1. Yarrsome

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro T-Mobile (GM1915) on verizon, is VoWIFI possible?

    Hello, I recently purchased a T-Mobile unlocked Oneplus 7 pro (GM1915, 8GB ram/256GB storage) on eBay to use on Verizon, and I can't seem to get wifi calling to work. We went through the setup with Verizon, and let them know it was a CDMA-less device, and everything works perfectly besides wifi...
  2. G

    Thread A weird restriction to access internet from wifi

    Ask Question I had a small quarrel with my stepfather, and then he didn’t let me access the home internet. When I try to connect to our home wifi normally, it says "obtaining ip address" and loops for minutes until it says "failed to obtain ip address." But when I try to connect by setting...
  3. Spaceoid

    Thread Android 10 - wifi sleeping while screen locked

    Hi guys! I did a lot of googling and searching through XDA, but never found a solution for my problem, so I might as well try it here. Recently I updated my Sony Xperia X Compact to AOSP 10. Now when I am connected to wifi (and it does NOT matter whether it is 2.4/5GHz or IPv4/IPv6, I tried...
  4. A

    Thread Redmi Note 8T IMEI,Baseband,wifi damaged

    Guys I need help in restoring the phone,I have no imei,baseband unknown, wifi does not turn on, bootloader locked, no root, I can not enable the diag port, help me to restore the qcn file.I tried to flash system. img from the engineering firmware of the Note 8, got a reboot,the system does not...
  5. ZeChat

    Thread Is it possible to replace the wifi card to have one with 802.11ac wifi?

    Hi Would anyone know if it is possible to replace the wifi card of an Asus Zenphone Pro M1 (X00TDB) to have one with 802.11ac wifi? Indeed, I read that its CPU is compatible with this wifi standard: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-636-mobile-platform If so, does anyone know a good...
  6. H

    Thread Random Reboots and cant access Advenced Wifi and App-Info Settings

    Hi there, since two days iam experiencing super weird errors with my Pocophone F1. First it restarts totally random. Put my finger on the scanner to unlock it... the Lineage Logo appears. I want to use my microphone for voice messages in whatsapp... the Lineage Logo appears. These are random...
  7. P

    Thread Permanent Wifi on Unrooted Device

    I just found an interesting solution to prevent wifi getting disabled on a device without root. I am just beginning to test this now, so this may have battery consequences, but it seems to work as desired on my fossil sport. If there is the key "cw_disable_wifimediator=1" in global settings...
  8. P

    Thread Android 11 no WiFi and Bluetooth

    Hi there! I recently upgraded to the latest firmware. Since then, I cannot turn on WiFi or Bluetooth. Tried software repair through the Sony Companion program for Windows, tried factory reset. Nothing helped. How could I solve this? Thanks!
  9. F

    Thread Anbox - Wifi Disabled

    Hello all I installed Anbox on Ubuntu 20.04 (with snap and sudo) I installed the playstore. Everything is working. I installed games from playstore and internet works. But a game needs the "android" wifi network" the game start, everything works, but a large logo of the "missing wifi signal"...
  10. J

    Thread Airplane Mode... Does It Work?

    Hi all, I have a question that certainly does border on the conspiracy side but it's something I'm very interested in solving and perhaps since this forum has to do with cellular devices someone in here will have an answer. It is highly appreciated that if you answer, you answer with proof of...
  11. Real_Ale.

    Thread Hi, I have a problem in roms aosp

    I was testing aosp roms for my xiaomi poco x3 nfc and I found an error that apparently only I have, when it comes to playing online games with the wifi it goes with micro lag, only with the wifi with mobile data it works well Does anyone have an idea why it will be? (I don't have that problem...
  12. S

    Thread How to use WiFi without Internet access

    Hi, I'm building an app for controlling an interactive digital sculpture installation. The idea is that users connect to the sculpture with WiFi so the app can send sensor data that's used to generate the appearance of the installation. This WiFi network has no Internet access. My problem is...
  13. A

    Thread Huawei Files app using Wifi without any reason

    On my Huawei nova 4 Huawei files app using wifi without any reason. Somedays this app using my wifi more 2gb.i don't know what's going on. Can someone help me to solve this issue. I attached some screenshots.
  14. V

    Thread 5ghz channels not showing after software update

    So I updated the software on my Samsung A51 and after that I can no longer view 5ghz channels in my wifi list. Anyone experienced this before , now my speeds are far reduced I was getting above 100 mbps before on the 5ghz now I can barely reach 40mbps. Any help would be appreciated. Build #...
  15. S

    Thread S10e WiFi connectivity issue

    Hello all! I have a S10e, running stock Android 10. The wifi at my house constantly disconnects and reconnects, rendering my phone as virtually useless, as it switches between my mobile network and wifi. I have tried all of the trouble shooting I've found online, just short of a full...
  16. M

    Thread [APP][5.0+] WiFi File Share - App to share and transfer files to/from Android devices

    Hi everyone, I am new to XDA. I recently launched a new Android app to help quick and easy file transfer to/from Android devices. Get App on play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.medhaapps.wififm.free Please try the app and provide any feedback you may have.
  17. OlivierLevine

    Thread Which Security Policy Overrides The Other?

