1. C

    Thread Android 13 software stay connected to internet despite wifi and data off

    Hello, I'm a newbie here so I hope I'm not doing mistakes, writting in wring place, etc. And English is not my native language... My phone recently update from android 12 to android 13. I noticed something a bit weird later. Here are the steps: 1- I start a software using internet (firefox...
  2. Xarzu

    Thread Fun with Ethernet and Internet

    I thought I would take a moment and share what I have experienced recently with my home network connection. I got a new Internet service provider since the local one I was using had too many dropped connections and my job depends on being online. But at least the modem was in the office and I...
  3. J

    Thread Whatsapp sometimes not ringing when screen is off

    I have a Samsung A04S with Android 13 en OneUI 5.1 For some reason when receiving a Whatsapp call while the screen is off, the phone doesn't always ring. When turning on the screen afterwards, a missed Whatsapp call then pops up. It always rings when the screen is already on. It only happens...
  4. the_arxyn

    Thread Wifi and hotspot broken after custom rom

    Hello everyone Recently I installed lineage os 19 on my redmi 9a and after it wifi and hotspot doesn't work not show any network and automatically turns off Anyone know how to fix it ?
  5. Y

    Thread Question Random restarts once I turni wifi on

    My phone started to randomly crash after installing the first update of Android 13. First it was once every 2 weeks, then 1 week and then it was daily. I tried to flash Android 12 and Android 11 to no avail. I formatted it, emptied caches and the error persisted. I left it and last week I tried...
  6. djlonewolfhd

    Thread General You Know That 5Ghz Band Wifi6 issue most S22/S23 Ultras has been having? I may have found a good Temporary Solution for this.

    So I've been dealing with this for over a year now, trying everything under the sun to get this to work and I noticed that the majority of the time the issue happens with Asus Routers. And ironically I have one too, an RT-AX86U to be exact. So after a lot of research & trial and error, I found...
  7. S

    Thread Question Screen locked + Wifi on = no notifications

    EDIT: fixed... sort of... im getting "battery and performance keeps stopping" error now tho if anyone knows how to fix it deleting data for battery and performance helps for some time then the error returns
  8. SNUZ_NT

    Thread Question Mobile Hotspot / Wifi tethering broken after A13 Feb 2023 Update

    Hello everyone, since I've updated and rooted my P7Pro (with PixelFlasher tool) to the TQ1A.230205.002 the hotspot I create is not working anymore. If I start the hotspot there is no error but if I try to connect to that hotspot from an other device (doesn't matter what for a device) it can't...
  9. M

    Thread "Keep WiFi on during sleep: Only When Plugged" adb setting keeping wifi on only when not plugged in

    The removed "Keep WiFi on during sleep" setting adb workaround below worked for me properly before doing a reset. I just enabled it on my Android 10 and 11 devices and its working in reverse where wifi stays on during sleep except when charging it turns off?? Any advice appreciated To set it...
  10. Leonniar

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 10T keeps booting into fastboot

    Hello guys, I recently formatted data on my phone to fix a bootloop I had. After fixing everything, SIM card and wifi was not working, I downloaded the Official Stock ROM of my phone and flashed bluetooth, modem, dsp and dtbo. The original plan was to run "flash_all_except_storage.bat" but that...
  11. rrodriguesrm

    Thread Wi-Fi problem with BS5

    Hello guys, I work with Android APP's development, and my last work was with latency reduction. I tried ICMP pings to a lot of destinations, TCP pings and also TCP stablished connection, and the spikes keeps happening. After days trying to find the issue that was causing network spikes, I saw...
  12. rrodriguesrm

    Thread Question [CLOSED] High number of spikes to router

    Hello guys, I work with Android APP's development, and my last work was with latency reduction. I tried ICMP pings to a lot of destinations, TCP pings and also TCP stablished connection, and the spikes keeps happening. After days trying to find the issue that was causing network spikes, I saw...
  13. M

    Thread How to reload WifiConfigStore.xml?

