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  1. G

    Thread [Q] New Windows Live Messenger V6.5

    New Windows Live Messenger v6.5 for Windows Mobile 6x:D
  2. F

    Thread $25 Reward For solution copy text from live messenger

    I have asked this many times, but it seems like nobody cares about it. I was using the HTC kaiser earlier, i could higlight ( select ) text . The new Messenger doesn't allow you to copy and paste text FROM the conversation or the text box Kinda sucks when my friends send me a link to check out...
  3. T

    Thread Windows Live can't connect over 3G

    Im having an odd problem, where windows live does not seem to attempt to use the default Internet Connection settings on my device. I am connected to the internet, via 3G, i can download emails, browse the web etc. However windows live does not seem to want to use this connection. It signs in...
  4. F

    Thread Merge (duplicate) contacts

    Hmm, handy, duplicate contacts in my contactlist. Original and from Windows Live. Despite the Merge Duplicates fuction of Windows Live... they aren't merged. Does anyone know an option and/or program to merge contacts? (not that it matters much, but for you information I'm running Udk8 as rom...
  5. R

    Thread Windows Live Messenger UK

    Hi, i have searched the dream forum but have not found any conclusive answers to my specific problem. I know that T-Mobile do not allow MSN/ Windows Live Messenger in the UK and as such do not bundle the G1 with it. However it is bundled with the American G1 as far as I am aware and was...
  6. J

    Thread WL Messenger problems with new Diamond ROM

    Hi, i'm kinda new at posting messages at this forum. so please excuse me if i'm making mistakes. I've got this really annoying problem: i can't send instant messages to my contacts using Windows Live Messenger on my diamond(using the latest official ROM), not when using my EDGE connection or...
  7. cdred

    Thread Window Live Tab for HTC Touch Pro Sprint

    I bought a Sprint Touch Pro from Sprint about a month ago and I must say that I am really enjoying this device. Tried all the tweaks and it worked better than out the box. I went to JD's custom rom and it all works even better. It's nice and quick and responsive. The only thing I miss is...
  8. J

    Thread WM6 for rx1950

    Help :confused: I have a hp rx1950, my ROM is 1.01.01 CHT, OS version is 5.1.1702, bootstrap 1.04, bootloader 1.05 and XIP I want to upgrade to WM6, because it can not install Windows Live Messenger for Pocket PC. So i decide to upgrade to WM6 :) English version is fine, Chinese...
  9. LazaPasi

    Thread Windows Live Messenger For NEW Windows Mobile 6.1!(Xperia,Diamond and over ROMs)

    Download and enjoy! Windows Live for Windows Mobile 6.1! LINK UPDATED!!!
  10. leepriestenator

    Thread Primary Windows Live Messenger Thread (LAST UPDATED: 11-JAN-10)

    I've been trying to get to the bottom of this Windows Live Messenger business and finally after going through several redundant threads, this is what I found. Hope it helps to rid everybody of all doubts regarding the various versions of this crappy but kind of must-need software. LATEST...