1. endeav0ur1337

    Thread WiFi and Bluetooth not working on my Pocophone F1

    The WiFi suddenly turned off while I'm scrolling on TikTok. I kept turning it on in the settings but it just loads and then turn off. Then I try to turn on the bluetooth too but it also doesn't turn on (same with WiFi). Is this a hardware issue? Im using MIUI global 12.0.3 Android 10...
  2. hackk3r9

    Thread Question Wifi speed super slow despite 5GHz connected 866Mbps

    I think the WiFi speed of my Poco X3 pro is much slower than expected. I have a router that supports 5GHz and Poco says it is connected to the 5Ghz access point at speed of 866 Mbps. I am right next to the wireless router, so link strength is excellent. Still the Poco can only benchmark poor...
  3. G

    Thread How to change the wifi-hostname (not device name) for Huawei phones?

    Hi, In creating hostname-based DHCP rules in my OpenWrt router, I'd need to change the hostname of my Huawei phones to a name that respects the linux's specifications (i.e. "a-z, A-Z, -, ."). Unfortunately, all my Huawei devices are broadcasting their wifi hostname as...
  4. X

    Thread Mobile Network/WiFi does not turn on - HTC U11+

    Hi! Since a few months now, the WiFi and Mobile Network does not work on my U11+. If a SIM is inserted, it would not detect it, and when I try to turn on Wi-Fi, it tries to turn on but nothing happens. Attached a video for reference. For a few days out of the blue, the network and WiFi worked...
  5. 21sep

    Thread Question poco f3, wifi only working for 1 min after factory reset and not after.

    works fine during setup then vanishes and the wifi button doesn't do anything afterwards. is it hardware or software related? weird thing i noticed is that any wifi related setting, will make the settings crash and not respond... miui global 12.5.8 stable, Android version: 11 RKQ1.200826.002...
  6. LittleLemonade

    Thread Pantech Vega A880s (LTE-A) Lineage OS 14.1 WiFi MAC 02:00:00:00:00:00 and not working

    Hi all, I recently ROM flashed my very old phone Pantech Vega A880s with Lineage OS 14.1, Android Ver. 7.1.1. (I know this is a less well known and old phone) After that, my WiFi MAC shows 02:00:00:00:00:00 and it cannot be turned on. I have tried to assign country code and reset network...
  7. Paras Lehana

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions | Part I - Connections

    Device Settings Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 1 - Connections If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read Post #2 first. Wi-Fi Click on Gear icon besides any network: View supported Network speed and security Auto reconnect: If on, automatically connects to this...
  8. s7vennn

    Thread Wifi keeps not working

    Hi, guys. Some time ago, I made a post here talking about a wifi problem that happened after I installed a custom ROM on my Surya (for those who don't know, my wifi keeps disconnecting and connecting when I use ROMs that wasn't made based on MIUI). Sometime later, I reinstalled the original ROM...
  9. PhotonIce

    Thread [Help pls] Wifi disconnects then cant reconnect

    Didn't think I'd ever be on XDA asking a question to have to do with windows or PCs, but im all out of options. So my sony vaio laptop is around 8 years old, solid performer with an i7 3rd gen (QM), 12gb ram and a 500 gig ssd running windows 10, but lately ive been experiencing this random...
  10. radid3800

    Thread Wifi keeps disconnecting on custom roms

    Hello I have the Nokia X6 (Chinese variant, ta 1099). It's currently running pixelplusui. The wifi connection keeps dropping. This occurs more often inside YouTube app. I tried lineage os 18. But this problem still exists. I installed enigma there. But then the wifi didn't even turn on. This...
  11. Be6i4

    Thread Question No WiFi after February update!

