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  1. K

    Thread ROM with working wifi tethering?

    Does it exist for this device? If not, anyone know of working hotspot/wifi tethering app? thanks in advance
  2. DaPoets

    Thread 7.1.1. Tethering & Portable Hotspot "fix"

    Upgrading to 7.1.1. kills your ability to use the old Network Signal Refresh trick to quickly enable your hotspot. The fix for this is now to just pop out your simcard, and when you stuff it back in, immediately activate your hotspot in settings. What I'm doing is just keeping the simcard...
  3. L

    Thread WiFi Tether - FireFTP does not connect - Please Help

    Hey all, So i have a Prime R1 HD - unrooted. When I setup WiFi hotspot (through Settings), internet works except for connecting to FTP using FireFTP client (FireFox addon) I sometimes need to do work on the go, and I use FireFTP becuase I don't have to swtich windows / programs to jump...
  4. T

    Thread Looking for ZVB stock loophole to allow wifi tethering.

    Since I had to get a replacement phone, it was sent to me completely updated (naturally). So now this one is running ZVB (****!!) and I have no way to go back. I read there was a custom ROM I could install but I didn't want to do that, so I'm looking for any other loophole possible. That being...
  5. MaelStorm16

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Hotspot - Enable Hotspot or WIFI Thetering in One Click

    ENABLE HOTSPOT IN ONE CLICK - SORT OF SHORTCUT TOOL. It will enable or disable your mobile hotspot. If your WiFi is enabled, it will automatically disable it. DOWNLOAD FROM PLAYSTORE Thank You!
  6. P

    Thread Wifi Tether Solution - Undetectable

    Hey guys, I have a question about wifi tether. I have Straight Talk (Att) and looking for a wifi tether solution where it cannot be detected. I'm only looking to do a few hundred MB of data so nothing that will set off any flags in that respect. I found this thread about the s6 but not sure...
  7. G

    Thread [Q] Tethering android device with vpn configured

    Hi everyone, I had a question, is it possible Tethering another devices to Android with vpn configurations? Example: I have a PS Vita who need access certain region, at the moment I am using a very complicated configuration Current configuration: Mobile carrier > USB tethered android device...
  8. phatmanxxl

    Thread [Guide] How to unlock WiFi Tethering on your HTC Desire 610 [Root, S-Off]

    Root and S-Off Recommended For S-Off look here then follow directions for permanent root in the development forum 1. Download a file explorer with root-browsing capabilities like Root Explorer or ES File Explorer from the Play Store 2. Using the file explorer you downloaded above, head over...
  9. T

    Thread [Q] change wifi tether password (not using settings app)

    Hello everyone I am trying to make a tasker profile to change my phone's (KitKat) wifi tether password I found the password stored in /data/misc/hostapd.conf but changing it there does not change the password in the settings I can set up a task to manually change it by using virtual taps etc...
  10. miked63017

    Thread [App] GS5 Native Hotspot Unlocker

    This feels like it should go in development to me, so please feel free to move it mods, but since it is technically an app I am putting it here. Graphics aren't very pretty but initial testing has been good, only one person having problems on gs5. This should theoretically work on any sprint...
  11. N

    Thread [Q] Wifi Hotpot - Do we have any options on a NON Pure Edition?

    So I am running the 2013 X, unlocked bootloader with xposed and can tether via a the xposed module. Is there a way to tether on the new 2014 Moto X on Verizon? NOT the Pure Edition, im talking the 'regular' Moto X (Verizon.) I am going to order the new on on Monday but this is really the only...
  12. maluminse

    Thread [Q] G Flex to be delivered tomorrow. External memory/Root/Wifi tether Q's. : )

    New day new horizons. 1) External card Bummed that I have no external memory. I have purchased titanium backup. The backup is on my sd card. I assume I need to copy the whole card to pc then copy it to my internal memory? Suggestions much appreciated. 2) Rooting I saw a few rooting...
  13. J

    Thread Wifi tether for the Verizon Moto G 4.4.4

    How to wifi tether on the Moto G Verizon 4.4.4 with no root 1. Download Airdroid app from the Google playstore. 2. Open the app and register. 3. Once you have registered click on tools within the app and locate hotspot or the tethering icon. 4. Press either or and enjoy! I liked...
  14. LaTropa64

    Thread [Q] 4.4.2, pattern lock, and FoxFi for wireless tethering.

