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  1. mrfatiga22

    Thread General INSTALL WHATSAPP !!! on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - Wear OS !!!

    How to INSTALL WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / Wear OS. (Sorry for the video quality, I don't have a WebCam) (It is a Test Installation, the WhatsApp App needs to be adjusted and tested more thoroughly once Installed) Link Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUo4HhH3vuk Link...
  2. Flonne

    Thread Is it possible to retrieve data from SD Card that was formatted as internal storage?

    Android Version: 8.0 Root: No. I use my phone mostly to recieve A LOT of work documents, photos, audio, etc via whatsapp. So, i thought in get a SD card and format it as internal storage, since what i need is just a lot of storage to save as much data as possible, not gaming or anything of the...
  3. drasterlx

    Thread Keyboard, Google play, Wifi and Messages SW3

    Hello Any app Keyboard to use in the watch?? not only to answer messages... i installed the gboard... touchone... and others... but i cant use those... If i dont have keyboard... how to answer messages or notes? It is possible to install google play store? Thanks
  4. X

    Thread Whatsapp Media Bug

    So basically, I have downloaded the latest supported device version (MIUI Global 12.0.2 Stable) and after that I noticed that I cannot use whatsapp the way I am supposed to. I don't know if it's the update or the fact that I had whatsapp beta and they did some mistakes. In the whatsapp beta...
  5. L

    Thread Question Cloned Whatsapp problems with fingerprints ...

    Hi to all, someone has tried the "Cloner App" of Oppo and trying to clone Whatsapp ?? I have a problem: cloning occurs perfectly and I can use the copy of WHTASPP perfectly. But when I try to go to "connected devices" (in WA) to enable my PC to access my account, biometric authentication with...
  6. fahmifan

    Thread Whatsapp clonned linked device cannot unlock using biometric fingerprint

    So, i have a whatsapp clonned app in my Oppo Reno 4, Color OS 11.1, Android 11. It's cloned using the builtin Color OS feature. But after the new whatsapp required unlock using biometric fingerprint, the cloned app failed/stuck on the "Unlock link a device" step when I try to connect to...
  7. mi.r3kc4h.56

    Thread GBwhatsapp customize Help needed

    post deleted
  8. FameMoon

    Thread Question Twin APP Whatsapp

    Hi guys. I have second whatsapp for work purpose. Apparently it did not detect any contacts that I have in my phone. How do I fix this? (pic 1) And is it possible if I click "Message [phone number]" , I can choose which whatsapp I would like to use? (pic 2) Like xiaomi, can choose which dual...
  9. Shiny996

    Thread Killing app at a specific time

    Hello, I would like my phone to hang up ongoing WhatsApp call if there is one daily at a certain time. It doesn't matter if it would be with Airplane mode, hanging up, or just killing the app. I highly appreciate any answers even if you can tell me it's not possible. Thank you
  10. D

    Thread Someone please help me! 😞

    Last night whatsapp backed-up data on Google drive which was just 400 MB out of my 4GB of data. I was not able to access any of my media. I tried to reinstall whatsapp so that I could get back my media data but only 400 MB was restored and now I can see only 400 MB as my Gdrive data. Please it's...
  11. A

    Thread Gbwhatsapp workaround

    Hi, Do you guys know whether there is a monitoring app that can get around the hidden status in GBWhatsApp and notify on online status? There are loads that can do it for the official version of Whatsapp, such as Whatszee. But they don't work on modded versions of WhatsApp. Specifically...
  12. B

    Thread Redmi Note 9 Spotify Notification

    So I recently updated to MIUI 12.0.1 on my Note 9 and I'm facing an annoying issue: whatsapp or other messaging apps' notifications keep going on top of the Spotify media controls. Already tried everything around the internet and I just can't get it to work like it used to. Any ideas? Thanks...
  13. W

    Thread Whatsapp server side upgrade from last night - all data moved to android/media/com.whatsapp folder from /internalstorage/whatsapp

    Hi, since last night I cannot access any of my photos, videos, voice recordings, stickers etc in the whatsapp app. I've noticed that a new folder was created under /android/med/whatsapp.com, but only tiny bit of the files was moved there. Ther rest still stays in the older location /internal...
  14. akash45

    Thread WhatsApp user status monitoring

    Monitor user's online/offline status of WhatsApp Pre-required things : > Chrome with dev-tool ( Press F12 to open dev-tool ) > Mobile and PC should be connected to the internet > Make sure your pc don't sleep How to use > Open and login into WhatsApp web > Click on contact which you...
  15. Flash_Boy77

    Thread Note 9S Android 11 Bug

    Hi, Today the android 11 update finally arrived in my Note 9s EU version. after update every thing was good. But now i cant download any media with whatsapp or download any files with chrome(they shows me discoonection error), but i can send an recieve massages with wahatsapp. other massengers...
  16. M

    Thread Question Front Camera crash MIUI Global 12.0.5

    Hey XDA Community, I tried to start a video call with the Poco F3 yesterday. However, I noticed that the front camera shows up, but after 2-3 seconds it crashes and WhatsApp and all other apps can no longer access it. I can only switch between two rear cameras. It is the latest version...
  17. S

