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windows 7

  1. Minionguyjpro

    Thread How To Guide Create a Windows shortcut to Firmware (Settings) (UEFI/BIOS) With WinUEFI

    Create a Windows shortcut to Firmware (Settings) (UEFI/BIOS) With WinUEFI Ever wanted to easily get to your firmware inside Windows, just from your desktop and not with boot screen, settings or restart while holding shift? WinUEFI is the answer! Requirements PC with Windows installed and...
  2. sofiaflorina

    Thread Windows XP vs Windows 7

    Of these two versions of Windows, in your opinion, which one is the best?
  3. D

    Thread [APP] [2.0.1+] Windows Launcher 7 [STOCK]

  4. C

    Thread Running Windows and Mac OS X on Galaxy Note 8

    So I’m sure this has been said somewhere before. I’ve installed Windows 7 and OS X 10.2 using Limbo. I’m trying Windows 10 later and maybe macOS Sierra. Oh and also Windows 10 Arm to see if it runs any better. Is there an interest for a tutorial or the disk image files? I would love to see this...
  5. R

    Thread Nougat MTP error Code 10

    Hi, since i am with RR Nougat, my Windows seven do not recognize my phone anymore. Tried to uninstall, reinstall but still same error with can not install MTP drivers. Does somebody got same issue and managed to resolve it ? Thanks in advance
  6. A

    Thread Out Of The Blue ZE551ML Internal Storage No Longer Accessible In Windows 7

    I only connect my ZE551ML to my Windows 7 x64 when I've got to do firmware updates or transfer music, and I haven't done either in a while. On my "MTP USB Device" driver I'm now getting: This device cannot start. (Code 10) The ASUS Android Composite ADB and PC Link Interface drivers are...
  7. C

    Thread Android Studio - Stuck on “Build Gradle” when creating a new project

    favorite I have tried different solutions but none of them seem to work for me. I have installed the latest AS on my Windows 7. Everything downloaded fine(I'm not behind any proxy) However, when I try to create a new Project, after I set the name,Activity name(which I live as default) and finish...
  8. M

    Thread Cannot open photos properly in windows explorer

    Hey guys, I have an issue with my N6, with opening and viewing my photos. I can view my files and folders in MTP mode on my computer running Windows 7 just fine from a general standpoint. I can click through folders, files and navigate just fine. When it comes to photos I can see all...
  9. D

    Thread [APP][Android Emulator][Windows 10/8.x/7] MEmu

    This simply is a back-link to MEmu Android emulator original thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/memu-powerful-android-emulator-to-play-t3157906 Because here in Windows 10 section of XDA-forums MEmu Android emulator isn't mentioned yet, I created this thread. IMO it's...
  10. A

    Thread CM12S and adb device on Windows 7

    My setup used to work Windows 7 CM11S MTP work just fine. Can browse OPO /sdcard from windows 7 adb device work just fine. I can run all adb commands without problem: devices, shell, push, pull, etc Now that I have upgraded to CM12S MTP still work. I can browse OPO /sdcard from windows 7...
  11. M

    Thread [Q] USB drivers can't find internal/SD Card

    I used my PC to help restore my daughters Asus ZenPhone 5. This phone uses an Intel chip so I had to install the Intel USB/ADB drivers in order to access the phone to do data backup before I reset it. Now, I plug my Samsung Note 3 back into my PC and it isn't being recognized. So far, I've...
  12. jackdh

    Thread "Device driver software was not successfully installed" While trying to fastboot.

