1. Speedspeed.0014

    Thread Widget problem on android headunit

    Hello i have a problem on my headunit with any launcher when i try to put a widget no autorisation popup window show up what to do ,does anyone have a sollution ?
  2. X

    Thread [Guide] How to modify app preferences with adb (and set configuration for the Simple Calendar Widget)

    HowTo change the Simple Calendar Widget configuration by modifying its internal files. (also shows how to modify applications data files without root) Go to reply 1 to get the solution right away Go to reply 2 to get my config file Simple Calendar Widget is my favorite calendar widget. It has...
  3. P

    Thread Calling any Android developers - do Widgets for work profile apps leak data outside the work profile itself?

    Hey there! Just joined a new company and my request to allow widgets for work profile apps in Intune is under scrutiny because they believe the widgets leak data into the personal profile. Anyone know how this feature works?
  4. M

    Thread Question Xiaomi Redmi 9T & Widget Date Problem

    Hello Guys! I am struggeling this for over a month, and no success. (I had a replaced device, but problem still exists.) None of the widgets changes the day after 23:59. I mean Google Calendar, Weather widget, Monthly Calendar, none of them. The widgets always shows the preivous day, until I...
  5. Stefanos53


    Hello!!! The Fancy Widgets is the app for clock & weather widget SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD APK
  6. Pasquiindustry

    Thread Development [App][v1.2.9][08/10/2021] Live Tiles Anywhere - Custom Live Tiles and widgets

    Hi! I've released a new app called Live Tiles Anywhere. LTA is the app that allows you to create not only working custom Live Tiles, but also add Live Tiles as widgets on your Desktop. Featues Create custom Live Tiles and add pin them on the Start Menu, on your Desktop as an icon or create a...
  7. B

    Thread Clock widget center alignment not functioning

    My home screen clock widget alignment is messed up recently. I'm not sure whether it was after an update. The clock doesn't center align anymore neither in dual clock mode nor as a single clock. It either switches to the far left or the right. Is there a fix for this? I have restarted the phone...
  8. O

    Thread [Help] NullPointerExeption on every app with widgets.

    Any app that has some kind of Widget to register, crashes with NullPointerExeption, and has a reference to: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/appwidget/AppWidgetHost This includes ANY launcher, even the system default, so I can only run apps from ADB. I made a logcat of every...
  9. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread OnePlus Apps for Exynos Samsung Phones

    Hello, you already know what the thread is about so the file is attached below. :)⤵⬇⬇ I have tested this on my S20+ exynos and it works. Best if your screen resolution is FHD+ or WQHD+. Let me know if it works on Snapdragon or other phones in the S20 series. **UPDATE** I have added the apk for...
  10. D

    Thread Widget for Huawei HiLink 3G/LTE Dongles

    As the owner of a few of these CSN2/MTCD Android head units, I am also the owner of a Huawei HiLink dongle for Internet access on said devices (the kind that appears as an Ethernet device to the Android deck). I got annoyed with the fact that using my HiLink device I had Internet access, but I...
  11. T

    Thread Is there a compass app for Android that comes with a homescreen widget?

    Working on setting up my android car stereo head unit and thought it would be nice to have a compass widget on one of the homescreens. But none of the compass apps I have tried has one. Any one know if there is one thas has a widget? Thanks in advance for any response!
  12. vcdwelt

    Thread Alexa Widget

    Anybody found a workaround how it is possible to add the Amazon Alexa Widget on Homescreen with default Launcher? It is not possible to choose the Alexa Widget in the "Add Widget" Screen, it simply does not show up. Changing the launcher (Lawnchair, Nova,...) makes it possible to choose the...
  13. G

    Thread Caller ID toggle shortcut or quick settings

    Hi, I've searched all over but could not find a caller ID toggle shortcut or in quick settings. I've look quick settings tiles and searched for a widget but can't find any. This is what I am looking for: Phone App -> Settings -> Supplementary services -> Show caller ID Toggle between Network...
  14. johnathanamber