    Thread [HELP THREAD] export Whatsapp Key crypt14 Android 11 - decrypting database

    Hello dear xda users, I wanted to transfer my WhatsApp to a new phone. I have created a local backup and transferred it to the new phone. Though WhatsApp doesn't want to recognize it and just prompts me for the google drive backup. The number stayed the same and in the past I never had...
  18. I

    Thread Extracting my whatsapp keyfile/recreating it

    Hello! I want to get my whatsapp keyfile, but I'm having a lot of trouble... and I don't want to root due to warranty. Things I've tried: Full backup: turns out at some point, google added the option for apps to control which files are backed up, and thus, I can't get a backup that includes the...
  19. Skybluelearner

    Thread WhatsApp sent folder is showing empty in Windows 10

    I connected my Samsung galaxy s7 edge Android version 8 using Data Cable to my laptop with Windows 10. I can see the WhatsApp Images folder in Windows but when I open Sent folder, it is showing Empty. On the android device's File manager, there are around 3000 images showing in the Sent folder...
  20. Skybluelearner

    Thread Can' find WhatsApp in Private Media folder as well as in Gallery

    There are some images in my WhatsApp chat but I can't see them in Files-> Internal Storage -> WhatsApp -> Media Also the Private folder in Media is empty. I can't locate these images in Gallery too!!! Where are these images stored?
  21. L

    Thread [APP][5+] Family Locator for WhatsApp #NEW

    Find My Phone app allows you to locate family members or your lost device from any device (Android, Apple, Laptops etc) through WhatsApp With the app you can create a message trigger that will send back the last location of your lost device back to you through WhatsApp and show you the...
  22. Damianwdff

    Thread Problem with notifications in MIUI

    I have a problem with the notifications that come to me from WhatsApp, they are not grouped in the notification bar, they are separated. How can I solve that? I have Xiaomi.eu, I already tried to change the style of the notifications from MIUI to Android but it remains the same, they are not...
  23. D

    Thread Whatsapp camera is somehow blocked after HD65aa

    Hi guys, It started after upgarding to the version in subject. Please see image. Is it a known issue? The regular camera app works fine. I cleared all whatsapp data and cache and rebooted - but it didn't help. Any advise would be blessed! Thanks!
  24. eleven.co

    Thread [Whatsapp][THEME] Whatsapp Black Theme; Substratum; Swift Black Theme

    Required Rooted Android Device substratum theme engine Swift Black Substratum Theme /*it's paid. But you know there are mod apps available. Just saying, you read nothing*/ *make sure Whatsapp is not set to hidden in MagiskHide. *make sure you disable Auto-updates in play store. *make sure you...
  25. B

    Thread ASUS ROG Phone 3 Issues

    Hello All, I am a 'Non Developer' user and its my first post on forum, so please pardon my ignorance whatsoever. I am using an ROG P3 Tencent edition (I003DD) running Android 10 Build QKQ1.200419.002.WW_Phone-17.0823.2008.78. Over last few weeks, I am facing several issues which I will try...
  26. I

    Thread Help with WhatsApp Camera - Stock 6.0.0

    Hi. My camera freezes after a couple minutes on video calls on WhatsApp. It's on my end only. The other person can still see me fine but my portrait in the corner is frozen for me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)
  27. G

    Thread [APP][4.4+] I'm on Telegram FYI - Show you're on Telegram to your WhatsApp contacts

    I'm on Telegram FYI Show your WhatsApp contacts you're on Telegram by updating your profile picture on WhatsApp Introduction Since the recent migration of people away from WhatsApp, people are looking for a way to abandon WhatsApp completely. Still, many people can't move to Telegram for good...
  28. Mirkinen

    Thread Question Whatsapp Web not connecting when phone is locked

    Hey guys, I just bought the S21+, overall great phone except couple of issue with Android Auto and Whatsapp. I was able to fix the Android Auto issue (wouldn't connect, had to remove the latest Google Chrome updates) but the whatsapp issue is above my paygrade. I scanned the QR code and...
  29. A

    Thread Unable to uninstall whatsapp

    I need to reinstall whatsapp to restore some chats but am unable uninstall whatsapp. When I click uninstall it just bounces me back to the app settings. Have also tried ADB and a couple of uninstall apps with no joy. The whatsapp version installed was the apk direct from whatsapp, not...
  30. A

    Thread Whatsapp can bypass sms permissions on Poco M2 Pro Stock ROM (Miatell)

    I just got delivered a new Poco M2 Pro today, I didn't want any apps to have intrusive permissions, I wanted to be sure to give whatsapp only contacts permission before I registered.. It was still able read the SMS with verification code without any permissions. I even removed the "service sms"...
  31. A

    Thread Is Whatsapp accessing my camera ?