    I am trying to change saved WiFi networks on rooted Android 9 by updating file /data/misc/wifi/WifiConfigStore.xml. Right now, I am getting the following results: Prepare WiFiConfigStore.xml with new WiFi networks on a computer Disable WiFi on Android device Push WiFiConfigStore.xml to Android...
  14. H

    Thread How to use external wifi adapter as primary for increased reception on Android

    I am running Android 12 based custom ROM. I have been trying to find how I can use my external WiFi adapter as primary (temporarily) to increase the WiFi reception. I am aware this requires a modified kernel with the drivers for the WiFi adapter loaded into it, and I do have the kernel with the...
  15. N

    Thread Wi-Fi issues and Bluetooth broken

    okay so Bluetooth not working not turning on and no Bluetooth address at all and Wi-Fi not at all getting full speed. What are ways to get them working again? model lm-v600vm, software version v600vm30d, android 12, kernel 4.19.269
  16. J

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 Tab TB-J606F Wifi issues after GSI

    Hi all I have a bit of a problem after flashing the Google GSI (android 13) on my Lenovo Tab P11. Everything seemed to work well. Rebooted into the OS without any issues, everything seemed to work (Wifi included). I then swapped and deployed LineageOS 20 GSI which again, seemed to go okay but I...
  17. L

    Thread Question OBD over WIFI and the Internet

    I am a recent FYT user on UIS8581A, Android 11 (fake). I have a sim card connected to it that provides internet. When I connect WiFi with OBD, internet connectivity is broken. WiFi without internet has priority in data transmission over SIM card connectivity. Is there any way to configure or an...
  18. A

    Thread On the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) tablet with Mediatek MT6769V/CU Helio G80 (12 nm) processor - (Wi-Fi only model) it is not possible to run a wifi

    Hi ! I just bought a Lenovo M10 3rd gen Tab for my work, on Android 12. The purpose is to create a mobile hotspot, for a sonometer to connect on, in order to be configured. Problem is that there is no hotspot option in the network configuration. I also bought a Samsung Tab 7 for my son, Android...
  19. theskig

    Thread Question Connection unstable with LDAC + WiFi (WH-1000XM4)

    Hi guys, I discovered this today, but it's one of the first time I'm using the phone with my WH-1000XM4 since I have it since three days ago (the phone) so I don't know if it's an update problem or not. When using the normal LDAC high quality codec the connection become unstable, it skips and...
  20. SilentVOEZ

    Thread Custom ROMs outside MIUI prevents me to connect to any WiFi when not using randomized MAC address.

    Pretty straightforward what I said on the title. But for more context, I can only connect to the WiFi when randomized MAC address is active. And because my network setup has MAC whitelisting I have to remove the default MAC address from the list and add the random one but I fear of the MAC...
  21. Renate

    Thread Which WiFi router can do all this?

    I'm trying to find a WiFi router and it's starting to get complicated. I have RJ45 wired devices and WiFi devices. They have to stay connected at all times, some on static IPs, some DHCP, fixed subnet. They have to operate in all these modes: No incoming WLAN. Incoming WLAN over RJ45 of an...
  22. mablue

    Thread [BUG REPORT] FOR ALL Android13 ROMs!

    ALL android13 ROMs can't connect to hidden wifi network!!! I tested with this options on iran with tp-link modem
  23. U

    Thread Mac Adress Spoofing

    Hi, i cannot connect to public wifi with a spoofed mac adress but it work good with the permanent hardware mac adress ; and my laptop can connect with a spoofed mac adress so the problem come from my phone, a motorola moto g4 play. I use ifconfig or macchanger i find this kind of file on the...
  24. S

    Thread Pixel 5 can't find Wi-Fi networks sometimes until reboot

    Hello, I have the strange problem that my Pixel 5 sometimes decides not to find any Wi-Fi networks anymore until I reboot my device. I cannot tell when this occurs, it's quite random. When updating to Android 13 I factory reset my phone and the issue persists. My current build-nr. is...
  25. A

    Thread Disable Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC on Android 13

    Aight here are the files you need to rename or delete in order to disable wifi, bluetooth and NFC: Things you need: - Rooted device - Root Browser (the free version will work just fine) - Make a backup of the "vendor" folder located in root. Wifi: Rename or delete the folder located at...
  26. Hydent

    Thread Question Redmi 9T turning off wi-fi by its own

    Hello, I just rooted my phone and the wi-fi isn't turning on. I click on the button to turn it on but it turns off as soon as I leave the control center. I have tried putting the not-rooted image back into the phone but it isn't working. Should I get my phone to a repair center, should I reset...
  27. J

    Thread Wifi repeating as hotspot?

