1. AuryonKaif

    Thread Issue Loading The Full Page

    Hello Everyone, When I try to open a website, the main page loads properly, but when I try to open an article or category page, it gets stuck and doesn't fully load. I'm not sure why this is happening, but I suspect it could be due to Google AdSense or a problem with my browser. Could you please...
  2. lemagedurage

    Thread [TOOL] CloneMyApp - Android APK Cloner

    I couldn't find a straightforward way to clone Android apps, without watermarks and such, so I created to do just that. Features Upload an APK file, choose a name, wait, download the cloned APK The clone APK has a new package name, which allows for installing the clone alongside...
  3. loganjames741

    Thread Offtopic: How to create this type of Website?

    Off Topic: Hi Everyone. I was searching for best pellet grill for my home. I looked at a website which is designed awesomely. I just want to design same website. Anybody of you guys know how to make website like this? Thanks in advance. I am also ready to pay for it. You can visit website from here.
  4. J

    Thread Is anyone having problem when they rotate their phone in landscape mode?

    Few days ago I was visiting a website. The website looked fine and was easy to understand in portrait mode but when I switched it to landscape there was a black bar on the side of the screen. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?
  5. M

    Thread Where should my thread go?

    So, this is basically a question about where i should best find my solution in this forum, im making an app (just for learning purposes) and wanted to know where i should post about that question as well. This app should only open a website in WebView, and i got that far, now i want to announce...
  6. Awesome Developer

    Thread Perfect Package -All In One Pro ( Social , News , Tech , Weather , Songs , much more)

    Welcome to Perfect Package App The idea of this application is to collect most of our daily routine in one application and put most of websites we browse on our daily routine on one single place , The Application Consists of 8 Sections : top 60 websites all in 1 place DOwnload Link...
  7. gasparirob

    Thread My subscribed threads

    Hi all guys, sorry for the noob question, but how can I see all my subscribed threads? On XDA app for mobile is so simple... but here on the website? :confused:
  8. Hitesh2626

    Thread Please have a look !

    Hello everyone ! mod edit: this bacon looks good! I would love to get your feedback and suggestions on it ! Thankyou :)
  9. Giuskiller

    Thread [APP] [+4.0] Whatsapp Web (Tablet/Phablet)

    WHATSAPP WEB HI everyone! I bet that a lot of us have a smartphone and a tablet, maybe for work, for gaming, or maybe just to have a better experience with a large screen device. it depends. Everyone also has Whatsapp to get in touch with friends on their phone, but i know that a lot of people...
  10. P

    Thread [Q] HTCDEV Website issues?

    Hello, I have been to the htcdev website and attempted to regsiter the form just seems to not work. Using OSX, tried with both chrome and safari. is the URL I have tried but just seem to get nowhere, can anyone else confirm if they have it working. Kind regards,
  11. Hacko132

    Thread NEW APP REVOLUTIONIZES the Way that people are Connecting to Each Other!

    Ever wondered Who's Nearby? Are you Tired of checking Facebook Check-in's or Twitter Tweets? 'Near - Check Who's Nearby' comes to REVOLUTIONIZE the Way that people are Connecting to Each Other! With 'Near - Check Who's Nearby' you can Map - Check who is Near you & Get Connected Instantly! Now...
  12. deanokidd95

    Thread New Project - ROMFeedr

    ROMFeedr -|- -|- Hi All, So I've had a fair amount of free time on my hands, and I got incredibly bored... Decided to create something new. Now, I realise this idea has been done before, but I wanna have a go, and I'm looking for people to help me do just that. I need...
  13. M

    Thread Would anyone be interested in writing for a small (But growing) tech website?

    Hi, I'm Josh and over the past year I've spent time trying to build up hosting, and a functional tech website. I'm learning coding, graphic design, content delivery and business skills in this project but I'd like to grow it into a community of writers with a larger amount of views. However...
  14. mdawdy

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Request to link Android app to website

    I am posting in this forum because i have given up trying to find an answer to this perplexing problem. As explained below i have searched and asked everywhere with no results at all. Hope you can get this going for me ... I have this message from The Google Play Team in my Webmaster Tools...
  15. S

    Thread Android File Host. My Website to collect every file for every phone and tablet.

    Hello, Ive coded a website to get a file or more files for every phone. its hard on xda to get a overview for what is there and what can i do with this. or for dev's or customer who know how something work but dont want to search every thread for a file ( like cwm, twrp, tweaks, or smth like...
  16. S

    Thread Website for every phone and their files (like Root, CR, ... )

    i wanna make a simple website were you cann choose the carrier and then the model. woila. you get a list of important files you need to flash ( like root, custom recovery ) and a help file to important xda threads and a little guide. this is simple and clean. but its too much to upload all...
  17. P

    Thread [BR] Want a website? Pedro Design!

