wifi issue

  1. H

    Thread Ford C-Max RK3368 PX5 WiFi (?) issue

    Hi there, I bought a used 9 inch multimedia system into my 2012 Ford C-Max and I'm not sure that it was a scam or I'm unlucky and something is wrong with that. The system is plug and play, I connected the plugs and the android started perfectly. On the first day there wasn't any problem with...
  2. chechch

    Thread lenovo smart display can't connect to wifi

    SD-X701B - Type ZA3N I can't setup it, always failure at wifi connection step, shows "check internet connection" So I bought an homehub, it works, I thought may be it has compatibility issues with my router, So I changed my router from netgear R7000 to Asus AX86U, it doesn't work, I try to...
  3. D

    Thread Xiaomi MI 9 Stuck in EDL cannot enter Fastboot or Recovery

    Hi Guys, I have a terrible problems with my MI 9 Chinese Firmware. A year ago I've unlocked the bootloader and install Global Rom, my phone was normal and smooth for a year, never had any problem before. The problem is 1 week ago my phone suddenly freeze (MIUI 12), it restart sometimes but no...
  4. I

    Thread Unable to update to Andorid 9 using WiFi hotspot from another device or mobile data

    I don't have easy access to WiFi however I have enough mobile data on my sim card and there is no option to update using sim card. So what I did was inserted my sim card in another device and created hotspot and connected Mi A2 to that hotspot, still it says "Waiting for Wi-Fi". Note: I don't...
  5. cesgz

    Thread WiFi Issue

    Well i just got a brand new Moto Z2 Force and as I was setting up, i noticed the WiFi connection stopped working from time to time. I thought it was mi WiFi network, but issue was persistent on any WiFi network. I bought it on December 30, 2017 What I have done so far: - Restore to its factory...
  6. R

    Thread WiFi Problem

    Hi everyone. Yesterday WiFi stopped working on my Mi Mix 18K. When I try to turn WiFi on the switch immediately goes off again. It was working fine and the connection started to slow down. I turned WiFi off to use 4G for a while, thinking it was a problem with the AP or the ISP. A few minutes...
  7. EpicMedz

    Thread WiFi 'Turning On...' Issue

    Hello all, I am having a REALLY annoying issue on my Z5. The WiFi on the phone will not turn on. I press the toggle from the quick settings in the notification panel and nothing happens. I go into the settings to turn it on and it just says 'Turning on...' forever. I am on 6.0.1 and firmware...
  8. shahfaishal

    Thread WiFi Mac Address changed after flashing ROMs

    Hello Guys, Before flashing we all have our unique mac address in our phone. But after flashing roms, it changed sometimes. I flashed cm 14.1 and it changed to something weird like 02:00:00... . After many trials i didnt restored to my original one Problem is , after flashing the cm14.11 rom...
  9. coolkedar

    Thread Sony Xperia LT29i WIFI issue

    Hi everyone! I have installed Android 7.0 on son xperia lt29i . I am facing only one problem. My WIFI is not working. Its not getting turned on. The phone is out of warranty and cannot be taken to service center . Can anyone help me to troubleshoot WIFI issue? Thanks in advance.
  10. admiral70

    Thread 5 GHz Issues

    Anyone else experience issues with using a 5 GHz router with your Note 4? Says good strength and connects with no issues. When trying to access the internet nothing happens. Using a Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Router. If I switch to the 2.5 GHz connection there are no issues. Certainly...
  11. P

    Thread [Q] Mac Filter - Wifi Issue

    Have HTC One E8 and also HTC Desire 816. Unfortunately am unable to connect both the phones on Home WiFi router (Dlink 2750U), with Mac Filter On, despite providing the Mac Addresses of the phones in the filter table... All other phones (tried a dozen other non HTC models) work fine, but my...
  12. no_username_available

    Thread [Q] Wont auto connect to wifi CM 10.2.1

    after i updated my original 10.2.1 to CM 11 my S4 stopped auto connecting to my wifi, i thought it was CM 11 that was preventing it so i flashed 10.2.1 again and it still won't auto connect, I've done 3 clean wipes and fresh installes its getting tedious turning wifi off and on every time i...
  13. N

    Thread [Q] Apps Slow on Wifi

    I've been having issues the last few moths since I've switch to my Comcast 2 in 1 router. I'm getting 17ms ping, 20-35 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds form the speedtest app on my phone, however when I pull up apps like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, the content loads very slow. In...
  14. V

    Thread Possible Wifi hardware issue?

    Hi. I started having a problem with my wifi recently after updating to 4.3. Wifi turn itself on and off and sometime stay "turning on" state or "error". I have tried to return to stock ROM 4.2.2 (and Radio) and different version (4.2.2 and 4.3), but wifi issue remain the same. Anyone has...
  15. N

    Thread [Q] Wifi Not Auto-Reconnecting

    Hi all, I am using cm-10.2-20130903-EXPERIMENTAL-evita-NODELAY.zip. I have one issue with wifi being not connected automatically. Wifi works fine if I connect it manually, but if I leave the house and come back- it stays on mobile data. Wifi is enabled, sees my home network (at least by the...
  16. rohit.devade

    Thread [Q] Poor Wifi Signal Reception.