    So I took the 4.4.2 update despite the warnings I had been getting from FoxFi that my wifi tether wouldn't work on 4.4+. Well, it still worked after the update... it just makes me go through one extra step when starting it: Now, I have another problem though. I made the mistake of messing...
  15. lilajrestnom

    Thread [Q] Wi-Fi tethering connects as "limited"

    So I just tried a bunch of kitkat Roms and found Gummy to be the best for me right now. The only problem I'm having is when wifi tethering is on, the connected devices are in a "limited" mode and get no internet. Anyone have a solution to this problem? I've flashed the latest 3 versions of Gummy...
  16. alexsoin

    Thread Free wifi tethering on GSM versions of LG G2

    Guys, I wonder if there's some kind of fix for enabling free wifi tether on rooted GSM versions of LG G2. I have rooted D803 in particular, I guess it doesn't matter. There's a fix for Verizon model but I couldn't find anything working for me. I have 5Gb/$30 plan of TMO and I was always...
  17. M

    Thread [Q] How to Tether on ota 4.3 rooted

    Hello, My wife broke the screen on her phone and the replacement came with 4.3 pre-loaded on the phone. I got it rooted but I really don't want to use the Verizon tethering app. We have always used the Treve-mod Wifi Tether. Don't use custom roms so don't care about the locked bootloader. We...
  18. H

    Thread Wifi Tethering/Hotspot for your Verizon S4 mini (sch-i435) post 4.2.2 update.

    Hello everyone, As most of you wifi tethering users probably know, Verizon managed to block our wifi hotspot with the OTA update to 4.2.2. This left us users searching for other limited options of tethering until now. I can now confirm with the latest update to Foxfi our wifi tethering woes are...
  19. N

    Thread Help with root method for US T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 (just need it for wifi tether)

    I rooted my prior HTC phone to allow me to add the Wifi Tether app. That was with another mobile provider (i.e. not T-Mobile). I have since switched to T-Mobile for my Galaxy Note 3. I am looking to root my Note 3 (without tripping the Knox flag / counter) just so I can install Wifi Tether. If...
  20. N

    Thread Can't get wifi tether to work! No internet access or limited!

    I loaded the latest RS12 Hyperdrive rom and the built in wifi tether as well as 3rd party apps do not work. It sets up flawlessly and the network is displayed on my Win 8 computer, but when it connects it says "No internet access" or "limited". I'm not a fan of 3rd party apps as they seem to...
  21. xAjCx

    Thread [Q] WiFi Tethering & Calling issues!!

    I'm trying to get wifi tethering to work but I've tried all kinds of ways and getting all kinds of issues. I did the freeze+ESFile Net approach, Wanam tetherprovision disabled approach, FoxFi w/ proxy (bluetooth tether does work though, however limited to web browsing with no youtube), and...
  22. Surge1223

    Thread [MOD] 4.3 Tether Unlock MJ7 & MK2 + enable all toggles (1/20/14)

    Enable all toggles + unlock native Tethering If you have Safestrap installed and are on a MK2 or MJ7 rom/build you can flash the corresponding zip below and you will unlock native built-in tethering and also get all the toggles including the usually absent Wifi Hotspot toggle. Both versions...
  23. P

    Thread wifi tether

    Hi guys, I am loving the Nexus 5. I've ordered it, and should be here in 2 days. Only issue is, I need the program android-wifi-tether https://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/ to be working on this phone. You see, I have a data plan from my carrier which DOES NOT ALLOW you to tether =...
  24. N

    Thread [Q] How is wi-fi tethered data vs phone only data handled?

