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  1. W

    Thread HELP: Custom ROM Windows 10 for HTC Titan (x310e)

    Hi, was wondering if it is possible to get windows 10 mobile to run on an HTC Titan x310e? Is the phone hackable for this, or is the core yet another impossible kernel? Thanks.
  2. AdamDawes

    Thread [New Game] WordsUp available now for all Windows Phone devices (and Windows 8 too)

    I'm very pleased to announce the release of my latest game, WordsUp. WordsUp is a fun strategic word-based board game for between 2 and 4 players. Each player takes it in turns to place letter tiles on to a game board to form words and score points. Unlike other word games, WordsUp allows you...
  3. E

    Thread Why would someone buy Android OS?

    I used Iphone for 2 years, windows phone 7 for 3 years and now I own an android 4.0.4 phone last 2 years. I have never had any single issue with Iphone and WP7 as following problems occurred on an Android OS, - Memory is full. it is slow. Use some app to boost your memory (kill apps whatever)...
  4. W

    Thread [Q] preinstalled lockscreen wallpapers request

    There is a thread on WP8 forums I recently created that I think clearly describes what I want here. Just created another one to be easier to find to Windows Phone 7 device owners. Hope you can help.
  5. W

    Thread [Q] 1080p preinstalled lockscreen wallpapers request

    Hi there. Updated my familiar's Lumia 525 to Lumia Cyan and noticed that lock screen wallpaper (preinstalled ones) are changed, old ones were removed (except one that was already chosen on Lumia Black software). She wanted to see those backgrounds again and I have found them on that site (in...
  6. S

    Thread TutoriallMessage (Graphical element for WP developers)

    Hi! I do not know if this is the right section. I would like to make you get to know this TutorialMessage, a graphical element useful for developers that need to create quick tutorials for their users. Version 1.5 OpenSource! :) Have fun!
  7. F

    Thread [Help Thread] Ask any Question here (Window Phone 7 devices)

    Greetings, There are a lot of people joining xda on daily basis and there are a lot of repetitive questions being asked which fill up Development threads & clutter Q & A section. Point them here. Feel free to ask or answer questions. Idea of this thread is to get users to help other users...
  8. G

    Thread [Request] Torrent client for windows phone 7.x

    Now that we have unlocked devices with access to file system and WiFi zones is it not possible to download things over torrent easier? Even though i could not view some files directly on the phone but i could easily transfer it to PC Now why don't i do it on PC you ask? Well for once i have a...
  9. S

    Thread [Q] How to save ring tones from WP7

    I need to save some ring tones from my Lumia 710. I have not been able to find a way to do this on the phone nor through the Zune desktop software. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. D

    Thread [Q] Locked SD cards and W8

    Like many of you, I have several SD cards I locked by trying them in my Focus. The only way to unlock them was to reformat them using a Symbian device, which is one of the few OSes that sees the card. W7 does not even see the cards. Well I recently bought an HP Envy X2 which has both a MicroSD...
  11. blackbunny96

    Thread [REQ] windows phone rom

    Hy i was searching on the internet on i found this wpt rom can somebody please port this rom or make a new rom? I like very much the speed of windows phone.
  12. J

    Thread [Game] Balloon Blast

    Hello All, My First Game Balloon Blast released on windows phone store This Is a Fun Game of Balloon popping . it gets interesting as the score increases. This Game can be played by all above 2-3 yrs of age Just hang in there and start blasting but beware of the birds in the way as it...
  13. J

    Thread [Q] Nokia Lumia 800 + Windows Phone 7.8

    Hi, I have got a Nokia Lumia 800 from VodaFone Australia. I have debranded it by installing Country Variant of Windows Phone 7.5 (yes). All is working great. Yesterday I tried to get 7.8 but Australian Country Variant has not been released so I used Asia Pacific version (059L975: RM-801 VAR...
  14. E

