1. potjernik

    Thread Dual Messenger on Note 20 Ultra (Android 13) not available?

    I don't see option Dual Messenger on my SM-N986B/DS with Android 13 under Advance Features. I've been searching high and low for solution, but can't find it. Did anyone have issue like this?
  2. G

    Thread Question Xiaomi 11T - Whatsapp media download error

    I have a Xiaomi 11T for about 4 months and it had been working fine until today. Today I started experiencing a major issue when downloading things from Whatsapp Chats. Whenever I start a download, the app freezes and the download bar on the notification area remains stuck and I can't even...
  3. kiniro77

    Thread Whatsapp issue oppo x5 pro pfem10

    hello, I'm posting here because i didn't find anything on the web about this issue. I bought a oppo X5 pro pfem10 from China (i'm in hong kong) i installed everything and whatsapp don't want to work at all. I tried many thing like uninstalling it, grant every permission to the app, tried 2...
  4. L

    Thread How to restore TitatniumBackup backup?

    I have been successfully backing up WhatsApp using TitaniumBacup. Now I need to restore it but it just says "restore failed". Is there anything way I can still restore the backups? I'm on a rooted Android 13 phone.
  5. C

    Thread Question No notification sound for whatsapp while on LTE, how to fix? (Jio)

    So I enabled LTE on my watch but then I noticed that whenever I was on LTE and would receive a whatsapp, it shows up on my watch but doesnt make a notification sound. However, when I am connected to the phone via bluetooth it always makes the notifcation sound without fail! What am I missing...
  6. F

    Thread Problem with Whatsapp connect google account to restore backup.

    Hi! I installed lineage os 19.1 on a Moto X4 (payton), and when installing whatsapp, it does not recognize the google account registered on the system, and so I cannot restore the conversations. I gave all permissions to the app before opening it. And when I try to insert the google account...
  7. babadrift

    Thread Question Loudspeaker issues when in call via call app and WhatsApp

    I have a problem when i'm in call with someone and turn on the loudspeaker mode, the loudspeaker mode in the display stays on but the output sound seems like often switching by itself (sometimes the sound came out from lower speaker, sometimes upper speaker, sometimes both.) I bought the phone...
  8. S

    Thread Question failure in transferring WhatsApp data from iPhone 10 to my new Pixel 6 5G

    I have bought a new pixel 6 5g and while trying to transfer all data on my pixel WhatsApp from my iPhone 10. It was unable to succeed. How you people have transferred the data successfully?
  9. adriachy

    Thread Question WhatsApp Contact Problem

    Hello I'm a user Lenovo Legion 2 Pro on version China ROM When I installed WhatsApp only about 67 out of 500 contacts were visible in WhatsApp, and always going down day by day, I've tried many times to re-restore the contact file, and re-add the WhatsApp account Please help me to...
  10. T

    Thread Merging two WhatsApp Databases using Crypt14

    Hello. I have merged two WhatsApp backups using this process: Get the keys of the two backups: ROOT: In /data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key WITHOUT ROOT: I used WhatsApp Key Database Extractor with this command: python3 wa_kdbe.py -ar -to Decrypt both backups: I used WhatsApp Crypt14-15...
  11. D

    Thread [WhatsApp (Dual)] How to move dual WhatsApp from Samsung to Xiaomi?

    Hello! I want to transfer two WhatsApp accounts (personal and work – each tied to a separate phone number) from my old Samsung S9 to the new Xiaomi 12 (MIUI 13) along with backed up chats and media. Samsung had the Dual Messengers feature which worked great. With the first account, the...
  12. gato_mistico

    Thread Is it possible to recover old crypt12 whatsapp database keys?