    Hello, sorry if I can't do this here. But I want to share with you guys a new concept of webdesign. I'm from Brazil but create websites for other countries too. I'm creating a company of Webdesign and what can I say about it? We create websites with love, creativity and simplicity! We love...
  18. theowner997

    Thread LG Optimus L3 E400 Blogspot

    Hello everybody. I decided to make a blogspot for the LG Optimus L3 E400 device. The blog will have guides for newbies, Roms, Mods, Tweaks, and more... So you can check it out and tell me what do you think. Link : PS: I know I am not the first one making a blog...
  19. Zeuscluts

    Thread List Directory in File's in your Web Server

    Hello People created this Script. It will help you to the File's in your Web Server Directory. Just need to Upload this file to your Webserver in your Public_html. [CODE]
  20. G

    Thread [Q] Does my Verizon XT1060 need to be sim unlocked to use other carrier?

    :pHello! I have found more and more seller on ebay with the xt1060. However, I am neither an American citizen nor living in the USA, meanwhile sellers are not sure about the sim lock status. If I decide to use other carriers abroad, on which website I can unlock the sim. TXA!:laugh:
  21. L

    Thread [Website]

    Simple question, when is it ( coming up again?
  22. D

    Thread [Q] no websites open on 3g

    Hi, When I am on 3g network no websites open on dolphin and stock browser but on Wi-Fi I don't face this problem. I can access whatsapp, play store and all apps that access the internet on 3g and Wi-Fi. Please guide the solution. I am using Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 gingerbread.
  23. B

    Thread Feedback on website :)

    Hey all :) Im atm. developing And i would LOVE some feedback on the site :) Questions, requests etc. are very much welcome!
  24. G

    Thread [Team GFX Bandits] ▆ ▇ ▉ Websites Hub™ ▉ ▇ ▆

    Need A Website? You Are At The Right Place! Hello great ROM Developers. Welcome To Team GFX Bandits Websites Hub. If your are looking to get a website or a blog for your ROMs or anything else, just ask here. We will supply you a full themed, working website with a free .tk domain. We make the...
  25. DXP2

    Thread [Tutorial] How to Ping a website from Android phone

    I do a lot of things with network maintenance, diagnostics, and security on my PC. I found pinging a site to test my latency from my SG3 was useful, testing when/where I get the best latency on my mobile data network. So without further a due, here is a short, simple but thorough tut 1.)...
  26. Joeyxc

    Thread New website to help you root any phone!

    New website to help anyone root their phone! I just created this as I have helped many friends root and I wish to help more people. It looks great so far! I will do remote root using teamviewer! I hope it will be great.
  27. R

    Thread Hey XDA, I created a simple website that let's you vote between photos of Babes.

    I created a website, that uses the simple voting system that is seen in The Social Network when Mark Zuckerberg creates a website in his dorm that compares female Harvard students to each other. I just put it together yesterday and I would love to hear your advice on how I can make it better...
  28. erol.savas

    Thread HTC RUU Downloads

    Hi guys. I have been looking for RUUs for my five HTC phones and I've found a site hosting the RUUs I've been looking for. They have almost all RUUs we may ever require. Just wanted to let you know. Cheers
  29. V

    Thread Sense 4 problem with apps displaying websites

    I use [Fallout Evolution V4.4.0|Sense 4.0A| ICS 4.03] When an application uses websites to display its content it seems that the black background gets in front, rendering the app unusable. Currently I use 3 apps which have this problem: Cineman Teleboy Steam Reading the app-comments on...
  30. mbcvx

    Thread Anyone knows about?Is it reliable?

    When i search via Yahoo, I come across a website Mod edit: URL removed It says that it's low-price and excellent goods. I dont hear it before, and i dont know if it's reliable. Anyone knows about Mod edit: URL removed?I just wanna make sure.
  31. J

    Thread [Q] Why are a lot of apps missing from the apps store??