    Thread [APP] BraviaControl: Control your Sony Bravia Smart TV

    Download from the Store. I purchased a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX525 a few months ago and noticed that there were official remote control apps for Android and iPhone from Sony but, unfortunatelly, not for WP7 (not even an unofficial one). Since I own a LG Optimus 7 I got curious about this and...
  15. The "A" Factor

    Thread [ROM][FASTEST & SLEEKEST] Wp7 <Xtreme>/<Lite> [Battery FIXED][UPDATED:23/12]

    [ROM][FASTEST & SLEEKEST] Wp7 <Xtreme>/<Lite> [Battery FIXED][UPDATED:23/12] This ROM has been Built with a sole Objective of bringing the SLEEK & SMOOTH Interface of Windows Phone 7 to Android! I've Designed each Element of ROM to bring the Essence of Wp7 as well as Smooth and completely...
  16. N

    Thread Nokia lumia 710 gorilla glass test video

    Nokia lumia 710 gorilla glass test video - 2. The lumia 710 display is extensively tortured. Check out the link
  17. S

    Thread [Q] Splash Screens

    Over the course of many many flashes on my HD2 I have managed to have around 5 different splash screens and I am trying to figure out how I can change them all. Dam looks ugly with all these different ones. Is this correct that when you power on your HD2 ..... (1) Initial splash screen...
  18. U

    Thread [RELEASE] Full Unlock v4.6 [UPD 22-Aug-13]

    Full Unlock v4.6 Not much to write here Features: App precaching Native application support. Selective root access for applications alongside with possibility to open full access to system for all applications altogether. Root access usage notifications. Enhanced security. IMPORTANT: 1)...
  19. H

    Thread WP8 custom roms for older devices

    Hello , Does anyone know that Is it possible to cook WP8 roms for older devices? I know what Microsoft said about it but maybe some people can o it ... I've did some digging about it , there are some points to consider : In hardware view : * compatibility of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 (First...
  20. I

    Thread Metro Lockscreen Wallpaper for Windows Phone

    Here I leave some wallpapers I made today Other a little different here
  21. B

    Thread Samsung Focus USB connectivity issues

    Hello everyone! After finally getting an external battery charger, I've been able to use my Samsung Focus again. I'm still, however, having USB connectivity issues. Here's what I've tried. -Reinstalling Zune -Using other USB ports on my laptop. -Using another computer -Reinstalling the...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] An app to configure accounts, re-install apps etc?

    Back in the days of WinMo, I'd always use Sashimi. 5 minutes and it would set up my phone with everything. Is there something like this for Windows Phone 7? Thanks
  23. S

    Thread Some Awesome tips & tricks for Windows Phone Devices

    Hi Here, I am sharing a link about useful tips & tricks for Windows Phone devices. Especially for users outside United states. Awesome Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone
  24. bogarty

    Thread Post your tested WP7 roms!

    I'm new to WP7 myself. I used to have Windows Mobile 6.5, but have been using Android on my HD2 & I love it. However, I was still curious about WP7. Has anyone tried any WP7 roms personally that they've found to work really well? I'm looking for one that has all the features of the newest...
  25. UzEE

    Thread Any idea where the music is stored on the phone?

    So I just noticed that my Omnia 7 isn't showing any music in the music hub or when I connect the phone to Zune but its still taking memory on the phone. Same thing with photos as well. The Camera Roll and Saved Pictures folder was empty as well. My device is unlocked and I have WP Root Tools...
  26. I_SBerg

    Thread [Q] Windows Phone 7?

    Is it possible to port/flash Windows Phone 7 to Optimus Black? I really want to give it a try if it is possible. If HTC HD2 got it, why can't OB?
  27. S

    Thread Can we put Android ROM in HTC Touch Diamond?

