1. V

    Thread Bliss OS Taskbar bug

    I'm on build, on a One Mix 1S, and I have a problem with Taskbar. When I open an app window and then I try to switch to fullscreen, this happens. I tap the fullscreen button and the app is surrounded...
  2. X

    Thread [INFO REQUEST] Mobile Data dialogue pop-up

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a long time, but my friend is in trouble! I'm usually the tech expert, as I've rooted many phones in the past, so he came to me for a solution on an annoying pop-up. However, I couldn't find one anywhere! So now I'm posting a bounty here for any and all...
  3. C

    Thread Best practical case

    Will be good to have few function, for example: + wallet (for driver license, money, pay card) + holder (to watch movie in landscape mode) + window - or something else to see when someone calling me Have I forget something to have practical case and is available ?
  4. TheColin21

    Thread [HELP] MultiWindow focus loss

    Hi, i often use Poweramp besides Google Maps in MultiWidow. On my old S5 running RR 5.8.3 as well as on my new 1+5 the following occurs: When using one of the two apps, the other one isn't focused anymore and "stops". It continues working in the background but doesn't "move" anymore. For example...
  5. R

    Thread [Q] Is it possible on Android 6.x to have custom lockscreen and how to contribute ?

    Hi, Since I moved to a custom Rom for Oppo Find7a (last installed and kept: crDroid from jejecule), I do not have my cover window lock screen feature anymore. I have red that Android now in Android M has removed all lockscreen widget so I don t know if it is now possible to set specific process...
  6. trurl3

    Thread [Q] How to change background in Smart Cover window

    I want to ask if somebody know, how to change background image in Smart Cover window. I know how to change it during receiving phone calls without opening cover, but want to have another image all the time.
  7. isko95

    Thread [Q] Cover like xperia z3??

    im wondering if there will be a smart cover window like xperia z3?? i want it too for my xperia Z please somenone reply. the cover is like this: :D
  8. Julien.H

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Music Control (Float)

    Hi guys, yesterday i released our new app Music Control for Android 4.4+. It can control your currently running music from everywhere and out of any app. Gives you a floating window which can be minimized with a double tap outside. Close it with a trash view on bottom of your device like...
  9. Bassel Bakr

    Thread [APP] [ROOT] [4.3+] UI Tuner (Version 2.7)

    Description: UI Tuner is a small app that can alter your phone's default window settings like density, screen size and overscan area without rebooting. For overscanning, this picture from may help you understand what it is if you're not familier with it: It's...
  10. Ashrockr

    Thread [MOD][21/12/2014]QuickWindow Apps for G3 Ported Roms

    G3 Roms Only Here are some of the QuickCircle Apps which are converted to QuickWindow. Apps included 1.Clock 2.Music 3.Call Logs 4.Phone 5.LG Health 6.LG Message Installation: 1.Go to recovery mode. 2.Flash following files for your rom. For Cloudy G3 2.1 / 2.2 Users 1. Flash...
  11. U

    Thread [Q] Windows 7 "Change time and date settings..." option not available

    i have a problem with my time and date on windows, when i click the time in the taskbar there is no option for to change time and date =, the picture below shows what im talking about, i have also tried going through control panel but when i click time and date option it does not open, anyone...
  12. Heitezy

    Thread [GUIDE][JB] Remove pop-up window on language change in Xperia keyboard

    It's nothing to talk about. 1. Decompile textinput-tng.apk 2. Go to \smali\com\sonyericsson\textinput\uxp\view\settings\ 3. Open LanguageToggleVisualisation$Factory.smali 4. Search these lines .line 43 const-string v0, "language-toggle-visualisation" const-string v1, "true" invoke-virtual...
  13. O

    Thread [App][2.3+]Multitasking - Play Store

    The android app "Multitasking" was published on the play store. Multitasking; Are you tired of the classic work interface which blocks you in a single application? Multitasking is the perfect app for you! You can use this app to open multiple tools simultaneously. Multitasking is composed by...
  14. O

    Thread [App][2.3+]Multitasking - Coming soon

    Are you tired of the classic work interface which blocks you in a single application? Multitasking is the perfect app for you! You can use this app to open multiple tools simultaneously. Multitasking is composed by the settings menu, the sidebar and the floating tools. The windows can be...
  15. T

    Thread Help: I need a case with a front window, a kickstand, and replaces the back plate.