    I know there's a topic for February update, but I want to address wifi issue in a separate one, so we could easily maybe find a solution. I have tried so far to clear network settings with no success at all. Then rebooted phone, wifi came back, but when phone gets to sleep (screen lock), wifi...
  12. B

    Thread Question Can't connect to university 802.1x WiFi

    I am running official MIUI Global 12.5.4 ROM (the only thing is that I am rooted, and always have been rooted). But I noticed that for a month or so, I can't connect to my university's enterprise WiFi. It used to connect fine before, maybe this is related to the new ROM but I am not 100% sure...
  13. BozKurt_CcC

    Thread PX5 RK3368 Android 10 (Mini Cooper)

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a Mini Cooper S from 2011 and I have an Android 10 PX5 RK3368 radio. I'm new in this world and I have a few questions/problems. Problems: I have a problem with the Wifi. I can't connect it. If I try to connect to the house's internet it connects, but I can't...
  14. D

    Thread Firestick 4k no wifi scan

    Firestick 4k stopped working on wifi for no apparent reason... (apparent to me :) ) After I had to disconnect my access point for some time (Cisco 2702) the firestick never worked. No settings changed at all. I just changed the POE cable to the AP so nothing related to that. I did several...
  15. F

    Thread Strange app listed in WiFi data usage overview

    I'm using a unrooted Galaxy S20 (SM-G981B) and a few days ago I found a folder at my storage named "****". I never created this folder, but the timestamp and it's creation date was similar with the time where I tried some timelapse apps from the play store. After some research I also found out...
  16. andip71

    Thread Q: Android Wifi "Limited connection" - what triggers this?

    Hi all, sometimes when my Android device (OnePlus 5, Android version 10) is connected to my mobile router, it shows "limited connection" in my wifi settings. The connection still appears to work fine, however I wonder what exactly (technically) would trigger this message? Is it, Android tries...
  17. TarikVaineTree

    Thread Question No Wifi after rooting (EUX)

    Update: Fixed (see edit 2)! Original post: I rooted many phones (especially Samsung ones) so I won't consider myself to be something of a "beginner". However, I just got my Z Flip 3 today and (of course) straight went on to root it, using this thread and the guide that was linked there...
  18. LSmith3rd

    Thread Dasaita wifi & bluetooth connection issues

    I have PX6-HA5393-MAX10-CP updated with the VIVID10. Loving everything about that, however I purchased a Cobra SC201 dashcam with 5.0 Bluetooth and dual band 2.4ghz & 5 ghz wifi. My head unit cannot recognize either of the dashcam's Bluetooth or wifi networks to connect. The dash cam is visible...
  19. Running_Child

    Thread How to cross compile WiFi drivers for Android?

    Maybe this question got asked before but I couldn't compile my driver so I will ask. I got a SM-A700H with Android 6.0.1 and root permissions. And I have a cheap network adapter and I wanna use it for creating AP by getting connection from my device 's WiFi adapter(Wlan0). What I have: 1)...
  20. U

    Thread Apps work with mobile data, but not WiFi?

    I have an android phone, where spotify and instagram refuse to work, and behaves as if there is no internet connection when the phone is connected to my home WiFi. If I switch to mobile data, these apps work perfectly. I don't know what's causing the issue since my WiFi connection on the phone...
  21. altaybond4231

    Thread Android Wi-Fi disconnects.

    Greetings, (Android 4.2.2, stock rom) Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (gt-s7580) I get the Wi-Fi sign in notification and after a while the connection is disconnected. A notification comes after disconnection. Notification : "This network has been disconnected.Your sign-in timed out." The phone has...
  22. Tortis0

    Thread Effective wifi connection

    I have a general question on Wifi connection. pls share your thoughts on this. I have a 40 mbps connection in my room. pls says that any of below 2 conditions makes any difference.? 4 mobile phones coneected to 2.4 GHz in a same room (40 mbps fibernet plan). 2 mobiles connected to 2.4 Ghz...
  23. takutekato2

    Thread Cannot enable wifi and battery level is perpetually at -1% after rooting Wiko View Max with Magisk

    I followed https://www.xda-developers.com/root/ to root my phone, using boot.img downloaded via https://www.mediafire.com/file/v0llvwlwv4emnkd/Wiko_View_Max_MT6739_V01.43_270918_8.1.0.zip/file The phone's chip is Mediatek MT6739. Magisk shows itself as installed When I choose Uninstall...
  24. omoiyume

