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  1. Z

    Thread WP 8.1 latest official update in 2023

    Hello world, I am new here, but I have a little collection of mobile phone, and I have the usual to see this forum when I have a problem with a smartphone ! I am so nostalgic for my dead Lumia 635, so I have bought a Lumia 920 on eBay (with a 935 that has a dead battery). When I have...
  2. lizijun

    Thread [CLOSED] How to upgrade your Lumia (2nd+ Gen) to Windows 10 Mobile in 2023

    This is a guide to help you upgrade your Lumia (2nd+ Gen) to Windows 10 Mobile in 2023. (I am making the guide please wait for a few days)
  3. CAVBR

    Thread [XAP][REQUEST] Samsung RSS Tiles, Photogram, Family Story, Artistic Effects, Fun Shot (WP8)

    Does anyone have the XAP file for these apps? - RSS Tiles: - Photogram: - Family Story: - Artistic Effect...
  4. Samster255

    Thread wp8.1 apps dir

  5. W

    Thread Samsung ativ S interop unlock

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows on how to interop unlock the samsung ativ s i8750 in 2022? I've read that you can't do it anymore since microsoft closed the registering deivce. I only wanted to install some apps and games, that's it. any help would be gladly appriciate,thanks! device...
  6. J

    Thread End Support Windows Device Recovery Tool

    Microsoft has discontinued #WindowsDeviceRecoveryTools Until last week it still worked, but it's been 4 days since I've been trying to use WindowsDeviceRecoveryTool (version 3.14.07501) and it wasn't opening properly. Even doing the repair, the program did not work again. So when trying to...
  7. M

    Thread windows phone

    how to install Whatsapp on windows phone 2020? 😢
  8. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post your Homescreens//Themes

    Here you can post your Homescreens and Themes! Happy Posting ;)
  9. Samster255

    Thread EmergencyDownloadDriver.msi for WPinternals (Download Link)

    Nokia/Microsoft driver for WPinternals (EmergencyDownloadDriver.msi) This is the driver needed to unlock WP bootloaders with WPinternals. I decided to post a thread as the file is not very easy to find. (Edit: You probably won't need the file as the Windows Phone Recovery Tool setup installs it...
  10. E'Mendo

    Thread Help: Lenovo Softbank 503LV - Missing MMS APN Settings In Menus

    Hey all, I recently imported a Lenovo Softbank 503LV that is I thought to be unlocked. It lets me use T-Mobile and I can text and use data but, there is NO MMS settings present in the SIM settings menus. It ONLY has Internet APN. I cannot send or receive MMS messages. Can anyone help me...
  11. multiwirth

    Thread [Archive] HTC HD2 Firmware and Tools Collection (nand toolkit, RUU, android etc.)

    Hello everyone! Since it gets harder and harder to find any resources and files to explore the legendary history of the HTC HD2, i started searching and downloading as much as i could before we miss the last chance of downloading them. Now here´s the (hopefully) growing up all in one archive...
  12. J

    Thread Do U have XAP Files, without virus about these Windows Phone Games?

    N.O.V.A. 3, Batman and Spider-man 2?
  13. astifan

    Thread Development Introducing Windows Universal Tool

    Hello, I would like to introduce a new app I was working on for years The app called Windows Universal Tool or W.U.T as shortcut Overview: WUT was started as cloud client for W10M Community Group, and by time enhanced and extended to be a very advanced & powerful tool. Features: ⦁...
  14. revBull

    Thread Lumia 635 - Cancel hard reset process

    Hello, I have Lumia 635 with stared hard reset process. Phone was immediately turn off after start reset. If exsists any method to cancel it ? If not, there is any way to recover contacts from this phone ? (Backup probably was not set up)
  15. pritos

    Thread Acer Liquid M220 to Z220. Possible?

    I recently got an Acer Liquid M220 as a backup phone. It has Windows Phone 8.1 OS on it. There is a similar device that has Android 5.0 on it, the Acer Liquid Z220. Both share the same hardware specs. If the Z220 can run Android then perhaps the M220 can run it too. Is it possible to remove the...
  16. F

    Thread [WP 8.1] HERE Maps Collections No Longer Sync on Lumia 822

    Device: Nokia Lumia 822 OS: Windows Phone 8.1 HERE Maps: HERE Drive: Map Data: I have not been able to sync my collections (bookmarked GPS points) within either HERE Maps or HERE Drive for 40 months now. I am continuing to use the device as a dedicated satnav...
  17. Empyreal96

    Thread Windows ARM64 Optimized for 950/XL (Testing)

  18. G

    Thread Unable to flash Lumia 920 QHSUSB_DLOAD - Getting "Failed to get response to HELLO_REQ

    Unable to flash Lumia 920 QHSUSB_DLOAD - Getting "Failed to get response to HELLO_REQ Hello... So I tried all available HEX/MBN files on my Lumia... I used the short R3209 resistor method and my computer recognized it as QHSUSB_DLOAD. Every time I try to flash it, here is what is going on...
  19. S

    Thread Transfer Whatsapp Windows Phone to Android?