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if the Mi 10 Ultra is capable to make an existing wifi available to other devices? I mean that I connect the Mi 10 Ultra to an existing wifi and then set up a hotspot, then I see two wifi icons in the bar at the top. Does the smartphone then work like a kind of wifi...
  28. POQDavid

    Thread How to allow connection to and from the local network on Android 11 or higher while (block connections without VPN) is enabled?

    I am trying to allow connection to and from local network 192.168.x.x but everything gets blocked once block connections without VPN is enabled even with the option to allow the local network to bypass VPN which I test and it works fine with block connections without VPN begin disabled So, is...
  29. J

    Thread Android App That Automatically Starts Phone Hotspot When Bluetooth Connects?

    Hi, All. A few years ago I used an Android app that would automatically start my phone hotspot when I got in my car and the Bluetooth connected. I don't remember exactly which app it was but I have tried almost everything on the Play Store without success. Does anyone know of a working app that...
  30. V3rB0se

    Thread [KERNEL] [A51] Nethunter for ONE UI 4.0 SNOWCONE

    ALYNX Nethunter Kernel for Samsung A51 - [Stock][Android 12] [ONEUI 4.0] What is Nethunter ? I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards. Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel. About the kernel : The kernel is based on stock config...
  31. N

    Thread [WPA2 enterpise] Problems connecting WiFi in after upgrade to android 12

    Hi Team, I am experiencing issues in every device upgraded to android 12 with the wpa2 enterprise WiFi. We are using EAP-TLS with the following configuration: Certificate: Client certificate Validate CA - Enabled CA certificate: Company private root certificate domain name: CN in radius...
  32. sppoh

    Thread Question connect to your own hotspot from the same device

    Can I connect to my own hotspot from the same device? (I have root) Sorry my English
  33. GalaxyA325G

    Thread PSA) Using the new Android 12 TILE for 'Developer options' 'Wireless debugging' to establish adb connection over Wi-Fi without USB

    This is a PSA for those who mirror their Android phone onto Windows each day that there is a wonderfully convenient new TILE for Wireless debugging. Android Wireless-debugging tile That new Wireless-Debugging tile replaces this sequence of commands: Settings > Developer options > Wireless...
  34. K

    Thread iOS Hotspot issue

    Hi folks, I'm having one strange issue with I'm struggling a long time without any luck so far.. The problem seems to be in communication between my iPhone 11 and Redmi Note 3 Special Edition (RN3SE). If I create hotspot on iPhone 11 my RN3SE refuses to connect but once I try it on different...
  35. M

    Thread Question Where is my 144Mbit/s on 2.4Ghz wifi ?

    Checked on many routers, does not depend on the speed of the provider - at 2.4 Hz Wi-Fi is only a "half-duplex" connection .... is it the same with you? The real speed of Wi-Fi is 50-60Mbps. It can't connect 40MHz channel width ?
  36. MxtApps

    Thread Question My Xiaomi poco X3 PRO device does not recognize any wifi network after an unsuccessful attempt of rooting it with Magisk and without TWRP.

    Hello, I tried to install Magisk without TWRP on my poco X3 PRO. I was stucked on boot, but I solved it by re-flashing with stock boot.img and wiping the whole data of my phone using the MIUI recovery mode (I did not use a custom recovery) and I rebooted my smartphone. Then, all good...
  37. A

    Thread Kindle Fire HD 7 2nd generation.