    In regards to the following 2 Policies: - The app cannot access location information in the background (the 5th Requirement under developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifi-rtt#requirements). - There exists an ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission (the 1st sub-point under...
  18. OlivierLevine

    Thread Which Security Policy Overrides The Other?

    In regards to the following 2 Policies: - The app cannot access location information in the background (the 5th Requirement under developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifi-rtt#requirements). - There exists an ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission (the 1st sub-point under...
  19. Mr.Tom_Tom

    Thread [DEV][WIP] brcmfmac wifi driver & qcwcn libs for MSM8974-based devices like Sony Shinano

    The intention behind this thread is to share some experience of a little project where I try to migrate the Sony Xperia Shinano devices (based on Qualcomm MSM8974 chipset with a Broadcom BCM4339 wifi/bluetooth chip) from the old bcmdhd wifi driver to a close-to-mainline brcmfmac driver. I want...
  20. K

    Thread Wifi Tethering on Android 10 Oneplus Nord

    Hello guys, Everything in the app Tasker. sadly the wifi tethering is not working via tasker, it worked perfectly on OP5 with Android 10 but now I am stucked. Nothing happens when a toggle is requested. System Access has been granted. Do someone know a workaround? Because the toogle "off" for...
  21. B

    Thread Note 20 Ultra Touch&Wifi issues

    Hey guys, Got this phone (exynos variant) on pre-order. Besides the atrocious battery life and the wifi problem, I've been having touchscreen issues only when the phone is charging. The screen is usable so it is not horrible but sometimes my keypresses are not registered. As soon as I unplug...
  22. S

    Thread WiFi can not connect to any AP

    Hey all, I just intalled LOS 18 (Android 11) on my Mi 9T Pro: I wiped, flashed fw, ROM, NikGapps (Omni), Magisk (the one that works) and all is working just magically. However for some reason I can not connect to any WiFi AP. It just fail to connect. Not even try, not take any time, just right...
  23. S

    Thread Can't connect to 2.4Ghz wifi with disabled SSID

    I've never broadcast my SSID and yesterday my OP3 suddenly lost connection to my 2.4Ghz wifi. When I broadcast the ssid, its able to connected but if I turn off the broadcast, it looses connection and is not able to reconnect. This is not the cast with my 5Ghz wifi where its able to connect even...
  24. Fedroid

    Thread WIFIXER - Fix wifi issue on MIUI or Custom Rom

    This is a solution created by Maxait, I only made the flashable zip. Give respect and thanks to him. On the attached thumbnail you have his original tutorial in case you want to fix it manually. Wifixer fixes wifi disconecting problem on MIUI or custom rom. Maybe you have had noticed that...
  25. M

    Thread Does Android 11 OB2 fix WiFi Issues, 2nd SIM, and can you root it and use GPay...?

    Title pretty much covers it.....I have had it with the WiFi issues on the OP8 Pro and was going to go back to the OP7 Pro. ....but people are saying that they are all fixed in Android 11 beta on the OnePlus forums...is this true? And what about Dual SIM which I also need on occasion? If I...
  26. D

    Thread Can I force Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) to see SSID of DFS Channels from my Access Point

    I just picked up a few access points for a hobby project where I will have each individual Fire HD 10 (2019) connect to each Wireless Access Point (AP) (separately - one Fire HD 10 to one AP at only one time). I have 7 Fire HD 10s and 7 APs. I am forcing each AP to a specific channel on the...
  27. rsngfrce

    Thread Randomized MAC address blocks wifi access

    Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 10 stock. I am currently a patient at an acute care facility and I use the public Wi-Fi here. Recently, changes were made to the Wi-Fi here, I understand that a new router was installed. Since then, I have been trying to access the Wi-Fi with the correct password...
  28. koshikas

    Thread Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Known issues

    I am planning to buy a Redmi Note 9 Pro Max soon. have serious second thoughts after issues reported by multiple users with no acknowledgement from Xiomi or fixes in sight even in V11.0.5.0 WIFI disconnect on screen off quick charging (33W) dropping intermittently widevine L1->L3 downgrade...
  29. G

    Thread Connectivity issues

    I recently get a redmi note 5 pro which is one year old. when connected to bluetooth headset it gets disconnected if I move away 5 feet from the mobile. Even the wifi has the same problem. I experimented with other bluetooth headset but same thing happens. Its gets disconnected when I move away...
  30. C

    Thread WiFi Connected but no internet

    Hi all, I've search some pages on this forum but I was not able to find a solution for this problem. The issue is very simple, I use my phone, no issues with WiFi, I leave it for a while and when try to use it again the WiFi is connected but I get no internet. This issue happens sporadically...
  31. S

    Thread How to transfer files to a X96 air from a W10 PC over wifi?

    Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong here, I've been trying to get this working for a couple of days now... I've installed File Manager + on the X96 and given it access to the attached USB drives. One drive is a 256gig stick and the other is a 4tb WD HD. I've installed Cute FTP on the PC. I...
  32. Z

    Thread Help.. WiFi does not work.