    Im on stock rom and rooted. I have Wi-fi tether app with the trevE mod. Now that Im no longer on unlimited data with Verizon I have to pay attention to my data usage. Ive been on 5gb plan since February, I use wi-fi when available, but since I travel I use my wi-fi tether to tether my laptop. I...
  25. M

    Thread [Q] unable to get wifi tether to work

    I'm running the viper rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2124391 I've tried using 4 different tether apps including foxfi, the spring hotspot and wifi tether 3.2 pre2 None of them work. At worst the wifi connection doesn't even show up in the list of wifi networks. At best...
  26. C

    Thread wifi tethering, vpn, and dns problem

    I have been having a bit of a head scratcher lately and was hoping someone could help out. I like to use a vpn on my phone and would also like to wifi tethering at the same time. The problem is when i use native tethering any device connected to my phone has a dns problem. I thought about using...
  27. x000111

    Thread [SOLVED] One Click Wifi Tether with t0mmy not working... any ideas?

    For some reason, I am getting an error when I try using t0mmy (found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1677261) one click tether enabler. I've done some searching and cannot find anyone else who has had this issue. What the heck am I missing (screenshots attached)?! Any...
  28. C

    Thread Can't get any hotspot or tethering to work after Flashing

    I recently flashed a rom called BlackJelly (4.1.1) and now can't get any of my wifi hotspot apps to run. I've tried Barnacle and a few variants of WiFi Tether. They both come up with errors. In my research, someone stated that this option is dependent on the kernel. Can this be?
  29. krija

    Thread [Guide][ICS]WiFi Tether working with TrevE mod

    15 minutes when we not using wifi tethering is not too much, right? Never stop or after 2 hours of inactivity is better :laugh: . 1. Thanks to TrevE :good: 2. Root 3. Download WiFi Tether for Root Users 3.3-pre2 *** EXPERIMENTAL *** 4. Install wifi_tether_v3_3-pre2.apk 5. Run WiFi Tether -...
  30. E

    Thread [Q] Wifi Tether and DDWRT for a complete home network

    OK, my wife and I each have Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3's. We both have Wifi Tether TrevE mod installed and working and we also have a linksys router running DD-WRT. I have wanted for a long time to create a stable home network with the router using our phones for internet. Reason being, We both...
  31. ldoby

    Thread [Q] connect wifi tether in infrastructure mode vs ad-hoc. Can it be done (yet)?

    After taking a trip to the darkside for a year or so (IFail), I decided to rejoin the force by purchasing the Optimus G, mainly for wifi-tethering and more control over my actual phone. I can connect my phone just fine to my Mac (the Optimus appears under devices in airport), but cannot get my...
  32. L

    Thread [MOD][Wi-Fi Tether] WiFi Tether on Stock ROM

    Having recently come from several moto phones where it was a 3 second fix with sql lite to enable wifi tethering, I figured it should be about as easy on my new Note... false. Haven't seen anything related yet, so I found a way to get stock/native WiFi tethering working on the GNII, on the...
  33. S

    Thread [Q] Barnacle or Wifi Tether on LGOG

    I am trying to get Barnacle or Wifi Tether to work on my LGOG. My laptop will recognize it but it cannot connect to either one. I have previously used my Motorola Atrix 4G to tether with the laptop without any problems so I think the issue is with the phone. Has anyone been able to get this...
  34. KennyG123

    Thread [ROM][MK3][4.3][TW]The People's ROM GS3.31 5/18/14

    TEAM BRING IT PROUDLY PRESENTS THE PEOPLE'S ROM GS3.X If you like slimmed down, debloated ROMs....DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM! AND A BIG THANKS TO ROMPNIT FOR ALWAYS SQUASHING BUGS BEFORE THE PEOPLE GET THEM I have noticed too many issues on those ROMs removing too many files, then there are users...
  35. Z

    Thread Wifi Tether Working for Sprint Galaxy Note II

    File link for WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_20_2012_insmodv3.apk http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390169635556426691 Saw this too "Installed the latest 11/20 build and can confirm the WIFI re-connection issue. Fell back to 11/18, which seems to run perfect. Maybe it's the fact that my phone...
  36. JoshBeach

    Thread [ROM][MOD][APP][THEME] JellyBomb Domination Ver. 21.0.0 - Final Update!