    Hi, Recently i´ve found an old hard drive in which I used to store my old whatsapp databases (crypt12). The problem is that I didn´t stored my old key files. I´ve read that whatsapp uses the device info and phone number to generate this keys. I still have the same phone number (new simcard...
  13. O

    Thread Whatsapp control from another app

    Is it possible by a third party app to block incoming communication from some contacts on Whatsapp, or is it possible to externally (from another app) force Whatsapp to block contacts? More technically is it possible to use specific Whatsapp API for this particular activity? Is using Whatsapp...
  14. Mhd.Tj

    Thread GBWhatsapp not installed

    How i can install gbwhatsapp latest version on Samsung note3 android5 although whatsapp official works normally . App not installed
  15. D

    Thread Question MIUI 13 Google Migrate (Whatsapp data from iPhone)

    Now that Android 12 added the Google Migrate feature to transfer data from an iPhone using a USB-C to Lightning cable (https://www.android.com/switch-to-android/), Whatsapp data can finally be migrated from an iPhone to Xiaomi for free without relying on 3rd party apps...
  16. Justfamous

    Thread Question Help! Whatsapp bug on Redmi note 10 pro

    Good day. Please I need assistance. I have an issue while using Whatsapp on Redmi note 10 pro (128GB/8GB). When ever I type a message, it doesn't get delivered. That is, the clock sign is there. No single or double check ✔️✔️. Whenever I exist the app then open again, the message will deliver...
  17. green throne

    Thread WhatsApp app

    Withdrawing my number from the telecom company to another person, will they be able to see my previous WhatsApp messages?
  18. J

    Thread Question Set SD card as default Whatsapp memory for images, video...

    I tried hardly to set the external SD card as Whatsapp default memory for images, video on the Redmi Note 10Pro... With no success. Tried from within the app and from the phone, no way. WhatsApp stuff will slowly eat the memory for no reason. I managed to set it as a default for the camera, but...
  19. SchweGELBin

    Thread [Help] Not recieving some WhatsApp messages that were sent from iPhone (rooted)

    Device: Mi 9T (davinci) Rooted: ✓ Bootloader: Unlocked Problem: Sometimes I don't recieve WhatsApp messages and just get this error: "Waiting for this message. This may take a while. Learn more." But this doesn't happen everytime and only with messages, sent by an iOS (iPhone). It happens when...
  20. Azyzz

    Thread Question Whatsapp choppy video

    Hi, Since I bought GT 2 PRO global version (RMX3301) 2 months ago, I have an issue with sending videos (recorded from the main camera) as videos playback get choppy after being processed by whatsapp. latest updates did not solve the issue. However, if I record and send videos directly from...
  21. Most007

    Thread [10]RadicalQuack issue : 4:3 stretched Camera in 3rd party apps

    Hello, I have seen this issue pop up on a few phones and different ROMs, but recently I installed this new ROM on my Samsung J730f, and for once a custom ROM for that phone was actually stable and fully functioning ( [10]RadicalQuack ). However, the only issue I came across is something I...
  22. AhmedAghadi

    Thread WhatsApp icon become grey or fade out. Getting this error. Please help!

    I had recently tried parental controls in Redmi 4a and then also stopped the supervision and removed the respective application it installed. But after that, when I try to open WhatsApp it shows that "This action is disabled. Contact your organisation's administrator to find out more."...
  23. artbreguez

    Thread Change default camera (back) to USB camera

    I'd like to know how to change the default camera on Android to a USB camera, I'd like to use my webcam to authenticate QR codes, but with emulator, the camera doesn't start, I can only get video through a USB camera (v4l2) I compiled redroid11 from GitHub
  24. B

    Thread How can I recover my Whatsapp chats?

    In January of this year I changed my number but I forgot to restore the backup with the old number, and the mobile operator told me that the number is disabled (for a long time of inactivity) and that they can no longer activate it because it no longer belongs to them. I only have these files...
  25. Kryss.4y

    Thread Backing up and recovering Whatsapp data from 2 devices?

