1. matt_jackson

    Thread Win a LG G Watch R 4 ur own WatchFace Design

    Hello graphic and design talents! LG and the go2android developer team starts today a international LG G Watch R WatchFace design contest! Create your own watch face for a round SmartWatch (photoshop, gimp, paint, corel...) Send your design (*.jpg/*.png) to: [email protected]
  2. id74em8

    Thread [MULTIUSER][PROFILE] Multi users, or profiles, in Galaxy Grand Quattro

    ^^ Um, yes, I took it from Him. And it works on TouchWiz, Just so you know. Okay guys, we can work with multiple users on this device. Before we begin, here's what you need: 1- Root access granted 2- Terminal Emulator [from Google play] OR adb enabled 3- Busybox installed [increases the range...
  3. B

    Thread [Contest] Upload creative homescreens & win various prizes!!

    Hey guys, This is Buzz launcher Team! We are holding our annual Homepack design contest! We encourage everyone to participate! We have $5000 in prizes! Check it out! →
  4. youdug

    Thread [ROM][MILESTONE1] d3rpG2 & BarebackG2 [ZVA][3/27/14]

    Welcome to the team d3rp ROM for the LG G2. Please read the whole first page of this thread! team d3rp: myself, il duce, pstevep, thoughtlesskyle, vanessaem, Ajthescot, hockeyfamily737, diestarbucks, Gumby63, mrrogers1, solver404, and harfainx. MILESTONE 1 REVIEW: watch?v=umAp_B8evkM...
  5. Itchiee

    Thread The last stand you'll ever need.....

    I had bought this stand way back in the Viewsonic G tablet days and I've used it with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer A700, Nexus 7, previous Note 10.1, the new Nexus 7 and now the new Note 10.1. It useful for those that like to cook and use their tablet as a cookbook or entertainment in the...
  6. nidhish91

    Thread Indian members read

    Hello guys, lately I've come to know that if we get some sort of bin file from service centers we can unlock our defy. I have a request for all Indian members to try to get this file if possible. I my self will be trying too. If anyone is able to find it then I might reward that person too. I...
  7. se1988

    Thread Win a free webspace with your own domain

    I just got a voucher from for a 1-year free webspace/domain that I want to give away, so I decided to give it away in a contest on my Facebook page to achieve some 'likes'. All you have to do to win is this: Mod edit: Links removed Contest ends Sunday, August 25, 2012. The winner will...
  8. M

    Thread [WINDOWS APP] MD5 CheckSum

    Hey, I have made this very little portable app (21KB exe!) for checking md5 sums of your downloaded files (roms, etc). It's handy for both users and devs. It's stand-alone (portable) and doesn't require installation. Things to do: -associate Win Explorer right click menu for all files to have...
  9. Newt

    Thread [Rom][11.18.2012] Newts OnE XxX RLS 6.0.2 *Global* [Sense 4.1]

    This new rom is based off of The HTC One X Sense 4.1 and ICS 4.0.4.... I took my time with this rom and tried to make it as bugless as possible... now that it is very very stable i will be concentrating on mods and speed.. hope you enjoy it as much as i do **Features** Rooted Odex...
  10. Q

    Thread Win Points and Prizes scanning QR Codes with QR Pal App

    QR Pal has a new and exciting feature, giving you the chance to win monthly cash prizes for simply scanning and sharing QR codes with QR Pal! Introducing “Points and Prizes”, challenging our users to collect points through scanning and sharing QR Codes with friends via Facebook/LinkedIn and...
  11. C

    Thread [Q] Windows Server 2003 vs 2008

    Hey Guys. I own a Home Server with rather outdated Hardware which would still meet the 2008 requirements but it's still running 2003: 1,4 Ghz Single Core CPU 1280 MB RAM Will there be a performance boost from upgrading to 2008 due to the improved Kernel? or rather a decrease because it uses more...
  12. D

    Thread [ROM][deodexed][leak][beta]I997UCKI3

    this is the UCKI3 leak deodexed and packaged with entropy's daily driver kernel. it is CWM flashable for all to try but it is my first deodex and this is a test build from samsung so expect issues. the kernel from the odin package gives me unreliable cell connections. i will post it later...
  13. zdzihu

    Thread [ROM] CM7-ZMOD| 003 | Cyanogenmod 7 | 2.3.3 | zKernel is back! | 19/08/2011

    . CM7-ZMOD CYANOGENMOD 7 Disclaimer: Please note that this ROM is still in development and shouldn't be considered stable. The developer is not responsible if you brick/damage your device. Proceed at your own risk. Info: CM7-ZMOD is an unofficial port of Cyanogenmod 7.1...
  14. G

    Thread I9000 Gingerbread Source Released

    Don't know if this doesn't belong in the dev section, I didn't see a thread about it yet. I9000 Gingerbread source is out. Get on those ROM's and reoriented kernels devs! :D
  15. X

    Thread Kernels.
  16. L

    Thread Dual boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on Shift?

    will someone start working on this please? thank you, -- loser
  17. JimJam707

    Thread Team Llama Minecraft Fun :D

    Pictures in the attachment :) Me, Dan, Max and !PANDA made this awesome Minecraft House :)
  18. DanWilson

    Thread Epic Skype WIN!

    WARNING - foul language awaits. Also a long log. 21,812 words long. BUT IT IS WORTH IT! Also - @BabyDoll25 - don't read this. You may become :( Also - there is a lot of POO. Like loads of it. If you are tl;dr, scroll near the bottom and read the reveal...
  19. R

    Thread [hack] Win95 on X10

    hi evry body , Important Notices : -This work is not mine, but by a Russian programmer do it on Desire , i try it on X10 only ! -Process does not need Root and Busybox how to run : but the SLD on the SD root and Instal SDLapp , now run libSLD and u will got win 95 on X10 in only 15 secound...
  20. E

    Thread Help me win against the Iphone 4!

    Alright, so i was chosen to represent our beloved Samsung Captivate at my university tomorrow. We will be on OWL TV (Florida Atlantic University's TV station) in a head to head match between the Samsung Captivate and the Iphone 4 as the best phone. There will be an At&t Rep in the background so...
  21. N

    Thread Windows Mobile Applications Development

    We are into offshore outsourcing services of windows mobile application development.