    HI, I have a HTC Touch Diamond from August-2008. Planning to retire it in another 6 months time. However, I don't want to throw it away. So, planning to see if I can upload an Android OR Windows Mobile - 7 / 7.5 / 8 kind of OS on the same phone for experimentation. Anyone can help me with some...
  28. corlygunnz

    Thread [APP] [XAP] AchievementHunters - Video Preview Added

    AchievementHunters - beta I have being working in this app for about 2 week now, and it still going to take about 2 or 3 more week on till i polish it and create a database with about 5 to 10 game for start before i release it. All guides are obtain from Im pretty...
  29. khrisstyan

    Thread [WALLPAPERS] [18.07.2012] Wallpapers & Templates Of Wallpapers!

    Created some nice wallpapers today and I will like to share them with you and of course will be more! This is PACK 1! (In the pack are more wallpapers, same but with different colors) IF YOU DON'T HAVE PHOTOSHOP SKILLS JUST MAKE A REQUEST WITH THE COLOR OR WALLPAPER YOU WANT AND I WILL DO...
  30. J

    Thread WIndows Phone 7 Browser as IOS\Android\Desktop

    All - I am trying to write a Web Browser application for Windows Phone 7 and I am able to create a general browser application (not that hard) but the specific site that I am writing the application for does not technically "Support" Windows Phone 7. What I want to do is to have the Windows...
  31. D

    Thread [Q] Porting WP7 to Nexus S 4g

    Is there any way to get a WP7 Rom for my Nexus S 4g? I figured since it could dual boot on the HD2 it could somehow make it's way to non-HTC phones. I'm tired of using multiple third party apps to try to make my phone look like it (Launcher 7, Status Bar+, WP7 Calculator)
  32. brunodmjr

    Thread [Launcher 7] .PNG Icons for various apps

    Hello guys! I'm proud to present you a creation i did some time ago: My Launcher 7 icons! I did them for me as a hobby and now i want to share with you my work. I really think they are good enough to plublish here and if you like Windows Phone 7 tiles style, they are a must have! Two size...
  33. J

    Thread [CM9/10/11/AOKP Theme/Nova Icon Pack 12/12] Windows Phone 7

    BLUE CHANGELOG: WHITE CHANGELOG: DOWNLOADS: Please comment what you want me to change! :) Most of the stuff is still from Black Infinitum and Black Exodus so I cant take credits for that. Link to my dropboxfolder: Please give me a thanks and rate the thread if you...
  34. J

    Thread [Q] Can Windows Phone 7 Handset be used as a debugger?

    I am planning to buy a Windows I was wondering if they can be used for debugging like how android phones can just be connected the computer and eclipse will send the application to it? So can it be used for debugging and testing of apps that are being developed by a developer.
  35. A

    Thread Saw Windows Phone 7 in person!

    Hi guys, today I saw Nokia WP7 Lumia 800, before myself. No doubt WP7 looked Beautiful. I mean Android is far better in definition of smartphone, for e.g. True multitasking, etc. but I never found Android OS beautiful. I had Android in my hand (CM7 with complete ICS look, also ICS status bar)...
  36. E

    Thread [Q] What's behind Skype and Microsoft and their plans?

    Microsoft is building big noise with Windows Phone. Nokia is getting a lot from it. Now there few question left here. We know that Skype is under the umbrella of Microsoft. And since they are above Skype, why is it that they cannot improve their Messaging platform to adapt the WP7 framework. I...
  37. thenomadsoul

    Thread [Q] How to unlock Internet Sharing on AT&T phones?

    Hi, I have an unlocked AT&T Samsung Focus Flash. The problem is that I don't use AT&T as carrier, but I'm actually using the phone in Italy using 3. When I try to activate the Internet Sharing using the Setting->Internet Sharing option, it says I should activate this feature in my data plan...
  38. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread Swap almost any smartphone for a brand new Windows Phone 7 device

    Updated Rules for Round Three: 6 - 12 April The "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion has been extended into a new round. Sorry for not updating sooner. Round 3 runs from 6 April - 12 April. The new rules are below. There are no more phone trades. You do not get to swap your old device for a...
  39. T

