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  1. xgeek.cub

    Thread reinstall Windows mobile 6.5 on my phone

    I have an xperia x2 with Windows mobile 6.5. Its Windows became problematic after installing softwares and hard resetting over the course of time. There are some ROMS out there which is basically some softwares in .CAB format. My question is this; Is it posible to install a fresh copy of windows...
  2. overseermg

    Thread [Q] Can Windows Mobile 6.5 Run On Galaxy Note

    I recently I had to start using my old HTC HD2 phone running Windows Mobile 6.5. Going back to a small screen was rough, but I found myself missing the HTC Sense custom ROM that I had installed on it. I remembered how tough it was to click on elements on the screen but realized that if the...
  3. N

    Thread [Q] Updating Win mobile 6.1 to 6.5

    Hi I have reactivated my old HD Touch which now runs again under Windows mobile 6.1. I remember having updated it to Windows mobile 6.5 (German version) back in 2009, that process was very easy. I simply can't find the corresponding resource(s) anymore - and the ones I found online seem...
  4. M

    Thread [Q] Morphgear Emulator Download?

    I have been searching the whole web for the download link. Unfortunately, I have failed. Can anyone please send me the link to download the Morphgear Emulator for the X1?
  5. S

    Thread Change attributes Read only files in Windows Mobile 6.5

    Windows Mobile 6.5 How to remove Read Only attribute from files under /Windows/ ? I tried Resco explorer 2010 - Trial Version Expired I selected a file > Properties > unchecked the read only property click Done ..........and again check it, the check mark is on Any Advice
  6. C

    Thread [Q] Windows Mobile 6.5 marketplace replacement?

    Hi, the marketplace app stopped working for me (HTC Touch Pro 2 with WM6.5). After a long search I found out that the service is shut down, and won't work anymore. Is there a similar app for WM6.5 devices?
  7. A

    Thread Problems configuring IMAP/POP on Windows Mobile 6.5

    Hi. When trying to configure Gmail on my WM 6.5 device, it automatically chooses the IMAP mode which leaves me only with the options: => Once the messages deleted from the phone: 1 - Delete them from the server 2 - Put them in server's bin (3 - Keep them in the Inbox doesn't exist). I actually...
  8. V

    Thread [Q] Where do MMS files live in the folder structure?

    Hey guys, So I have a bunch of photos of my niece living on my phone, which my sister sent to me via MMS. It's been a while since my HD2 got flashed and it's acting really flaky and NEEDS to be flashed, but I don't want to do so while these picture messages are living on that handset. I know I...
  9. D

    Thread [Q] Problem moving back to WinMo6.5 after Andriod

    I've searched about trying to fix this on my own, but i have a feeling i may have caused more of a problem. so trying to move back from android with a HSPL, i managed to install the original rom, but couldn't get rid of the CotullaHSPL when i flashed the new via USB. so i looked for a Radio...
  10. I

    Thread [Q] Help me for my HTC Snap Upgrade

    Hi here you can see my mobile picture. I have smart phone (HTC Snap) with With Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard CE OS 5.2.21053(build 21053.1.6.6) Radio version 2.002. CE ROM update version: Operator+Manufacturer+Microsoft= 5.2.21053.21053 Processor...
  11. D

    Thread [Q] How can I have both WinMo 6.5 + Android?

    Hi guys, I'm new on XDA and a new HTC HD2 user. I got my HTC HD2 two days ago and first of all I must say I have no experience in installing and flashing yet. I have Windows 6.5 on it. It seems I have my HTC with EnergyROM installed. In my tools folder I have a Launch Android app. My SD...
  12. ngr.hd

    Thread Wan just the stock WinMo 6.5 for HTC Touch HD

    Hello guys, actually I am new in flashing. I just wanted to know is there any stock WinMo 6.5 (Obviously unofficial) for HTC Touch HD with no add-ons and deletes and with the proper top left start button? I have searched a lot but couldnt find one.:confused:
  13. X

    Thread [Q] Help Me Please.