    So it's a long story short but my main phone (Mi Poco X3 pro) bricked about a month back and my dumbass had only backed up my Whatsapp data until Jan or so. So I switched to my backup phone (a galaxy grand prime) for the time being which is unbearably slow and when I tried to recover my backup...
  26. M

    Thread windows phone

    how to install Whatsapp on windows phone 2020? 😢
  27. grex_vibra

    Thread Question WhatsApp Live Location Sharing Problem.

    Hi, The problem is when I share live locations and my screen goes black (sleep), the other side cannot read actual location because of WhatsApp in idle mode. The permission access for WhatsApp is "Allow only while using the app". Even I share live location for 8 hours, GPS will not moving...
  28. I

    Thread Lost Old Whatsapp Folder - see description

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I'll try to explain - I updated my phone last year and I used one of these apps to send all my files to my new phone etc etc. And I noticed within the photo gallery I had two whatsapp image, and video folders. I didnt really think too much...
  29. J

    Thread Fairphone 4 with /e/ OS; restore WhatsApp backup shows 0kb and date of 01/01/1970

    Hi, I've bought the Murena Fairphone 4, which is basically the Fairphone 4 but with /e/ OS pre-installed. I first tried to restore the backups by connecting my Google Drive account, but I saw it didn't work with MicroG, and I also read on the internet that MicroG doesn't support the backup of...
  30. N

    Thread Hisuite failed to restore Whatsapp

    Hello, I have a Huawei P40 and I had Google Play Services installed on my phone but due to an error in Google Play Services, I was forced to downgrade my phone. Before that I made a backup of my phone with HiSuite. After many, many hours, I managed to reinstall google services and go back to...
  31. D

    Thread Please delete

    Please delete. This forum is dead.
  32. l3s

    Thread Question Bad Microphone quality speech intelligibility in messaging apps eg WhatsApp, Duo, Telegram

    Hello Since I have my Pixel 6 all of my messaging partners (WhatsApp, Duo, Signal, Telegram etc) are telling me audio problems including bad quality, low volume, and not last poor speech intelligibility. The problem happens in live call/video as well audio messages too. Since I own the phone I...
  33. L

    Thread Extracting WhatsApp Key in CalyxOS

    Hello Gurus I've tried searching around to find a solution for this but I've faild. I'm trying to copy my whatsapp key from my (Pixel 4a) phone with CalyxOS installed. However, it seems like it's not possible to access the key without root, and it's not possible to root CalyxOS. I've seen...
  34. tenqucha

    Thread A Mistake in Using WA

    Hey there, folks! Some years ago, back in the high school I'm starting to using WA again. Back then I was using it for anything, personal chat, school related chat, selling things, etc. Then when going to the college I'm starting to realize the needs to differ between personal life and...
  35. G

    Thread Restore Whatsapp from msgstore.db

    I tried to backup/extract my whatsapp database using this tutorial. The extraction also worked, however the restoring afterwards failed and now I have an empty whatsapp, a decrypted whatsapp chat and lost all information of the last 7 years. Is there any way of restoring whatsapp fron the...
  36. S

    Thread Using a temp phone without messing up WhatsApp history or extracting it.

    My Xiaomi Mi Max 3's screen has just died and I forgot to set up my WhatsApp, SMS & Call history back up. I'm going to order replacements parts but they won't arrive until mid-January, therefore, I'm hoping to use my old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the meantime. Currently I can continue using...
  37. J

    Thread WhatsApp in old phone able to receive yet

    My old phone's battery died, died. Since it was an inside battery I changed phones and forgot about that old phone in my old place, friend found it and decided to fix it for me, he works electronics, so he changed batteries no problem. But everything is still logged in in that phone. My problem...
  38. Android-Mike

    Thread Encrypted WhatsApp Backup disabled for alternate ROMs?

    Hello everybody out there using Lineage OS or other alternative ROMs, When I read about WhatsApp offering encrypted backups via Google Drive on https://www.xda-developers.com/whatsapp-rolls-out-end-to-end-encrypted-backups/, I thought it would be a way to transfer WhatsApp data between...
  39. M

    Thread its possible to recover whatsapp database on android after delete?