    I have LG G4 H812 I unlocked it using UsU. I installed PixelExperience ROM and it worked fine for months, but recently WiFi started misbehaving, I tap on the icon in quick settings to turn it on but it just keeps on blinking, and then does not turn on. I go to WiFi settings to turn it on and it...
  33. N

    Thread Wifi issues after recent update

    Hi. I'm running Q, rooted with the method described here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-3a/how-to/root-3a-t3929053 Brief background is that the phone had been running fine for months, no wifi issues at all, both 2.4 and 5 GHz antennas working, but I stopped getting security updates...
  34. fruity101079

    Thread network + wifi issues and random reboot

    Hello My wife's phone has some serious issues that make the phone unusable. For no reason apparently, suddenly the phone is losing network, wifi and 4g, it's losing it after some minutes of use. And sometimes it randomly reboots.the same, we do nothing and it crashes. Really strange. so I tried...
  35. N

    Thread Galaxy S4 Mini shows only 5GHz wifi network

    I have a problem with my I9195, it only appears Wi-Fi 5Ghz, 2.4GHz never appears, this problem arose after I changed his motherboard, because the old one gave a problem, does anyone know how to solve this? In Stock ROM I had the same problem and now I have a Custom ROM Android 10 and still has...
  36. J

    Thread 2 android phones wont connect to wifi with new ISP, worked fine with old ISP

    Hi, Both myself and my wife's phones worked fine with our previous ISP. We have moved to a place that our old ISP does not provide service to, so had to go with another ISP. All of our devices work fine when connected to WIFI except my wife's android phone (Sony Xperia X Compact, latest stock...
  37. K

    Thread Which Q ROM can change WiFi mac address with app?

    Which Q ROM can change WiFi mac address with app (change my mac)? (This app is work only on all Pie rom.)
  38. U

    Thread Custom rom Wi-Fi "Saved" issue

    Hi guys, why every custom rom(only lineage and revenge os dont have it) has Wi-Fi "Saved" issue, after some time phone disconnects from my home Wi-Fi and says "Saved", then my Wi-Fi disappears from list of networks, vendor bug? Currently i have Pixel Experience installed, so i can normally cast...
  39. D

    Thread No wifi after updating to Android 10/Q (fix)

    I noticed that many people had the same issue I did, where the update to Android 10/Q broke our ability to connect to wifi networks. In the logcat, I noticed this line: WifiConfigManager: Cannot add/update network before store is read! Typically this means that the WifiConfigManager.xml file...
  40. B


    Is Wifi Sharing/Wifi Bridge is working on Redmi Note 9S? WiFi turns off when i turn on WiFi Hotspot even I already enabled "Turn on WiFi Coverage Extension" in Developers Options. I'm using MIUI 11 Xiaomi.EU 11.0.8 Stable.
  41. P

    Thread Wifi and Mobil data not working, just Bluetooth, how to fix?

    Wifi and Mobil data not working, just Bluetooth, how to fix?
  42. P

    Thread T807A - WiFi won't turn on, but Cell, BT and Location still work

    I have an old Tab S from AT&T running 6.0.1. I've owned it since they first came out, and it's always worked fine until just this week. I usually leave it in airplane mode when I'm not using it because its battery has always drained faster than I'd like when its online, but this has never been a...
  43. F

    Thread Cannot connect to my home wifi (only) after accidentally blacklisting it

    So, the weirdest thing happened to me... I installed an app named WiFi Connection Manager from roamingsoft to play around, and I asked this app to blacklist my home wifi. I then asked to un-blacklist it, but that failed, and ever since I cannot connect to my home wifi anymore: when I insert...
  44. L

    Thread WiFi download always running

    I noticed that the downstream arrow of Wi-Fi is always active on my S9+ Is it normal? Never seen something like that on any other phone. Best regards, /_uke
  45. M

    Thread wifi not connect

    hi i have desire 816 a5 dug with android 6 baseband 3.21.401.1 wifi show ssid names and save password but not connect to any wifi or hotspot !! i did factory reset but problem not fixed any fix ?!
  46. joaonds

    Thread Problem with Hotspot wifi x PS4 (Playstation 4)

    When i open Wi-Fi Hotspot on my Mi9 Lite and go to PS4 (Playstation 4) and PS4 search for network, he does not find mi Mi9 (my Hotspot Wifi create). I tested in Galaxy A20s (my wife) and PS4 found the Hotspot of Galaxy A20s... Any solution to repair this problem in Mi9 Lite ? Thanks for...
  47. G

    Thread 5GHz Wifi on XT1955-2

    Has anyone determined whether the XT1955-2 version of this phone has a 5GHz wifi radio? I unfortunately did not see anything listed in the FCC filings. Is it actually different hardware than the XT1955-5?
  48. Martiz

    Thread [Q] Google Play Store and Youtube very slow on WiFi

    Hi everyone, I've got a Samsung M30s a month ago, and I never had issues until now. Google Play Store and Youtube started working very very slowly maybe a week ago, and now they literally do not load anything whenever I am connected to the Wifi. Both the apps work fine on mobile data, and...