    Sorry 4 my english iam chinese. i have a HTC Touch Diamond XDA with windows 6.5 professional and sense 2.5. Few days ago i have installed the HD Walls,but now i have uninstalled it again but i have lost my default animated wallpapers those were stored in >windows/animated wallpaper folder named...
  14. C

    Thread [Q] Need Soft Reset to Connect Internet

    I'm using a Sprint Touch Pro 2 presently on UK on 3 network,the problem is I have to Soft Reset each time I want to use the Internet :confused: . Any body have a solution for this issue? Thanks in advance.
  15. A

    Thread [Q] Changing the Display in Internet Explorer 6.5

    Hi Guys, I have a Motorolla ES400 running 6.5. I have an application where the UI runs as a web page, but the display for IE in 6.5 is horrendus and the zoom function is not reliable enough. Previously this was run in 6.1 and it was perrrrfect. I have made an edit to the registry to change...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] Networking issue on Motorola M55

    Hello, Noob here. i have a motorola M55 running windows mobile 6.5 no connection running is wifi (no sim card) - the issue is i have an application that uses the network (connects to internal webserver). if i turn the handheld on and connect to the wireless it works fine - if is load the...
  17. A

    Thread Folders in WM Start Menu

    This isn't really "hacking" but if you have WM6.5 and you want folders I've got good news for you! iOS is no longer the only OS that can do this (it never really was, WM could do this long before iOS ever could). It's really easy once you get the hang of it, and you can even have a folder inside...
  18. E

    Thread [q] question about htc touch viva !

    Hi my name is eyjey ,, just wanna ask about tcpmp player on my htc touch viva,, -details device: htc touch viva rom: Evolution 2.5A WWE the problem is ,, everytime i play videos on my tcpmp player it "LAGS" on some parts, specially on hd videos ,,even if the video resolution is in the...
  19. F

    Thread [Q] signal problems windows mobile 6.5

    Hello everyone! some of you have signal problems? my neoTouch often indicates less signal than actually post there.. that I am in a place where neoTouch indicates low levels of signal (also consume more battery power), using the same sim in another phone (acer liquid with Android, for example)...
  20. plapic

    Thread The Bing for Mobile Browse Experience Gets Even Worse

    Microsoft’s Bing team announced some significant changes and updates to Bing For Mobile. The core changes include better HTML5 support, better and faster image search, real-time transit and directions, iPhone app search, improvements to shopping, weather and movie search results. The new...
  21. M

    Thread [Q] Confused former Windows Phone 6.5 user/themer

    Hi Guys, I'm coming from Windows Mobile 6.5 where theming was a bit different: When I started with 6.5 I used to think the only way to change the look of my phone interface was to flash a custom rom, but then I realized I could theme individual components (6.5 theme, Taskbar, Icons, Start...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 Downgrade

    So I upgraded my HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 but the bugs are really getting on my nerves and WP7 doesn't have internet sharing which is one of the main reasons I bought this phone and I was wondering if there is any way to flash a ROM to a Windows Phone 7 and if so, how?
  23. A

    Thread [Q] IMEI for HTC HD2

    Do not request's illegal and against XDA policies. Regards, M_T_M
  24. M

    Thread [Q] Windows Mobile 6.5 Rom by PDAVIET For JAMin

    Hi.. I m the latest user to get into upgrading.. I have had a JAMin since March 2006 but never thot of updating it till now... (kinda sounds lame bt been bz with other stuff) :o.. anyhow.. I have some how managed to achieve the following in the past 5 days... Ugrade my SPL from to...
  25. T

    Thread [Q] Unlock screen button not functioning

    Last night the battery died on my Tilt 2, I plugged it into my computer to charge, figuring I'd sync it at the same time, and turned it back on. Once the phone powered up, the computer displayed a message saying the phone was locked, and I need to authenticate on the device. No problem, I go...
  26. gopakumar.r

    Thread [Q] Win Mobile 6.5 bluetooth problem.. Please help..