  37. S

    Thread [Q] How to build with wifi hotspot feature on cm10

    Hi, In my personal build to my phone I just found there is no option to start or configure a wifi hotspot. I got data usage appears by change some kernel config, so I wonder where can be changed for wifi hotspot? Thanks in advance. ---- Just made some changes to framework-base, it works!
  38. N

    Thread Can Mini Wifi shared by PC

    Hi, I want to know the possibilities that can we share our mini WiFi by PC, but PC does not having WiFi only wired (Ethernet). We sharing internet (Modem) by tethering so any possibilities we can share our Android WiFi as PC WiFi.
  39. gibbsrob

    Thread [Q] Wifi Tether Apks NOT Working(?)!

    Yes I used the Search feature, still no satisfactory resoultion... I have rooted several phones over the past few weeks (with different bootloaders), Evo 4Gs, one tethers, one doesn't, Droid RAZRs, both tether, Droid 3s, neither tether (I read the TBH thread, so...), E4GT neither tether (mine...
  40. D

    Thread sprint hotspot error

    hey guys ive been trying to get my hotspot to work on this phone its new to me im coming from an evo 4g i had everything working great with the evo but my e4gt just doesnt want to allow me to tether for some reason. im running blazer rom and when i try to activate the hotspot i get an error...
  41. Junkyardjames87

    Thread [Q] Need wifi tether app that a500 will see.

    Ok I've been looking around the market and I just can't seem to find a wireless wifi tethering app that my acer will see that is compatable with a LG Vortex. I have tried the opengarden app that has worked for everything else, barnicle tether and 2 or 3 others that I can't remember. Help is nice.
  42. S

    Thread [ROM] SSROM-Classic [2.0+]

    Okay, here we go. This is my newest Rom, check changelog below. UPDATED 12-30-11 CHECK POST FOR DETAILS http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51192386/bootanimationpatch.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51192386/bootanimationpatch.zip Please push the thanks button if this was helpful
  43. C

    Thread [Q] About Wifi Tether possibilities/enhancements

    I was wondering if it's possible to create an app or integrate into wifi tether, for a user to connect to your wifi tether and once they connect they will be redirected to a link you prefer.
  44. C

    Thread [Q] About Wifi Tether possibilities/enhancements

    I was wondering if it's possible to create an app or integrate into wifi tether, for a user to connect to your wifi tether and once they connect they will be redirected to a link you prefer.
  45. sjamie

    Thread Wifi Tether - Battery Drain

    I love the free WiFi Tether app but it drains my battery even while using the wall charger. Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?
  46. J

    Thread [APP] Rethemed WiFi Tether for Root Users - v3.1-beta6

    Summary: The Wireless Tether for Root Users has a yellow icon and uses yellow wifi symbols throughout the app which looked really ugly to me. I changed all the yellow wifi symbols to blue which looked much better. Current Features: -Blue icons -Blue wifi symbols -Blue notification symbols -Many...
  47. S

    Thread [Q] Wireless tether keeps disconnecting

    I am currently running SHIFTS3NS3 V1.3X and can not keep the wireless tether connected. After about 5 minutes it will reset to 0.00 and disconnect. I have this issue on every rom I have tried so far. The issue is the same for each version of wifi tether that I have tried aswell. Each time I...
  48. A

    Thread [Q] Wifi tether?

    I have searched and read everywhere, cannot find the right way to make my TmoUS HD2 tether thru wifi! I've tried 3 roms, Boyppc-Shiftpda, Cyanogen Mod and Angeldeath's rom, it works on none! tried Barnacle, Wifi Tether, inbuilt, didnt help! I mean is there a specific trick that makes it work...
  49. W

    Thread [Q] WiFi Tether App Not Broadcasting

    Hey guys, So over the weekend I hacked my original Droid and put Cyanogenmod 7 on it (the stable one). Now I'm trying to get the WiFi Tether app working. I downloaded and installed the WiFi Tether beta found off the Google site (I can't post a direct link since I dont have the 8 post...
  50. D

    Thread Fixed Wifi Tether (Fixes now incorporated into new Wifi Tether Beta)

    Ok, I think I have fixed the issue with Wifi Tether where when using 3g it will only allow you to go to google sites. It works for me but am looking for additional folks to test and confirm it is working for them also. I also need people to test that it still functions properly when using 4g. I...