    "Device driver software was not successfully installed" While trying to fastboot. I'm attempting to flash the Color OS recovery. Normally when the device is on I can plug it in and access the files within the phone on the internal memory / SD card. The problem arises when I put the phone...
  13. TripleEYE

    Thread [Q] Complicated question on NFC Connectivity between Android & WinPC

    Hey everyone, I have some basic understanding into NFC but haven't got to trying it the way I really want to yet. I'm soon going to have an oportunity to get some NFC Tags (& maybe some more equipment if needed) and I was wondering if & how it's possible to make my dream about NFC come true...
  14. POIZ87

    Thread [Q] How Install HTC One X - complicated Situation

    Hi, I have a new Problem. My english is not the best so id dont give why I have this situation. I give you the situation itself. - My HTC One X is totally formated. Just firmware and a recovery. - My Computer is a fresh windows 7 installation I cant get any ROM to my device because the...
  15. L

    Thread [Q] Tether / driver issue

    I turned on the wired tether today on my rez running CM 11 unofficial vigor from Neo. I have never used the wired tether before, I thought I was turning on the wifi hotspot. Anywho, it works. The tether works. This is significant because since I reinstalled windows, I have not been able to...
  16. V

    Thread [Q] Windows 7 doesn't recognize phone

    I have a stock AT&T HTC One X, trying to root my phone. I've downloaded everything I need, but I can't connect my phone via USB. I've downloaded various drivers from here and HTC Sync Manager, but that doesn't help. All I'm getting is this whenever I connect via USB Also, every time I...
  17. SharpnShiny

    Thread Windows 8+7 Dual Boot Incompatibility?

    Hi guys, I've been doing the above ^^ for some time now. I've been using W8.1 as the main OS for my notebook. Yesterday I rebooted into Win7 to poke around. Every time that it said 'Starting Windows' it bluescreen (very rapidly) and restarted. I tried the disc auto-repair, and this cut the...
  18. L

    Thread [Q] Windows 7 Boot Issue: Starting Windows-->Black screen with active mouse cursor

    I cannot boot into my previous Windows 7, which is on the D:\. [Attached] is my disk structure/partition, total size: 2TB. The boot partition seems corrupted. It was "automatically" assigned a drive letter, accessible locally and had a folder named "clean". I deleted this folder, renamed the...
  19. TheByteSmasher

    Thread [FIX] [Nexus 7] Windows 7 MTP Fix and More

    After Playing around for hours, I've discovered the following method to FIX Windoze 7 Nexus 7 (N7) MTP mounting. Using PTP (mount as camera) is mostly useless since it limits the type of files you can exchange. To set up your Nexus 7 (2012 at least) Follow the Following Steps: Put N7 in...
  20. StrumerJohn

    Thread [Theme] Forza Motorsport 5 - Windows 7/8

    Hello everyone! Since I've been asked, I will be packing my Forza Motorsport 5 Windows Theme for download. Forza Motorsport is not my property, this theme is free and was only put together by me. I own nothing in the package and I am not associated with any of the developers or company that...
  21. rougegoat

    Thread [Q] [TWRP]Bootloops, can't mount to Windows to put new ROM or saved backup onto phone

    My current situation is as follows: ROM on it is bad and bootloops Storage was wiped for a pure clean install TWRP 2.5.0 doesn't seem to have any method to mount while in Recovery As a result, I cannot boot it up to add the good files and I cannot mount it in Recovery to add the good files I...
  22. xsardax

    Thread [Q] HTC Sync manager issue on Win7 x64

    Hi all. I have problem connecting my HTC One to HTC Sync manager. I've downloaded latest version, HTC One is installed and recognized in system immediatelly and I can move files to it, but in Sync Manager, I don't see it. My HOX worked like charm... Any additional drivers that I need to...
  23. SharpnShiny

    Thread Methods for replicating Aero

    I did not find this in the FAQs or when searching, I'm hoping to discuss methods here so not simply a one-off question. I'm surprised to see that this hasn't come up in the FAQs! There are plenty of methods out there if you Google them, though there are issues with quite a few of them. Does...
  24. SharpnShiny

    Thread Windows 7 Theme Sound Schemes in Windows 8 - SOLVED

    Hi I searched for this and I did not find this. Perhaps some ideas could be discussed, it's not just a question. :) I noticed that the theme sounds have been removed in Windows 8 (though the folders are still there in the Windows folder, just empty). Yet, the seashore/sailing themes from...
  25. moparfreak426

    Thread [Q] How do I go back to windows7?