    Hi All, I flashed MSD Clean [Old GUI] Win Mobile 6.5 ROM which is available in the below link But now i cannot receive files though bluetooth, i can send file. :( I was using windows mobile 6.1 and bluetooth was working gr8... I searched...
  27. R

    Thread [Q] Serial Port throws Argument Out of Range Exception on WM6.5 and not on WM6.1

    Hi, I have just recently migrated my WM application from WM 6.1 to WM 6.5. The application all works OK apart from when I try to open up the serial port to connect to some Bluetooth hardware. The hardware is paired to the WM device and I can connect to the device if I go to the Bluetooth...
  28. N

    Thread [Q] HTC Artemis (P3300) upgrade to WM 6.5

    Hi guys, this is my first post in your forum. So, i want to congratulate you for the best site you have. Ok, i have a HTC Artemis P3300, so he is working well, but i want to upgrade it from windows mobile 6.1 to 6.5. So i've google it but i was scare to not destroy this. So i need your help...
  29. 3

    Thread [Q] Hunting down stray apps

    Hello all. I am using an upgraded samsung jack i637 with the official 6.5 ROM. I was wondering if you know how to get rid of the MobileWeb app in the jack. I've already removed the security and had some success removing the other Att preinstalled apps (telenav, mobile banking, N all that), but I...
  30. Z

    Thread [APP] AndroidLock v1.4 - New GTX Theme Added

    Drake Arts AndroidLock v1.4 Most ROMs now supported. Just install the cab and the enjoy. Developers For developers who wish to mod, skin, or create their own AdroidLock app, here is a link to the developer kit. Download Developer Kit - Install to directory you can remember and access with...
  31. roberto75780

    Thread [Q] Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard vanilla ROM

    Hi folks, I'm desperately searching for a vanilla (i.e. no manufacturer customized software) ROM for Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard (QVGA non-touchscreen) I prefer the latest 6.5.5 if it comes in Standard (non-touchscreen), but if it doesn't the next latest 6.5.3, 6.5.x whatever is the last one...
  32. F

    Thread [Q] Skype integration with Sense 2.5

    Is there anyway to integrate Skype 3.0 with Sense 2.5 on Windows mobile 6.5? In order to view missed calls and messages from the main home tab screen. I am currently using CHT 2.0, so perhaps there is the possibility to use a widget or something. Any ideas?
  33. F

    Thread [Q] Skype integration with Sense 2.5

    Is there anyway to integrate Skype 3.0 with Sense 2.5 on Windows mobile 6.5? In order to view missed calls and messages from the main home tab screen. I am currently using CHT 2.0, so perhaps there is the possibility to use a widget or something. Any ideas?
  34. M

    Thread [CHT] Widgets

    [Moved fom http : // forum . xda-developers . com / showthread.php?p=9261880] Hi everyone, I'm very new at this site and not sure if it is the right place post the thread but anyway. A friend of mine and I are especially interested in cooking Cookie Home Tab widgets. We are located in Russia...
  35. M

    Thread CHT widgets

    Hi everyone, I'm very new at this site and not sure if it is the right place post the thread but anyway. A friend of mine and I are especially interested in cooking Cookie Home Tab widgets. We are located in Russia and primary doing iPhone development but I have some win mo relevant...
  36. P

    Thread Tcpmp 2010

    This is just my personal build that works best for me. Made up of mostly old but a small percentage of new components from BIMBAM & LBE TEAM. Comes with 2 players. One plays FLV, FLV4, RMVB, the other player will not play these but will play MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD & CINEPAK. Both players will...
  37. C

    Thread [Q] Porting Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Phone 7 handsets

    Hi, Do you think it will be soon possible to avec a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for latests handsets runing Windows Phone 7, like HTC HD7 for instance ? Or was it already done ? The interest is for some corporate applications running exclusively on old 5.x / 6.x phones that will be soon unavailable...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] making address bar in IE mobile 6 persistent