    Hey Folks, Noob here :p I am having some issues with the new custom rom 4.2.1 I am experiencing wifi signal issue. Just by sitting next to the wifi router, I am getting 2 bars, sometimes 1 bar of signal. Please help me to resolve that.
  17. behnamsarhandi

    Thread [Q] Wifi Hardware or Software !?

  18. khani245

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 Wifi Issue

    Hello! I'm sorry if this is a repeated thread. I'm on Jelly Bean stock firmware I9100XWLSK (4.1.2) (Indian version) rooted. Everything is fine except that I am not able to turn on wifi since last week (Its becomes dull green and then gets grey; Refer Screenshot). There was a similar problem...
  19. N

    Thread [Q] Hi HTC One X (At&T) users give me some advice

    Hi guys recently i sold my HTC Inspire to get me some jelly bean awesomeness. So I went to craigslist with the budget of around 250-300 and I came to two choice Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X. I am leaning toward HTC one X but i heard that it has been having some hardware problems in signal / wifi...
  20. Sgmaster

    Thread [Q] [q] which rom to use?

    Hi I am 15 years old and i have a samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100 with stock ics 4.0.3 (exactly I9100XXLPS). It have some issues with (not opening some times) wifi and several battery drain when im playing games ( need for speed, asphalt, etc). I want to play games and surfing but my phone does not...
  21. A

    Thread Phone wont detect any wifi.

    OK the thing is I got my S3 which rocks by the way, but I went crazy when I switch the WiFi toggle to ON and never see a sole WiFi connection. I've tried with routers, APs, even turn my Dell Studio 1555 laptop into an AP using Connectify... and got the same problem. The phone seems to be...
  22. JokerAce

    Thread Device can't detect wifi

    Hi I would like to ask, what are some of the core files that wifi depend on to be able to work? And what permissions are set for those files? I am using a Cowon Z2 which runs on Android 2.3.5, and it suddenly stops detecting hotspots. It just keeps scanning endlessly with no hotspots. My Nexus...
  23. mamarda

    Thread Wifi fixed on 3.33 update, but not in custom roms

    My sensation (Non XE) was initially with ASIA ruu, after receiving ICS update, my WIFI was dead and after 3.33 recent update, it was fixed. Now I want to install custom rom with sense 4, but they are based on 3.32 ruu, and my wifi is not working on it. so what should I do? should I install 3.32...
  24. S

    Thread [BUG?] sshd (dropbear) over wifi

    Hello, i'm unable to get an connection over ssh to my device (sshd on SGS2), over wifi. I had this problem with 2.3.[2-6], and now with 4.0.3 (stock roms, rooted gt-i9100). I tested sshdroid, quicksshd, and dropbear ssh server; it's all the same. If i started the server on port 22, or a...
  25. Mankey Magic

    Thread [Q] The mysterious wifi issue

    I've been ripping my hair out the last couple days trying to figure this out. In the process of flashing a ROM and kernel I did a number of things: -Carrier unlock (I feel like this is the culprit) -Unlocked the bootloader -Flashed Wet Dream (2.3.6 build) -Installed webtop -Attempted to root...
  26. L

    Thread WiFi Tethering Not Working with New Franco Kernel based on .35 on Stock Kernel 2.3.3

    I've installed latest kernel dated 061211 as told by Franco in thread but still WiFi Tethering is NOT working. Still it is showing "Error". I've rolled back to stable release v2 22112011 but still WiFi tethering is NOT working. Any help would be highly appreciated. Hope Franco is working on...
  27. L

    Thread [Q] Phone keeps restarting unless in airplane mode?

    Sorry in advance for starting a new thread; I looked around for someone who already had this problem, but haven't come across it yet. As title states, my phone started getting stuck in a loop of restarting after I updated my phone to Gingerbread, then used drhonk's kernel to root it. I have a...
  28. S

    Thread [Q] Kernel?

    As a n00b to the gTab, I have been doing a lot of research and experiments with the different ROMs available here trying to find what works best for me. My question is, why would I want to change the Kernel? What advantages does that have? I'm having an issue with my gTab not reconnecting the...
  29. R

    Thread [Q]

    Hello Guys/and Admin, I need some help here on Wifi on Vibrant (Rooted, running Boinix-V with Voodoo Enabled). At my office i can connect to wifi (which has a firewall - with ristricted access) the only way i can go around this is by using a static IP. Now i did try this but still the vibrant...
  30. A

    Thread [q] t-mobile dash without wifi

    Hello frnds... i wanna know that is there any T-Mobile dash without wifi ? i have t-mobile dash.. but there is no wifi in it i upgrade it from windows 5 to windows 6.5 now there is wifi in connection manager .. but when i turn it on it show :ERROR : can anybody tell me what is the problem ...
  31. E

    Thread [Q] Strange wifi/browser problem

    Hey, so I've just encountered a pretty strange problem with my browser when running on wifi. When using either Dolphin HD or the stock browser, it just hangs and never really loads anything, but all other apps that require internet (facebook, tweetdeck, etc.) still work just fine. When using 3G...