    When attempting to register the Kindle after de-registering it I continuously get an Unable to connect to Amazon error or information entered does not match error. Yet My phone receives a one time passcode message. It says its connected to wifi no matter which type I use. The wifi used and...
  38. XiaoLuo0127

    Thread Redmi Note8 Pro Wifi problem

    My N8P was updated to MIUI 12.5 for a long time, but wifi problem is still there. It is when I connect to wifi but my signal is full and internet will usually broke, just like there is no wifi, but when I in MIUI 12, it is working well. This is annoying me. Software update is not helpfull. (My...
  39. D

    Thread Wifi captive portal never working

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, nice to meet you all! I have a big problem: I can't open any captive portal (wifi login page) of any network; it always shows an error of connection closed. Until a few days ago everything was working good. Now I'm forced to use all the time websites like...
  40. mutant_aminoacid

    Thread Wi-fi auto-disconnection in stock ROM

    Hi, I just bought this tablet coming from a Shield with LineageOS. In that tablet, you can switch off wifi automatically when the tablet is sleeping (so no notifications, and power saving mode), but can't seem able to do this in the stock Android 12 ROM, is there any way/app to replicate this...
  41. endeav0ur1337

    Thread WiFi and Bluetooth not working on my Pocophone F1

    The WiFi suddenly turned off while I'm scrolling on TikTok. I kept turning it on in the settings but it just loads and then turn off. Then I try to turn on the bluetooth too but it also doesn't turn on (same with WiFi). Is this a hardware issue? Im using MIUI global 12.0.3 Android 10...
  42. hackk3r9

    Thread Question Wifi speed super slow despite 5GHz connected 866Mbps

    I think the WiFi speed of my Poco X3 pro is much slower than expected. I have a router that supports 5GHz and Poco says it is connected to the 5Ghz access point at speed of 866 Mbps. I am right next to the wireless router, so link strength is excellent. Still the Poco can only benchmark poor...
  43. G

    Thread How to change the wifi-hostname (not device name) for Huawei phones?

    Hi, In creating hostname-based DHCP rules in my OpenWrt router, I'd need to change the hostname of my Huawei phones to a name that respects the linux's specifications (i.e. "a-z, A-Z, -, ."). Unfortunately, all my Huawei devices are broadcasting their wifi hostname as...
  44. X

    Thread Mobile Network/WiFi does not turn on - HTC U11+

    Hi! Since a few months now, the WiFi and Mobile Network does not work on my U11+. If a SIM is inserted, it would not detect it, and when I try to turn on Wi-Fi, it tries to turn on but nothing happens. Attached a video for reference. For a few days out of the blue, the network and WiFi worked...
  45. 21sep

    Thread Question poco f3, wifi only working for 1 min after factory reset and not after.

    works fine during setup then vanishes and the wifi button doesn't do anything afterwards. is it hardware or software related? weird thing i noticed is that any wifi related setting, will make the settings crash and not respond... miui global 12.5.8 stable, Android version: 11 RKQ1.200826.002...
  46. LittleLemonade

    Thread Pantech Vega A880s (LTE-A) Lineage OS 14.1 WiFi MAC 02:00:00:00:00:00 and not working

    Hi all, I recently ROM flashed my very old phone Pantech Vega A880s with Lineage OS 14.1, Android Ver. 7.1.1. (I know this is a less well known and old phone) After that, my WiFi MAC shows 02:00:00:00:00:00 and it cannot be turned on. I have tried to assign country code and reset network...
  47. Paras Lehana

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions | Part I - Connections

    Device Settings Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 1 - Connections If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read Post #2 first. Wi-Fi Click on Gear icon besides any network: View supported Network speed and security Auto reconnect: If on, automatically connects to this...
  48. s7vennn

    Thread Wifi keeps not working

    Hi, guys. Some time ago, I made a post here talking about a wifi problem that happened after I installed a custom ROM on my Surya (for those who don't know, my wifi keeps disconnecting and connecting when I use ROMs that wasn't made based on MIUI). Sometime later, I reinstalled the original ROM...
  49. PhotonIce

    Thread [Help pls] Wifi disconnects then cant reconnect

    Didn't think I'd ever be on XDA asking a question to have to do with windows or PCs, but im all out of options. So my sony vaio laptop is around 8 years old, solid performer with an i7 3rd gen (QM), 12gb ram and a 500 gig ssd running windows 10, but lately ive been experiencing this random...
  50. radid3800

    Thread Wifi keeps disconnecting on custom roms

    Hello I have the Nokia X6 (Chinese variant, ta 1099). It's currently running pixelplusui. The wifi connection keeps dropping. This occurs more often inside YouTube app. I tried lineage os 18. But this problem still exists. I installed enigma there. But then the wifi didn't even turn on. This...