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what to choose

  1. ccalixtro

    Thread Thinking to change my S6 for X Style (Pure)

    So what you think guys? :confused: I'm thinking to get a X Style most for development, I'm really tired and bored of Touchwiz and not sd-card. The only main reason I have this S6 is for the camera. I had too a X Play so maybe the X Style is better taking pictures. Hope somebody can help me...
  2. OfficerJimLahey

    Thread [GUIDE] Picking Out Your Next Device

    I often say to myself, that there must be more makes and models of mobile devices out there than the variety of vehicles these days. If that turns out true, it's no wonder. This industry is the fastest growing market right now. With such a selection, features, brands, and prices, it's hard to...
  3. KidCarter93

    Thread **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Hi everyone, This thread is a continuation of this thread. This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick. Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell. This is...
  4. Marc.

    Thread [Q] What to choose, Nexus S or Galaxy S Plus?

    I don't know what phone to choose, I now have a HTC Desire, but I want a new one. The Nexus S ( In the netherlands ) is now 250 euro, and the Galaxy S Plus is now 270 euro. There are a lot of differences... Nexus S: No SD card slot No FM radio Updates to Android 4.0 for sure! Galaxy S Plus...