    Thread Battery Widget Other than Command Center

    Hey everyone, I have the Moto Command Center installed on my Z2 Force and it works rather well. I do want it to use other applications when tapping on the clock, weather, and other parts of the widget. I don't see options to change this so I assume it does not have this capability. This...
  15. prakalejas

    Thread [Workaround] Android 10 nova launcher direct call widget permission denied

    Got 1+7T Pro with android 10 and latest nova launcher. When I placed direct call widget and try to call that contact I got a permission denied error. By accident, found a workaround: Put dialer icon on home screen, call that contact several times, then long press on dialer, that contact should...
  16. J

    Thread [Project] Bring back the Spotify Widget

    Recently Spotify decided to remove their Widget for whatever reason. Luckily with Tasker you can bring it back! Check it out! Q7vqWXu3YJg Just import the project from here and follow the instructions at the same link and you’ll have the Spotify widget back in no time! As a bonus you can...
  17. usman farhat

    Thread [APP] Animated Icons - Make your home screen cooler!

    This is Home Screen redefined! Animated Icons make your app icons look fabulous by animating them with several unique and beautiful animations. You can animate your icons by long-pressing on an empty area on your home screen. When you will long-press, a menu will pop up from where you will...
  18. A

    Thread ROG Weather App/Widget

    Hi all, The chinese model comes with (logically) the chinese version of Asus' weather app/widget. Outside China it is not really working (loading location without success). The most straightforward solution for this seemed to install the global version of Asus' weather app, but this does not...
  19. L

    Thread [APP/Widget] AmazeSunTimes v2.0 - 20190918

    Compatible with Pace/Stratos/Verge(/Nexo?) Requirements Install APK on watch, enable widget (it can be opened from apps list too, but it will display only the Settings page, so no weather info); Amazfit Internet Companion app or AmazMod 1.1.8-build 215 or newer (available in bleeding edge...
  20. G

    Thread [App] [4.0.3+] StocksWidget [NoAds] [OpenSource]

    I proudly present to you StocksWidget A homescreen widget that shows your stock portolio in a resizable grid. Stocks can be sorted by dragging and dropping the list. Only performs automatic fetching of stocks during trading hours and weekdays. You can add multiple positions for your...
  21. sonicswink

    Thread weather app bug

    Hi A30 users, I'm experiencing a bug in weather app that automatically deletes the town I live in on widget and app, it forces me to use GPS location in order to keep the weather app running and up to date with my town. I disagree with that "forcing me to use GPS or the app will be buggy"...
  22. N

    Thread How can i create shortcuts for specific settings?

    Hi Guys, do you know any possibility how i can create some sort of on/off toggle widget for a specific setting to add to my homescreen? The specific situation i want to solve: I started using my bicycle more often and use my p20 pro as Navigation System which i place in a Cellphone Holder with...
  23. savzz.z

    Thread [Theme] [KLWP] Peak

    Made by u/savzz-z for r/androidthemes The bundled app also contains Aquiver for KLWP Peak is a 2-page, shelf-integrated KLWP theme. It features utilities such as Music Control General Info: Location, Weather, Events Quick Apps A shelf komponent A maps komponent Quick Contacts Expanded...
  24. S

    Thread [WIDGET/5.0+] Material Music Widget

    To keep it short and simple: A widget for Material Design & usability enthusiasts, that supports a wide variety of media players: • Spotify • YouTube Music • VLC • Google PlayMusic • Amazon Music • Simple Radio • TuneIn Radio • PowerAmp • Yatse (Kodi Media Center Remote App) • Stock Players...
  25. anonimo

    Thread weather app on View 20 (version is broken

    Version 9 of the weather app has several problems. 1) it cannot find lots and lots of cities. I live in Guildford, England and if I try to search for it I get a lot of other Guildford cities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand but not the one in England. 2) The search results depend on the...
  26. luisvalino

    Thread Change the Chrome Search Bar Widget colour: is it possible in Moto X4 Android 9.0 ??