    I'm looking for a Note 3 case that: Has a kickstand Ridiculously thin, even better if it replaces the back Has a window on the front Please let me know... I've been looking in all threads but there's always one thing missing.
  16. B

    Thread [APP] Multi Window Manager 1.3.9

    THIS APP REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS Samsung has added a new multi window feature to a few of their Jelly Bean devices. However...there is only a limited set of apps compatible with this new feature. Using this Multi Window Manager, you can enable ANY app to take advantage of this awesome new...
  17. M

    Thread Multi Window Issue

    I came over from AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 to the S4. I backed everything up with Titanium Backup on S3 and restored it on S4. Did I maybe break the Multi Window Function that way? Push and holding the back button does not do anything. How would I quickly restore the Multi Window Function without a...
  18. brianhot1

    Thread [Q] MB1 Stock Rooted Multi-View

    does anyone have a mb1 stock rooted multi-window flashable rom,I saw a thread for deodex I wanted it for odex file system,any help would be greatly appreciated
  19. S

    Thread [Q] I'm having trouble deciding on a phone!

    Here are my Issues! I have run out of my Sprint contrap and I use a hot spot for the Relay for Life Port Hueneme, Ca. I have one eye, so I need something that's Like the Samsung Galaxy S3, but costs less Required specs: SIZE 6 in tall x 3 in wide ROM 32GB internal RAM 32 - 64GB External...
  20. W

    Thread [Q] odin with resizable window size?

    Hi everyone I have a Problem. I want to flash mi sgs3 with odin. But the only windows running device I've got is a HP mini Notebook. My problem no is, that the Odin window is larger than my screen and there seems to be no way to scroll the window or resize it. Has anyone a Solution? Is there...
  21. A

    Thread [Q] How to recover from firmware update loop?

    Hi, I have a Window N11 tablet which is one of those cheapo ones but want to try and get it working for the kids to play with. When I power on, it displays the 'N11' logo and then recovery system v1.3.35. The next message is "E:check failed, Recover failed, please reboot and recover again!"...
  22. I

    Thread [Release] JB for Window N90 II dual core

    Hi to all, here below attacched links to download JB 4.1.1 for this chinese tablet. Indipendent: Supplier's firmware page:
  23. T

    Thread Help - Android web browsers & cropping your profile photo in Facebook. Questions

    Has anyone found a web browser where the resize/crop profile photo window in Desktop (full) version of facebook actually works? Seriously, I can not change my friggin fb profile pic because when it asks to drag the edges of the box to crop the photo, it wont do anything. When I touch it and try...
  24. R

    Thread [Q] Turn off CRT Animation on Eclipse 1.2

    Is there any way to turn off the CRT animation on the Eclipse 1.2 ROM? In previous ROMs I was able to do this by simply turning off window animations. It seems like that is no longer the case. I have gone through and set all these settings as follows: Settings>Display>Animation=No Animations...
  25. R

    Thread windowIsFloating=true & window size

    I'm developing an activity with a floating main window (e.g. windowIsFloating=true in the activity style). Unfortunately, within a floating window my layout (using fill_parent) is not expanded to the full screen size; fill_parent behaves like wrap_content instead. I suppose floating windows are...
  26. eizsoft

    Thread [APP] Stormy7 Free Cool steam app (V2.4 out soon, 10,600 downloads ;) thanks all

    DSQqy2iFQjw ;) I hope you like it, and please don't forget to support us and rate the app. Free with ads for limited time only!! Get it now while it's free and enjoy. The most natural storm experience on your phone, stormy 7 is the first app to allow you to wipe the steam on your window...
  27. D

    Thread Window Animations

    I was looking for a way to change my window animation effect, like in SuperAOSP ROM and I found UOT but, unfortunately that just would not stick. Finally I found this Metamorph thread and applied it. It works great. All credit to the poster(giveme13s) in the original thread here: [Metamorph]...
  28. A

    Thread All stars VS. MS Windows

    I'm starting to collect all fact's about MS and other software developers. It's something in the air lately. 1. MS want to release PDA with their brand 2. MS don't wont to update to WM7 other devices. 3. When I look at newest wm7 I see that its first try to tie client with one brand ...
  29. J

    Thread Annoying "connecting to MediaNet" window

    I have several applications that access the internet every so often, and everytime one of them does it, a window pops up "informing me" that the phone is "connecting to MediaNet". It is a very annoying window because it pops up on top of anything that I am doing (for example dialing). Is there a...