    Thread WIFI Not working, cant downgrade

    Hi, my phone stopped recognizing phone and wifi suddenly, i tried erasing persist like I saw on a tutorial and now sim works, wifi wont enable since it doesnt have MAC, (02:00:00...). I saw here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mac-address-02-00-00-00-00-00.4077189/post-82188841 that...
  25. P

    Thread Question WiFi Connectivity Issues (Both 2.4 & 5)

    Hey everyone, hope you all are well! I am having issues with maintaining a Wi-Fi connection with the device. Randomly, I will see that the phone is connected to the AP but has a message "connected to device but no internet" right below the SSID or that anything that needs to pull data becomes...
  26. simowL

    Thread Droni Proxy app Alternative

    Hello, I would like to find out how to tunnel all my apps via my Proxy on Android, I tried Droni app from google play but it gives me a lot of packet loss. is there any App I can use to run all the apps on my private proxy with Username and Password? android 11 Nubia Red magic 6 Pro...
  27. Z

    Thread Android, BBC Sounds and WiFi

    Guys, Slightly obscure one here. I hope that someone can help! I have a Samsung SM-A405FN and run BBC Sounds. Occasionally the 'phone will start to 'play' BBC radio with no prompting from me - it will spontaneously start for no apparent reason. The most recent time was at 5.0am this morning...
  28. Sajeevkaif

    Thread Connect to WIFI Phone Restart Automatically, HOW TO FIX

    When i connect to wifi my phone(Redmi k20 pro) Restarting!😌😌😌 how to fix
  29. J

    Thread Question Simultaneous Wi-Fi and Cellular data

    I want to use the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data (cellular) interfaces simultaneously on my Android 11 Galaxy Tab S7 5G device because I want to stream video into the Android via Wi-Fi, and out via Cellular. The setting "Mobile data always active" does indeed allow fast interface-changeover. However...
  30. A

    Thread Question Backup and transfer Data and Wifi/BT Settings

    Hello, since Titanium Backup which I used for years seems to not work anymore, I am now looking for any other possibilities to transfer my apps+app data and also some system settings like wifi passwords/APN data, BT connections and such. With TB this was always well working for me. What I have...
  31. D

    Thread Wifi and Cell toggles after upgrade to Android 12 ( no root )

    After upgrading to Android 12, we lost wifi and cell toggles. There is a replacement - internet toggle which brings another popup which can be used to turn on and off Wifi and Cell data. This is one more tap and is not needed imho. I've looked around and found a way to restore wifi toggle and...
  32. Q

    Thread Question Issue with 4G all time activated

    Hello ! Since 2-3 weeks, i have an issue ! at home when I have wifi activated, I always have the 4G logo displayed and sometimes 4G is used instead of wifi! I have however disabled the options in the wifi such as automatic switching when wifi is poor but my 4G logo is still there! so indeed...
  33. valenhua

    Thread [APP 4.0+] TX Toolbox 1.5.2

    TX Toolbox is a simple and very efficient and powerful App for not only normal users but also for developers. It is packed with many useful features like CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, Camera, WiFi,Wake on LAN and so on. It's less than 10MB APK size. Many powerful features will be...
  34. P

    Thread S20FE 5GHz WiFi speed issues

    Hi, I'm trying to resolve my WiFi problems on Samsung S20 FE 5G. When I download large files (games, updates, big apps) WiFi speed drops from 300 Mbps (that's my provider speed) to < 10 Mbps or even completely stops. It happens after a few minutes of download (sometimes less) - the estimated...
  35. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] (Some) Google Play Apps will not download over WiFi but fine on Mobile data

    Details: Motorola One Vision (unrooted) Android 10 Android Security patch level: 1 July 2021 Google Play system Update: 2021-06-01 Play Store Version: 26.3.16-21 [0] [PR] 385196941 Device is Verified Firstly, before anyone say 'Search' I already have - & none of the posts I've found have the...
  36. K

    Thread Windows 10 cheapest device

    Hii I am from India My requirement is i want cheapest carry device working with amd windows 10 in budget of 60 usd/ INR 4500 (± 40% adjustable) It could part just with pc with no attachments. Obviously without Monitor and keyboard, without key Just to connect as RDP to android mobile/tablet...
  37. ftrueck

