] bell Samsung galaxy s2

    I had just buyed bell Samsung galaxy s2 one week before. everything was working fine. but for inlocking simply and root access i have to install cf root kernel. then a triangle was coming at booting. so i had installed villain ROM. now everything is fine going but i canter able to play divx and...
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Flash Player on Cyanogen mod 7.0.3?

    Hi Guys, i Finally managed to get cyanogen mod on my phone thanks to you :) however after a little while i noticed there was no flash player. i thought you couldn't get 10.2 because you need a ARM v7 processor, so is there any other way of getting some form of flash player(especially for the...
  18. B

    Thread [Q] How do I return to the Web Home Page?

    I am using the default browser that came on my Samsung vibrant When you are browsing a web site and want to return to your google.com home page, HOW do you do it? Is there a one button push to get there like most browsers have.
  19. V

    Thread Issue with SMS Links on Webpages

    When viewing a web page on the Evo and clicking the SMS link, the To: field is not being populated correctly in the Messaging app. The SMS links will open the Messaging app correctly, but will not populate the to field. This issue affects the normal HTC browser and Messaging app, I have not...
  20. A

    Thread Webkit 3.1 browser crash

    I reallt like this browser, it works and it is fast. Did u find sites where it crashes?
  21. E

    Thread anyone have the latest version cab file for iris browser?

    i just had to get my phone swapped (went from a diamond to a pro, woot) and lost my copie of the iris web browser. so i thought i'd hop on here and see if anyone had a copie of the cab file version 1.1.9 that they could send me. i post this with crossed fingers, if anyone does have a copy my...
  22. fsum242

    Thread Change web browser on fuze using tv-out

    I checked everywhere to get this issue resolved but find nor can't figure out how to fix it... I'm trying to change the default web browser when using the tv-out plug. I have changed my default web browser (which works for everything else) using total commander to Skyfire but that doesn't...