    Hello, I have a Moto X4 Android 9 and I would like to change the white colour of the Chrome Search Bar widget by a transparent one, or black, for example. Would it be possible to do this, like the image that I have attached and I have seen surfing this website for a Moto X4 Android 9.0 ...
  27. R

    Thread TimeWidget - created by my own

    Hi! I was unable to find time widget which will fit my needs, so decided to create my own. :D I want to share my work today. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.reaper61616.timewidget Feel free to leave comments. Any feature request is welcome . :) Thanks in advane for every...
  28. R

    Thread TimeWidget - created by my own

    Hi! I was unable to find time widget which will fit my needs, so decided to create my own. :D I want to share my work today. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.reaper61616.timewidget Feel free to leave comments. Any feature request is welcome . :) Thanks in advane for every...
  29. H

    Thread [App][4.2+] Widget Screensaver

    Turn any widget into a screensaver! Android has a native screen saver option (yes, I also forgot about that) that was called Daydream before Daydream VR was a thing and is now just called "Screen Saver". I was surprised not a single screen saver app allowed you to put a widget inside the...
  30. swieder711

    Thread Accurate Brightness widget for Pie?

    I have tried a bunch of brightness widgets on Pie. None of them accurately report the brightness levels. If I press 10% on the widget the Quick Setting slider shows 50%. I believe this is due to the new slider being logarithmic. Has anyone found an accurate Brightness widget that works with Pie?
  31. S

    Thread MI A1 countdown widget crashes

    Hey All I have MI A1 No root and stock rom I tried to download widget that is count down for specific date, like 19 days reaming and so on . Each widget I downloaded (tried 13), make the launcher 3 crash error, just when I put the widget in the home screen. Is their any solution for this strange...
  32. Scopesys

    Thread Monitoring BlueTooth connection on a car HU

    I am looking for a Widget that will monitor Bluetooth connection to a car's HU, and indicate which (if any) devices are currently connected. I have managed to find a similar widget for WiFi, that will display the SSID of the network the HU is connected to, and that is most useful. :) Now...
  33. bennylaws

    Thread [WIDGET] [4.1+] ASCII System Monitor FREE

    I'd like to introduce my ASCII System Monitor FREE (Widget Collection) to you :) It provides retro looking text based Android system information in multiple widgets: Time / Date / Uptime widget Memory usage (RAM) widget internal SD-card usage widget external SD-card usage widget battery level...
  34. jordi.id96

    Thread [WIDGET] [4.0+] Screen off - Widget & tile

    Save your power button! An invisible widget that lets you turn your screen off by double tapping it. Place it anywhere and adjust it to the size of your liking. It also includes a quick settings tile that provides the same functionality. It works by simulating a press on the power button, so...
  35. rajverma3135

    Thread Disappearing home icons/widgets, spotify music and contacts on Redmi Note 5 Pro 64gb

    Since I bought Redmi note 5 pro I am having this issue. I installed the Nova Prime Launcher and gave it auto start permissions & all other permissions etc. I also installed Spotify, work shift calendar paid app, baby feeding time, WhatsApp and many other app, The following morning i noticed...
  36. E

    Thread Lockscreen and/or homescreen widget that will fire off a HTTP call

    Hi All I'm looking for a lockscreen and/or homescreen widget that will fire off a HTTP call when pressed.. Ideally it would be shapped like a large "Emergency Stop" widget :D reason for this is, I run a large number of servers in my home lab, so I wrote some a python script that will shut them...
  37. D

    Thread Widgets freeze after Oreo 8.0 update

    I got the Oreo update a couple of days ago on my S7. Now all my widgets freeze up on me. I removed battery optimization on them and battery monitoring, and they still freeze. The only way the unfreeze is if I rotate the phone sideways and then back to vertical. It's like the widgets are not...
  38. J

    Thread Mobile data widget toggle options

    Since this tablet doesn't have a toggle in the drop down to turn the 4g noble data on and off, does anyone know of any third party apps that will work so I don't have to go through the settings menu every time? I'd prefer an ad free and don't care if it costs a fee dollars, just as long as it...
  39. D

    Thread I've Gotten Nova Launcher Working; How Do I Get My Widgets To Work?