    I'm trying to install chomp and hancent sms but there missing from the site. On the website they all seem to say there not compatible with my phone. Is this error or correct? seems to be a lot missing wile I'm browsing on the phone! :(
  32. J

    Thread Website for EVERYTHING about the Photon

    Updated website a lot! Now has Links to Roms How to Root, Unlock, and Flash custom Roms. Full guides with all files linked. More soon to come, added a page for Order and Chaos for the Photon, I don't know why it isn't on the market, they have an APK designed for the Photon which the emailed...
  33. k4p741nkrunch

    Thread New filesharing site for forum uploads

    Hey guys, just want to let you know about a new file sharing site I found. With a lot of the file sharing services being shut down due to SOPA/PIPA, it's interesting to see a new player in the game. Max upload size for Free members is 2 GB! Seems like it would be really useful...
  34. C

    Thread [Q] wheres xboarder56s new site?

    i been searching for hours now and only come to find old xda forums of his ..:( please help me
  35. blindndumb

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Android Login Application

    Hello everyone ! I want to create an android app, that should take input username and password and then login to a website. Basically any website. Well, I am trying to create an app for a website with login page in .aspx form. I googled regarding this but was unable to find some effective...
  36. M

    Thread xda profile badge for website

    hello all, i have been searching for some html code for an xda profile badge to add to my website, but i havent found anything i liked. does anyone have some suggestions?
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Where to buy the galaxy nexus?

    I live in america and the american galaxy nexus' wont be released till the end of the month. So i am going to buy a UK unlocked version since it should be the same if i use my Tmobile Sim card. I have never bought a phone off line yet. So im wondering what is a trust worthy site that i can...
  38. M

    Thread [Q] Opening a program from a site

    Hey guys, I'm building a website. I wan't to make some sort of shortcut on that site, so that if you click on it, call of dut will automatically start. I know it's possible to do this, because I've seen it somewhere before, but I really have no idea how to make this. Can anyone please help me...
  39. J

    Thread Google+ XDA Nook Color Circle Website

    Please Post so the thread can remain Visible! Moderators don't appreciate when someone keeps bumping their own thread. A simple "thanks" will do. I know there have been previous Threads for this but searching through all those posts to find people's names is a pain. So what I've done is created...
  40. G


    I just wanted to give EVERYONE a quick heads up, for the next 3 hours ONLY on you'll see they are having a Midnight until 3 am sale of the HTC SENSATION 4G phone for COMPLETELY FREE with a new activation so if you're looking to get this phone or get your girlfriend, boyfriend or...
  41. T

    Thread xda-developers is teh shiz-nit!

    just like the title says.
  42. Truaim

    Thread [WIP] Automated Rooting, feedback needed

    Let me start by saying yes I read the forum rules for the Paid Software group and as far as I can tell I'm posting in the correct spot. I don't meet the 100+ post criteria but I also am not selling an application. If this belongs elsewhere please move it, don't delete :D Basically what I'm...
  43. E

    Thread [Q] After OTA Update today, now I get mobile versions of websites...

    Had my Transformer since Tuesday and web browsing was great, I was getting desktop versions of websites. Today I installed the OTA update build is now - ww_epad- Now I have started to get mobile versions of websites :mad: I have done some searching on Google and found various...
  44. R

    Thread [Q] how do I email a website link?

    Sorry in advance, but I bought a gtab for the wife, and although I'm an engineer with many years of experience with PC hw & sw, this android stuff is all new, and there's no user's manual that I can find, and I'm too old for this sh#t! :confused: So anyway, every few days she comes up with...
  45. N

    Thread [Q] Gmail website not working over 3G? (works on wifi)

    Hi everyone, I hope this question hasn't been asked before (I couldn't find anything, but I'd be surprised if I were the only person with this problem). I just got a Nexus S (not rooted or anything yet) and a friend wanted to check his email on it, but the Gmail website doesn't seem to work...
  46. K

    Thread Criticize our project/

    Hi, In January 2011 me and two other friends started our first web-based project: a website about Windows Phone ecosystem. Things are going relatively well but there is room for improvement. Can you please check out the website and tell us what you think is missing, what is surplus, etc. We...
  47. K

    Thread Ask HN: Criticize our project/website

    Hi, In January 2011 me and two other friends started our first web-based project: a website about Windows Phone ecosystem. Things are going relatively well but there is room for improvement. Can you please check out the website and tell us what you think is missing, what is surplus, etc. We...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] How to disable mobile and resolution recognition ?

    Hi all. I have android Samsung galaxy S. My problem is when I visit some websites with callender and apointments, the website recognizes that I have less resolution than 800byxxx and it blocks me, I get an error like : your device has less resolution than is requered etc... How can I resolve...
  49. mathewmeconry

    Thread rootwebsite (Switzerland)

    hey guys i had an idea, that we can build a website, where people, who would like have a rootet selfphone can choose someone who is near him. i think we can first build it for switzerland because i live in switzerland, but i will build this site only when we are enough. who is interessed...
  50. C

    Thread gTab Fans Website

    I'd like to introduce everyone to a new website that I have created. I have tried to create a website that will encompass as much information about the gTablet as possible. On this website you will find information about the firmwares, an installation guide (more to come...