    Does anyone know how to make the address bar in IE mobile 6 (windows mobile 6.5) stay on permanently? Thank you.
  39. M

    Thread [Q] manila 2.5

    I've got an imitation of HTC mini . I'd like to install manila 2.5 where can I find it
  40. J

    Thread [Q] Calls with Outlook

    I have a Sprint Touch Pro2. I also use Microsoft Outlook quite a bit and noticed that there is a call button. Is there anyway to use that function to call people using Outlook and my cell phone?
  41. M

    Thread [Q] XButton1 KeyDown on minimized form

    I have a form in an app on a Windows Mobile 6.5 device that I'm using to listen for an XButton1 KeyDown event, pretty simple stuff: this.KeyDown += new System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventHandler(this.Form1_KeyDown); now it all works fine and dandy except when the form is minimized. Then when you...
  42. E

    Thread [Q] Scrolling doesn't work with .Net 3.5

    Hi all, I'm developing an application for my touch diamond 2 running windows mobile 6.5 with .Net compact framework. The problem is that the scroll bars are not working. I have set the auto scroll property of the form to true. When the application is running I see the scroll bars but clicking...
  43. B

    Thread FixMessageCount, Works but.. (and appunlock Qs)

    Hey guys!! let me start off with I've read here for a good while and enjoy this forums like very few others online. So I, too, had the crazy message bubble bug on my Tilt2. It started with one, working its way up to 4. After some time trying to fix it I found a couple days back a thread on...
  44. K

    Thread Android OS on a HTC HD2?

    Hi, l was just wondering if there is anyone that can give me some insight on the possibility for an HTC HD2 to run the latest Android OS. If so, when do you think this will happen. I like my phone but I love the apps more and there are not a lot of apps compared to the android or iphone. I am...
  45. D

    Thread Beginner Programmer

    Hey Guys, ive been a windows mobile user for a long time now and finally decided i want to take a swing at writing my own application. Ive taken Java and C in school but only a year of each so i know i have a lot of learning to do. Ive been looking around MSDN which has helped but i was...
  46. S

    Thread star menu rearrangement?

    In my HD2 I can't rearrange the icons.... is there a tweak or a CAB that will allow me to do so?
  47. P

    Thread "T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2" Blank Screen!?! SPB Shell 3.5

    After I installed the SPB Mobile shell on my T-mobile HTC touch pro2 using windows mobile 6.5 everything worked fine except that I can no longer access my original windows mobile today screen. Every time I select the “Exit Shell” icon or I select the “Show Today” icon it just shows a blank...
  48. M

    Thread Spb Keyboard and Windows mobile 6.5.X

    Hey there, Can someone help me search for a keyboard like Spb Keyboard 4 (full screen and PTG (Portuguese-Portugal) layout is a requirement :) I'm searching for something like this because Spb Keyboard 4 isn't compatible (aka, I cant register it and I can't access the options of the keyboard)...
  49. sakajati

    Thread [ROM] [16 May 2010] TopazDragon CE OS 5.2.21889 Build 21889.5.0.87

    Download: 1, 2, 3, BeeGee's Disk Station (Direct Download) (MD5: C13D1BBB7505DD420DF26C2BFA8BE9A0) Features: CE OS 5.2.21889 Build 21889.5.0.87 - Radio AdobePDF 2_5_1_0_404840_03 AdvancedNetwork 1_0_12_1 aGPS_Confirmation 1_0_20111829_00 Album 3_2_20121824_0 App_Service 1_87_0_0...
  50. Y

    Thread Is it possible to disassemble Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM?

    Some ROM makers offer only their ROM files, not the kitchens. I found a good ROM files for my phone and I want to modify it, but the author of it doesn't offer its kitchen. Therefore, I should disasseble it by myself. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do it? I tried it with ImgfsTools...