    Thread Question WiFi Problems

    Hi community, I'm writing because I have a strange WiFi problem with my S21 Ultra which I had with no other equipment before. Setup: - Galaxy S21 Ultra - FritzBox 7590 - Fritz WLan Repeater 1750E (2x for better range coverage) - WiFi 5G Auto channel WPA2/3 - WiFi coverage is good (tested with a...
  38. M

    Thread Slow WiFi on MIUI vs AOSP based ROMs

    Hi, I have Redmi K20 (Davinciin/India) version and I'm on latest stock ROM (12.0.8). I have a 100 mbps fiber connection where I always get promised speed with my 2.4 ghz router. When I do speed test on my Redmi K20+MIUI12, I get around 40-45 mbps speed. Recently I had installed...
  39. TheAverageUser

    Thread [Solved] WiFi not working after updating to LOS 18.1 and rooting it

    Preamble / Rambling Hello dear xda-community, I am a little desperate right now. After hours of searching for solutions I am sadly out of luck and afraid I might destroy the system if I try to solve this issue any further by my own. :/ By no means I am an expert in flashing / rooting mobile...
  40. J

    Thread April update issues

    I have a peculiar issue. Some people seem to have something similar. After April update I can no longer send or receive mms. Can't send or receive pictures. I also can't use Google maps or Waze unless wifi is on and am using a separate hot spot. I have factory reset and restored twice. I got...
  41. C

    Thread Cannot access local lan web site (sometimes)

    I have various machines on my lan in 192.168.1.*, I have a local DNS server to give those machines names. This normally works great, but my new Samsung Galaxy S21 sometimes says "cannot access" when I point it at a web address of a server running on my lan. I'll use a network utility app to do a...
  42. W

    Thread How to update iOS 14.6 with out WiFi ?

    How to update update iOS 14.6 with out WiFi? Former easy ways not working.
  43. SoldlerFace

    Thread My Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is having a strange WIFI problem

    The problem seems silly but it is very strange after changing the rom of my phone he presents a strange problem with the wifi I have 50 Mega internet and wifi picks up the maximum here in my room but after changing the rom of the phone he wifi it simply reduced it 3 bars for no reason and that...
  44. C

    Thread [ANDROID 9] Wifi Aggressivness on a rooted device

    Hi, how can i specify the wifi aggressivness (or other similar parameters) to an Android 9 device (i'm using Blissos on an x86 device right now). I believe the target directory will be /data/misc/wifi/ but i can't find any relevant keys about the wifi roaming scenario. Thanks
  45. X

    Thread Hostapd.conf file android, getting overwritten again

    I have reduced tx_power to 1 and saved it. However any changes I do get overwritten when I turn on the hotspot? Can somebody put some light on it, from where are these settings getting overwritten so that I can save it there? And how can I change tx_power through adb.
  46. lahirurlt

    Thread Launch a wireless hotspot with a pre-defined passkey and password on boot up

    How do I configure a rooted Android device to launch a wireless hotspot with a pre-defined passkey and password on boot up? If multiple options are available, which option will be most robust to future Android upgrades?
  47. blindcat97

    Thread Is there a way to make quick gestures do more?

    I'm referring to the quick gestures that you can do with your screen off: double tap to wake, music controls, draw V, O, S, etc. I still use V to toggle the flashlight (some habits die hard), but i was thinking that something super useful would be the ability to toggle wifi. I understand that...
  48. U

    Thread Wifi & Hotspot at the same time?

    Hello, I want to ask how can change system settings to turn on wifi and hotspot at the same time? My device is Rooted and i can access system files. If you know how to do it please let me know
  49. S

    Thread Issue when mobile data enabled and Wi-Fi is connected to local IP

    One of our android app is not working properly on the Mi-A3 device. We are trying to add an IoT product (Wi-Fi fan) by connecting with local IP when there is mobile data is enabled. At this point, the mobile data is disconnecting and connecting continuously. Due to this issue, we are unable to...
  50. AUser0

    Thread No audio and can't turn on wifi on xiaomi redmi note 9 pro

    Help! I just flashed my phone with a magisk patched image (this is my first time rooting) and now my speakers and wifi don't work.