    Hi All, I'm making the move from Windows Phone to Android. How can I get my One Drive saved chat messages to Android ? I dont have an SD Card on my android. The only option given to import is via Google Drive, but windows phone backs up to OneDrive. Is there any way to find that log in One...
  20. T

    Thread XBOX Remote Play , XBOX Anywhere

    Tutorial coming soon! I'm not sure why Microsoft doesn't allow or make Xbox Anywhere to compete with Playstation Anywhere (playstation remote play) or GForce GameStreaming!

    Thread [Link to Poll] How old are most of you here?

    Here's the thread where you can vote: I was supposed to post this in this forum section. Sorry about having similar posts.
  22. W

    Thread Can not find original firmware for Nokia 520 Claro

    OK, I got this Nokia 520 from my daughter, the phone is flashed by Claro PR and it is always on airplane mode. To fix it, according to what I have read, I need to re-flash the firmware, But I can not find the original firmware. I was thinking if I could flash the AT&T firmware instead of the...

    Thread What do you want to see made first? A package installer or an app launcher?

    Poll is at the top of the thread. I've looked at the UWP classes and realised that these two projects are possible. I'm not sure which one I'd like to start first though so I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide. Do you want to see a package installer or app launcher for Windows 10 Mobile...
  24. N

    Thread Make a Full Backup of your Windows Phone[GUIDE]

    I WANT TO THANK @trashmaster76 who told me how to make a full backup using win32diskimagger,so I wanted to make a new thread about this step everybody should do to prevent bricking their device. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked...
  25. W

    Thread Default Windows Phone or 10 Mobile sounds for alarm, notifications and more

    Hard resetted on my Lumia 950 XL with 10.0.15063 build which seems to be RTM for Creators Update and seems... They changed default alarm (maybe not only) sound again! Where can I find older stock ones and does anyone tracking such changes at all? On Lumia 620 there was one version, on Lumia 640...
  26. F

    Thread Newcomer to Windows Mobile-Things to do

    Hi guys, I just bought a Lumia 950 XL from someone. Since it wasn't from an official seller, carrier, etc. I was looking for a way to see if there is any malware, virus, removed safe boot and the likes installed. The problem is that there is no antivirus available on the Windows Store. I also...
  27. H

    Thread [FIX][LUMIA]Dead Phone,Bricked bootloader,infinite boot loop,Boot Failed etc.

    Hello all lumia owners ,with the release of windows phone internals there is a great rush to unlock bootloader and install custom rim. In previous post I have posted about unlocking bootloader and enabling root access but what if you have bricked your lumia? In That case Please read this...
  28. S

    Thread No.1 G5 MT2505 Smart watch hang my Windows Phone

    Hi I bought No.1 G5 Watch and tried to pair it with my Lumia 532 and it hangs my phone. I don't know if it's is a Windows 10 build issue or Watch's Protocol's issue but I cannot debug it. Can anyone help me debug the procedure? If it is a Windows related issue I would be able to issue a ticket...
  29. Laicure

    Thread [Interop] Windows Phone 8+ Registry Hacks + hosts file source

    Discontinued; but the hosts files below are always updated This is a recompilation of registry hacks for Interop-unlocked Windows Phone devices. I have tested this on my freshly hard-resetted Lumia 730; Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 (Also tried on Win10 v14393.189 as of 2 weeks ago). I have used...
  30. X

    Thread Mi Band for Windows Phone

    I was always having an impression that the mi band wont work for windows phone so i didn't buy it for a long time though i was damn interested in the product. Also buying the Microsoft Band is out of question because it is not a very established product in fact even Microsoft is not so...
  31. B

    Thread Locating app GUID on 8.1

    Hi, I have a Nokia Lumia 920, which I have used Windows Phone Internals on to get root access and I am also Interop Unlocked. I have installed an app, which I thought the GUID was say {xxxxx-xxxx etc}, I got this by tap and holding on the installed app, going to share > Messaging and reading...
  32. P

    Thread Lost my source code / Need to decompile XAP

    I am the owner of a Windows Phone app that is on the Windows Store (v8.1). By accident all my recent source code was lost (except an old backup which I can provide as a proof of ownership) I need to get the XAP from the store and decrypt it somehow. Is this possible? Mod Edit: Link removed...
  33. P

    Thread [Completed] Lost my source code / Need to decompile XAP

    I am the owner of a Windows Phone app that is on the Windows Store (v8.1). By accident all my recent source code was lost (except an old backup which I can provide as a proof of ownership) I need to get the XAP from the store and decrypt it somehow. Please :crying: Is this possible?
  34. K