    I accidentally deleted the "whatsapp database crypt" from my phone. I don't have root, and i just have tried several programs (dr. fone, anymp4, android recovery, etc...) and some of them maybe have to recover if the phone is rooted. (don't test) And i also tried to root my phone Moto G4 Play...
  40. mrfatiga22

    Thread General INSTALL WHATSAPP !!! on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - Wear OS !!!

    How to INSTALL WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / Wear OS. IT WORKS NOW !!!! You have to install the Google Contacts APP, synchronize them, and open WhatsApp from the contact you want to call or message. https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... INSTALL WHATSAPP: https://youtu.be/SUo4HhH3vuk...
  41. Flonne

    Thread Is it possible to retrieve data from SD Card that was formatted as internal storage?

    Android Version: 8.0 Root: No. I use my phone mostly to recieve A LOT of work documents, photos, audio, etc via whatsapp. So, i thought in get a SD card and format it as internal storage, since what i need is just a lot of storage to save as much data as possible, not gaming or anything of the...
  42. drasterlx

    Thread Keyboard, Google play, Wifi and Messages SW3

    Hello Any app Keyboard to use in the watch?? not only to answer messages... i installed the gboard... touchone... and others... but i cant use those... If i dont have keyboard... how to answer messages or notes? It is possible to install google play store? Thanks
  43. X

    Thread Whatsapp Media Bug

    So basically, I have downloaded the latest supported device version (MIUI Global 12.0.2 Stable) and after that I noticed that I cannot use whatsapp the way I am supposed to. I don't know if it's the update or the fact that I had whatsapp beta and they did some mistakes. In the whatsapp beta...
  44. L

    Thread Question Cloned Whatsapp problems with fingerprints ...

    Hi to all, someone has tried the "Cloner App" of Oppo and trying to clone Whatsapp ?? I have a problem: cloning occurs perfectly and I can use the copy of WHTASPP perfectly. But when I try to go to "connected devices" (in WA) to enable my PC to access my account, biometric authentication with...
  45. fahmifan

    Thread Whatsapp clonned linked device cannot unlock using biometric fingerprint

    So, i have a whatsapp clonned app in my Oppo Reno 4, Color OS 11.1, Android 11. It's cloned using the builtin Color OS feature. But after the new whatsapp required unlock using biometric fingerprint, the cloned app failed/stuck on the "Unlock link a device" step when I try to connect to...
  46. mi.r3kc4h.56

    Thread GBwhatsapp customize Help needed

    post deleted
  47. FameMoon

    Thread Question Twin APP Whatsapp

    Hi guys. I have second whatsapp for work purpose. Apparently it did not detect any contacts that I have in my phone. How do I fix this? (pic 1) And is it possible if I click "Message [phone number]" , I can choose which whatsapp I would like to use? (pic 2) Like xiaomi, can choose which dual...
  48. Shiny996

    Thread Killing app at a specific time

    Hello, I would like my phone to hang up ongoing WhatsApp call if there is one daily at a certain time. It doesn't matter if it would be with Airplane mode, hanging up, or just killing the app. I highly appreciate any answers even if you can tell me it's not possible. Thank you
  49. D

    Thread Someone please help me! 😞

    Last night whatsapp backed-up data on Google drive which was just 400 MB out of my 4GB of data. I was not able to access any of my media. I tried to reinstall whatsapp so that I could get back my media data but only 400 MB was restored and now I can see only 400 MB as my Gdrive data. Please it's...
  50. A

    Thread Gbwhatsapp workaround

    Hi, Do you guys know whether there is a monitoring app that can get around the hidden status in GBWhatsApp and notify on online status? There are loads that can do it for the official version of Whatsapp, such as Whatszee. But they don't work on modded versions of WhatsApp. Specifically...