    I've successfully gotten Nova Launcher on my device, however, I cannot get the widgets to work. I've seen something about an ADB Shell, but I don't have a clue what that is or what to do. Can someone please tell me how to get widgets working?
  40. B

    Thread Where can I find this Samsung s7 edge Widget for any Android Device.?

    I don't know if it's proper to write such question here but I need this widget for my Moto G4 Plus. I loved this widget on the first look and eager to see in my phone :p The image is below. Thank You.!
  41. Mr.Ak

    Thread ★ Post your Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 home screens ★

    Title says it all,this thread is going to be used to post and share our home screens. So,lemme start off by posting mine.My setup is very basic and minimal atm. Launcher: Ruthless by shubby Wallpaper: Stock Asus wallpaper Icon pack: Stock But I'm sure you guys have some interesting setup to...
  42. he6rt6gr6m

    Thread LG G5 Weather/Clock Widget

    Having come from the G5 to this beast of a phone, there's almost everything I want. But I did love the effect of that G5 Widget. Does anyone know how to port it over? I've tried installing the APKs readily available on the web for it, but all of them crash when I try to use them. Possible...
  43. V

    Thread Wearable Widgets Clocks

    i recently bought gear s2 and i'm really interrested in watchfaces sadly most of them are paid so i installed wearable widgets https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wearablewidgets&hl=en_US it enable android widgets to be added to the watch so i installed many clock widget for KWGT...
  44. Dolemaine

    Thread LG V20 Custom 2nd Screen Image Thread

    Hi XDA'ers , I designed a few custom images to use with the app BoredSigns https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zacharee1.boredsigns&hl=en_US. Just trying to give back..I attached a few to this thread for you to see. The rest are in the Google Drive folder link below. I will add...
  45. L

    Thread Weather Widget question

    Hi all, Probably a daft question, but before I updated to EMUI 8, I had the home city set in the weather widget to be my home town - set using the GPS "current location" setting. Since the update and a factory reset, I can't work out how to set my current location, when at home, as my home...
  46. anonimo

    Thread Widgets stop working after a while in Oreo...

    Hi, I find that widgets have become a mess after the Oreo update. I use two news apps (BBC and Guardian) with widgets. Both of them have issues with their widgets now.... The widgets do not update and sometimes they hang completely and I must remove them and place them back on the screen to...
  47. D

    Thread [MODULE] App Shortcut & Widget In Notification Area

    Introduction: A Very Simple Module To Make The Following Apps Work As A System Apps To Achieve The Best Performance, Systemlessly. - This Module Gives The Ability To Add App Shortcut Or App Widget To Notification Area Which Consists Of 2 Apps [Widget Shortcut App To Create The Required Widgets...
  48. wanderer1479

    Thread Clock Weather St. Patrick's Day

    This application will help you to find out information about weather quickly, and it was inspired by St. Patrick's day. If you are the type of person who likes to know everything about weather, and you want it to be available to you wherever you are, then this application is perfect for you...
  49. O

    Thread Daylight Saving Time Weather Widger

    Last night we switched to DST (East coast US), now the standard Samsung Weather widget shows the wrong time. Phone system time is correctly auto - updated. Anyone has an idea how to get correct time in weather widget?
  50. S

    Thread Can I get the default pixel date/weather widget in Nova launcher?

    I really like the Date and weather widget that comes stock in the Google Launcher on the phone. However, I've switched to using Nova Launcher because I like a couple of its features better. Is there any way I can get that widget on my homescreen? Thanks!