    Thread [Q] Multiple Alarms & Reminders

    Greetings, My wife and I both have the Samsung Focus S phones on AT&T running the 7720.68 build. Mine is dev. unlocked and hers is stock. Both of our phones duplicate alarms and reminders. For instance, if I set a calender reminder for 1:00 today, when 1 comes around my phone will alert me...
  40. S

    Thread [Q] Registry Key for app list

    Anyone know where the app list (when you swipe to the rights registry key(s?) are stored? I want to disable the alphabet things above the apps when the list of apps is big..if that makes sense.
  41. TheMiltos21

    Thread [BOOTSCREENS] + Windows Phone 7 Transformation of mini

    :)|Stay Tuned as I'm now working on wallpapers and bootscreens|:cool: BOOTANIMATIONS INSTALLATION: <--- They are not flashable via CWM you need to open Root Explorer and copy from SDcard to system/media and overwrite the old one.If you want to revert to stock sometime then...
  42. U

    Thread [XAP] Native Debugger for WP7 (Requires full unlock)

    Title says it all - it is a debugger for native apps. How to use it? Prerequisites: You should have VS2008 and Windows Mobile 6 Pro SDK installed. If you also have VS2010 + WP7SDK, most likely you won't be able to use debugger in VS2008. To fix this issue copy attached edm2.exe to C:\Program...
  43. U

    Thread [17.11.2012][PORT] Opera Mobile 10 for WP7 - FullUnlock/Root Tools Unlock

    Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Phone 7 FOR FULL UNLOCK AND ROOT TOOLS UNLOCK Opera Mobile is a property of Opera Software ASA. Neither Opera Software nor the author of this launcher are responsible for any damage caused by using this app. Current version of launcher is 1.5 What's new? Better...
  44. S

    Thread [APP] SM Reader - an ebook reader for Windows Phone 7

    SM Reader – is an ebook reader for Windows Phone 7, which allows users to create their own private online library, read books on the phone, PC or other device, which support Silverlight 4. In this case, the book can be uploaded from a home PC (using the control panel, which is available on...
  45. S

    Thread [Q] Is there any way to read "third-party" epub/fb2/any-other-format in Kindle App?

    [Q] Is there any way to read "third-party" epub/fb2/any-other-format in Kindle App? I was thinking about loading a book via file system, which I will do tomorrow, but is there any other, easier way to do that? It's just the best book reader out there.
  46. eizsoft

    Thread [SEMI-FINALS of APP STAR CONTEST] Amazing Weather ***********************

    We are one of the SEMI finalists and we really need your help. Microsoft is running a contest called Next App Star, in which YOU select the best app! We really need your help to support Amazing Weather in the contest, and best of all? voters enter the chance to win a Lumia 920 daily!! How to...
  47. M

    Thread [Q] Windows Phone 7 Port?

    Been a long time android user. Love the customization of the OS, but its always fun to try something new! I know there have been a lot of people asking this on other device threads. Honestly, the E4GT could run WP7 like a champ. Plus, it would be great to have the option and be free to run what...
  48. C

    Thread [Q] WP7 & Ubuntu

    Is there any way to sync WP& whilst running ubuntu? I've searched around a bit and found no conclusive answers. Maybe setting up a virtual box for Windows 7 & Zune to run in? Anyone have any ideas?
  49. K

    Thread [Tutorial] How to Downgrade from SPL

    I am sure there are a lot of you who have unknowingly updated to SPL only to get to Internet Sharing or by mistake and are stuck on SPL like me. After a lot of reading, researching and wanting to go to custom roms like Ansar’s or DFT’s Freedom Rom, I have managed to go back to SPL...
  50. TriTopaz

    Thread Windows Phone 7 - Demo (Browser based)

    Hello, if you´d like to see a little demonstration of Windows Phone 7, you can just type http into your browser and get a little bit of "Tiles"-feeling. (I can´t post a link, so just enter HyperTextTransferProtokoll yourself :) ) It is a demo to emulate look & feel through your...