    I upgraded my asus laptop to windows 8, and the d drive that had a stock backup of windows 7 got wiped somewhow..... so I really want to go back to windows7. I dont have a disc but i do have the windows 7 product key on my laptop... I cant dual boot, i cant connect phones to qpst... my work for...
  26. I

    Thread [Q] ADB Stopped Working in Windows 7

    Hey all, Was going to post this in the Android section but I figured this is more of a Windows issue, so if I misplaced this I'm sorry. A couple of days ago my ADB stopped working. I have tried connecting with both my GNex and my TF700, over wired ADB and ADBWireless. With wired it sees not...
  27. prokennexusa

    Thread [Bug Report] Attention Windows 7 and Vista Users - Noob (Simple) Version

    To All Windows 7 and Vista Users: We have found a serious bug in Windows 7 and Vista that can effect system function and performance. The Bug appeared when running Root MANY ANDROID! and Qemu but can cause a number of programs to fail. Please perform these steps to fix the problem. If you are...
  28. nasedo73

    Thread WiFi Direct Android device (Note 10.1) + Windows 7 computer.

    I was searching for a quite long time, but I haven't found any satisfying answer. I want to send files between any device with WiFi Direct and computer. What I'm expecting? For example - if I have two Note 10.1 - I can send / receive files without any wireless network - just between those...
  29. T

    Thread [Q] having problems with adb connection to my Note II (GT-N7100)

    I am unable to use adb from either Windows7 or Ubuntu to my Samsung galaxy note II phone. Any ideas why? Also on Ubuntu when I connect my phone via the USB cable to the PC, my Ubuntu has problem openning the disks on the phone or openning the camera. I can now connect via Windows 7 after having...
  30. W

    Thread Any advice on using the S Pen for Windows?

    I'd like to use the S Pen on my GN2 as stylus input for windows. So I'd draw on my GN2's screen and it would register on my laptop's screen. Does anybody know of any apps or conglomerations of programs and apps that will let me do this? Specifically I want to be able to draw things in OneNote...
  31. 0

    Thread [Q] File transfer problems?

    I got the galaxy s3 a couple weeks ago, and when I got it I just put my old sd card in it and it worked fine. I could transfer files to and from it fine, when I hooked the phone up to a computer I could easily copy and paste files to the sd card that was mounted to phone. The sd card I used was...
  32. SharpnShiny

    Thread Windows 8 Offers Poor Battery Performance?

    I know, this sounds contradictory to what Microsoft said. Well, I've been testing the beta versions of 8 on my laptop and was preparing to update to 8 Pro. I installed all the apps and drivers that Acer recommended on 8. There is a problem - my battery now lasts about 4 hours. If I dual-boot...
  33. gomisensei

    Thread [Q] mtp problems + time issue

    OK, i've had my sgh-i747m since the first day of release, and this problem has never gone away. I have installed mtp drivers of every kind on 3 different windows7 installations, and my gs3 has NEVER been able to be connected, I always get a code 10 (unable to start device) even tho the drivers...
  34. W

    Thread [Q] Mouting in TWRP Recovery/Computer won't recognize the phone

    Hey guys, I'm having some issues with mounting while I'm in the recovery. In fact, the computer (win7) won't even recognize that the phone is connected via USB. The device manager just shows "SAMSUNG_Android_SPH-L710" with a yellow exclamation mark. Whenever I connect the phone in recovery...
  35. Ava.tar

    Thread windows 7 theme request

    Does anyone have the Windows 7 theme for froyo? None of the links work anymore. please tell me someone has it saved?
  36. adil1508

    Thread [Q] Noob guide

    Hey guys, Whats the best guide to install Windows 7 on our beloved HD2. Currently I am on NAND android and some guides are not so good as others. SO i ask the HD2 windows 7 community. Whats the best guide? And what is the latest version of Windows 7. What are the versions? And does windows...
  37. Robertjm

    Thread [Q] Setting up Tbolt to send faxes from W7 laptop?