    WhatsApp is just backing up the chats so why it's accessing the camera. Even after I have disabled the camera permission for WhatsApp app.
  32. Spaceoid

    Thread Android 10 - wifi sleeping while screen locked

    Hi guys! I did a lot of googling and searching through XDA, but never found a solution for my problem, so I might as well try it here. Recently I updated my Sony Xperia X Compact to AOSP 10. Now when I am connected to wifi (and it does NOT matter whether it is 2.4/5GHz or IPv4/IPv6, I tried...
  33. E

    Thread {App Cleaner} Whatsapp Status Saver 2021

    Download: http://bit.ly/2YuDGDm New super fast whatsapp status saver, Custom interface Beautiful Design
  34. ipaaaaan

    Thread Whatsapp Microphone Bug In Pixel Experience

    I have been using Pixel Experience PixelExperience_ginkgo-10.0-20201223-1313-OFFICIAL.zip for about 2 weeks now. But i am still facing one problem. Everytime im receiving Whatsapp Calls, my phone start lagging, hanging, and eventually crashed. Also happened when i try to record voice note. I...
  35. PseudZ

    Thread WhatsApp notifications overlapping after Android 11 update

    After upgrading to Android 11 on MIUI12 stock (MIUI-V12.1.2.0.RJIEUXM) my WhatsApp notifications in the pull down draw tend to overlap over the text when using the quick reply feature. I did a data wipe via recovery which didn't work - I thought this was a hard reset? Not sure if a factory reset...
  36. Z

    Thread [ App] WA Status Saver Lite - Save Photos and Videos Wa Status Friends

    Loved a Friend's Status? Well, You are at the Right App page . Install Wa Status Saver Lite from Google Play Click here WA Status Saver Lite is an smallest and simple apk to save images and videos from statuses other people wa friends. How to use ? 1. Open your Friends status 2. Run...
  37. N

    Thread Star like mark on whatsapp in Samsung A50

    Tried Resetting system settings (Not factory Reset) Tried uninstalling whatsapp and installing again Still the that mark comes by default. Attached screenshot for reference. If anyone knows what this is and how to disable it , please share
  38. L

    Thread Any Good rom for 2021?

    Hello, guys. I just got a side kick 4g. I always wanted this phone since my early teens but I got it ! Anyways, I have a very outdated version of Android; can't seem to login to the old Android Market to update apps. I'm looking for a decent rom that do at least what's app and wechat. I already...
  39. K

    Thread [FREE][APP] Export contacts for WhatsApp

    Export contacts for WhatsApp Export all your WhatsApp or phone contacts thanks to Export contacts for WhatsApp. With this tool you can then use those contacts for massive SMS on WhatsApp, advertising, promotion and marketing. It also has the utility of making a backup of your contacts and thus...
  40. methuntt

    Thread [APP] Ultimate WATool Kit - 17+ Tools - No Internet Needed - V1.4 [Updated 31 Jan 2021]

    An app that increases the way your chat on social media A complete one-stop toolkit for your daily WA needs Excellent UI No Ads Must Needed App For WhatsApp User's Now you don't have to download tons of apps to get some extra features. The only app that will give you 15+ features in less than...
  41. D

    Thread Version differences, website, playstore

  42. F

    Thread WhatsApp record calls

    Are there any possibilities to record calls and video calls on WhatsApp? Which? Thanks
  43. FuriousFrodo

    Thread Disable Status Tab of WhatsApp

    is there any way to disable WhatsApp status tab ? i think it is a distraction and should be avoided. atleast for me.
  44. E

    Thread Write messages from whatsapp web offline

    Duplicate of: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/write-messages-whatsapp-web-offline-t4165529/post83541303
  45. E

    Thread Write messages from whatsapp web offline

    The first thing when open the web whatsapp is the qr code But usually I don't have internet connection in both devices. So when I open my desktop and connect via wifi the mobile have no internet connection (no data ). Exists any trick to send messages from my laptop i can validate when the...
  46. joke19

    Thread I cannot run "WhatsApp", please help me!

    Why u don't update? https://forum.xda-developers.com/sony-xperia-z1-compact/development/rom-lineage-os-17-0-xperia-z1-compact-t4007983 Sent from my Mi Note 10 using XDA Labs
  47. tux-kid's

    Thread [APP] Save W.A Status & Send Message (Lazy W.A)

    Hi, i wanna share my Apps. it's called Lazy W.A Save Photos and Videos of your Whatsapp friends status easily. You can also send messages to new numbers without having to save them in contacts first. Download Here : Lazy W.A
  48. lscambo13

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Contactless (for WhatsApp)

    Description: An Android app to open phone numbers in WhatsApp to chat with them or to simply check/search if they are available on WhatsApp. All this without having to save that number beforehand on your phone. Version: v3.1 (Latest) Download here Requirements: WhatsApp installed Android...
  49. F

    Thread How do I restore the backup from Google? (without losing new messages)

    When I reinstalled WhatsApp it did not restore the backup. The reason was probably that I initially denied WhatsApp access to contacts. Now finally I did give WhatsApp access to contacts, and my backup about one gigabyte in size shows up in the settings. The backup is only in Google. Before...
  50. F

    Thread How do I restore the backup from Google? (without losing new messages)

    When I reinstalled WhatsApp it did not restore the backup. The reason was probably that I initially denied WhatsApp access to contacts. Now finally I did give WhatsApp access to contacts, and my backup about one gigabyte in size shows up in the settings. The backup is only in Google. Before...