    Thread [GAME][universal8.1][windows10][FREE] Trex Runner | Google chrome's game

    This game is for PC (windows 10 & 8.1) and for Phones (windows 10 & 8.1) Since windows phone users can't play Trex Runner on their devices and it doesn't work on Microsoft Edge i decided to make a version for windows The famous google chrome Trex Runner game is now available on Windows Phone...
  35. ErickNoz

    Thread [XAP] [ Tweaks ] K Settings for Windows Phone 7

    KENOZ SETTINGS For Windows Phone 7 Tweaks And Unlocks This is Windows Phone Tweaks For WP7 and All Unlock. Most for tweaks here now. bt new tweaks coming.! Windows Phone Unlock and Tweaks First Thanks to HealthCliff74 for his WP7roottools and SDK without this SDK no Root Not Tweak No...
  36. D

    Thread Questions about Lumia 1520

    Hi all, I'm currently considering getting a family member a Nokia Lumia 1520 I saw for cheap from a local distributor. This family member doesn't use much apps aside from Phone, SMS, Calendar, WeChat, WhatsApp, email and the like. I was thinking getting a high end device on the cheap would be a...
  37. Z

    Thread Nokia Lumia 635 - what can I do with it?

    I'm thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 635 because they are $30. Can I root it? Unlock cellular? Unlock bootloader? Run android apps on it? EDIT: Never mind. I'm getting a 640.
  38. burduli

    Thread Windows Phone Internals finally opens the door for custom Lumia ROMs

    Oops, duplicated thread. Sorry.
  39. H

    Thread Install Apk on unsupported evices. (Lumia 535)

    Hi. Are any new devices avaible for Project Astoria ? I want to install APK on my Lumia 535 and its not supported (yet):D
  40. N

    Thread [XAP][Source] DHT Font Change for Windows Phone

    Hi everyone hope to have a nice day . as you may know finally our friends get able to change Windows 10 Mobile system font and some users told this trick works on Windows Phone 8.1 too . we surely want to make things easier for you So DHT group (Dormant Hackers Team [me , djamol and vcfan])...
  41. mrchezco1995

    Thread Got a Dualshock 3 controller paired on Windows 10 Mobile

    So I found a way on how to connect the darn thing to my Lumia, but it's still unusable. The phone does connect to the controller and says it's connected but the controller itself is having some difficulties in connecting... Not sure if this is a problem with cloned DS3 controllers (yes, I do...
  42. E

    Thread Tethering Internet Connection

    Hi, I have very bad WIFI signal in my room and my computer is connected via cable to router at 1 Gb/s connection so no problem. The problem is when I try to use my devices in my room that I have very slow speeds on WIFI so I was wondering if I can connect my Lumia 435 to the PC and the Lumia...
  43. N

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Darts 3D 4 Free Darts 3D. - Several game modes - 3D graphics - Free version of the full game. The full version has all modes available (301, 501, Darts Golf, etc) and does not have adds. Full game
  44. S

    Thread Repost & Download for Instagram (Windows Phone)

    Hello everyone. Checkout my new application for reposts on instagram. You can download in here. Stop the screenshot & cropping nonsense! Our app makes it easy to repost and save your favorite photos on Instagram. All it takes is 2 simple steps... 1) FIND AWESOME PHOTOS 2) REPOST TO INSTAGRAM...
  45. mrchezco1995

    Thread [Store App] Root Tool for Windows Phone 8.1

    I just found this app on Windows Phone store.. It looks like a registry editor for WP... I read some articles earlier about apps access to interop services... By default, only apps on the Windows phone...
  46. N

    Thread Windows 10 phone technical preview - Sim not detected after restart

    If anyone facing issues after upgrading to Windows phone 10 Technical preview then check below post to fix it
  47. B

    Thread [FREE APP] EXIF Reader - please check it out.

    i'm teaching myself to code..this is my latest app. I think it pretty cool would love some feed back. thanks
  48. vasek7

    Thread [APP] Feed Viewer – web browser designed to reading articles

    Browse the news from the entire Internet in one app. Feed Viewer shows content from websites you are really interested in. You will always see fresh headlines that have not been read yet. The visual design helps you to make a quick overview. Of course, all articles are also available offline...
  49. J

    Thread Safe Pin FX - the keeper of PIN codes

    Everybody can remember situations, when going to the ATM, you frantically begin to recall the PIN code for your credit card. Especially, if this is the PIN code is for the card which is rarely used. Stimulsoft Company is ready to offer you a solution to this issue – the Safe Pin FX application...
  50. mirasmithy

    Thread [KICKSTARTER] Elemental: a code editor for Android and Windows Phone.

    The Android and Windows Phone ecosystems don't have too many code editors, and the ones they do have lack basic features like code folding, linting, and macros. I decided to do something about it and made Elemental, a powerful and open source code editor for Android and Windows Phone. This code...