    Hi all, I'd like to use my HTC Thunderbolt as a wireless fax/modem for my Fujitsu laptop, which is running Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit). I can connect via Blue Tooth and as a wireless hot spot. However, when I run the laptop's fax program, it does not see the phone in the list of connected...
  38. b3ltazar

    Thread windows embedded compact 7 booting on t250

    I was reading this article saying windows embedded compact 7 is arm based and booting quick on the tegra 2 chip set. http://www.windowsfordevices.com/c/a/News/Toradex-Colibti-T20-boot-demo/ check it out. If this turns out true let's get something started. I don't know much about building...
  39. jayrome876

    Thread [ROM][GPL][CM7.2]ROOTZ_2.0_Win7_CM7 (23/07/2012)

    This is my first attempt at a custom rom. This ROM is called ROOTZ and it is based on kittenlinux's deodexed CM7.2.0 RC1 ROM. I have tested it extensively and I must say it is really stable and fast - I consistently achieved 1850+ on Antutu benchmark using default settings (no overclocking)...
  40. S

    Thread [Q] Windows 7 Button Drivers?

    I have Windows 7 Installed on my HTC Shift and the only thing that's not working are the 2 buttons above the mouse pad on the Shift. How do I make the resolution changer button work in Windows 7 and how do I make the Control Center button work? If anyone has the solution, please post below! =D
  41. E

    Thread [Q] Problem with Media streaming to and from PC, PS3 and SII via Allshare.

    Hi, I was hoping that someone here could help me with a problem I've been having for the last few weeks. After launching AllShare on my device for the first time in over 2 months, I noticed it was no longer detecting my PC's media server and thus sharing content. My PS3 can see my wireless...
  42. P

    Thread [Q] Installing Windows 8 non-partitioned on primary machine

    How stupid is it to upgrade to Windows 8 on your main laptop? I use it for photoshop and microsoft office. I don't have enough space to partition the drive, but I really want windows 8. I just am worried about regretting it.
  43. P

    Thread [Q] Reverting to Win7 from Win8

    So I'm thinking about using the "upgrade" option in the win8 consumer preview installer and upgrading my main, work PC to win8. I don't have enough room on my SSD for a partition. I have two questions: 1) Will all of my apps (photoshop, word) stay installed if I use the "upgrade" option? It...
  44. S

    Thread [Resolved] [Q] Windows 7 Shutting down?

    Ok First of all guys i wasn't really sure where to put this but i'm having issues with my pc. Here are my specs: AMD Phenom x4 9750 8 GB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM Gateway RS780 (AM2) ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series And here is my problem when ever im doing some sort of really strenuous activity like...
  45. M

    Thread GO Windows 7 Theme

    Go Windows 7 Theme https://market.android.com/details?id=com.bacastudio.go_theme Can it be? Please rate!
  46. C

    Thread [Q] Read all the posts I can find and I still can't flash with odin! Please help!

    Hi everyone, I brought a new galaxy s2 phone about 4 weeks ago and it has spent most of that time soft bricked since I tried to update it to the newest firmware, K14.... I am using windows 7 starter, 32bit. I have installed kies, uninstalled and re-installed kies, tried uninstalling kies and...
  47. B

    Thread [Q] Readyboost help

    Can anyone help me get my phone compatible with Windows 7 readyboost?
  48. G

    Thread [Q] Android Live Wallpapers on Windows 7

    Hi, I would like to know... is there any way to get a LIVE (ie: animated) Android wallpaper to run as the desktop background "picture" of a Windows 7 laptop? I'm talking about the actual live wallpaper form the apk, and not a crappy gif. If it won't loose its HD status, I don't mind if it's...
  49. H

    Thread Delete Me

    Please Delete this post.....
  50. P

    Thread [Q] hd2 to windows 7 via usb

    okay so i cant find a solution to this one, if you can help me, id really apreciate it. okay so im trying to connect my hd2 to my windows 7 laptop. whenever i connect the two. nothing happens except my phone starts charging! I tried it on 4 computers, all didn't work i did the "turn off...